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Title: Only MJ Can Flip the Script
Post by: peacock7 on July 19, 2011, 04:08:09 PM
I love - love - love the below piece.  I think Michael wrote it.  I wonder if he has anything to do with the trutv.com site.

Notice that Jermaine is quoted saying that the others that helped or were behind Murray were "people in the industry."  LMAO!  WHY HAVEN'T THE JACKSONS AND LATOYA HOLLERED ILLUMINATI - I wonder?  Are they being threatened? Or is it because - THIS IS IT AND THIS IS THRILLER?  Diana's last official tour was titled This Is It.  MJ was always following her around.  Hee!

The below is almost as good as how Souza writes.  LOL!  I can honestly see MJ writing it - for this is mainly a movie - "The Court of Last Resort."  

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&sour ... - (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&biw=965&bih=602&q=the+court+of+last+resort+the+conrad+murray+case&oq=the+court+of+last&aq=2v&aqi=g2g-v8&aql=1&gs_sm=c&gs_upl=765l3922l0l6750l17l12l0l1l1l0l500l2470l2-

People have the right to see it as something more sinister if that's how they feel.  Carry on - but that's where I get off, as it's not the way I see it and never have seen it.  I've always seen it as a MOVIE since the old board.  Wow - I just thought of that deeply.  I've never looked at it more sinister or as if they got Michael Jackson finally.  Please, they could have gotten MJ in more ways than one.  They could have blown up Neverland to the fact that they could have shot him with a high powered rifle - et al.

The thing is, MJ has known about these people (powers that be - elites) since he was a young man.  He had to eventually learn how to deal with them, live amongst them, get along with them and on and on.  Some people to this day think that he is one of them.  Some think Diana was mind controlled at one time - and probably by that Gene Simmons.  Perhaps that is why Michael and Diana have such a close bond.  They could talk about this kind of stuff.  They were involved in it by default - because the entire industry is controlled by them - and always have been since the Bob Hope and Marilyn Monroe days - et al.  The mob also has always been around.  There are some good souls in the mob.  Some in the mob back in the day thought they were like Robin Hood - and therefore would steal from the powers that be (politicians) in order to give to and keep their families taken care of.

In a way, I think this is what MJ is doing now as it pertains to his family.  Again, his father learned of such practices many eons ago.  He is a black mason - and so on.  They have always been on the fringe or edge - just like many in the industry have been.  It's been reported that the Jews control the blacks in the industry today.  Will Smith and Martin, Tyler Perry and some others supposedly bent over in order to get a head.  I mean many people know what's up.  These days though - it's getting more exposed.

MJ had to learn how to work within that system.  I think he did very well - but the price he had to pay was the two allegations - and the last subsequent charge.  May haps, the powers penalized Diana and Janet by shunning them at one point in the music industry (hence - GAME OVER) to get at him, but he survived.  If they wanted Michael dead, he would have been dead long before 6-25-09.  God protected him, and hopefully the ones that would have meant him harm, have backed off - as it seems to me.

This entire hoax is part of a MOVIE/SCRIPT.  I can’t wait until MJ's new song and video comes out - 'My Life is A Movie.'  Hee-hee-hee!

There is no way his mother would leave her child to lie dead and fleshless for almost three months.  God would not approve of such practices - and I'm sure she's aware of this.

http://www.trutv.com/conspiracy/celebs/ ... alive.html (http://www.trutv.com/conspiracy/celebs/michael-jackson/murdered-alive.html)

http://www.trutv.com/search/index.html? ... el+jackson (http://www.trutv.com/search/index.html?q=michael+jackson)

I think MJ was HAT MAN TAN.  I saw a spot on the back of HAT's hand that nailed the coffin shut for me.  No pun intended or was it?  LOL!  If the Jacksons have never taken this seriously since day one, why should I?  LOL!  Randy and Marlon were hee-eeing in a car with tinted windows two days later.  Michael Jackson the man of many disguises.  HAT was the only person that stood up when the casket was carried out.  I wonder if Elvis showed up at his own Memorial/Funeral.  

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04MVEc1IA4A (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04MVEc1IA4A)

P.S.  - someone asked if O-bee was part of the Illuminati because on the back of his jacket was an eye (Pineal Gland) (all seeing eye?).  MJ has shown the right eye by itself and the left eye as part of HIStory.  In Omer's case, (he knows about why MJ did what he did I'm sure), I think he also knows about the below.  I read that our little moon boi was busted one time when he was about 16 or 17 - and Uncle Randy helped to get him off.  LMBO!  

http://mosangels.ning.com/group/sacreds ... ndstargate (http://mosangels.ning.com/group/sacredsecretsofpinealglandstargate)
Title: Re: Only MJ Can Flip the Script
Post by: peacock7 on July 20, 2011, 09:22:32 AM
I enjoyed reading up on Seeing Clues blog again.  I'd forgotten how great it is - and how good of an investigator he is.

Check out the first video on this page.  He's got it going on.

http://seeingclues.blogspot.com/p/video-vault.html (http://seeingclues.blogspot.com/p/video-vault.html)
Title: Re: Only MJ Can Flip the Script
Post by: liegi on July 23, 2011, 04:25:39 PM
Thanks for posting. Glad to see he is active again.
Title: Re: Only MJ Can Flip the Script
Post by: peacock7 on August 04, 2011, 01:34:24 PM
I think the info on below link is what MJ is doing.  He is directing his own Reality movie.  It has never been done before.  I think it started with his being onstage as Thome-Thome (TT).  I know that was MJ.  In retrospect, after watching MJ in some younger days, I saw one pic where he held his mouth in the same way that TT held his mouth at one point on one shot.  MJ is one of the main characters of his film/movie/ARG; along with Doctor Conrad Murray.  He was TT, and he was Hat Man.  My goodness!  How brilliant is that man?  All day long.

Omer is in LA now still.  He is probably seeing and working with Michael on the new song and video - "Life Is A Movie."  I'd read where he first had - "My Life Is A Movie", but I see he's dropped the My.  We'll see. 


I read recently that some of the stories on www.trutv.com are fake.  I read that the Casey Anthony trial had paid actors and was green screened.  One poster mentioned it in the context that MJ's funeral was also.  Was MJ throwing out a hint? 

I personally feel that Conrad Murray represents MJ in "The Court of Last Resort."  His trial will be on trutv if there is one.  Anyone been able to figure out why MJ called out Conrad Murray's name in the Moonwalker - Smooth Criminal version?  And why were deceased and fake patients listed on his attorney's website there for a while? 

It's all about the script to me.  Many have signed either a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement with MJ, I'm sure.  He is mainly mocking the media.  He is using TMZ and others to plant fake stories all over the place.  He is not doing it just for hoax believers either.  He is doing it to mess with and punk folks - and to be the PUPPETMASTER.  I have always felt this a way.

His name Michael Joe Jackson was practically ruined by lies and made up fake stories from some in the tabloids and in the main lame stream media.  He was hurt that many people all over the world believed some of the stories, no matter how outrageous some were.

That's why I think he added that bit about showing the tabloid stories headlines to his Memorial montage.  Who else added them?  I knew then that that Memorial montage was Bad - and that MJ would have been proud of it if he could see it.  LOL!  This is what I was thinking as I was watching it.  Later, when realizing that he was teaching Omer to dance, I was like - "MJ put together that montage.'  His family might not have added that part about the tabloid nonsense articles or Omer.  Neither would AEG have.  That was all MJ.  Again, he is mocking many media people, pundits (talking empty heads) and haters.

He was sad that some believed it, but he didn't blame the ones that did.  In the Geraldo interview, he stated how he just didn't want people to read such things and believe them.

People just need to use critical thinking and understand how many movies have been made in this country.  There are several genres.  And many directors and producers use extras and of course, pay people to act their roles.  They borrow or pay to use public buildings, et al.  Think of all of the extensive movies that have been made.

This one just so happens to be about an aging Superstar Entertainer that was falsely accused twice, tried once for a crime he didn't commit, acquitted and hell bent on a REVENGE in the entertainment industry.  That is part the "background."  Then you have the beginning, the middle and the ending.

P.S. - The Butterfly = Galactic.  The Third Eye = Pineal Gland.  Paris mentionning 11:11 = 11-11-11.  A new Portal will be opening up.  It is all about Awakening and Ascension.  Paris and them are hipped to this.  They have been taught about this.  MJ is Awakened.  He has taught many of his family members.  The four years to get it right is about this phenom - and not no NWO.  MJ never gave a speech about the NWO/Illuminati/TPTB/Elites/Profiteers - et al.  He sang a song about TDRCAU.  He spoke on video about Sony/Motolla.  This Is It - is mainly about the Entertainment factor.  TII is mainly about MJ showing off his entertainment skills.  This is his Legacy.  The fact that he loves to entertain.  The fact that he loves to Create.  He is obsessed with it.  No one can change that. 

Some think in Black and White - he showed that he was letting go of all of the TRAPPINGS.  He's knows that it has never been about the materialistic.  It and money doesn't buy happiness.  The dollar bills is fake monopoly money - and that is how the government and business is really structured.  The pro athletes are a part of the master monopoly game.  These pro sports are also set up for betting.  It is big business.  Some players are made to throw a play or a game. 

It all ties in to the Yellow Brick Road that's filled with illusions of fame and fortune, and the life of living in duality.  Sadly, many young ones move to hollyweird chasing that fake dream built on a House of Cards.  Eventually, they all have to come back down to earth.  MJ learned the ins and outs early in his career - but not early enough to avoid all pitfalls.  Yet, he overcame it all to me.  There is no way, he was using drugs to fall asleep.  Please.  All he needed was the right loving, and that'll put a good man to sleep in a minute.  LOL!

No one can show any evidence that MJ hoaxed his death to warn the world about the NWO.  But many of us can show evidence where MJ partly hoaxed his death for the entertainment factor.  GAME OVER!  He has said so himself.  "The best is yet to come."  To me, he bammed when he said that he would "button his shirt, snap his fingers, play with them a little bit - and then" BAM.  Isn't that what he's doing now?  He has helped family members and B. Howard, Evan Ross - et al - thru his creative juices.  He has appeared all over the place.  That is bamming folks.  That is creating folks.  Matter = RAW POTENTIAL and Energy Slowed Down.  That's MJ  for you - and he's still getting it done. 

Great blog below.  That's what it's all about.


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