I found THE clue !!! This makes everything clear !!! TII !!!

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The History Channel has a show about Angels and Aliens. They are saying they are messengers. Now they are talking about the Book of Enoch. It is on now EST and I am sure will repeat. It shud be online too.

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Wow, I got through all 10 pages! Interesting that a whole year has gone by since this thread started, and mj4ever777 made the 12 month post jump. I guess I didn't post at all but I remember going to the Archangel site.  I just have a few comments. I especially liked the comments by Hesouttamylife.

hesouttamylife ยป Wed Dec 09, 2009 6:01 pm

For many.many years I have believed that Michael was not of this planet. I have always, literally believed, that he was an earth angel. That he was sent here for a purpose and that God gave him all the talent he needed to earn all the money it would take to do the job that he was meant to do. And he did it better than anyone could have done it. There is something in Michael's eyes. It's like his eyes talk. His eyes hold secrets. His eyes hold wisdom. Michael has always been ahead of his time. He has always been an inquisitor. He has always been an avid learner. His interest are varied and he has mastered all of them. There is nothing you can put before him that he does not understand. There is no religion that he has not practice and visited and gotten to know its doctrine. Be honest, what adult male do you know who genuinely still has the heart of a child, pure and unspoiled? What adult man do you know who would go on the record saying he allows children to sleep in his bed, he sometimes will sleep along side them and know without any semblance of doubt, that he did it for just the reason he stated, out of love for them. To share your bed with someone is an act of love, pure and simple. He went on tv holding a child's hand and you saw in his demeanor, in his eyes, in his joy, that this was normal for him. It was nothing to be ashamed of. It was done purely out of love. It's what God would have done. Michael ALWAYS talks about his gifts coming from God. He speaks of how God gives him the words to his songs, the ideas for everything he has ever done. I believe it. What other explanation could there be? Michael has the ability to bring to life the most vivid, beautiful, creative, intricate, complex, expressions, be it in music, song, dance, video, vision for the world, Neverland, what ever, without any formal training or blueprints. It just comes to him, he receives it, and then he works his magic, and "poof" it happens. It blows me away. I do believe that he talks to God. I believe that God sees, hears, knows and answers him. I believe that he is an angel fallen to earth. There is not another human being that I've ever known or ever heard of who remained so innocent and pure at heart, even when he was up against things that could have changed the course of his life forever. He never changed, got ugly, showed as people like to say "the real MJ". Why? Because he had been the "real MJ" all along. There was nothing phony or fake or pretentious about him. Your eyes did not deceive you. What you saw was who he was and is. An angel. Yes indeed.

Michael Jackson was chosen and ordained to do what he did. There is no other explanation for the greatness, the magnitude of his gifts. He reached the PLANET with words, music, dance and joyful giving. He is humble. He is gracious. He is a believer. He is obedient. MICHAEL JACKSON has always known that he would do great things. He never questioned it. He simply knew it and did it. And in doing so, he gained so much wealth, so many accolades, so many followers, yet, it never changed his heart. In the Bible it states that "a child will lead them". I believe in the Bible and I believe that angels do walk the earth and take abode among us. There are so many similarities in his walk on earth as was Jesus. Only the times are different. The message and the outcome is the same. Look at Michael's eyes. Look at the eyes if Jesus Christ. From pictures we've seen, they have the same depth, the same knowledge, the same beauty. The eyes never lie. Now the onslaught. Be it as it may. I believe that he was our earth angel. He was born to suffer and save the world. He did both, with passion and compassion. Nothing will sway me from that opinion.

Look at some of the things Michael did, out of pure innocence and was persecuted for them. He saw NOTHING wrong or evil in his doings. It was the people who judged him. But mark my word, by the time all is said and done, Michael will have brought down the masses. They are lining up to fall as we speak. It might take this trial thing to get the ball rolling. But once it starts, it's gonna be something to foresee. Change is imminent. Even his Judas had to confess his lies. Before long, there will be other confessions. It will be impossible to stop the world from healing. The truth will indeed set you free. Michael will rise to the high esteem that he held for himself again. All the bull, the lies, the scandals will be dispelled once and for all. And Michael will rise like the Phoenix that he is. I don't know if he is ArchAngel Michael, but he is Michael and he is an angel. At least in my eyes and I feel it in my heart. I always have. I always will.

In the Bible, the Archangel Michael and Jesus are the same person. The Biblical Michael is a pre-incarnate form before the New Testament, before he was born to Mary. The Jehovah's Witnesses clearly teach that, although other Christians may not. There are in-depth Bible studies on that topic on the net.

I firmly believe that the Israelites of the Bible were black-skinned as was Jesus, some of the descendants being African-Americans who are born from the slave trade. For at least a thousand years now, the church has portrayed Bible characters as white-skinned. Some Evangelicals are bold enough lately to portray Jesus in movies as perhaps brown-skinned, but still clearly white race. Most very fundamentalist Christians are horrified to ever think Jesus could be black. Is there racism involved? I totally believe so. Just study the slave-trade history and read how some Christians justified it, using Scriptures. This Michael Archangel website, appears to me to be white exclusively, Nordic blonds, the purist. Does that negate their message? Well it might be part of why they utterly reject their Michael having any possible relationship to our Michael who is African American, although they're being nice about it. MJ may well have spiritual knowledge that is also mentioned on that site.
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