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Title: Check out Dealz MJ's nephew
Post by: msteetee34 on March 23, 2010, 05:40:37 AM
Here's a new video of MJ's nephew Dealz.  He's a rapper.  He mention his uncle and family in this video.  Also talks about new tv show coming out soon.  I thought the song at the end of video is kinda interesting too.  Just to let you know this is a raw video so he does say n**** and s*** in it.  What do you guys think about this?  

Title: Re: Check out Dealz MJ's nephew
Post by: this1crazygirl on March 23, 2010, 10:04:54 AM
WOW!! LOL he looks like his Dad too LOL :lol:  :lol: that is too cute! :lol:  8-)
Title: Re: Check out Dealz MJ's nephew
Post by: the arabian nights on March 23, 2010, 10:52:08 AM
well would not download it

dont think its a clue
Title: Re: Check out Dealz MJ's nephew
Post by: msteetee34 on March 24, 2010, 04:37:54 AM
Okay here is part 2 of Dealz video on youtube.  There is actually 4 parts.  I'm not saying this is a clue I just wanted to show a different Jackson giving remarks about MJ.  He talks about seeing his uncle laying there.  I guess he's referring to him in the casket.  Then he says that he will give away his leather jacket (Dealz Jacket not MJ) to a fan who gives the best comment about his uncle Mike.  I didn't really know what to think about that.  Then he says rest in peace, peace and blessings where you are.  I know you're watching.  Here's part 2:


Part 3:  This part is really interesting in regards to the Jackson Family Dynasty show.  Dealz is trying to come up with a concept for his show with his friend.  He states I want people to see me.  He's like no offense to my family's show but I don't want nothing scripted and I don't want it to feel scripted.  He's like I don't care if people like me.  I'm not like my family.  I don't care who sees me.  Then their discussing comments that people wrote about the Jackson reality show.  His friends like yeah people really liked you're segment on the show because you came across as real. So to me it's kinda like Dealz is admitting the show may have been scripted.  I was like did he realize what he just said.  Here it is:

Title: Re: Check out Dealz MJ's nephew
Post by: msteetee34 on March 24, 2010, 05:48:32 AM
Here is part 4:


I actually kind of like Dealz because I think he is really being himself.  I don't like all the cussing he does but I like the fact that he said he just like everybody else and he cool.  He like you could just walk up on me in the street and I would talk to you.  He not trying to portray the perfect image or front like he's alll that because he's a Jackson.  I think the rest of the Jacksons often feel that pressure that they must appear as the perfect family.  I think MJ struggled with that alot.  He should have had his nephew with him as security because he got that attitude about him to speak his mind.
Title: Re: Check out Dealz MJ's nephew
Post by: msteetee34 on March 27, 2010, 12:41:48 AM
I tried to find some more info on dealz and this article came up about the Jackson family from 2008.  Here it is interesting but I doubt if true due to the source:

 ABOVE: HIGH?LIFE: Jackie Jackson and son Dealz in Appledore 23rd November 2008 By Dominik Lemanski
THE Jacksons were accused last night of ripping off a string of Brits while filming for a Channel 4 show.

And they have been warned that they could be following their famous brother Michael into the courts.
Locals in Appledore, Devon, welcomed the Jackson clan to their seaside town to film a Cutting Edge special.

But during the family’s ten-week stay it is claimed they reneged on promises to promote local businesses in return for free housing and car hire.

North Devon Holiday Homes let the family stay rent-free in a holiday barn but got none of the agreed publicity.

Nigel Rosenbaum, who works for the Jacksons’ ex-friend and bodyguard Matt Fiddes, 30, said: “The Jacksons were to get the accommodation, worth £5,000 a month, free of charge for ten weeks in return for letting Matthew Ryan at North Devon Holiday Homes use them for some PR.

“But Tito and the rest of the Jacksons refused to let Matthew do any PR.”

They also hired three Mitsubishi people carriers rent-free for ten weeks but never turned up to make PR appearances and the dealership spent £1,500 repairing damage to one of the vehicles.

Devonshire Motors boss Mary Cross said: “They promised to make PR appearances but we never saw them. The scratched vehicle cost us £1,500.”

Tito Jackson, 54, left, also struck a deal with local photographer Andy Casey to go 50-50 on profits from pictures of the family.

But Andy said: “When I turned up they pretended they did not want any pictures. It was a farce.”

They also failed to turn up for a “Jacksons tribute performance” by students aged between four and 16 at Bideford’s  Edge Performing Arts Academy.Last August we also revealed Tito was being taken to court over a claim that he failed to pay martial arts guru Fiddes.

Fiddes said last night: “I’m now proceeding to serve papers on Tito to appear at Carlisle Court.”

The Jacksons Are Coming is on Channel 4 on Thursday, at 9pm.

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Okay so this article is basically saying that the Jackson made deals with companies to do promotions in order to get things for free in return.  It also states that the Jacksons did not follow up on these promises.  They owed debts to people.  They were warned they could follow in the footsteps of MJ and go to court.  And lastly the Jacksons filmed a tv show that actually aired back in 2008?  If this was true then why would the Jackson say that the Jackson family Dynasty was the first time they let the camera into their lives?  What do you guys think about this?
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