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number 777 review
January 18, 2010, 08:59:10 AM
The "nr 7" thread is so buried in pages I wanted to give it a fresh start at the top with what I found.  As much as I try to keep up with all the postings I hope this is not a repeat.

The number 7 In basic numerology  represents a spiritual, creative, analytical and curious person.
In basic numerology when figuring one's Birth Force with their Birth DATE that number represents what you ARE.  Michael's birth date = 6 which represent humanitarian, capable of serving mankind doing worthwhile things in life and he sure was that !

In numerology when figuring one's Life Path with Birth NAME that number represents your Destiny or what you must strive to be in this lifetime.  
Michael Jackson (without Joe) = 1 which represents Independence,  Leadership, Teacher.
A natural loner. He sure did that ! (did it all himself, depended on himself)

But aside from personal numerology I simply typed in "symbol 777" and this popped up "What does a 777 tatoo mean", For full description of  777 use the link below-  Which is close to what I thought about those 7's.
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 Wiki Answers:

To the best of my knowledge, it's just a sign of good luck from 777 being the biggest payout on a slot machine.

new answer

I know nothing of tattoos, but I can give the spiritual significance based on my studies of mind and the form of numerology which correlates with the process of creation. The three sevens would indicate control of all three divisions of mind, conscious,subconscious, and superconscious. Three itself represents purpose or creativity. The numbers digit to 3. Add 777=21, add 2+ 1= 3. Another way to relate to 3 is the trinity, father,son. and holy ghost or spirit. The spirit manifests in each division of mind according to its own function. The person with this tattoo would have consciously or unconsciously chosen a symbol of wholeness.
There is a religious aspect of 7' as you all have shown.
When a person like MJ, who is gentle, giving, loving, creative and a sponge for knowledge and wouldn't hurt a fly wears 7's and if we are to consider that as clues to anything, I would say that he is advertising (the same as we wear messages on our t-shirts) his beliefs of who he is, what he stands for and what he promotes.
Personally I don't advertise name brands on clothing, but I do have several Peace sign shirts & jewelry wear when wanting to make a statement.  I wear white when wanting to feel spiritual, I do it for myself.  If I wear yellow I want to feel happier and so on.  There also is significance to colors and a real system of color therapy too.  Wearing certain colors help you feel what that colors job is to do.  If you are attracted to let's say yellow, you most probably are in a happy state of being.

I'm guessing that for MJ to wear 7's especially 777 he could be speaking to those who would recognize the meaning, that he lives according to the 7 aspects of UNIVERSAL Law.
We are all witnesses to his practice of this by his humble kind nature. And as far as practicing UNIVERSAL Law I'm sure that you all practice this without even knowing Universal Law exists.

Read about UNIVERSAL Law which I believe is MJ's message for us to live by, because after extensive research this is what sources are saying will kill the Illuminati without our having to resort to a physically fighting back.

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Hope this wasn't a repeat of anything. and just my opinion.
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