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Title: Deciphering LastSevenWords
Post by: trublu on September 14, 2018, 06:07:17 PM
I wanted to have a go at deciphering LSW videos one by one. For those of you that don't know, LSW appeared on YouTube in December 2009/ Jan 2010 with a series of videos, released one by one, that didn't make too much sense at the time, but seemed to point being related to the hoax. Over the past 9 years, it appears that there were many things that were accurately predicted in LSW videos. Brandi (MJFanForeverAndADay on YouTube) started to go over some of these again a few months ago, but as she has since disabled her videos, I wanted to continue looking into  LSW as I find it very interesting. LSW originally uploaded 7 videos, the first letters of each, spelled out IMAGINE. They then added another 3. At one point they deleted some of the videos and re uploaded them a few years ago.

I wanted to start with the first video, called "Imagination". Please watch the video first otherwise my notes won't make any sense at all and it would be better for you to get a sense of how you interpret the video before reading my comments. Also, these are my thoughts as well as insights gathered from elsewhere such as the comment section and forums. They could be totally wrong, but it's just what made most sense to me. Here is the video:


FYH bottom left hand corner = I believe this was understood back in the day to mean "follow your heart"

Peter Pan scene - "electric eyes are everywhere" = Michael is watching online activity

Do not know what the image at .21 refers to

Snow Whie "run! Run away!" scene = At first I thought this was a simple reference to Michael's escape but Brandi made a great observation here about the resemblance to Kanye West's film "runaway" which was released 10 months after this LSW video. Here's is Kanyes film:

Some similarities:
The title "runaway"

LSW video (running away in a dark Forest):


Kanye Runaway (running away in a dark Forest):


LSW font:


Kanye font:


"There's a leak" - interesting because I think a leak had just happened from what was about to become the Michael album. The "come on now!" you can hear Michael sing at .40 seconds. This is taken from the demo version of  Xscape. Demo version:

"I wanna play a game x 3" - I think this is referring to the 3 fake Cascio tracks featured on the Michael album

Often imitated, never duplicated = fake MJs online, Jason Malachi

Inclusion of "They don't care about us" is introducing a motive for the hoax and letting us know, this is not a game

Peter Pan = I don't believe in fairies = not believing in fake MJs removes their power (their magic)

Gilda/ Motzart Fur Elise =  Rita Hawoth who played Gilda apparently did not sing her part, she mimed and it was quite a scandal at the time. I believe this is referring to the fake cascio tracks on the Michael album. As we know, Gilda is a film about a man who fakes his death and this scene features in This Is It.
"Hayworth did sing the acoustic guitar version of "Put the Blame on Mame" in Gilda. The other songs in the picture were dubbed by Anita Ellis."
So Fur Elise = Ellis who did not receive any recognition or praise at the time of the release of Gilda
I therefore think this segment is referring to an impersonator (Jason Malachi) on the Michael album, which is pretty incredible seeing as that album didn't come out for another 11 months.

The Greatest Show On Earth = referring to The Greatest Showman (released in 2017), which has a very "Michaelesque tone" and can you remember that the cast kept saying that their biggest inspiration was MJ at the time of its release? ( see Zac Effron, Zendaya).

Black Panther from Black or White video = referencing Black Panther, movie released in 2018 by Marvel. Michael wanted to buy Marvel back in the 00's but he was out priced.

Little red riding hood, carrying the wolfs head. Reminding me of when Paris and the other children were at a Halloween party and there was a guy disguised with a hog head mask.

"Peace can only be achieved through understanding". Pretty sure the creator is these videos wants us to figure them out. In later videos, they say that some things cannot be understood for now. I think we're getting to the point where it's starting to all makes sense.

Those are my thoughts on this first video. Would love to hear if anyone had any more.

Title: Re: Deciphering LastSevenWords
Post by: trublu on September 16, 2018, 11:42:50 AM
The second video is called Mystery. Again I'd recommend watching it before reading my notes, in case you have different interpretations. I believe this one was released in January 2010. A lot of the movie references in here were movies/remakes that came out in 2017, so 7 years after this video was uploaded. The amount for foreshadowing in this video is crazy and blows my mind. The fact that most of these movies only came out last year is a lot of the reason why these videos are only just starting to make sense now.



O.T.R = over the rainbow (bottom left of title page)

Movie references/foreshadowing :

Spiderman Homecoming (movie released 7/7 2017, 2018 game released)

LSW video:


2017 release:


Saw / Jigsaw (released 2017) "I promise that my work will continue "

2017 release:


Thriller (Thriller 3D premiered in 2017, to be released 2018)

LSW video:


2017 release:


IT- (released 2017)

LSW video:


2017 release:


The Strangers - ( released 2018)

LSW video:


2018 release:


Bambi - re- released 2017)

LSW video:


2017 release:


The craziest part of this video is this picture. Which is almost exactly the same and the Scream album cover (released 2017), with the clouds moving over his eyes, the song playing is "Is it scary" featured on the scream album and in the Blood on The Dancefloor white panda mash up, sounding a lot like the intro.

LSW video from 2010 (0.36)





DCM/CRM - never killed anyone (Murray)
Recording - meaning Michal is directing?
At 2:43 you can see the word "return" faintly above the hat to the left, whilst the song "dangerous" plays

In my mind, if the person behind these videos is not MJ, then they have to be someone who was aware of projects coming up for the next 10 years, or they had a crystal ball.
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