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Title: AEG Contract
Post by: pollyanna on December 13, 2009, 10:47:23 AM
http://www.radaronline.com/sites/defaul ... ntract.pdf (http://www.radaronline.com/sites/default/files/AEG%20contract.pdf)

I found this. I don't know if it has been posted or not I looked but could not fined it
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: ILuvUMoreMJ on December 13, 2009, 07:43:35 PM
Thanks for posting...I've never seen the whole contract.
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: hope on December 13, 2009, 07:53:55 PM
Do we know if it is legit ? And what do you all think about Michaels sigs at the bottom? :?
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on December 26, 2009, 08:23:28 AM
Are AEG vicariously liable for the actions and omissions of their employees ie DR murray?

What contact did he have was he employed or a contractor?

If AEG employed DR Murray Why only him, why wasn't there another to do shifts to check when DR Murray not available or out of the room?
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: Christiana on December 26, 2009, 03:44:10 PM
Quote from: "the arabian nights"
Are AEG vicariously liable for the actions and omissions of their employees ie DR murray?

What contact did he have was he employed or a contractor?

If AEG employed DR Murray Why only him, why wasn't there another to do shifts to check when DR Murray not available or out of the room?

We don't know the answers to your questions, but I answered in your thread you started. And if we assume all Murray's info is true (granted, not likely), then he was only supposed to be with MJ at night, at least in L.A. And if AEG was in the process of agreeing to pay Murray $150K per month, there's no way they were going to pay anyone else too. Phillips has said basically that the fee was too much and there were plenty of doctors in the UK, so there was no need to hire Murray--but that MJ insisted on him.

Again, we don't know what's true and what's not and who said what to whom, etc.
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on December 26, 2009, 04:14:52 PM
for some reason cant get the link can you give it again
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: QuirkyDiana on January 13, 2010, 06:50:34 PM
I've never seen this before, but it seems legit to me. Just had a quick scan over and a few things stick out to me. Firstly, on page 2 it says, 'It shall be unreasonable for Artistco to withhold its approval of adding Shows to any given leg of the Tour or adding legs of Shows to the Tour during the Term (so long as the number of Shows in any given leg do not exceed one per day and 3.5 per seven-day period, on average) if Promoter demonstrates-to Artistco that such additional Shows and/or legs are necessary for Promoter to recoup the Advances in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.'

I take this to mean that as long as MJ does not perform twice on any given day, and does not perform more than 3.5 times a week on average in a given leg of the tour, they can add shows to a leg if they want to and even add additional legs and MJ has no reasonable right to refuse?

I've yet to work out what this exactly means with the reference to 10 weeks;
'Artistco and Promoter shall reasonably cooperate with each other in an effort to arrive at mutually approved itineraries for each leg of Shows during the Term; provided however, it shall be unreasonable for Artistco to withhold or qualify its approval of any itinerary or amended itinerary proposed by Promoter if the date range of such itinerary does not exceed ten (10) weeks, the frequency of Shows within such itinerary does not exceed one show per day and 3.5 shows per seven-day period, on average, and the locations of the proposed venues are in metropolitan areas. Artistco hereby pre-approves up to thirty one (31) shows, or such other greater number as agreed by Artistco and Promoter, at the 02 Arena in London, England beteen July 26 and September 30, 2009.'

Secondly, at 6.8 this sounds like the deal with Murray and AEG(promoter) i.e. AEG agreed to pay the Doc's monthly salary as part of production costs, obviously the relevant bit is blanked out....
'With the exception of the monthly fee owing under the terms of a separate agreement with....which shall be included in Production Costs, Artistco shall be solely responsible for and shall pay all cost associated with management and agency commissions or fees and legal fees of Artist and/or Artistco, if any;'

Thirdly, at 6.10 under Positive Public Image, 'throughout the Term, Artist shall use his best efforts to maintain a positive public perception of Artist, and Artist shall not conduct himseif in a manner that will negatively
impact the reputation of the Artist or Promoter.'
So when Jackson confided to a handful of fans - which leaked to the media -  that AEG booked him up for 50 and he agreed to do 10, and that he doesn't know how he will get through it, i bet AEG were pleased.
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: QuirkyDiana on January 13, 2010, 06:57:53 PM
It does look as if he did sign the contract though. But who was present to witness when he signed it?
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: EternalBliss on January 13, 2010, 07:10:45 PM
but umm....why would thqt be out?and how was it gotten.we can always answer the easy questions...but never the really meaningful ones :oops:
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: QuirkyDiana on January 13, 2010, 07:37:50 PM
Quote from: "EternalBliss"
but umm....why would thqt be out?and how was it gotten.we can always answer the easy questions...but never the really meaningful ones :oops:

This was out in August. Katherine Jackson asked a judge if she could see a copy of the contract and he sanctioned it. Notice that the legally sensitive parts are blanked. If you read the content, there really is no reason to believe this is not the real deal. The contract is reported on in other websites too. It's already out there.

The full details may also come out in court too. There is a lot we don't know about yet.
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on January 16, 2010, 12:52:47 PM
i saw a youtube vid where mj's agent said that mj knew he would be required to do i think 20venues around the world after the 50 dates, suppose that is why the dancers had two year contracts.
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on April 09, 2010, 07:29:04 PM
what do you think about this theory

http://gracemj.wordpress.com/2010/03/08 ... rtainment/ (http://gracemj.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/michael-jackson-aeg-and-allgood-entertainment/)

Michael Jackson—AEG and AllGood Entertainment
Interesting post by Diana Jean in her blog about MJ’s contracts to AEG and AllGood Entertainment.
I’ll paste her entire blog post here

http://dianajeann.blogspot.com/2010/03/just-theory.htm (http://dianajeann.blogspot.com/2010/03/just-theory.htm)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a theory
I would like to give a big thank you to Ludivine de Montreal or (Aliceofneverlan on twitter) who helped me write this.
Let’s go back to

November 2008. Frank Dileo signs a contract for Michael to preform in a “pay per view production via the internet including other Jackson family members” In Irving Texas. The contract signed by the Michael Jackson camp prevents him from giving a concert until July 2010.“New Jersey-based AllGood Entertainment Inc contends it signed an agreement in November with Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo, committing the singer to perform in July 2010 along with his brothers from the Jackson Five and sister Janet Jackson.

Under the agreement, Michael Jackson cannot give another concert until that Jackson Family reunion show, said Patrick Allocco, managing partner at AllGood Entertainment.”
http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE54A5CY20090511By (http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE54A5CY20090511By) signing this contract and agreeing to preform in the Family reunion show, legaly Michael could

not under any circumstances preform in concert before July 2010.With that in mind, let’s skip ahead to

2009. Michael signs a deal with AEG for a 50 concert comback series in London starting in July 2009.July 2009? Is that allowed? Michael’s contract said he wasn’t allowed to preform until July 2010, how can he have a concert series starting in 2009?

Answer: He can’t.
http://www.ticketnews.com/Michael-Jacks ... 230AllGood (http://www.ticketnews.com/Michael-Jackson-concerts-at-O2-Arena-threatened-by-non-compete-lawsuit5912230AllGood) Entertainment is not happy about this, Michael is in violation of their contract. Enraged about this, AllGood Entertainment decides that unless Michael calls off his London Gig’s they are going to sue him.

Now Michael is the one who is not happy. He argues that he never signed anything for AllGood Entertainment and it’s not fair for him to be sued. BUT because Frank Dileo was Michael’s manager at the time and signed the contract for Michael, it’s legaly binding and there’s nothing Michael can do.

http://www.tmz.com/2009/05/11/michael-j ... eopardyMay (http://www.tmz.com/2009/05/11/michael-jacksons-london-show-in-jeopardyMay) 15 2009

Michael makes it clear that he does not want to preform in the family reunion concert. He doesn’t like the idea of a “pay per view” show. AllGood Entertainment doesn’t care. Again, they threaten to sue.
http://www.tmz.com/2009/05/16/michael-j ... uitAllGood (http://www.tmz.com/2009/05/16/michael-jackson-jackson-5-jackson-five-jacko-janet-jackson-lawsuitAllGood) Entertainment sends a cease and desist letter to Frank Dileo and AEG’s concert promoters, ordering Michaels London concerts to be canceled.

Michael has no choice. He HAS to preform in the family reunion show. If he doesn’t preform not only will he be sued for not preforming, but he will also be sued for his London gigs. Michael can’t afford that, this is an insane amount of money we’re talking about.

June 2nd 2009

Michael finally agrees to preform in family reunion concert. BUT AllGood Entertainment is still threatening to sue because of his London concerts.
http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/02/michael-j ... orthless/3 (http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/02/michael-jacksons-word-worthless/3)
http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/02/jacko-i-w ... ly/Michael (http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/02/jacko-i-wont-screw-over-my-family/Michael) has already decided that he can’t cancel his London concert series, or else he would have done it by now. There’s too much at stake for him to cancel it. Things have been paid for, people have been hired, fans have been informed and a contract has been signed. He knew all along that it couldn’t be canceled.

He couldn’t preform in both concerts, but he couldn’t preform in only one either.

What was Michael to do?
_____________________________________________________________________I keep asking myself, why would Michael put himself in this situation?

He’s not stupid, he knew this would be a problem. Maybe he has been planning the hoax for a long time and he knew all along that the London concerts where never really going to happen.He went on with his press confrence in March of 2009 for his London comback series, knowing it was never going to happen. He ended with a “see you in July” and walks off the stage.

“See you in July” ? Well according to his contract his next concert was going to be in July 2010. Maybe we will see him in July.

As time goes on AllGood Entertainment keeps threatening with lawsuits. Michael knows he doesn’t have to worry about them, because he knows he’s not going to break his contract. So he ignores the threats.

June 12th 2009 AllGood Entertainment decides to go through with their lawsuit against Michael and they file with the court. Michael now decides that it’s time to disappear, so 13 days later he “dies”.
___________________________________________________________________________Why I think the London Concerts where never going to happen

Besides the reason stated above, there is anouther big reason why I don’t think the London Concerts where ever really going to happen.AEG insured for death caused by overdose

AEG took out an insurance policy from Lloyds of London that was insured for a death caused by overdose, but not natrual causes. Is this normal? The answer is, no. This isn’t normal.“Louise Shield — the head of communications for Lloyd’s of London — tells us such a policy is “odd” and that she’s never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses. “

http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/03/lloyds-of ... lause/2The (http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/03/lloyds-of-london-overdose-clause/2The) head of Lloy’s of London has never heard of the company insuring for a drug overdose before, prehaps this was the first time?

Why would they insure for death caused by an overdose?

Because Michael knew he was going to hoax his death by a drug overdose, and  AEG wasn’t about to loose money. If they where insured for an overdose, and that just

happens to be what Mchael “dies” of, AEG wouldn’t loose a thing.Anouther Reason why I don’t think the London Concerts where ever going to happen

The first concert was planned to take place on July 8th. Michael knew he was going to fake his death near the end of June. Well, the end of June is really close to July 8th. The people who had tickets for the first show would already have there travel arrangements made and possibly even be in London by then, Michael wouldn’t want to waste people’s time so he postponed the opening night to July 13th, and the rest to March 2010.
http://www.billboard.com/news/michael-j ... 037.storyI (http://www.billboard.com/news/michael-jackson-postpones-opening-of-london-1003975037.story#/news/michael-jackson-postpones-opening-of-london-1003975037.storyI) think they where planning on making This Is It a movie the entire time

Well, for one thing Michael couldn’t legaly give a concert. But also, June 29, 2009 only four days after Michael “died” AEG reveals that they have rehersal footage in HD that they could use so they don’t go bankrupt.
http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/161488 ... hael.jhtml (http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1614882/20090629/jackson_michael.jhtml)
http://blackstarnews.com/news/131/ARTIC ... 05.htmlHow (http://blackstarnews.com/news/131/ARTICLE/5835/2009-07-05.htmlHow) would they come up with this idea only four days after Michael’s death?

It just seems too planned. It’s like they said
“Oh no, where going to loose allot of money…UNLESS we put together all the footage we conviently filmed in HD of Michael rehersing into a movie!”Which brings us to anouther thing, Michael never filmed rehersals in HD before…why this one?

To recap

Has Michael broken his contract with AllGood Entertainment yet? NO.
Where Michael’s fans able to see This Is It? YES.
Will we see Michael in July? that remains a mystery.http://au.tv.yahoo.com/the-morning-show ... /18160540/ (http://au.tv.yahoo.com/the-morning-show/video/-/watch/18160540/)

if you watch this interview with Jermain, at around 7:20 he answers a question and talks as if Michael is going to be at the reunion concert.

Posted by Diana Jean at 9:18 PM

http://www.mjportal.com/michael-jackson ... ckson.html (http://www.mjportal.com/michael-jackson/michael-jackson-news/728-allgood-ent-vs-aegmichael-jackson.html)

New Jersey-based concert promoter, AllGood Entertainment, Inc., filed suit today in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, against pop star, Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Jackson’s Manager. The suit alleges that the defendants violated the plaintiff’s non-compete clause, part of an agreement with Jackson, entered into by Jackson’s current manager, in November of 2008.

According to AllGood’s attorney, Ira Meyerowitz, of the law firm of Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, “ the Jacksons and their manager must be held accountable for violating plaintiff’s rights under a contract which was signed two full months prior to AEG’s 02 London agreement.” (Michael) Jackson had made repeated assurances that he wished to perform the disputed concert after the star returned from his London shows. “When pressed to commit on a date, Jackson and his manager both reneged,” Meyerowitz said.

“This is a case where the little guy followed the rules and was pushed aside by industry giants AEG and the Jacksons for the promise of bigger money and movies,” AEG’s President, Randy Phillips it is known, took part in a secret meeting a few weeks ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he indicated that he had $30 million tied up in Michael Jackson already and that no other promoter was going to interfere with AEG. Phillips is said to have added that Jackson doesn’t even want to do their (AllGood’s) pay-per-view show broadcast.

“Jackson and the other defendants’ actions,” Meyerowitz continued, “appear to be part of a broader pattern of entering into legally binding agreements with companies and individuals and then backing out without just cause.” The defendants actions are said to have cost the plaintiff millions of dollars.

http://news.softpedia.com/news/Michael- ... 3124.shtml (http://news.softpedia.com/news/Michael-Jackson-Confirms-Jackson-5-Reunion-Concert-113124.shtml)

Michael Jackson Confirms Jackson 5 Reunion ConcertIt seems the singer has finally reached an understanding with the organizers  By Elena Gorgan, Life & Style Editor

2nd of June 2009, 09:14 GMT

Adjust text size:  


Organizers AllGood Entertainment were set on suing Michael Jackson to the tune of many millions of dollars if the singer did not agree to fulfill his contractual obligations as regards a Jackson 5 reunion concert, to which his manager had agreed on his behalf. A TMZ paparazzo has managed to stumble upon Michael the other day and even to get an answer from him regarding the reunion gig – but whether it can be taken as an official announcement is yet to be determined.

As fans must know, the Jackson 5 reunion was supposed to take place sometime in 2010 and, while the Jackson brothers and Janet had personally agreed to do it, Michael sent his manager to act on his behalf. He signed the papers and then went on to work on the details of the “This Is It” series of show, which is to kick off in a little over a month, despite a clause in the first contract clearly saying Michael was not to engage in any other activity of the kind for the following 18 months.

Consequently, the organizers threatened to sue, while Michael insisted he would not do the reunion show, since rehearsing for it would conflict with performing for “This Is It.” Should the answers he gave to the TMZ pap be any indication of what Michael fans have in store for the following year, then it’s safe to assume they will be having a blast since the singer plans to do both “This Is It” and the reunion concert. Case in point: the singer answered a loud “Yes!” to all questions coming from the paparazzo, including the one about the reunion.

Granted, there are certain things one must bear in mind before getting overexcited about the so-called confirmation of the reunion. Stars are known to deliberately deceive the paparazzi, first of all, because they often try to keep details to themselves; secondly, because they have no reason to speak the truth when they can do so via official channels (publicists, spokespersons, record labels). Celebrities are also known to tell the paparazzi whatever they think they want to hear just to make their escape as quick as possible – and this clearly seems to be the case with Michael as well, with him being rushed to his car to avoid further questions and having his picture taken.

Last time anything official was heard of the reunion tour was when organizers AllGood Entertainment had presented Michael with an ultimatum: either perform or risk losing in court. Also at the time, reports had it that the King of Pop stood to make $3 million for a one-night performance, Janet $1 million, while the Jackson brothers would cash $500,000 between themselves.  
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on April 09, 2010, 08:06:16 PM
ex manager said that he did not want to do the concerts

in april 2009 he did not want to do it?

http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/ ... -claims.do (http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23713223-london-jacko-did-not-want-to-play-london-concerts-ex-manager-claims.do)

LONDON: Jacko did not want to play London concerts, ex-manager claims
 Robert Mendick, Chief Reporter

Fans: You were the greatest say London devotees
Personal view: How I sparked Jackson security alert
VIDEO: Last footage of Michael Jackson's O2 rehersal

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Michael Jackson confessed to a close friend that he did not want to return to the stage next month.

His former manager Dieter Wiesner today told the Standard: “I had many conversations with Michael and he didn't want to go back on stage at any point again in his life. I was 100% sure he would never even do one concert let alone 50.”

The singer last toured in 1997 and told Mr Wiesner on several occasions, and as recently as two months ago, that he never wished to play a live concert again.

He but had agreed a deal for the O2 concerts with promoters AEG Live that would have earned about £100million and wiped out much of his debts.

Mr Wiesner, 59, an entertainment manager based in Germany, first worked with Jackson in 1996 and was given his power of attorney for five years until 2003 when the singer was engulfed in the child abuse scandal which destroyed him financially and from which he never fully recovered. Mr Wiesner spent a lot of time with Jackson at the star's former home Neverland Ranch.

He met Jackson in Chicago after the This Is It comeback was announced and recently spoke with him again in Los Angeles.

“He was pushed into this comeback,” said Mr Wiesner. “I spoke with him in Chicago and again in Los Angeles about two months ago and even then it was very clear he didn't want to do it. He told me he didn't want to do it.

“I don't want to mention any names but the money situation was exactly the point why he had to do it. If Michael could decide by himself he would never agree to this. I know this for a fact.

“When I heard he signed for these concerts I couldn't believe it. When I first heard the news [of his death] I thought he had done it to himself.”

Jackson had been due to fly with his three children to London this week ahead of his first concert at the O2 on 13 July. Mr Wiesner went on: “I cannot believe he is dead at 50. He didn't have any problems he should die from. If you have pressure like this it has killed him. He was thinking it was too much.”

“Michael was always addicted to pain killers. He was in such a bad mood he would take these things and he would be sleeping like a zombie.”

Mr Wiesner echoed claims made at the weekend that Jackson had believed he was committed to closer to 20, and not 50, shows. He added: “And 10 would have been too many, let alone 50.”
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on April 10, 2010, 02:25:49 PM
http://www.michaeljacksoniloveyoumore.c ... email.html (http://www.michaeljacksoniloveyoumore.com/2009/10/this-conversation-came-to-me-in-email.html)

Friday, October 30, 2009
This Conversation came to me in an email...
I'm posting it here to keep a record of it.

I found this on one board....sorry for the lenght but it is pretty amazing. Karen, does this make sense to you ?

"Yeasterday I had the amazing chance to speak to someone who worked on This Is It. This person has worked with Michael in the past, I've seen him before on TV close to Michael, and I also saw him in... the movie and his name appears at the end.

He gave me the ok to share with you what he told me, however with the condition that I would name provide his name. He is under contract with AEG/Sony and is only allowed to officially talk good about the movie and the concert. As he told me "hey, I also gotta pay my bills, so I have to do what they say." CONT...
However, at the same time he told me to "share with fans what I said, because it is important that some things are known."

He has great respect and admiration for Michael and has known him for over 20 years.

Here's the most important things he told me: Michael has always been a very sweet, humble person, since the first time they met 20 years ago, however he noticed that during these reharsals, he looked even more humble than usual, to the point that he actually felt Michael was incredibly insecure this time around, he saw him very vulnerable and everyone automatically tried to make him feel ok, everyone wanted to bring the spark in him that old Michael Jackson had. According to this person a combination of the 2005 trial and the long absence from the spotlight made Michael feel very insecure.

Michael did not get along at all with Randy Phillips. Everyone knew it, even Phillips knew it. Phillips had a very arrogant way of dealing with Michael, he was terrified that Michael would not get ready for the shows and AEG would lose a lot of money. According to this person, Phillips made it clear to several people that these concerts had to happen, no matter what, because he "had to personally convince everyone at AEG that this was a good deal" therefore his job was at risk if anything went wrong. On many occasions Phillips would go to Michael's house with Ortega and Travis Payne whenever Michael would not show up. At times they would come back with him, at times no. The official explanations to the crew was "Michael is not feeling well today," "Michael reharsed at home" or "Michael is reharsing with his vocal coach."

At first the crew believed it, but after a few weeks everyone started realizing something was up because even though Ortega and Payne would say everything was fine, it was obvious that they were very frustrated and nervous, and there were several heated discussions between Ortega, Phillips and Payne, but what exactly was being discussed was not clear since they always ade sure they would be far enough for anyone to hear. During these conversations one of them would always be on a cellphone, and then the would pass it aroud to themselves. This person believes they were talking to Michael.

Michael, and this is shown in the movie, did not want to wear the ear monitors. As this person told me, "look at any footage from Michael in concerts in the past, and you will never find him wearing ear monitors, he did not like them, did not need them." According to him, Ortega got upset at one time at Michael, and in front of everyone told him "you have to undrstand that here you do not have an option, you have to wear them, this is going to be a closed arena, not an open stadium, and the sound is different." He said his tone was very nasty and everyone was shocked, especially since Michael looked very upset, but mostly hurt, by it.
Interestingly, yesterday Karen Faye wrote on her facebook that Michael always complained to her that he did not like ear monitors, and asked her to tell Ortega. According to her, she did and Ortega told her "well, he has to wear them!"

This is very interesting. According to this person, there was absolutely no way the concert was going to be ready for opening night on July 13th, and everyone kenw it. He asked me the following "when you saw the movie, you do realize right that they had to show the best scenes, the best performances, right ?" I said "yes, of course" to which he replied "so do you realize that what you have seen, most of it came from June 24th, 23rd and 22nd ? Based on what you saw, did it feel as if everything was going to be ready in 2 weeks ?" He said that Michael did not have his clothes ready, and that there was "pathetic" @#$%$ing around from different stylists that were trying to come up with ideas. But nothing was ready, no clothes, not even for the dancers. Michael wanted Michael Bush, but Travis Payne brought in that Zaldy guy, and AEG was behind Zaldy, rather than Michael Bush.

The opening number for the concert was only done on the computer, just like we saw in the movie. It was never reharsed, and the robot that Michael would have come out from was not ever ready. Also the closing of the show was just a concept.

He also confirmed that they never had a full reharsal. In other words, they never practiced the whole concert, it would always be a few songs on several days, but it was never put all together, therefore they were laso very concerned that once everything was gonna put together, it would take much longer that the 2 hours orgnally planned. This was going to be a huge problem for AEG and the O2 arena, because of an agreement they had with time. Also, Michael did not want to have long shows, for obvious reasons.

Also, they never reharsed with implementing the videos for Smooth, Thriller and Earth as we saw in the movie, those were edited in the movie, but they never reharsed using them, and it was still unclear how they would be used with the songs, especially Smooth Criminal.

For the most part, Michael looked well, however this person did unfortunately confirm to me that there were days that something was "wrong" and everybody knew it. He worked with Michael in the past and Michael never wore sunglasses while reharsing the dark like that, especially since Michael in the past would always want to see how the lights looked and for that reason did not like using shades. But he said "don't expect them to talk about it on tv of course, same with me, I won't and I can't." He said that at first everybody thought Michael was just eccentric and stuff, especially the dancers, they were just excited to see him, but he said for those who knew him for many years, including him, started realizing alarming signs.

However, he said, this just shows how vulnerable Michael was and he does not like how people associate this behavior with something negative. He said "he went through so much poor thing, I perfectly understand why this was happening." Oh and btw, he said that some of the crew members started checking TMZ with their IPHONES to find out whether or not Michael had seen Dr. Klein during the day. It would usually warn them on what to expect when he showed up.

Michael had fun when performing, it appeared as if it was what he needed, however off stage Michael did no look happy, he rarely interacted with the crew, other than Karen Faye and at times with Michael Bush. According to this person, Michael stayed as far as he could from Ortega, Payne and Phillips off stage, because he always felt he was being chased by them to do more, perform more and give more. He said that the crew in general felt Ortega was being too demanding, especially when it was obvious nothing was ready on time. But they mostly felt Ortega was being pressured by Phillips, and that it was Phillips who was just going crazy because was in a position of losing everything with these shows.

The day after the news came out that some fans claimed Michael told them he did not want to do 50 concerts, everyone was instructed not to talk to anybody from the media, not to let in anyone who was not authorized to attend reahrsals, especially fans. When Michael came in that day, the atmosphere was tense and he did not look happy at all. Before. working that day, Phillips and Ortega met with Michael and, interestingly, with his bodyguards. They spoke for about 20 minutes, but once again this person could not hear what was being said. However everyone had the feeling Michael indeed did not want to do 50 shows and believed Michael did talk to those fans.

This is pretty much it. This guy said that it is a shame that Michael died while being extremely stressed out. He said that a lot of pressure was put on Michael, but the truth is that the concerts were not going to be ready not because of him, but because the there was simply not enough time to acocmplish all they had planned. He said he is sure Michael would have been 100% ready by July 13th, because "he did those songs hundreds of times before during his career, he knew exaclty what to do" but everything else around was not ready.

He also says he personally felt Michael sometimes did not show up because he knew things were moving slowly and sort of felt disappointed. He was a perfectionist, and when things were obviosuly not going in the right direction, he would get frustrated and sort of lose interest, instead of becoming upset at someone. Yet they made him believe it was him, that things were moving slowly because of him. But this person told me that Michael had nothing to do with all the technical stuff, like lightings, fireworks etc, therefore it was not his fault, but he was the easy target.

According to him, if the concerts were not goint to be ready, it would have been easier for AEG to blame it on Michael, than blame themsleves and their lack of timing skills.

Once again, do not ask me for his name, I will never tell, not even via PM. He was brutally honest with me and I will honor his request.

A lot of things make sense now, especially the concerts not being ready based on what we saw in the movie. No way in two weeks they were going to be ready. Also, he said, don't forget that a lot of days would have been lost during the move to London and setting up the stage there and get adjusted to the arena...
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Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on April 13, 2010, 04:24:06 PM
http://www.billboard.com/news/fortune-a ... 8141.story (http://www.billboard.com/news/fortune-at-stake-on-michael-jackson-london-1003988141.story#/news/fortune-at-stake-on-michael-jackson-london-1003988141.story)

But a source familiar with the situation says a traditional nonappearance policy was never written. Billboard couldn't confirm that at press time. Even if AEG had a policy, that doesn't mean Jackson's death, and the losses incurred, would be covered. "If it was a pre-existing condition or drug- or alcohol-related, a normal cancellation policy would not cover that, even if he had passed a medical exam," the source says. AEG could be on the hook "if death was from something that's excluded in the policy."

Ultimately, AEG may have to file a claim against Jackson's estate. And since Jackson has hundreds of millions of dollars of debt, and a couple of multimillion-dollar lawsuits pending, the worth of that estate is very much in doubt.

the true reason that AEG sold the TII footage to Sony - nothing to do with argument that it was always to be a film
AEG faced ruin.
Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on April 13, 2010, 04:30:18 PM
http://www.michaeljackson.com/middle-east/node/669323 (http://www.michaeljackson.com/middle-east/node/669323)

This Rates a Hmmmm......

Joined: Oct 2009 Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - 21:28JulieD.:
This Rates a Hmmmm......
To me, this rates a hmmmm…..

From ABC July 2, 2009

“Phillips said that Jackson insisted that AEG hire his doctor of choice, Dr. Conrad Murray….

“Michael looked me in the eye, and he's strong and he was stubborn and wanted something," Phillips said. "He looked me in the eye [and said], ‘Look, this is the machine,’ pointing to his body, 'that fuels this entire business. OK?’”

NOTE: First off, Phillips is the one saying Michael insisted on Murray; which, to me, is only hearsay since Michael is not here to either confirm or deny Phillips’ statement. Then, again according to Phillips, Michael said, “Look, this is the machine,” pointing to his body, “that fuels this entire business. OK?” What this tells me is that Michael would be very diligent in the care of his body since he realized its importance; meaning he would fuel it properly, which he did being vegetarian, juicing, etc. This is also shown in the coroner’s report, and I remember a post a while back by someone who is a nurse (sorry, don’t remember the name) who pointed out that Michael barely touched his prescriptions; again, shown in the coroner’s report where trace amounts are indicated of the other drugs. So why would Michael use propofol? Especially if you look up the side effects of this drug? Doesn’t make sense to me; but it does if he was murdered and those responsible could show footage of his propofol addiction “confession” from 1993.…a “confession” that took place almost 20 years ago. I don’t know about you, but I know I’m a very different person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, than I was 20 years ago.

Then there’s this from Wikipedia:

“Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) is life insurance on employees' lives that is owned by the employer corporation, with benefits payable to the corporation. COLI was originally purchased on the lives of key employees and executives by a company to hedge against the financial cost of losing key employees to unexpected death…or to fund corporate obligations to redeem stock upon the death of an owner. This use is commonly known as "key man" or "key person" insurance. Although this article refers only to practice and policy in the United States, key person insurance is used worldwide.”

Couple this with AEG’s reluctance to let Katherine have a copy of Michael’s contract and insurance information:

Death by 1000 paper cuts website June 30, 2009

“….Katherine sought the details of the contract between her son and AEG. A contract which would include the details of whether the company had insured Jackson as well the amount paid to AEG if Jackson had failed to perform. The contract would also provide details about the personal physician hired by AEG. In this case, AEG has admitted it was Dr. Murray.

"If it’s ascertained that Jackson’s death was caused by Dr. Murray’s actions, AEG, as Murray’s employer, could face a potentially massive wrongful death lawsuit from Katherine Jackson. AEG attempted to get Katherine Jackson’s attorneys to sign a confidentiality clause that would bar them using the information contained in the contract in “any legal process” other than probate court. Any “other” legal process could include a wrongful death suit filed by Katherine’s attorneys. If successful, AEG would muzzle Katherine Jackson’s attorneys as well as Katherine Jackson from revealing AEG’s role in Michael Jackson’s death."

Though this is an old article, it states, “If it’s ascertained that Jackson’s death was caused by Dr. Murray’s actions….” Which tells me that Katherine might not be able to bring a Wrongful Death Suit until Murray’s case has been tried and the judgment rendered. As Michael’s mother, Katherine has every right to these documents. Not only that, I have read several accounts of where Michael would seek out his mother’s advice regarding financial matters because he respected her opinion on these things; which tells me that Katherine is probably aware of a lot more of Michael’s dealings than people realize.

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Title: Re: AEG Contract
Post by: the arabian nights on April 13, 2010, 04:35:00 PM
Sousa posted today that the estate have declined the other contracted company All Good Entertainment, but my view is that they could sue the estate

it is not surprising that the estate solicitors would have this view given that they are the same solicitors who acted for mike on the TII tour.
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