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Title: MJDHI in 2018, necessary changes
Post by: ~Souza~ on April 30, 2018, 01:26:39 PM
As some of you might know the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into force on May 25th, 2018. Although this website is non-profit and hosted in the US, we too have to be GDPR compliant because many of the members are citizens of EU countries.

The last few weeks you might have seen the website on- and offline and certain things appearing and disappearing. I had to spend a lot of time going through the whole website and all the information gathered over the past 9 years plus I spent days fixing the old forum's database that hadn't been functional for a year.

Because the new law forces you to gather as little information as possible, I decided to go back to just one software program to log into and where data is stored. Because all the information is stored on the old forum, that meant I had to fix the broken database to be able to put that back up so we can actually use it, and move the few topics from the new forum here. I deleted the users registered in HoaxPic and disabled registration there too. HoaxPic is renamed to Gallery and you can upload any good quality MJ pictures there. To upload any kind of pictures for use on the forum you can use the old HoaxPic uploader: http://community.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/hoaxpic.php. Of course uploading anything means you leave behind your IP address in the logs, but you do not have to register an account for any of them and the logs are emptied on a regular base. The main login for the website and the community features are deleted as well and the chat doesn't require a login anymore either, the only login that is left for you to worry about is on this forum.

The new law also says you have control over your account and personal data. And you do, but I did not enable the function to delete your account since that will delete all the posts as well. Much of your personal data can be managed in your profile, if you need to have anything else deleted and/or modified you can always contact me so I can review and resolve your request.

Please read our new Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy. The cookie warning might seem a bit scary when we say we share your information, but I have to put that in because the website uses Social Media sharing buttons and YouTubes can be embeded. That means your info (IP address) will reach Google and YouTube etc., unfortunately that's inevitable. To be honest it's inevitable anywhere on the web lately if you want a nicely functioning website. So I do not send your personal data anywhere myself, it's stored in the database alone on my dedicated server at a host in the USA who will be fully GDPR compliant as well as per May 25th, 2018. Besides that I have installed all kinds of firewalls to protect your data as well. That was one of the reasons to go back to the old forum as well.

So actually this change is sort of a change back to the beginning, with the good old forum back that I secretly missed because no other forum software beats the functionality of this one. Besides that, all our info is stored on here, so it's nice to have that active again.

It's the old member database and even though I added some of the active users on the new forum, it is possible that your account is gone if you signed up in 2017 and never posted. If you did post, your account should be here. Some of you received a new password (please change that to one you prefer) and some might have to ask for a password reset if they can't log in. You can always ask me as well, either on the guest forum, via email (info @ michaeljackson.news) or on Facebook.

So sorry for another change, but this one was not one I had planned.

p.s. I copied most of the new forum we used last year and I started by also changing the dates to the original date it was posted but that is seriously such a b!T$&# to do, I gave up... So a lot seems to be posted today that was actually posted a few months back.
Title: Re: MJDHI in 2018, necessary changes
Post by: ~Souza~ on May 12, 2018, 09:11:08 AM
Note: old HoaxPic uploader not working anymore, I made a category 'Forum Uploads' in the gallery where you can upload anything for the forum.
Title: Re: MJDHI in 2018, necessary changes
Post by: Shamone Jackson on May 13, 2018, 10:16:07 PM
Thanks, Mrs. SEHF!   :moonwalk_:
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