Do you wanna do this also?

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Do you wanna do this also?

  • on: December 22, 2009, 09:32:17 AM
Hey friends! :D

I have those huge (i don't know the word.. in dutch it is posters :P) on my wall and I have MJ t-shirts with 1958-2009. And I am so sure about this hoax that I almost want to grab a big stylus and scratch the 2009!  :lol: But I am not going to do that because then I am kinda destroying my poster :P And on my shirts, well, you understand that I am not going to write on it :P
But when the day comes that Michael comes back I am going to scratch the 2009 with a big stylus!  :lol:  you too? :D

This is one of my posters that I wanna scratch the 2009 :P

and this is one of my t-shirts, but I won't scratch on that one ofcourse :P

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