Jackson Kids Had a Baller Thanksgiving

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Re: Jackson kids video inside ridiculous suite.

  • on: December 09, 2009, 05:46:41 AM
Doesn't really surprise me at all as some teenagers are monsters now, I hear the language of kids nowadays and they are using words I didn't even know when I was that age. Michaels kids are mixing with their cousins now so I guess anything is possible and lets not forget that although Michael sheltered them really well from any kind of bad influence how much longer could he have sheltered them-especially Prince and Paris now they are older? Kids grow up too quickly now, society has made it that way, sad but a cold hard fact. Kids always rebel from parents anyway-even the most polite well behaved ones-I have seen it with my friends/family and the sweetest most polite children once they hit teens are for a few years are unfit for the human race! If you have ever watched the Harry Enfield show Kevin and Perry are typical teenagers. Don't expect them to be little angels as kids are usually on their best behaviour in front of a parent/grandparent anyway.
Also Michael and Janet were brought up with Jermaine and LaToya and look at the difference in them all? just because one person has very humanitarian and the sweetest qualities doesn't mean to say other family members will have. I am not knocking the kids but how many kids born to really famous wealthy parents in LA are there who turn out well adjusted, unspoiled and not needing therapy? I don't really think they stand a chance surrounded by people in a false materialistic environment in the part of the world they are living in as their Father didn't either. Lets hope that he is far far away and they will soon be joining him.
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Re: Jackson Kids Had a Baller Thanksgiving

  • on: December 09, 2009, 08:45:52 AM
Quote from: "xirisjex"
Well honestly after watching the video I am only left with a lot of questions really..
1. Who are they staying with there? (The brothers are out there doing interviews?)
2. Why did they tape this and put it on youtube and for who really? (It's not that shocking to share with the world)
3. Again Tmz, why would TMZ put this up, this isn't news worthy is it? Especially since you can barely see Michael's kids and no offense but I think it is pretty clear that the media is mostly just interested in them.
4. Who paid for a suite like that? (Like seriously, I think MIchael is the only one who had that kind of money)

Honestly one of the first thoughts that popped in my head after watching it was if Michael is actually staying there with them and this is like some kind of teaser or ''let's see who gets it'' kind of thing.
I don't know maybe it's the too much time spend on this site talking  ;)
Far too risky wouldn't you think? Cannot imagine it at all myself and it would be totally foolhardy and illogical.
If all the sightings/assumptions are correct then he is out and about more than when he was "alive"!
 :lol:  :lol:
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Mungu awape imani.
God give you faith.


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