Charter school won't lose site to Jackson museum

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Charter school won't lose site to Jackson museum

  • on: June 12, 2010, 06:10:55 AM
Charter school won't lose site to Jackson museum
5-acre site excluded from land promised to Jackson Family Foundation

June 12, 2010
BY JON SEIDEL, (219) 648-3068

GARY -- Gary Lighthouse Charter School won't lose its College Prep Academy near South Gleason Golf Course to a proposed Jackson Family Center, officials at City Hall said this week.

The school sits on the same parcel of land as Gilroy Stadium, according to maps in the Lake County Surveyor's office, and that land was promised to the Jackson Family Foundation in a deal reached at City Hall earlier this month.

A copy of a real estate agreement approved by Gary's Board of Public Works says all 30 acres of that parcel will be turned over to the foundation, which is led by the parents of the late pop star Michael Jackson and Las Vegas promoter Simon Sahouri.

That was news to Lighthouse Academies Vice President Kimberlee Sia, who said the school had yet to hear from the city or foundation.

The school leases the property from the city.

"We actually are going to be contacting some people," Sia said.

Joel Rodriguez, an assistant to Mayor Rudy Clay on economic development, said the real estate agreement should have promised just 25 acres to the Jackson Family Foundation.

When the property is finally transferred, Rodriguez said, five acres will be carved out for the charter school.

"The Jackson Family Foundation is aware of that," Rodriguez said.

No property had changed hands as of Friday after- noon.

Gary Corporation Counsel Susan Severtson said the Jackson Family Foundation must first establish itself as a not-for-profit entity.

Sahouri, the foundation's president, said that process has begun.

Rodriguez and Christopher Meyers, the city's planning director, said property containing a parking lot at the Steel City gas station on Grant Street will be left out of the deal, as well.

"The only land that's dedicated for this project is unused land," Meyers said. "Specifically, the old Gilroy Stadium and other areas that fall in and around the levee."

The Jackson Family Foundation has promised to build a $300 million shrine to the Jackson Family on that property.

Clay said it will be built without Gary tax money, but the real estate agreement says public money will be used.

The foundation also claims to have secured the right to use Michael Jackson's name and image, but an attorney for the pop star's estate says that isn't true. ... 13.article
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