I have a feeling that MJ is with Elizabeth Taylor.. /updated

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Interesting-and I have thought about it too-this or as someone else said-at NV  :D  
She was always there and they love each other alot-she seemed to be even his biggest fan.
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Quote from: "DarkYetLovely"
- She was the one who lied about him going to rehab when really he just needed a break.
- IMO, Liz was the only one MJ could trust. He even said he hated his family. He even said Katherine let him down. He never spoke a bad word about Liz.

First one: Are you talking about the time he admitted to a drug addiction? 'Cause I'm still under the impression that he went to rehab for that. I've never heard anything different until now so could you explain that?

Second one: When did he say that?

I also thought he went to rehab, in London and then Switzerland or something.  Liz got him to end the tour early in Mexico and she took him and got him settled.  I haven't heard otherwise either.  I wouldn't be surprised if he is with her now, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he was undergoing rehab somewhere.  It seems weird to me that if he were in California with his kids that he would let them go to Las Vegas and spend Thanksgiving with Joe and stay in that ridiculous suite with no parental supervision.

And he said that about Katherine in the Rabbi Schmuley tapes I think.
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I will always love you Michael!


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