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It is beautiful. Thank you, FilmArtist, thank you, Michael. :bearhug:

References & Similarities / Re: Who is the CHOSEN one?
« on: January 31, 2012, 05:00:57 AM »
Hi. I believe that Michael will come back only if something very very bad will happen in the world. Otherwise I think he is enjoying his position now (without hounding crowds and crazy journalists after him). I don't think that there is somebody that he is waiting for to comeback. It appears that his plans are rolling smoothly. I wish him good luck!!!

References & Similarities / Re: Coincidence?
« on: January 31, 2012, 04:58:43 AM »
Hi. I believe that Michael will come back only if something very very bad will happen in the world. Otherwise I think he is enjoying his position now (without hounding crowds and crazy journalists after him). I don't think that there is somebody that he is waiting for to comeback. It appears that his plans are rolling smoothly. I wish him good luck!!!

Of course not! By faking your death you don't take your own life. It is just a retiring from the public eye and changing the identity - becoming another person by name.
When somebody is committing suicide, that person is making the final step of his life, without the possibility of come back.

World reaction depends on how this hoax and its motives are presented in the media.
Fans reaction depends on how much they love Michael. For the ones who really love him, it doesn't matter that he hoaxed his death, because of course he had a powerful reason. And they will welcome him with more love then before. Only the ones who don't love him really could say they were tricked. If you stay and think, you reach the conclusion that Michael owe nothing to anybody. Peace and LOVE to you!

MJ death changed only the people interested in him or his music. Of course, now, because his music is promoted, number of his fans is growing, but I don't think the other people are changed (people who heard about him but don't like him and people who are indifferent). But, if he will return from "death", then, maybe more would change...and we all would discover then the true sense of his message "it's all for love".

General Hoax Talk / Re: POLL: LAST POLL OF THE DAY
« on: June 30, 2010, 04:52:26 PM »
TMZ. Like everything started...

I think this "hoax" got the attention of a larger mass of people, not only fans. There are many hoaxers who were not Michaels fans before and now are obsessed by him, like me. Maybe the message of this was an ultimatum "we have 4 years to make it right. After that .....". Maybe Michael knew something very important about a change of our society. I don't know.

I don't get any self satisfaction. Instead, I am afraid it has become an addiction to get to know what is happening with Michael.

« on: June 28, 2010, 05:00:58 AM »
You know what it is odd to me? The fact that no one from the hospital staff said something about Michael's death. And all the talking was leaving to family. I thought that in this big medical cases, the hospital representative is making a statement. I am sorry, but I have never heard about something like this. And I have never saw one reporter who was even trying to contact the doctors, nurses, or paramedics who were involved. Like the reporters are not doing investigative work anymore.

Quote from: "cawobeth"
I think a lot of times people forget he did this #1 for his children & himself.
   I believe he wants to live freely to be who he chooses to be without being haunted & taunted & disrespected as he has been; for sooo long. Many people who love Michael didn't realize the extent of the disrespect and the impact  it had on Michael. By now I trust that you've seen CT's article
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 If it's too long for ya; 11 pages, skip to the statistics at the end. The media did a for real wrongful # on Michael and people who believe news. Don't forget, these statistics don't mention all the MJ hypocrites & supposed friends who turned there back on him. Like was just said in Aphrodite Jones' interview, "so many people just sat back & did nothing a few years ago".

I think he really felt he needed to do what he did & I think he planned this a long time.

    Being that Michael is an unselfish person, he cares to also share his values, his wishes for a better world, for everyone, as seen in This Is It. I don't think he could do this just to do it for him & his children, he needed a greater purpose which comes through to me as encouraging people to making a better world for themselves & each other also; a better world for all.
All of this in the name of love and truth. He suggests we "stand up...".
and reminds us of the earth's great need of healing.The values he has been committed were further magnified with his mention of the coming of 2012. There' so much more, I'm being brief here.

     I don't think it's fair to Michael to forget he loves life and that in order for him to really be able to continue to make a better world along with us, he had to do this because so many people stopped listening to his message of love. I also don't think it's fair to say he's fighting against particular groups & evils. I'm sure Michael is well aware of the evils of the world. Point is, he doesn't necessarily finger-point, he doesn't have to; he's for love and I think it's quite apparent that he believes love & showing it, is the answer...compassion for children and the down-trodden of this world, animals & trees.Imagine how he must have felt when the earthquake in Haiti hit ? My God. Michael has always been there for what happened at the World Trade Center, for Katrina and so many more catastrophes, unfortunate circumstances & individuals in need. Thank God for the 25 year anniversary of "We Are the World".

    I think it's for God to say who is chosen & presumptuous to say who has been for this adventure. When Michael did this, as perceptive & attuned to the world as he is, he could have not possibly foreseen who would, and how many people would catch-on to the adventure and how things would transpire.
Even Michael trusts God's speed, I believe this. I don't think everything has gone as planned for he could only plan to a certain extent being powerless over all the reactions to this and his "death".
We must always have empathy for Michael.
As I cannot speak for Michael, I do feel his purpose is that the truth is love, he cares to carry-on in his purpose and leaves to up to us to recognize our own purpose as individuals with great consideration that we are one.
This is all quite astounding because he also brought about attention to some very serious issues at the same time; issues in need of addressing for healing purposes in order to unite the world, such as justice, drug abuse, oppression, war & prejudice. For what is liberty & freedom if we don't deal with these things ?[attachment=0:2kdky3z5]aahhh-JuliasAngel- photobucket- 19y0rr.jpg[/attachment:2kdky3z5]
Thank you, cawobeth. It could not have been said better.
Michael, remember, you are not alone. We love you! We are here for you!

You see, my dear friends, I would like to ask MJ:
"Would you come in a holiday with me, around the world?" ;)
I would love that. LOVE MJ!

Other Odd Things / Re: I need some serious help...
« on: March 03, 2010, 06:38:19 AM »
She was Carol. She said then that LAPD chief, William Bratton, will resign.

Messages to Michael / Re: YES! We beLIEve!
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:28:23 AM »
Dear Michael,
I will be happy if you would ever read this. Right from the beginning of this adventure I feel you and your presence. Don't call me nuts, cause I am not. Maybe too sensitive. Since then, I have you all the time in my mind and my heart, and I want you to know that I support you 1000% per cent. You are not alone. Every time you feel lonely, every time you need someone to talk to, I am here for you. Just call my name and I'll be there.

I am really sorry for what happened to you. I admire you for your strength, for being you, remaining you, in spite of all bad things. You are a great man, with a wonderful soul and a big heart.

Whatever happens...
I will be there...

Much love to you, dear Michael...

Michael Jackson News / Re: Prince, Paris AND Blanket at the Grammy's
« on: February 02, 2010, 06:40:47 AM »
Michael has great children. They are beautiful and very well raised. Michael did a very good job with them. You can see Michael in them.

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