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And for people who think that MK Ultra is a myth.  Here's Bill Clinton apologising for it


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Quote from: "~Souza~"

I would like to know your thoughts on how you think this would not be possible though, because I would love this theory to be completely debunked because I dont like it either. I would rather have proof he had a good childhood without abuse and that he did not have Dissociative Identity Disorder. So if you can debunk, please do so.

Souza, I have some points written in my PC's hard drive for about two weeks, but been hesitating to post them, because this is quite a huge topic and it will require lots of reading, researching, and analyzing.   Possibly mind control does exist, but I don't know if it is as horrible as it is explained in your posts.  With all due respect,  after much thought, and because you have asked to post what others believe,  I will post what I wrote.  Of course, this is not meant to debunk your theory, because so far none of the comments I have read have absolute proof if MJ has been or hasn't been under mind control or Illuminati control. Our comments have been based only in theories and personal  opinions.  Maybe my thoughts will change later on, but for now I still stand on what I have written.  It's a long post, but here goes...

I've read this theory a few times already.  I do believe the Illuminati existed.  I don’t believe  that they are still an organized group, using Hollywood to take over the world.  There is no concrete proof that this is a real organization that still meet up at  a certain place.   The Illuminati was disbanded by the end of the 18th century. Some say it is a secret society, yet it is spread all over the internet, books, movies…  What I do believe is that there are power and money hungry individuals who would do anything for money. Yes, the real master behind this all is greed for money and power.  

I believe MJ was sadly controlled as a child, yes, but by his own father.  Joe wasn't successful at being a musician himself.  But, he did whatever it took to make the boys successful. MJ was physically and  mentally hurt by his dad.  He had to do things perfectly, or he would beat little MJ.  Michael lost his childhood because he had to make his frustrated father famous and millionaire.  

Though I've seen Mo and Souza have done quite some research to prove their point,  I have to ask what is the purpose of subjecting little MJ into MK-Ultra?  What did they want from him?  As far as I’m concerned, MK- Ultra, MK-NAOMI, and MK-Delta projects' purpose was to interrogate resistant subjects.  They would drug them to extract information during world conflicts.  Yes, I've read it was used in the entertainment industry, but again what would be the purpose?  To spread an evil message?  Anyone with no regards would do that for money.  

 Some of the points our Admins include in their theory are right on the money, but some can be debatable. Known effects of these MK projects were: illogical thinking, amnesia, shock, confusion, poor ambition and working efficiency, distortion of eye sight and hearing, among others.  I've searched, but cant find out if these effects lasted only during the mind controlling session.  In my opinion, these effects could last for quite a while.   How could MJ dance, sing and remember the lyrics for his songs?  

The images that were used in TII, may have another meaning. At least  some of them do.   The trees, flowers and butterflies may  represent the beauty of our nature in Earth song, which is being destroyed by us.  He wants to remind us how beautiful our Earth is...don't destroy it.

Ancient symbols and letters...they represent the different religions and beliefs.  We are the world, we are the children.  We all should be united as one?

Spider webs, aliens, monsters, snakes, demons, robots ...all part of a show, his performance, doesn't necessarily have a  mystical nature.  

The sunglasses...have you heard of uveitis? It sometimes occur with vitiligo, and it is also related to stress.   Symptoms of uveitis may include:  eye redness, blurred vision, and increased sensitivity to light.  Enough reasons to wear sunglasses the whole time.  Another reason could be…he just liked the sunglasses.  They make him look good, btw.

I don’t know whether MJ’s vitiligo was triggered by any medication, but I know stress did trigger it.  According to Dr. Deepak Chopra, one of MJ’s friends, there has been research that suggests that if children have experienced physical, verbal, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse, they can develop autoimmune disorders, like vitiligo and lupus,  in their adulthood. He said that MJ was never sexually abused, but he was traumatized verbally and physically in his childhood.

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I have other thoughts on why he couldn’t be mind-controlled. Lets see how can I organize my thoughts…. In 1982, Thriller recordings begin, but MJ has been quite a while practicing his dance moves.  QJ and MJ’s relationship begins to strain.  The album is not gonna be a hit like Off The Wall, Michael.  I think Billie Jean doesn’t fit in the album, says QJ.  MJ disagrees, and QJ says it wouldn’t sell, but stubborn Michael Jackson THREATENS to cancel the album’s release, if he didn’t include Billie Jean.  Does this seem like someone who would be easily controlled?  Not likely.

MJ was always aware of social issues such as racism.  Have you heard the lyrics of “Can you feel it”?  Well this is why I believe The Black Panther Party is another debatable subject. Maybe he did join, but was it because he wanted to fight or expose mind-controlling?  Michael breaks loose from his controllers and is able to fight with the panthers according to Mo and Souza's theory.  Who were his controllers? Berry Gordy controlled the Jackson’s career until the break down in 1976.   So he was fighting against his own brothers?  The purpose of the Black Panthers was to fight for black people's rights.  I don’t know what roles did Berry Gordy  and Quincy Jones played in MJ’s career during these eras, besides producing music for the J5 and MJ.  (Someone please enlighten me on this, since I’m not very aware of how album productions work.  Aren’t the company and producers the same?) Please read this article about MJ’s relationship with BG.

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About MJ having alter egos…I wouldn’t even dare to go there, as I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  Actually I’ve read  that some professionals continue to be of the opinion that Dissociative Identity Disorder does not exist.  This skepticism is sometimes due to questions about why many more individuals who have endured the stress of terrible abuse as young children do not develop the disorder, why more children are not diagnosed as having DID, and why some DID sufferers have no history of tremendous trauma.  

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My opinion is that if, and that’s a big IF,  MJ did have a “split personality” , that would be little MJ and MJ the man, the artist, the businessman, the father… He had his flaws like we all do. Do we behave the same way everywhere? Or with different groups?  I work with children, and believe me, my attitude, approach and behavior is different compared to the one I have when I’m among adults.  The same goes when I’m among the elderly or when I’m with my friends…I behave differently. Does this imply that I have a split personality? Maybe I do…hehe.

Little MJ - wanted to compensate the childhood he had lost.  He worked so hard to fulfill Joe’s wishes of becoming famous …

In my opinion…Susie doesn’t exist, and if she does,  the proofs we have are subjective.

A man wearing make up? Did you know it was quite cool to wear it during the 80’s?  Especially the heavy eyeliner.  Michael used it also to cover his scars and vitiligo.  But he wore false eyelashes?  People with vitiligo may have premature graying of the scalp hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard. This should explain the tattoos on eyebrows and the thick mascara.  He wore lipstick and eyeshadow sometimes, true, but well, guess he needs it after a thick layer of foundation.
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Female double in TII - no proof,  just speculation…

Disguised as blond lady - no proof really, just our thoughts

High voice - trademark ( he sold a lot music with it, didn’t he?)

Wearing women’s clothes -  this is the one thing I couldn’t explain, and besides the tight pants, I seriously wouldn’t have noticed if someone else had not pointed it out.  He wore  a men’s suit coat with it in some occasions.

If MJ was a victim of mind control…I don’t know, for sure, as I said above, I am guessing he wasn’t.   I believe he is a victim of his dad’s frustration, and (I hate saying this) a victim of his own success.  His money and his catalogue are magnets for leeches and fame-crawlers.  Maybe he was guilty of trusting these leeches too fast.

 Michael fought, yes, against racism, war, pollution through his songs.  He also exposed someone in 2002. "The record companies really do conspire against the artists, especially the black artists.“ Remember those words?  He has been fighting against something we cant see.  Greed, lies and lust for power. All I wanna say is that they don’t really care about us…He’s trying to open our eyes…Do not rely on your government.  Remember President Ronald Reagan’s famous words…“Government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem.”  MJ also said don’t wait for the government for a solution.  He did his job, and here we are exploring every single word he said.

 So now, Illuminati or no Illuminati, what we have to do is spread the LOVE, and fight for our children and for  a better tomorrow, not because MJ says it, but because it is our duty.  Oh and let’s figure out this hoax!

PS - I’m in no way saying Mo and Souza’s theory isn’t plausible.  Just saying that the clues they present as signs of  mind control may have a different meaning when applied to MJ.  

Edit** And then again, my thoughts can all be just my desire to believe that MJ didnt go through all this, because I cant endure the pain, but if he did he has all my love, and all my respect.  Blessings.

Thank you for that... you put a lot of thought into it.  However, please if you can.. go and check some of this MK Ultra stuff out and try and relate it to some of the things in MJ's life.  Did you know they actually had  'Peter Pan Programming' sounds ridiculous, i know... but the information is all out there and some things CANNOT just be coincidence, to me anyway.  Of course no one wants to believe any of this could be true, I have cried buckets over this.. But lets for a minute say he IS a victim of this.. how bad would it be to have everyone dismiss it and say it didn't happen? Especially since now the victims probably dont have any evidence.  Very sad indeed.

I'm happy that he is alive.... that is all.

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Quote from: "rosemariaantigone"
Sigh. NEWS OF THE WORLD people! Fake, not true. Geez.

I don't know... it certainly does look like his handwriting. I wouldn't put it past him. Besides, the story itself is not disparaging... just the remarks they've written around it. How these papers came to be "handed over" to News of the World is a curious point though.

I think certain things are getting leaked to the press for a reason.  This is not coincidence in my opinion that this story just happened to be passed on to a tabloid newspaper.

Please pm me if you would like more information concerning the links to this particular story and MK Ultra.  But be warned, its not for the faint hearted.

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MJ Ultra??  :roll:  what is MJ Ultra??

MK Ultra

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MK Ultra anyone?

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Is anyone here familiar with the theory of vibrational energy?  Just curious.

Living One Vibrational Energy? lol

Hi Mo and Souza,

I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blog.  Finally the truth is out.. making things in to a taboo is how the abuse can continue.  Don't be disheartened by the negative comments, i'm sure you both understand that this is a lot to take in and is heart breaking.  Sometimes the fear makes us bury our heads in the sand and pretend it isn't happening.  So its easy to understand the people who are reacting very negatively to this.  Hopefully one day the majority will accept this so it can stop!  Lots of love to you both xx

Michael Jackson News / Re: Can't...Breathe... The eyes...
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Michael Jackson News / Re: Possible Assisted Suicide
« on: December 16, 2009, 05:37:26 AM »
wow.. well we cant rule it out, but it makes me really sad to think about it.  None of us know Michael to say 'he wouldn't do this or that' so how can we know?  
Depression does as someone pointed out make you do things you wouldn't normally do if you were well.  But one thing strikes me in this is that it took several days,  if we are going assume that MJ was suicidal then we could also assume he was a drug addict and therefore had a high tolerance- my point being is that he wouldn't necessarily be so doped out of his mind from the first few shots that he was no longer compus mentus... And i can tell you from experience sadly that as soon as you take those pills or what ever you start to regret your actions and panic like hell.  So i think because it wasn't instant then maybe it just wouldn't work because he would think 'what the hell am i doing?! stop this now'  I know everyone is different and we all act differently.. but this is a common thing with suicide attempts that aren't instant lights out, if you know what i mean...
Well thats my opinion anyway

Michael Jackson News / Re: LEGION JANUARY 22/2010
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wow that trailer made me JUMP lol nice...

Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ takes Soul/R&B Artist of the Year!
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Woooo well done MJ! you totally deserve that and more xxxx

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I am new but old and new... ooh this is confusing lol

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Thanks Souza! looks great :D

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