MTV Brazil: One year later. Alright, nothing resolved

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I need not mention that a year ago that the world stopped and stared at the TV, websites, listened to radios and the like get more information about the "death" by Michael Jackson. Yes, "death." Every self-respecting fan who makes the sign quoted in pronouncing the word, because for us, lack explain a lot.

If we assume that Elvis did not die, we must not forget that the King of Pop was, for a short time, son in law of the King of Rock. And theories commence only thereafter. Firstly, we have pictures of essays, videos and testimony from dancers, musicians and friends. He was excited, happy, she danced and sang with the same vitality and put the dancers in the dust. The alleged "autopsy" found, and several brands of needle into a body of a man too strong and in good condition ... Journalists, researchers and gossips on duty almost swear that the thin-Saharan and a skin cancer meant that MJ could hardly move, eat or walk.

In 1998, MJ has released the short film Ghosts, in which he plays the mayor of a town and himself. The work of makeup is impeccable, and if not for the piercing black eyes and making off at the end, nobody would ever know that the chubby white boy is, indeed, Michael. Another fact known to the fans and that further fuels the rumor is that in the mid-'80s, his aides were presented with the book PT Barnum, Michael said it was his bible. Barnum is considered the creator of the modern circus and became famous for presenting a great elephant in its performances. After the death of the elephant, the animal was stuffed and presented as if nothing had happened. Became caught up in both cheat people, dubbed "father of shenanigans" and "master of disguise." Coincidental or not, Barnum and his elephant are on the cover of the album "Dangerous."

If you're curious, look for an LP version. Yes, LP, as the CD cover is small and is darker. Amid both symbols (which is not worth talk here, because there are many - look at Google something like "symbols cover dangerous"), we see clearly the numbers 7, 7 and 9. The funeral took place on July 7, 2009 ... At the same time, he said he wanted to die at age 50 (which "happened") and composed the song 'Morphine', which was only launched after year. The song perfectly describes it as a death (cardiac arrest due to drug use for sleep).

And the theories do not stop there. Dave Dave is a friend of Michael that helps give cloth sleeve. They met at a hospital for burns in the mid 80s. Little Dave had had 80% of his body burned by his father. Myspace Dave shows him with bulging blue eyes, a voice, probably affected by fire (with some trouble in the trachea) and almost like a "rough." In an interview with Larry King in September 2009, Dave Dave came up with a hat conveniently placed over the face, dark eyes full of mannerisms, sweet voice, using words like "legacy", "I become my own person, thin lips ... No, not a mere coincidence. Michael Jackson may be without their usual makeup, parts of hiding only vitiligo.

Incidentally, Dave Dave never denied having left Michael to use it as "cloaking." He just says "no comment". When Michael was buried, Dave was there, sitting in a chair placed in the middle of the passage next to the row of chairs originally mounted. Know the side of who he was? Elizabeth Taylor ...

A video posted on YouTube by user c33stylisticz shows a detailed analysis of everything, including evidence that the French counterpart Christopher Gaspar had been the star of "This Is It" (if you watched the movie and found the "oversight" and "excess use of arms "in some strange choreography, the answer may be there). Not to mention the absence of the hole on the chin in some photos and ears pontiagudíssimas.

Speaking of the funeral, whose date was "planned" on the cover of "Dangerous," as noted above ... Does anyone remember seeing pictures of horses and elephants in front of the Staples Center on the day? Well, July 8 (after the funeral) would be a circus in the same place: the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus ... Barnum ... Barnum ... P.T. Barnum? Himself, whose biography was the bible of Michael and creator of the circus, which has survived since 1867.

Most interesting in this is how things connect: remember the beginning of the post? The short "Ghosts", where Michael is playing his own glosses itself as an old white, plump and unbelieving? In it, Michael is chased by people who do not understand you, dance with the living dead (again), forging his own death and come back so triumphant. Ah! Remember the quote the song 'Morphine'? She is on the same album Ghosts (Blood On The Dance Floor, 1997). Still talking about forging a death in "This Is It", the song 'Smooth Criminal' is introduced by a short video of the movie "Gilda," with digital insertion of Michael in the scene where Rita Hayworth sings "Put The Blame On Mame '. In the movie, 1946, Gilda's husband faked his own death.

It may be coincidence. It may not be appropriate. But the truth is that nobody saw a body and everything (from the contradictions in accounts of people who have been with the star until a coroner's report that brings brands of surgeries that Michael never did) conspires to be another of the eccentricities of the King of Pop . We can only wait for the posthumous album and look for clues. Hopefully Michael is at Neverland, or Greenland, smoking cigars and making up with sogrão Elvis.

PS: While writing the text, the little window of the MSN tells me that I have just received an email from ...

* Text: Rafael Gonçalves ... e-comprove
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