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Title: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: 50thstatebeliever on March 30, 2010, 01:22:52 AM
Ok...I'm having a down day..I need your help. Please explain to me your opinions and theories as to why the Jacksons are now really trying to nail CM if MJ is actually alive? Where does this take the hoax theory? Or are they just trying to make it look like CM is going to get nailed, just to quiet the growing noise on MJ's deathhoax? What is going on? I am feeling, that if CM ends up behind bars - then there's no way MJ is still alive...I know that lots of innocent people have in the past been jailed and even executed wrongly - or been taken near execution, only to be released due to "error"...BUT...if CM really does end up behind bars, I am going to find it really hard to keep beleiving MJ is still alive. He would NOT have an innocent man end up that way, just to make his hoax work out as planned...NOW..that is, of course, the Jacksons are all in on the hoax. BUT if they are NOT in on the hoax, then I can see how they themselves need to see CM behind bars, -- but...then if THAT is true, why have they been so quiet and have never looked straight into the cameras and demanded or pleaded that we all stop disrespecting MJ's passing and stop this torture with the hoax theory...now someone out there - please educate me and enlighten me on all this...it's just not making sense the more time passes...As you can tell, I'd LOVE to still be on board with the believers. I'm not going to change my username - I want to be a believer - but not just a believer out of ignorance, but a believer with steadfast grounds to support my belief...HELP! :(
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: Raven on March 30, 2010, 05:54:58 AM
I believe the family's suspicions against Murray are totally justified, and that he may even have attempted to murder Michael. However the fact he did all this does not perse mean Michael died. He may have been revived in the hospital.
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: 2good2btrue on March 30, 2010, 06:20:00 AM
I remember how the public and media crucified Michael during his trial.  Everything was pointing towards a guilty verdict, and many more accusers came forward just to get a shot a few million dollars themselves.  If you imagine this a "MOVIE" starring The Jacksons vs Conrad Murray, it may give you some hope.  The cast have been chosen to play a particular role in this feature movie.  If what I believe is true, then Murray is also protected and will not be charged.  The family have a confidentiality clause and must play their roles convincinly, otherwise the lid will be blown off this hoax.  I hope this helps.  Just remember, MJ is the director and producer.  He is telling them what to do and what to say, as well as the FBI.  If there are others involved in a conspiracy to Murder MJ, then they need Dr Murray to help them catch these people and put them in jail.  That's his ticket to freedom.  He is helping the family and MJ.  He was chosen by MJ to play this part.  Keep the faith, and remember....you are not alone....With love, L.O.V.E  xox
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: loyalfan on March 30, 2010, 07:20:30 AM
it awful to hear of anyone suffering bad days over this.........please hang on in there........here is a hug..xxxxxxx.......micheal loves us all so much.....chin up....deep breath........there you go.....well done....love from diane...xxxx
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: 50thstatebeliever on March 31, 2010, 02:16:59 AM
Thanks so much you guys. Really, it helps. The one particular example of this whole thing being seen in the mind like a movie - it helps clear things up in my muddled up head - how amazing!  MJ being the producer/director in all this. I understand now...I know people who would say "Are you absolutely nutts? You're disecting and inserting and manipulating reality...wake up...he's dead."
I am wondering if anything new is going to come out this summer...that will add to the picture coming together with the pieces we already have...it's like a puzzle, isn't it?
Everyone keep the opinions coming. They help me alot..thanks! ;)
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: Do on March 31, 2010, 06:11:40 AM
I want to be and still AM a believer myself but what if this really is a hoax, directed and produced by Michael, given all the clues, contradictions and what more unbelievable stuff we heard and red the last 9 months and with CM as one of the main caracters in the hoax ......
Then CM is in great danger don't you think? Still able to walk on the street and practising in his office, he is a target for the many, many MJ-fans who believe CM is MJ's murderer.  You know what I mean? Is it true that CM is still out there or is he hiding himself also and go out once in a while (with protection) to snap some pictures of him and make it believable in this way? So what I'm saying is that CM takes a great risk to 'play' the murderer because lots of people want to cut him in pieces I guess.
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: Amber on April 01, 2010, 05:15:59 PM
For me personally it dont mean anything if CM is jailed without actually visiting the jail and seeing him there we aint going to really no the truth if he actually went JMO. On another point if and this is just my opinion, im starting to really believe the coma theory as recent news is backing that claim up in which case CM does need his a** kicking. Still way too many inconsistancies for mj to be dead. When i feel im falling on the "oh no" wagon i always go back to the very beginning, you should do the same  ;)   :D
Title: Re: Need opinions from you guys~~I'm faltering...
Post by: Sarahli on April 01, 2010, 05:39:43 PM
If the Conrad Murray case is a parallel of Michael's than he will not go to jail but it has to go far enough for people to think that it is a strong possibility. As for Michael he must be found guilty before proven innocent. I still remember when I was watching CNN live (on my knees praying God to save Michael from jail) and when the person was stating that Michael was not guilty, not guilty...on all counts. What a though day, I just imagine how hard it must have been for Michael and his family.

Nevertheless even if CM finally goes to jail doesn't mean that it's not a hoax. Maybe it's part of the plan and that it's necessary for revelations to unfold.
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