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Title: Revisiting - "Awaiting The Awakening"
Post by: Echo on December 30, 2014, 09:46:58 AM
Below is a very profound piece that was posted on December 9th 2009, 5 years ago. I have printed a copy for myself to read and study yet again. My purpose is to see how I have evolved through all of this...join me if you will.

 Post by: ~Souza~ on December 09, 2009, 03:30:04 PM Well, with this post from TNZ I actually agree. It's interesting, well written and the message is clear.


This article is dedicated to those who whimper through days and nights on forums, that they are tired, that they are bored, that they are fed up with clues and investigations, that everybody is trying to deceive them, to mock and to mess up. To those who, day by day, keep on complaining, “understanding nothing” and asking “what does it mean for I don’t know what to think” instead of reading books, watching intelligent movies and using Wikipedia in the last resort. To all the others moral weary and intellectually weak people.

Do you ever estimate the quality of your anticipation?
Has it ever come in upon your mind that you perhaps are not worth what you are waiting for?
Do you ever wonder that you not only expectants, but there is also someone who is expecting something from you in return?

Last five months are beginning to take an effect so, telling straight, this effect is much worse than expected. It is not about your fatigue and exhaustion with expectation of Mr. Jackson.
It’s all about his vain pains and lost labors to set people thinking, to awake sleeping brains, to break up patterns of common perception.
It’s all about his deceived expectations of comprehension; about his unavailing efforts to become conceived on the very deep and delicate level of his artistic individuality that could not be expressed by words.
It’s all about narrow-mindedness and ignorance that negative all his attempts to collaborate with his audience, to bring it to understand, to realize, to find an answers and to decide something for their selves. To become something more than simply yawning passenger, waiting in queue for a fairy flight that might carry him directly to the very elevated altitudes of enlightenment.

The truth is that there is no such flight, there is no such plane, there is no such place on the earth where heaven rains ready answers for eternal questions -- WHAT IS DEATH, WHAT IS LOVE, WHERE IS TRUTH.

There is no such Promised Land where these answers come with ease, pain(s)lessly, anguishlessly. And there is no such anesthesia throughout the entire world to deaden the pain of knowing.

We highly recommend everybody who didn’t get it yet to quit you web browser and to throw up the game. There is no use for you. For you, there is nothing and nobody to wait for. Moreover, there is nobody anymore - to wait for you.

You’ve already knew what you wanted - Mr. Jackson is alive and well, he is gonna be back. What else do you need? The date and the exact time? So what’s next? What are you going to do then? What’s the propose of your further participation? Go live your normal life. So nobody will mess you up anymore, nobody will blow your mind out, nobody will disturb your rest with this annoying brain training.

Do you feel like you are victims of manipulation? Because you used to be victims. The victims of your selves, the victims of circumstances, the victims of everything. Nobody messes you up better than you do. Nobody fools you better. And nobody can help you, but you. Because you cannot even see the difference between the helpful lesson and the manipulation.

What you are actually waiting for? For Mr. Jackson? For BAMSDAY? For the truth? For manna from heaven? Do you know it? No, you do not know. Your mind is too awkward to understand it and too coward to accept it. You are spreading LOVE and rejoicing at human (Evan Chandler’s) death at the same time. You are cooking a schnitzel and at the same time grieving at animals in the ZOO. You’re going to see THIS IS IT for the tenth time when you might spend the same money for somebody who is in sore need of help. You can’t get that the long HEAL THE WORLD way begins from yourself.

You judge the blind majority considering Michael Jackson is dead.
They are blind indeed, but they unlike you don’t pretend they are not. You have neither gratitude nor wise to realize that you are enriching with unprecedented experience now, that you are given such special unexampled attention like never before. Though you keep on complaining and exposing your parochialism and profound ignorance.

You are told the truth between the lines, you are told the beautiful fairy tales, you are carried through the greatest adventure, you are always welcome to be surprised and to go further. But neither truth, no fairy tales are good enough for you. You want everything to be easy. Easier. More easier. The easiest. You don’t want to grow up to the answers, but you want the answers to grow down to you.

During this time, he has shown you who you really were. Slovenly in thought, sluggish and shiftless, unintelligent and unable. You never got nothing besides banality and obviosity. You never learnt nothing in spite of you were tried to learn. You never did nothing to raise you bar a little bit higher than your daily nit picking.
You ain’t got nothing at all.

We hope the man, who broke away all deceptive illusions at one stroke, probably will find enough courage to accept the unpleasant truth. The truth about his own audience essential to admass philistine society he hardly rebels against.

Even if he wants, he will probably never say the cruel words we are saying. Though he has clearly realized that you were not those to be open with.

You always orders to him ways of “he would” or “would not”, because you won't take the way he truly is. He must correspond exactly with your perception of “HE WOULD”, mustn’t he? What if he must not? Will you betray and abjure him like you abjure him now by your incomprehension?
This is not he who you love, but you.
You spread love via web you ladle it out blindly. Thoughtless selfish repeaters, do you ever ask your selves what this word means? Do you ever ask your selves what right you have to spread LOVE?

You are waiting maniacally for the King to come back immediately, but think WHO OF YOU HAVE DESERVED HIS COMING?

You don’t appreciate that the very same Mr. Jackson, the King of Everything You Want, you used to see on screen and on stage, is now closer to you more than ever. He is playing with you, thinking of you, spending his time on you.
You don’t realize that when he comes back, this fascinating adventure will be officially certified as nonexistent, you will see him on TV again, he will belong to all and to no one at the same time. Reachless and unachievable as befits a King.

What's all this about? Abused who?
... The Saviour.
Because he wouldn't save them.
From hell?
Imbecile! From death.
I thought you said hell.
From death, from death.

(Samuel Bekket, 'Waiting for Godot')

We would like to express our boundless appreciation and profound gratitude to our readers we actually in love with. To all those who dare to think, to seek, to study, to conceive, to wonder and not to give up.
To all those who do not allow their brains to eat its own flesh and keep on writing thoughtful, substantial and serious-minded comments, letters and messages.
You are all the very raison d'etre for us. You are all a prime cause of our being here. Our real treasure.
Please keep on being an exception from the rule of common illiberality, frequently whitewashed by “human nature”. You give us every reason not to give up the idea that the true human nature is in restless aspiration to surpass so-called human nature over and over again.

We are more than glad that some of our friends translate theory into practice and enter charity into their own must-do list. Isn’t it really great? What could be better?

So even if only hundred of the million learn to look deeper to discover more; learn to expand their perception of the reality, learn to raise questions and to find right answers by their selves, learn to love, but not only to spread acronyms -- the mission may be considered as accomplished. Even so, the Strangest Man on the Planet has ‘died’ not in vain.

To all of you and especially to Pat Mj_Still_Alive who inspired us to write this article --
Very Many Thanks


I'm not talking only about Michael, but about a situation in general, when those in charge exploit their power in their personal interest. The thing that irritates me most is that there are few - very few- voices raised against corruption. And in the meantime racism, homophobia, violence and intolerance are destroying our way of life. It 's hard to be a part of minority trying to make its voices heard. Especially when you feel that people around you are content with truth precooked and ask no questions.

And they don’t want to see, not even outrage anymore. It 's scary. Everyone thinks of his self-interest, people walk fast down the street with downcast eyes and ears to the phone. And then you see all these people on the street, at the bar, while shopping, talking on the bus, waving, gesturing like just escaped the madhouse. Instead of looking into each other's eyes and exchange at least a smile, they enter into another dimension, involving more or less indirectly all those who cross. We can almost see these pieces of sick conversations hanging in the air, like balloons tied to the wrists of children.

There is thousand things to do and it is a tough job, but as I said I did not give up. Other important thing is that there are only the reality shows or programs on TV where you can see tits and asses, that fuck you up after a day at work. If you have a job yet. So it's all right there on television they try to calm us down, that the crisis is now coming to an end, TV transmits services over the coming holidays: what we'll do, what we'll give, just to be sure we will not even decide what to put under our Christmas trees.

I don’t give up because I am convinced that a voice from the pack maybe enough to wake the other. We should not heal the world. We must heal ourselves. Our planet has existed for thousands of years and will continue to do so. WE are at risk of extinction and sometimes I wonder whether it is good. How much energy we waste every day without even realizing it? And there are just a few people I continue to follow concerning Michael.

I think that only very few of them have really opened their eyes. They don’t understand that they didn’t understand HIM. They are racing to discover the truth and spend hours at the computer to investigate without wonder if they could spend all this time, all these hours of sleep lost, in a better way. Because in the end there will NOT be the award for the "best fan of Michael". And even if, who cares? Let me tell you this blasphemy: WHO CARES! His return will not change the individual life of any of us. He will not come to our house to solve our own problems and troubles.

Those who go crazy on him don’t end up in the newspapers as "those who understood the truth." Sometimes we are using hoax as an excuse for not making contact with ourselves, and we lose the opportunity to grow our soul. We do not have much time left and we have not learned yet to work together for a common purpose that goes beyond our individuality. A purpose that goes further.

What exactly did we ask him for?
Were you not there?
I can't have been listening.
Oh . . . Nothing very definite.
And what did he reply?
That he'd see.
That he couldn't promise anything.

(Samuel Bekket, 'Waiting for Godot')
Title: Re: Revisiting - "Awaiting The Awakening"
Post by: Echo on December 31, 2014, 12:50:58 PM
Not to get too heavy or too philosophical, but for me, reading this piece 5 years later is a firm illustration of The Divine Paradox in it's rawest form. 

"We live in a world of paradox, where things are seldom as they appear.  We witness events or encounter evidence that doesn't make sense, or that seems contradictory, ugly, or painful.  As a result, some become jaded realists, while others shut their eyes and escape into a private world of fantasy or despair.  A few, however, somehow find a way to remain awake and engaged, and are able to reconcile and even redeem the inevitable contradictions and setbacks of life.  Thus, they find a way to experience true peace, happiness, love, beauty and stability. All the great mysteries of life are paradoxes: life & death, spirit & matter, real & unreal.  These all must be faced squarely if one is to find true repose.  How is this done?  The journey begins with a consideration of the greatest paradox of them all - The Divine Paradox." - Author Unknown

Check out this link for more...

The Divine Paradox   http://www.pymander.com/AETHEREAL/PARAD~1.htm

Title: Re: Revisiting - "Awaiting The Awakening"
Post by: iamhere4mj on January 02, 2015, 05:08:09 PM
Neither myself nor my path has changed much over the last 5 years.

I still search for new things and review things we have already been given for I believe everything has happened for a reason and I would like to know why.

If Michael did not want for people to search, he would not have 'died' the way he did. Everything has been questionable since June 25th, 2009 and that has not changed.

What would have been normal was not. A few inconsistencies wouldn't have been out of the norm, but from the first report of him being in a coma and then dying raised the question of huh? With 'that doesn't make any sense' soon following.

I listened to Michael then and I continue to listen to Michael now. When Michael stands in front of me and tells me to stop, then I will. Until then, I will continue to pursue any answer that I can find.

Love you Michael!
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