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Metropolis - Feb 12, 2010 - WATW
February 13, 2010, 05:23:29 AM
We witnessed that Feb 12, 2010 was marked with a red cross in the courtroom calendar behind the judge, right?

So most of us were gazing at the tragic beginning of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, CDN, hoping for BAMsDay.
Well, IMO BAMsDay is still a while away - we were reminded to put us on a "patient" "wait" list.

So nothing did happen except "WE ARE THE WORLD" remake?
Many thought so - and jumped as usual happily on judgement slide.

I would just like to put my finger tip on this one:
as long as you do not do anything to help the world you better refrain from stating any judgement on what others DO. It does not matter if you like it. It does matter that sb DID raise their butt to DO something about the needy. It does matter that we stand together to help. Judgement in front of your filled fridge is more than inappropriate.
Every 6 seconds there is a child dying from thirst.  Every fifth human being on this planet will NEVER EVER in his entire life have access to any drop of clean water.
I DARE YOU TO DO something helpful. For the LOVE. If not for the liking of WATW than for the LOVE of Michael Jackson. I know that the Jacksons tweeted for help just 2 hours after the earthquake. They care and they do something VERY helpful. Like it or not, your opinion does not really matter. Your HELP does. Spread the L.O.V.E. for Michael Jackson.

Coming back to what else happened on Feb 12, 2010.

The movie classic "METROPOLIS" (1927) was remastered including missing elements that were discovered in Brazil.
[After a long period of restoration in Germany, the restored film was shown publicly for the first time at Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin (Germany) on February 12, 2010.]

(Freddie Mercury used sequences of the movie's music for "love kills" and Queen did alike for "Radio Ga Ga".)
The movie belongs to World Document Heritage of UNESCO.
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What does this have to do with MJ's disappearance?
Police investigating the death of Michael Jackson have searched the home and offices of his personal doctor, Conrad Murray (7/29/2009)

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Read on:

Metropolis is set in the year 2000, in a massive, sprawling city-state, known as Metropolis. The city has been divided up into two groups; one of planners and management, who live high above the Earth in luxurious skyscrapers, and one of workers and labor force, who live underground, toiling to sustain the lives of the privileged. The city was founded, built, and is run by the autocratic Johann Fredersen, who apparently has vast control over the economy.

Like all the other sons of the managers of Metropolis, Freder, Johann Fredersen's son, lives a life of riotous luxury in the theatres and stadiums of the skyscraper buildings. One day, as he is playing in the Eternal Gardens, he notices that a beautiful and evangelical girl has appeared with many children of the workers. She is quickly shooed away, but Freder becomes infatuated with her and follows her down to the worker's underworld. There, he experiences firsthand the horrors of the worker's life, and is disgusted when he sees an enormous machine, known as the M-Machine, violently explode and kill dozens of workers. The smoke causes Freder to hallucinate, and he imagines the M-Machine as Moloch, who was a God of the Ammonites, and who required frequent sacrifices of children. Eventually, the smoke clears and Freder sees that the hundreds of children being sacrificed for Moloch are really workers who have been sent to repair the machine while the wounded lie dying in gutters.

Disgusted, Freder calls a cab and returns to the New Tower of Babel, a massive skyscraper owned by his father. There, he confronts his father and starts crying about the accident at the M-Machine, but Fredersen is simply annoyed that he heard about the massacre from his son and not from his clerk Josaphat, whom he fires.

Running after Josaphat (who is about to murder himself) Freder raises his spirits by simply hiring him and telling him to come to his apartment after ten hours and meet him there. Freder then descends to the worker's underworld again and meets someone named Georgy 11811, who works a machine that directs electrical power to the enormous series of elevators in the New Tower of Babel. Freder persuades Georgy to exchange clothes with him, go to Freder's apartment, and let Freder work at the machine. Unfortunately, when Georgy leaves the powerhouse, he finds large blocks of money in the pocket of Freder's clothing, and directs the cabdriver to take him to Yoshiwara, the city's red-light district. While Georgy enjoys a night of wild and passionate partying, Freder works at the machine until he becomes delirious.

Examining the clothing of some of the workers who died in the accident at the M-Machine, Johann Fredersen finds some papers in the worker's pocket that resemble plans or maps. Baffled, he visits his old friend and vicious rival, Rotwang.

Rotwang was a scientist who had once loved a girl named Hel, and was friends with Fredersen. At Hel's insistence, Rotwang introduced Hel to Fredersen, and this proved a colossal mistake. Fredersen was much more wealthy, powerful, and respected than Hel and introduced her to aspects of life (like cocktails, cars, and bank books) that she had never imagined. Eventually, she abandoned the heartbroken Rotwang to marry Fredersen. She later died giving birth to Freder, leaving Rotwang and Fredersen heartbroken and loathing themselves and each other because of their mistakes. However, the socially simple Fredersen imagines that Rotwang has moved on from Hel, but Rotwang in fact retains a fierce jealousy that he does a poor job of concealing.

Rotwang introduces Fredersen to Parody, a robotess that he has constructed out of crystal and steel, and who he intends to give the image of Hel and marry her. Later on, he explains to Fredersen that the papers he has are maps to the 2,000-year old catacombs that are deep under the lowest levels of the worker's city. The two decide to go exploring the catacombs to see what the workers are interested in down there. Meanwhile, Freder is given a break from his shift and goes down to the catacombs, where he reaches a cathedral hewn from the rock. There, the beautiful Maria appears and begins preaching to the workers. Meanwhile, Johann Fredersen and Rotwang climb down a tunnel and observe the sermon from a gap between two rocks. Fredersen does not recognize his son because he's in disguise. Maria finishes preaching, and Fredersen, believing he's seen enough, stops looking through the rocks and begins thinking. Meanwhile, Rotwang notices one worker (Freder) staying behind, and talking to Maria, revealing himself as Johann Fredersen's son. Johann Fredersen doesn't notice this, and instructs Rotwang to give Parody the image of Maria, and then send her among the workers to start a riot so that he can have a cheap excuse to increase the hardship of their lives and thus get more money when they accept their fate as workers. Rotwang agrees (out of ulterior motives: he wants to use Parody to ruin Fredersen's life), and Fredersen returns to the New Tower of Babel to manage courses in commerce. Rotwang stays below and captures Maria after Freder leaves.

Maria is imprisoned in Rotwang's house, and Rotwang performs completely godless experiments on her and transforms Parody to look exactly like Maria. He then instructs the false Maria to, by any means that doesn't hurt Rotwang or herself, to ruin Johann Fredersen's life, destroy his city, and murder his son.

She then dresses up revealingly and becomes an erotic dancer at the Yoshiwara, fomenting discord amongst the sons of the owners, egging them on to homicidal fits of sexual jealousy. The body count is enormous; meanwhile, the robotess also visits the workers city and encourages the workers to rebel. They storm out of the workers city in a full-scale insurgency. Neither Freder, nor Grot, the head worker, can stop them, and they destroy the Heart Machine, the city's power generator. This results in a complete hydraulic breakdown; the city's reservoirs overflow and flood the worker's city to the brim, and seemingly drown the children of the workers, who have refused to destroy the Heart Machine. In fact, the children were saved by Maria and Freder in a heroic rescue. Meanwhile, without power, telephone systems in Metropolis fail to operate, bank funds become inaccessible, automobiles all over the world stop working, traffic signals fail to function, and all office systems fail, resulting in a socio-economic collapse that cleans the pockets of Johann Fredersen.

When the workers realize what they have done, and that they have killed their children, they blame Maria. Under Grot's leadership, they dash to the upper city and run through the streets, chasing the human Maria, rather than the false one. They run into Yoshiwara and meet the owner's sons, lead by the false Maria. In the ensuing confusion, the robotess is tied to a stake and is burned to death. Meanwhile, the real true Maria escapes but is not out of danger, because Rotwang decides that the damage to Fredersen's future is done, he chases after the false Maria, deciding to make her look like Hel, and accidentally chases the real Maria.

In a climactic scene at the city's cathedral, Fredersen watches in horror as Freder and Rotwang brawl on the cathedral's roof. Rotwang falls to his death, and Freder and Maria return to the street and unite Fredersen and Grot, thus ending the brutality and corruption of the city.]
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