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Title: Michael~Can you give us a new sign? Anything?
Post by: 50thstatebeliever on March 20, 2010, 01:44:06 AM
Dear Michael~
Maybe I'm wrong to say that you have no idea how we are feeling - knowing you are somewhere, but unable to put a cap on it all - to finally be able to say "OMIGOD..thank you for bringing Michael back to us..."  We know you are out there...watching, reading, planning, getting better...and we know you told us to look for the signs...in the film...in your songs...but man~if our souls could emanate the intensity of our emotions that are combined-first the sorrow, the loss, then the curiosities, the confusion, followed by inquisitive hope, eager faith...and everytime something or someone tries to bash our belief that you are still out there, getting stronger for your return...we raise our head up and get up off our knees, wipe off the dirt and start walking foward~again towards the knowledge in our souls - that you are out there somewhere - and not in that grand burial that was representing your death.
Michael, can you send us something new, something just to give us that one ounce of extra hope that can multiply into a billion new seeds of hope, to strengthen the dark hours that hover over our heads...we believe..we believe...that you are still alive..and although you can see our energies and read our blogs and it helps you - sometimes Michael, we are so overshadowed in our sorrow that time seems to get the best of us..time that we need to let pass - time that we need to sit still and wait for your return. Give us some new sign Michael. The cut and hurt inside is still there, and it still hurts because faith is intangible and often the easiest to flicker into embers...we need something from you~now. We need to know~truly know~that you are reading and watching and hearing our hearts..I believe and still believe. But...this waiting is just killing me sometimes. I feel like I need some new blast of oxygen. I'll never give up hope. But the JOURNEY is hard. Any new sign from you~would be like a whole new generator of hope for the rest of the road trip...and believe us - it is a hard one.
Title: Re: Michael~Can you give us a new sign? Anything?
Post by: i[MISS]my[KING] on March 20, 2010, 01:53:59 AM
i second this!
Title: Re: Michael~Can you give us a new sign? Anything?
Post by: 50thstatebeliever on March 20, 2010, 01:58:44 AM
Hey "Imissmyking" - just knowing you feel the same way helps me...
I really need to go do something to get my adrenaline flowing. I think I'll go put on my MJ music and get on the treadmill or something...
I'm just feeling really really anxious right now. June is around the corner and I am just so afraid.
Title: Re: Michael~Can you give us a new sign? Anything?
Post by: mjfansince4 on March 20, 2010, 02:34:34 AM
this was really well said. you are not alone, i get anxious too. i just want all of our theories/beliefs confirmed. i want to know that michael is happy, safe and alive. sometimes i think the jackson 5 tweets are a confirmation...like with the "army of l.o.v.e." but it's never really fact, it's always subjective. whenever i get anxious, i have to give myself a reality check. michael was put through HELL for YEARS. he felt pain, sorrow and suffering for years and years. if he could stand that for such a long time, i can put up with it too, for him. i know this is his game. it's his timing and no one elses. he never said "this is an easy, care-free, joyous adventure." he said this is a "great adventure." what makes it great? going through this doubt, this fear, actually looking into things instead of looking at them, bonding with people you'd never meet on countries you've never been, getting to know who michael really is and (at least i believe) discovering the ultimate perfect ending- the fact that he's alive.

much love
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