Debunking the Autopsy Report

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Re: Debunking the Autopsy Report

  • on: November 14, 2011, 02:11:07 PM

I couldnt find anywhere if this was discussed....

On the top of the report, notice it says "ACCIDENT/NATURAL???"

Then we learn later it was ruled HOMICIDE?

So how can a report conclude accidental/natural then change to homicide?

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Re: Debunking the Autopsy Report

  • on: February 09, 2013, 08:45:21 PM
I have to say something. I read this autopsy report and there is no mention of Michael Joe Jackson's lupus. It says vitiligo but anyone could have vitiligo. Michael Jackson had lupus and vitiligo. Also, there is no mention of Michael Jackson's skin grafting he had done on his scalp after the Pepsi burns. It just says tattoos. This is what makes me think that the autopsy report belongs to someone else and not Michael Jackson. By the way, the X-rays that were taken during the autopsies include dental x-rays. This is great because the attorney's representing Katherine Jackson were granted a court order to obtain from the coroner copies of of what is supposed to be Michael Jackson's slides and x-rays. These dental x-rays are important because a forensic dentist could use those to compare to Michael Jackson's dental x-rays from before June 25, 2009. If there is not a match, it could be proof that the autopsied body was not Michael Jackson at all and that Michael Jackson is alive.


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