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Title: Hello Everyone...
Post by: MJLoyalFan on October 28, 2012, 08:20:12 AM
Hello from England
I thought I would dip my foot in the forum and say hi to everyone. I joined a while ago and drop by often to catch up on everything hoax related!

I have been a Michael fan seeminly forever, in fact way back from the time I watched my mother cry listening to Ben played on the radio for the first time. In 1993 I was lucky enough to see Michael in action in London and I was truly mesmerized.
Seeing how he was treated and accused in later years broke my heart and I never lost sight in the fact that Michael was a pure soul.

The 25th June 2009 was a moment I will never forget, in fact I fail to remember most of the days that followed. But... there was always a feeling of disbelief.  Maybe I didnt want to believe that this beautiful soul and fighter for all causes close to my own heart had left. But it felt wrong for that to have happened and the feeling of loss overwhelmed my soul.

It was not until December that year that I was able to watch Michael's videos once again and it was during a visit to youtube that I noticed others were feeling what I was feeling and that it was not just grief. I tuned in, listed intently and started to take notes on paper, that ended up in a notebook because there were so many of them! I guess I was starting to question all that had been shown to me, and boy was my head spinning.

In later months I joined a few hoax sites, enjoying the interaction of fellow friends of all things Michael and to be honest it was that which saved me from some of my darkest days. Unfortunately the sites I chose to follow have now dwindled in members and now somedays I feel so alone, plus the fact that I am now probably talking to myself!

So, here I am, saying hello and hoping you won't mind me joining you and tagging along! I will try and help along the lines, but I know like the sites I have been working with you have all covered so much! I almost feel like an intruder, but I know from reading the forum I will be welcomed as you all seem lovely.

About myself,
I am a full time Mum, Wife, Artist, Spiritulist, Animal Lover and Peacemaker, I dislike conflict, War and Cruelty to everything living and even though I believe in the afterlife, I believe life is to short to be in conflict. That's probably why Michael was my number one!

Looking forward to getting to know you all,
With L.O.V.E

P.S. I am very Dyslexic, so sorry if I mis-spell etc, it's all part of me!


I guess I just wanted to say "Im here and willing to help deliver Michael safely back where he belongs... with his loyal family"


Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: Do on October 28, 2012, 08:33:31 AM
Hi MJLoyalFan, a very warm welcome to you! Hope you will like it here, naw....I'm sure you will like it here! Looking forward to your posts (I'm not an extensive poster myself, but read here every day!)
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: melody on October 28, 2012, 08:35:05 AM
I'm more of a lurker as well, but how did you resist posting for a whole year?  :LolLolLolLol:

Welcome :)
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: everlastinglove_MJ on October 28, 2012, 09:11:06 AM
Hi MJLoyalFan,

I'm glad you dipped your foot in this forum which you may consider as a warm bath!

Welcome!   :bearhug:


Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: Andrea on October 28, 2012, 09:27:23 AM
Welcome to the forum MJLoyalFan. :)  Happy to have you here.
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: LOVEforMJ1995 on October 28, 2012, 09:29:23 AM
Hello! Im from the UK too!
I don't really post much either, but im still here everyday reading all things hoax related  :)
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: RK on October 28, 2012, 11:12:02 AM
Welcome MJLoyalFan. You shouldn't feel like you are intruding. We are thrilled to have you on board. You are part of our hoax family. Make yourself at home. It's a great place.
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: wishingstar on October 28, 2012, 11:24:17 AM
Hello and welcome!

First of all...I have to say I love England : )
I was very blessed to be able and visit there a most 2 years ago.......at Christmastime.  It was truly beautiful and everyone
was just so kind and so helpful to us.  It was a great trip : )
You say you are an artist...very cool. What kinds of things are you interested in ( I love all kinds of art)......
I hope you have a wonderful time around here as well...it's a great place!

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions about anything.  I am always happy to help with whatever I am able to....
Have a beautiful day and welcome again!
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: suspicious mind on October 28, 2012, 11:35:01 AM
 :abouttime: :icon_lol: just teasing. i watched for a long time myself before joining. so welcome to the nuthouse . grab your straightjacket and take a seat. and don't forget to hang on. :LolLolLolLol:

Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: sweetsunsetwithMJ on October 28, 2012, 04:35:42 PM
Welcome MJLoyalFan, don't listen to them we are not so crazy as they say we are more.....  :icon_lol: Well I hope you witness with us Michael Jackson's BAM!.
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: blankie on October 28, 2012, 06:36:50 PM
Welcome here MJLoyalFan.. :).. Nice to meet you !!  :)
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: MJLoyalFan on October 29, 2012, 11:40:33 AM
Thank you for such a warm welcome, I look forward to hoaxing with you all!
@Wishingstar, so glad you enjoyed your trip to London, it's such a magical place at christmas time. You asked what type of an artist I am, well I guess my thing is Sculpture and I love to use potters clay and driftwood I collect from the Dorset coast, which is just over an hour away from where I live in the Somerset countryside.
What type of art are you interested in? It's such escapism isnt it!
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: marumjj on October 29, 2012, 01:59:38 PM
MJLoyalFan Hello, I'm glad you have returned, so "took the bull by the horns" and dove into hoaxland    :LolLolLolLol:     welcome
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: ShyBleuEyes on October 29, 2012, 04:24:03 PM
Hello MJLoyalFan, Welcome , To this lovely hoaxforum ,  :bearhug:
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: Mammu94 on October 29, 2012, 04:57:11 PM
Welcome !!!!  :bearhug:
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: sweetsunsetwithMJ on October 29, 2012, 05:31:18 PM
@Mammu94.......Hi! I love your MJ 's avatar pic  where did you get it from? I have never seen it before and it's beautiful, he looks asian! :icon_lol:
Title: Re: Hello Everyone...
Post by: mjj4ever777 on October 29, 2012, 06:32:41 PM
Mjloyalfan...I welcome you to the family, with a warm embrace of LOVE!! We are glad you decided to join us!! Blessings to you sister!!
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