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Hey!! What's Up Doc!! and Others
November 24, 2009, 07:42:16 PM
Since that day JUNE 25, I thought that everybody who came out in the open was an exposure.  It's in the old board but I would want your opinions that's why I'm posting it here.  I think these are the same people who have caused Michael to be invisible.

Since the beginning, DR.CONRAD MURRAY was the one who opened the door to the supposed death of Michael. IMO,CONRAD MURRAY should be looked at as a message not as an actual person. In one of my posts, there is a TV series entitled "The Court of Last Resort" and S1Ep7's entitled "The Conrad Murray Case". The TV episode was about 1) social engineering of Hollywood, and 2) they played upon police errors and the sympathy of the public. In my opinion, the message is don't look at the actual DR.and the Death(no death) but look at as to how everything developed from there.

Dr. Conrad Murray had CHILD SUPPORT CASE wherein a woman forgave him for the $15,000 but he must pay monthly $1,003 and reasons for his inability to pay as radioactive, unemployed and so on.

Now let's compare Dr.Conrad Murray to Jermaine Jackson.
Jermaine was the one who announced the death of Michael - NOT ANY UCLA MED STAFF wherein too much scripted drama with no emotions at all (VERY UNREAL) and the most important thing that I saw was he was with TOHME TOHME.

Jermaine Jackson had a CHILD/SPOUSAL SUPPORT CASE (Aug.7, 2007 news) and Jermaine got off the hook because the judge could not verify any income.

I just couldn't dismiss in my mind that Tohme Tohme was with Jermaine on the announcement of Michael's death. In the TII Movie, TOHME TOHME was included in the credits as Production Advisor which I think was the clue Michael was giving us as TOHME was actually his former financial advisor. Remember the $5.5 Million that he said he gave back (which I can't find the news link I had before)

There's this news acoording to Segye Times of Korean Newspaper,
KATHERINE, JOE and JERMAINE with the Jackson Record Co., the family was paid
$5.5 Million for series of Jackson Family Concerts in 1989 which never took place at all. Michael was not sued personally because he was already going solo and I don't think he made the deal with them.

Everybody wants/have their own secret agenda. I will only mention 3 as this post is getting long. 1)La Toya wants to dance with the stars, 2) Jermaine wants a tribute concert, and of course 3) Katherine wants them all to reunite for a touring extravaganza of the mourning.

Everything is about MONEY from the start of MJ's career and on JUNE 25. Money for taking good care of the children, allowances here and there, MJ estate - the who and how much%. So, I put everybody in the basket(the whole family) and that's why I believe that Michael is alive and he will come out when the time is right when he has all the proof to show that he is being used and abused by family, friends and associates.
And the new deal from ALLGOOD Entertainment really woke me up. ALLGOOD ENTERTAINMENT would have JACKSON 8 tour fronted by Janet. ( I wrote this in one of my posts also) 10 venues for $12 million. Janet would get $4 Million, Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, Tito, and Randy would get $1.5 Million each, La Toya would get $500K and Rebbie would get $250K. Of course there's family infightings and Janet's reluctancy to let everyone ride on her coattails.

All these are the main reasons why Michael had to escape his death threat (clue of the spider). And everything was opened up by DR. CONRAD MURRAY. And there are numerous clues and messages he left for us to keep us holding on.

Thanks guys.
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