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HI there I miss being able to post a message of love and support to You MJ , as we could do on Derek Clontz's site courteousy of Cassandra, and I know there are loads of people out there that are missing that site as a point of contact and want so much a place to know You are reading!!  I hope this is okay with everyone here.
Michael You are truly an amazing Human Being , one of the most truly dignified, articulate and wholesome people of love peace and gentleness- a gentleness so pure and true - that You give of so generously to all whom have been lucky enough to have the absolute pleasure of meeting You  and those of us whom are Your dedicated fans and love and believe in You - as You inspire us everyday through all that You have given and continue to give!! We can't wait Your return ,but in Your own time only when You are ready and it is safe!! Life without You just wouldn't be the same and with Your return in mind it makes Your absence much easier to handle and the waiting worth the wait - so to speak!! What person worldwide has the effect You do on the world, answer is no-one!! You have and will continue to make an impact!! And none greater no doubt than the impact You will make upon Your return - the world will sit up and listen!! Rub their eyes and get over their shock and disbelief as with You back they will have to believe what we all believe that You have and always will be here and that You are truly serious about Your dream and Vision to make the world a better place and  to change and heal the world!! With so many of us here and everywhere that You have effected and with the generated effect You will have upon Your triumphant return, You should no doubt have an army of people ready worldwide to make that change, that difference all around the world; become firstly - that "Man In The Mirror" and then so to will be the roll on effect of everyone whom comes into contact with and / or sees Your influence upon us all and others, that nothing but a mass global worldwide healing will take place.
Like I said I love and miss You so so  much !! 'ILove You More' Michael!! I truly mean that! with all my heart and soul!! I send You much love, Peace and light; and wishing You so much fun, laughter and happiness, as they say laughter is the best medicine and very healing; and  that it allows  You to feel the love from all us fans worldwide, those whom believe in You and Your return, and those who don't but  love You still - As love in no matter what form is love only love, and all that positive loving energy, being sent and flowing straight to You, Your heart, and  total being, embracing You in an envelope  of love, so safe and secure, that you will conquer it all, all You ever want and wanted and all Your dreams and visions. For like You say L.O.V.E is so powerful and true, in its intent and purpose, that only good pure loving energy can come forth and light and embrace the world and create a better today, tomorrow and always for You and for all man kind and every being and  all creation    on this beautiful ever-giving planet - our Home, we call Earth and including all things in our entire Universe, that we are all so very lucky  and priveleged to be a part of.  And to be a part of the biggest global action of positivity, love, freedom  and total healing in HIStory, with You, along side You will be one truly awesome, amazing, empowering and truly enlightening, ground -breaking experience, that with love pure love in our hearts and minds connected as one , with one sole purpose  - to Heal The World, be that "Man I n The Mirror" 'Make That Change' - we will create a revolution, so unspeakable, so incomprehensible in terms unheard of - that the world will be left 'Speechless' , astounded and compelled to act, together with one certainty, one goal- in mind body and soul and in our hearts spirited with love. a love so pure, deep and true, so healing, that Saving the world, our planet , the Universe, will be articulated with such aplomb and dignified decdication, that worldwide turned on it's head, the world will bounce back bigger, better, stronger and as one, one people, one world, united in a constant, committed Union of love, peace, light and harmony; creating the dynamic, strong universal place, so truly healed for one and all!!

" I say again Michael 'I love You More' I truly do and You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers-Your children and family also and friends and all whom are helping You; I think and pray for You  and all of them, always and for all the time .
take care Michael and know please that You are so truly loved and are so very special, always and forever in my heart.
all my love and hugs always
Michelle Wilkie
New Zealand
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