For those who think Michael would not come back...

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For those who think Michael would not come back...

  • on: December 11, 2009, 11:48:17 PM
… Let me tell you that I really don’t feel that way :)  hehe . I’ll explain myself, telling you my own experience . I must warn you, it may be a long post because I haven’t express my feelings before. I have kept it to myself for 5 monts… I will bold the main part if you don’t want to read it all .

 To be honest, I was not a big big big fan of Michael before June 25th . I only had the Invincible album (I thought it was incredible though. And It always will be ;) ). I did admire his performances and respected him. I did know that he was innocent during the trials  because my parents have always taught me not to trust people at first sight (in this case: the medias) and make my OWN opinion.  I stood up for him when my friends were trashing him, eventhough I was not the biggest fan of the planet. I can’t stand injustice . I can’t stand seeing people not being appreciate as they really are…
On June 25th , I was devastated. Devastated because I was aware that the world had lost a precious gift, had lost the best entertainer of all times. For one week, I kept crying, all day and night … I just realized this day how much he has touched my view of life. I only knew him as a performer and I found out how a wonderful human being he is…  But I felt that something was wrong , especially after the memorial.

Well, so far, we all know that there are a looooot of ODD things going on around Michael’s “death”.  First, I wanted to find out the truth, because at this time,I thought that Michael was dead and was surrounded by only greedy and heartless people (including his family).and then I thought “But wait… It’s strange…Why everyone is smiling? Is it really a memorial?!  It can’t be real ,there must have been people who cared and loved Michael …” At this time I was thinking that, dead or not, It sure was ODD. We all agree with that. ;)

Then, there was a period when I was doubting on everything, feeling happy for a minute, and sad the next one.  Is he dead? Isn’t he ? And bam! The funeral, more thant 2 months after his passing. Wth??
And as we all know, it seems to be sooo fake … So why would it be fake if Michael was really dead?
Anyway, I’m not getting into details. After that I was sure that Michael was alive because there have been much more proofs  . Great investigation guys … it really is …

2 months later, the movie :) Aaah … the movie… THAT is the one which convinced me Michael will return. I had doubts before. Now: none.  Why?
  • After the credits:  Michael is saying : " Let me breath in my own time and I'll come back here.. I'll unbutton my shirt or jacket, look around a little bit, play with a public maybe, slap my fingers... and then... BAM!.. " It would mean that we have to be patient and that he will come back when he could.
  • And something even more convincing is the sign language he does . And Pianogames explains it very well. Very good point. I know, you must have already seen it but I think it’s reallyyyy important.
At : 4:27 According to friends of Pianogames ,this sign languages mean “with all my heart, there is more, I will show myself to you all” I’m not a sign language expert either, but I asked a friend of mine too, and he told me the same thing… What would there be something like that in the movie huh?

And now, there is  the moment when people lose hope because Michael hasn’t come back yet, and we have no idea when he will … I completely understand this frustration... But unfortunately, we can’t do anything about it. He will come back when he could, and when he will want … He can’t come back on fans’ demand…  I’m sure he knows how we feel, but even him , can’t do anything about it. So far I’m convinced he will come back. Now I’m convinced Michael is alive AND will come back. That’s enough for me :)
The main word here is  PATIENCE my friends … patience … 5 months may be a lot for us, but maybe not for Michael. All we can do is discuss about clues, or random subject, cheer each other up.  But don’t lose the faith. We will stick up together until the end.The fact that he hasn’t shown up yet doesn’t mean he won’t come back…

I think I didn’t say new things here but I needed to express myself on the subject… Thanks to all the courageous member who have read my post LOL I really couldn't make it shorter... :lol:

I hope that the ones who are feeling down will feel better soon ...
Hugs to all of you from France :)
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Re: For those who think Michael would not come back...

  • on: December 12, 2009, 12:05:20 AM
WOWIE! I must say, Incredibly well-spoken indeed!!!! :)
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Re: For those who think Michael would not come back...

  • on: December 12, 2009, 02:11:00 AM
Thanks for your post ! Such posts help when one is loosing hope. What you said might not be new but it's good to have that kind of reminder from time to time.
I had heard about that sign language thing but I didn't believe it. I though that some people wanted so much to see clues everywhere, that they were seing meaning where there were there was nothing. So, thanks for confirming that it is true.
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Re: For those who think Michael would not come back...

  • on: December 14, 2009, 06:34:43 PM
Great posts, I agree with you.  :D
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Re: For those who think Michael would not come back...

  • on: December 14, 2009, 07:59:49 PM
Piano Games videos are so good.  I really like that he got an interpretation of the hand gestures at the end of TII.  There were other hand gestures throughout the movie. I wonder if there are more messages that we haven't gotten yet.

I have always believed that he wasn't coming back.  One, because I just don't know how in the world he would do it and not be hated by everyone.  Two, because he was very vocal about how he wanted a normal life and he liked disguises, etc., and then there are the media and those terrible charges against him, the trial... I just don't see why he would want to come back.

But, I hope I am wrong and you guys are right.  The message at the end of TII does make it sound like he is coming back.  I just don't know how!!  We will just have to wait and see.
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Re: For those who think Michael would not come back...

  • on: December 14, 2009, 08:33:00 PM
Thank you for sharing your opinion,
maybie he will come back with a new identity but as somone that we all can see, maybie someone important. We will see..
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