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Title: cocktail: mix post
Post by: mjj_fan on January 17, 2010, 04:20:14 PM
i just want to quickly cover few things
     1, its not necessary for dr murray to have UK  licence to prescribe any medication to  mj during his stay in london
    2. there are many ways to estimate the time of death , measuring the body core temperature  is one of them
every organ in the body has life after death , the importance lies in the fact that before donating any organ doctor make sure if the organ is  still suitable  for the recipient ,those changes are visible with naked eye,
      another way is, by  viewing the organs taken out on autopsy under microscope where cell show changes like potassium and other enzymes leaking out  s etc  i wont go in to details ,
   3, if murray raise the temperation of room  to mess up with the time of death ,doesnt he know the rigor mortis commences earlier if the room / enviorment temp rises  above 15 degree f  ?
   4. no one was allowed to go upstairs , according to some reports the lividity on mj body shows as if the body was moved after death ,  and then the reports of a cigar
                flaws in  this  report is who was with murray to move the body if no one was allowed to gain access to their rooms? second the lividity fix AFter 10 hrs and if the body is move after that time only then Forensic specialist can question about  lividi ty and thus changing the original position of body
  5.  media reports that a doctor said he has never seen such a body  before which was  lilly white , flaws : he had vitiligo ( with patches of dark and lighht skin) nonsense !!

  6, why dr murray called dr klien after mj stop breathing ? to me it seems as if he was asking for any anti dote or to reverse the condition i believe dr klein might had used propofol for cosmetic surguries on mj but it could mean that was it dr klein who introduced propofol to mj ???

  7. why mj family had bitter feeling towards TII directors and the movie , i remember reading on tmz that katherine jackson was against it too but kept her silence  because the money will go to estate
among people close to him was karen poiniting her finger towars the director but why??? on the other hand elizebeth was the most sincere friend supported the film
Title: Re: cocktail: mix post
Post by: mjboogie on January 17, 2010, 04:58:40 PM
OK I have a question. Couldn't Murray have moved MJ's body by himself right? I mean he is a strong man , tall you know? Also.....if I recall there was a lot of inconsistency about where in the mansion MJ actually died(if he is infact gone) because some reports stated he was in his bedroom and some reports stated that he was in Murray's room. SO.....which was it? Because if he died in his bedroom and was found in Murray room then Murray moved him there. But that is just my opinion.
Title: Re: cocktail: mix post
Post by: mjj_fan on January 17, 2010, 05:02:17 PM
@ mj boogie i wish i could answer that one .  thanks for reading post
Title: Re: cocktail: mix post
Post by: mjj_fan on January 17, 2010, 05:10:35 PM
but i found that odd because the primary lividity become fixed after 8-10 hrs of death , if he was dead for 3 hrs only how can they comment as if someone tried to move or change the body position ??? just my thoughts
Title: Re: cocktail: mix post
Post by: Nathalia on January 17, 2010, 07:30:00 PM
you bring up some really good points and information,
the technicality in all of the reports seem to conflict(place, time, etc.)
I'm just not sure what to believe at this point.
-thanks for the post.
Title: Re: cocktail: mix post
Post by: mjj_fan on January 17, 2010, 07:33:13 PM
thankyou nathalia for kind words , take care Godbless you
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