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The concert will he?
December 21, 2009, 05:51:29 PM
these contracts seem so complicated, can be no other choice than hoax  :
Michael Jackson concerts may face legal challenge
Mon May 11, 2009 3:24pm EDT

By Alex Dobuzinskis

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A music promoter plans to sue to block Michael Jackson from performing in London this year, claiming that a contract signed by the "king of pop" prevents him from giving a concert until July 2010, the head of the promotion company said on Monday.

New Jersey-based AllGood Entertainment Inc contends it signed an agreement in November with Jackson's manager, Frank DeLeo, committing the singer to perform in July 2010 along with his brothers from the Jackson Five and sister Janet Jackson.

Under the agreement, Michael Jackson cannot give another concert until that Jackson Family reunion show, said Patrick Allocco, managing partner at AllGood Entertainment.

AllGood Entertainment sent a cease and desist letter to Jackson in March warning him not to perform a series of 50 shows in London's 02 Arena with concert promoter AEG that are scheduled to begin in July, Allocco said.

Representatives for Jackson and AEG did not return calls.

Allocco said his company's plans to sue in federal court come after failed attempts to negotiate with Jackson and reach a deal to allow the London shows to go ahead.

"As of right now we've gotten zero cooperation from anyone, Frank DeLeo refuses to honor our agreement and that's why we're filing a lawsuit by week's end," Allocco said.

AllGood Entertainment said that its one-time concert featuring Michael Jackson is scheduled for July 3, 2010, at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas. The concert would be available as a pay-per-view event over the Internet, Allocco said.

Jackson could make up to $30 million for the show, Allocco said.

"Thirty million for one show is unheard of, that's why we're so frustrated," he said. "Frank DeLeo is standing in our way. AEG has been constantly frustrating our ability to get this show."

Jackson's series of concerts in London also have been touted as unprecedented. AEG has said that, all together, the shows will gather the biggest audience ever to see an artist in one city.

(Editing by Dan Whitcomb and Bill Trott)

Source: Reuters
Dispute Between Frank Dileo, AllGood Entertainment, AEG

A dispute has arisen between New Jersey based entertainment firm, AllGood Entertainment, Inc. ("AGE"), and Frank Dileo in conjunction with AEG regarding Michael Jackson's planned summer concerts at London's O2. MJJR.net has reviewed several comprehensive documents and proposals from the firm regarding this matter and will now explain the circumstances as they stand.

The plan of AllGood Entertainment was to host a "one-time event" tentatively titled "The Jackson Family Reunion: A Concert for the World" in the summer of 2009. The concert would star Michael and Janet Jackson while also including his siblings: LaToya, Rebbie, and all of his brothers. Billed as "The Most Anticipated Concert Event in Music History" the concert was anticipated to gross more than $93 million through a variety of means including ticket sales (at $135 each), sponsoring, Pay-Per-View access, DVD and CD sales, merchandising, digital downloads, broadcasting, and licensing. Using such a figure as a selling point, the company sought out a sponsorship to help fund the endeavor which included around $30 million of expenses.

The concert was anticipated to be held in one of several stadiums--either in New Orleans, San Diego, New Jersey, or Atlanta. The event would be a day long and recorded professionally for Pay-Per-View and DVD releases with a projected first-showing audience of 100 million. The Pay-Per-View would fetch and estimated 3 to 7 million purchasers at $30 each, and there would be a worldwide market campaign building up to the event.

In addition to the proposal (which was drafted in attempts of locating a sponsor to fund the project), MJJR.net has reviewed several contractual documents between AllGood Entertainment and Frank Dileo. On November 26, 2008, a four page confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement was signed with regards to the reunion concert; the document is signed by roughly half a dozen parties including Frank Dileo. The term of the agreement was for 18 months following November 2008. The other signed agreement, drafted on November 21, 2008 and signed on November 25, 2008, was again four pages and signed by Frank Dileo and affiliated parties of AllGood Entertainment. This agreement called for at least a 90 minute performance by Michael Jackson and 150 minute performance overall by all parties of the Jackson family. The agreement also called for a press conference in which all Jackson family members were present to announce the concert. The Jackson family members would receive $24 million in profit for their involvement with the remaining money being distributed to the affiliated parties.

It should be noted that nowhere in any contract does the signature or authorization of ANY Jackson family member exist, it appears these contracts and proposals were drafted explicitly by Frank Dileo and AllGood Entertainment with no signed confirmation by any of the Jackson family members; it is unclear to what degree the Jackson family members are even aware of the whole situation.

Back on March 27, 2009, AllGood Entertainment sent a cease and desist letter via e-mail to Randy Phillips of AEG, which MJJR.net has also reviewed. This was in regards to an article that appeared online questioning who Michael Jackson's spokesperson really was, which stated: "A spokesman for Dileo told CelebrityAccess that they would release a statement along with AEG to address Rowe's claims next week and suggested that legal action may be in the offing." The letter threatened AEG with legal action if Frank Dileo continued any alleged partnership with AEG during the period of time he was meant to be with AllGood Entertainment.

On April 11, 2009 Randy Phillips responded to the cease and desist notice in stating that "Mr. Dileo and does not involve AEG Live in any manner whatsoever," and advised AllGood Entertainment that any legal issues were between that company and Frank Dileo and it has no involvement with AEG or their Jackson-related endeavors what-so-ever. In fact, this claim was reiterated in two separate e-mails from Mr. Phillips, and it has been stated that he worked directly with Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme to negotiate the AEG contracts and procedures. In rebuttal of these claims, AllGood Entertainment sent a second notice again citing the CelebrityAccess article published on the Internet which referenced Frank Dileo as acting on behalf of Michael Jackson and AEG. However, the notice by AllGood Entertainment also seems to erroneously quote the published article using quotes which do not actually appear in the article itself. As a final follow-up, AllGood Entertainment wrote: "While Frank Dileo's actions were reprehensible, AEG's very public support of Dileo and continued association with him despite our efforts to Cease and Desist them, is tantamount to anti-trust and anti-competitive practices."

In summary, two contracts and agreements were signed by December 1, 2008 by Frank Dileo and parties relating to Dileo's agency and AllGood Entertainment's agency. None of these contracts bare any signature of the Jacksons, nor has there been any confirmation that the Jackson siblings are aware of these concert-related plans. Even within the proposal that detailed at length the expenses, profits, and plans of each artist, there are no direct quotes from any of the Jacksons themselves to bring credence to the proposal. After reviewing many documents and communications regarding this conflict, MJJR.net does not believe that the dispute between Frank Dileo and AllGood Entertainment will have any negative impact on AEG and the O2 concerts.

With no signatures or authorization by Michael Jackson within the contracts between Frank Dileo and AllGood Entertainment, and seemingly just one online Web site referencing that Frank Dileo had any involvement with AEG, there does not appear to be much legal cause for concern over the O2 concerts. Again, the cease and desist letter did not occur until the night that CelebrityAccess published an article proclaiming that Frank Dileo and AEG would release a statement the following week with regards to Leonard Rowe's questionable involvement. No such statement was ever released, Randy Phillips insisted that he only worked through Michael Jackson and Dr. Tohme Tohme in the matter, and the article in question only cites a "spokesperson of Frank Dileo" as the source and does not include any direct quotes from Frank Dileo himself. Stay tuned...

Source: MJJR.net
Thanks to MsSnoop from MJJC:

I just had a little email conversation with Patrick Allocco of AllGood - and I think it is one of those issues about having to PUSH loud and big - ie - go over aboard to be heard (ie sue MJ) in order to get MJ's attention - or in this case, contact a tabloid/get on the news.

The July 2010 concert in Texas with the family will not conflict with the O2 concerts -

There will obviously be some behind the scenes scrambling, because AllGood assumes that Mr. Dileo was MJ's manager - and if he really wasn't then they have a major issue - and who really knows who is MJ's manager at any particular moment.

So, according to Mr. Allocco, the London concerts are not 'in trouble'...
Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live, the company putting on Jackson’s London shows released a statement to Access calling the claims “meritless.”

“We are aware of the allegations which we believe are completely meritless,” Phillips said in the statement. “Rehearsals have been uninterrupted and continue on schedule.”

Source: Access Hollywood
Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live, the company putting on Jackson’s London shows released a statement to Access calling the claims “meritless.”

“We are aware of the allegations which we believe are completely meritless,” Phillips said in the statement. “Rehearsals have been uninterrupted and continue on schedule.”

Source: Access Hollywood
(Il a répété ça par la suite à différents médias dernièrement.)

TSCM @ KOP Discussion (c'est lui qui a rédigé l'article MJJR.net) :
At the time the agreement was signed, AllGood Entertainment allocated up to 120 days for Dileo to get written confirmation from all of the Jackson family members, including Michael, and stated that if more time was needed to do so they'd have to subsequently discuss and agree upon it in writing. AllGood Entertainment was also called on to pay Dileo or his firm $2 million (or at least 10% of that) by December 31, 2008 "to secure the Jacksons in good faith" [the total they expected to pay the Jacksons for their commitment is $24 million. It is unclear whether such money ever exchanged hands.

So, first they created the plan and outlined the fees, expenses, and profits while signing contracts amongst themselves, and only afterwards did they seem to consider attempting to get written agreements from each of the Jackson family members, some of which have long expressed no interest or desire to tour with the family (i.e., Michael). Seems a bit backwards to me.

Well, in this particular case I am in possession of two signed documents which definitely appear to contain the signature of Frank Dileo. The agreement, which calls for the transference of money into Dileo's hands and calls for him to get signatures of each Jackson family member within 120 days, amongst other things, also appears to be notarized (certified as authentic); in fact Dileo's name is independently notarized in addition to the person from AllGood Entertainment, with the notary's signatures as well. It would be criminal suicide for someone to forge the signature of a well-known manager like Frank Dileo with regards to the most popular music group in the world in addition to forging the notary-related names and locations... But I suppose anything is possible.

L'article de CelebrityAccess dont parle TSCM :
Will Michael Jackson's Real Manager Please Stand Up

Posted: April 2, 2009

ATLANTA (CelebrityAccess MediaWire) -- Rowe Entertainment appears to have sparked a controversy after they issued a press release through Champion Management, announcing that Leonard Rowe was going to be assuming management duties for the prodigal King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Sources close to the matter have told CelebrityAccess that Rowe had joined forces with Michael Jackson's father Joseph Jackson to convince Michael to let them assume handling the artist's business affairs but that they had been rebuffed by the singer.

On the other side of the issue, Frank Dileo maintains that Rowe's press release was less than factual and that they manage Jackson.

A spokesman for Dileo told CelebrityAccess that they would release a statement along with AEG to address Rowe's claims next week and suggested that legal action may be in the offing.

However, AEG's Randy Phillips told CelebrityAccesss that they have been working with Dr. Tohme Tohme in connection with all of Michael Jackson's dates. Mr. Phillips went on to say that they are currently contemplating no legal action against Rowe and that they aren't planning any press releases...

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Un montage provisoire créé par AllGood et utilisé dans leur proposition :

Plus d'infos sur AllGood :
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