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Michael's features, habits & disguises / MJ voice grammy 1986
« on: July 02, 2010, 03:57:48 PM »
...there has been a thread about Michael forcing his voice to make it sound different when talking...
I posted that I didn't care about it...Michael has a great voice,and he can do whatever he wants with that gift that God has given to him. Michael sings while talking...and he can reach the notes he wants.It always sounds melody.
After this intro,I want you to listen to this grammy 1986 appearence
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...First time I heard,it little shocked me,since I was used to recent interviews..and this sounds very different! It is Michael ,of course.
1 year later ,he releases the Jet interview
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...and the voice gets little deeper.
As someone has commented,voice can change depending on mood,moment of the day, emotions..
but ..we are starting to realize that Michael really is a genius,and I think he can change his tone of voice while talking,as he does while singing! This is inteded to be not a negative critic..on the contrary...I call it TALENT!!!!
Think at the major in ghost,think at  possible Dave Dave at LKL...

Ps DOn't you think he is so sweet at 1:30 in Grammy video?
And jet interview,is one of the one I like the most...
the real meaning of this thread is: enjoy the Man!! :D

This Is It / clue after J5 medley in TII?
« on: June 29, 2010, 05:11:10 PM »
I was thinking at TII movie...after the jackson 5 medley..
Michael tells  his brothers,and Katherine,and joe...I love you.
When I first watched the movie,I found strange he mixed parents with brothers,not including the sisters. After the medley,it would have had more sense to talk of the brothers, but ..maybe he just meant all the family..but in that case...why he didn't name the sisters?
MOreover..and most important:
-those were supposed to be rehearsals...isn't it strange he adresses to the family in that situation?
Like if the family could really listen to his words?Or like if there was an audience?I don't know if I explained what I mean...
This is I think a possible interpretation for that part in the movie:
- Michael knew it was going to be a movie,and wants his family know he loves them,no matter what (no matter if he had to fake his death,and loves them because he knows in short days they will have to start lying,and play the role.Like " I love you,beacuse you are going to help me in all this"
His brothers have been the firsts from the beginning to play a role in the hoax (the firsts to thank),then mother and Joe (it is a hard job for Kat and Joe to lye on his son).
Janet doesn't say a lot in the hoax...she sent clues just while performing,and during an interview (released lot of time after Michael HD)...maybe at the beginning she didn't want to take part to it,or she didn't know,as for the other sisters.

I think everything in  TII movie has a meaning in the hoax..the songs chosen,the words Michael says... And I think this part really means something. And...doesn't really fit if those were  really just "rehearsals" for a tour.

Michael Jackson News / WHERE IS MICHAEL CORPSE
« on: June 24, 2010, 05:07:40 AM »
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Where Is Michael's Corpse?

Michael Jackson's body is NOT inside the golden casket publicly put into a crypt at California's famous Forest Lawn Cemetery, a security expert close to the Jackson family tells GLOBE. As the world marks the first anniversary of the King of Pop's tragic death, a bombshell report unravels the mystery of Michael's missing corpse. Find out all the explosive details - ONLY in GLOBE!


Michael Jackson News / MJ estate earned 1 billion after 25
« on: June 07, 2010, 12:41:34 PM »
...If that's true,and if MJ will bam..will this money be considered a "fraud"?

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Michael Jackson's estate has earned nearly $1billion since his death

By Graeme Culliford 6/06/2010

Michael Jackson's estate has raked in close to a billion dollars in the year since he died.

The huge sum - from record sales and lucrative deals brokered by the estate - is 47 TIMES what the debt-ridden King Of Pop made the previous year.

That's nearly two thirds of what Elvis Presley's estate has made in the 33 YEARS since his death. If the cash keeps rolling in, Jacko's children, Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11 and Blanket, seven, will get billions from their trust funds when they reach 21.

A source said: "The estate has made around $900million (£614m) in cash since Michael's death. This is an incredible amount. No other artist has ever made that much since they died. It should ensure Michael goes down in history as the greatest artist of all time."

Record sales soared as soon as news of Jacko's death was announced on June 25 last year.

More than 415,000 albums were sold in the first four days in America alone - and 2.3million songs were downloaded across the world.

In the previous year Jacko, who was struggling to pay off $500million of debts and was selling off his beloved Neverland Ranch, had sold just 10,000 records, got cash from 37,000 downloads - and made an estimated $19million.

His estate, run by two US lawyers, has since signed the most lucrative recording contract ever - a $250million deal with Sony for continuing rights to his music and further unreleased songs.

A $200million contract with Cirque du Soleil to create a Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas is also said to be in the pipeline. Jacko merchandise, profits from The Beatles songwriting catalogue which he bought in 1985, and the This Is It film released after his death helped raise the $900m.

The estate has won a court order so details about the money can be kept from the public.

But a lawyer for Jacko's father Joe, who wants a share of the cash, said: "They are being too secretive. The public has a right to know what the estate is doing in his name."

What do you catch from this phone interview? It was 1 year more or less before 25 you hear any hoax plan in it? Do you hear a drug addicted man?
I just found out this interview..and I am wondering about it...
if you have no thoughts..just enjoy! :)

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Michael Jackson News / CNN news.MJkids signing autograph
« on: May 26, 2010, 03:09:50 PM »
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just for sharing...
if you have comments...
This makes me sad anyway...
Ok..Michael in the last month before "Death" went out with kids without mask...but..isn't this too much if Michael is really alive? I am a strong beLIEver,but I am sure that it was not Michael intention to use his kids for show or entertainment..and lately they seem to entertain a bit too much. It seems like "daddy" is not supervising the situation anymore..I hope I am wrong,and all this makes part of the hoax... :)

Hoax Videos / new video on you tube will be deleted soon...
« on: April 30, 2010, 03:46:48 PM »
I think this is a fake...
but I wanted you to tell me if you had already seen those pictures...some people in other forum say they should be after 25 june... or..are they from 2005?

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Michael Jackson News / TODAY's news-Rebbie
« on: April 23, 2010, 01:04:10 PM »
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watch the video at half page scrolling down..
just wanted to share..

Pictures & Videos of Michael / Michael and president Reagan
« on: April 13, 2010, 02:35:43 PM »
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here Michael seems so short...but so cute!!!

Live Performances / Will you be there short live at NAACP
« on: April 11, 2010, 05:30:42 PM »

...less than 10 seconds of his voice..and you get the difference!!!!

Pictures & Videos of Michael / where this Picture come from?
« on: March 16, 2010, 05:00:02 PM »
where this picture comes from?was it a live show?

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Other Odd Things / google search
« on: March 16, 2010, 04:52:55 PM »
This is kind of odd...but i don't think it makes part of the hoax...
when I digitate on the google search Michael Jackson i (and I stop at the i letter,these are the first automatic results:
is alive

That means these are the most discussed topics on internet about Michael jackson starting with letter i?
 That means the hoax believers are a lot on the web?
Sorry if it was stupid...but sad there are not news to investigate on today.. :(

Other Odd Things / hoax discussion in J5 dinastly legit facebook!!!
« on: March 14, 2010, 12:40:03 PM »
thsi si what I just found out...
The jacksons dinasty has a facebook account (Jermaine gives a link to it).There is a discussion area in there..and it has just opened by a believer (maybe one of us??)5 hours ago a topic about Michael faking his death. I want to see now The J5 reaction...will it be banned? Interesting her summary of the hoax.
I copy it here since some of you maybe are not registered in facebook.Credits to Karly,the girl who posted


1. The 911 call didn’t sound overly panicked and Michael Jackson was not mentioned by name. (It’s possible he didn’t mention the name because 911 might think it was a hoax and not respond.)

2. Some have stated the oldest son discovered the father, but later the Dr. claimed that the reason it took so long to call 911 is that he couldn’t find anyone to make the call. (wouldn’t the son be able to make the call, he is 12 after all.) It took 30 minutes to call 911. Hasn’t Dr. Murray ever heard of a cell phone? (this point gets addressed farther down this list.)

3. Dr. Conrad Murray, who is supposed to be a cardiologist was doing CPR on the bed. (It’s supposed to be done on a flat hard surface…floor. Murray claimed that it was done on the bed cause MJ was frail, but several people have contradicted the report of MJ being “frail.”)

4. TMZ, a tabloid media source was the FIRST to report MJ had died. They reported it before the coroner and before Jermaine Jackson made his public statement. (While we’re on the topic, isn’t that weird too? Is it normal for a family member to make a public statement instead of the doctor in charge?)

5. Though he was taken to the hospital and they tried to revive him for an hour, he was pronounced dead at UCLA. However, despite this, almost no one had any kind of comment regarding it. No official doctor’s statements, no nurses being interviewed, no second cousins of neighboring patients coming out to gawk and report what they saw or heard. The only comments reported was someone who worked there said something strange was going on with regards to MJ, and someone else claimed the fire alarm went off while MJ was there. (In the CNN transcripts they mention the fire alarms in passing.)
5 ore fa

Karly 6. Dr. Conrad Murray refused to sign the death certificate. No physician at UCLA in charge would sign either. In fact no UCLA doctor has made any kind of statement confirming the death of Michael Jackson or even that he was on the premises.

7. Cause of death was listed as “deferred” until after the autopsy. The DC states that it is only valid if signed in purple ink. At the bottom it’s signed in BLUE ink. There are also many irregularities of the document which indicate it possibly isn’t legitimate.

8. The autopsy results have been held, pending a toxicology report, which was due but is now expected to be two more weeks. (at time of posting this). A total of 3 autopsies have been ordered. One official, one by the family who for some reason wanted their own autopsy performed, and a third reportedly requested by Joe Jackson, MJ’s father. (ETA: Later the autopsy and tox reports have been stated to be delayed “indefinitely.”)

9. There is, in existence a SINGLE photo of MJ dead (or dying.) Taken by a tabloid reporter through a DARK tinted window of the ambulance. No other photos of him got taken, no photos at the hospital, no photos anywhere. (ETA: Upon further research there appear to be three photos taken in close succession, but how was the photo so clear and not blurred? And why does MJ look so healthy, alive, and young? It looks like it could be a wax dummy from the Ghosts set.) update: AS OF fEB2010, bRIAN oXMAN CONFIRMS THE PHOTO IS FAKE.

10. There were several security cameras at the mansion in LA where MJ collapsed, but there is missing time from them. No video footage of the events in question.

11. MJ’s personal physician Dr. Tohme claimed MJ had no heart problems, that he danced 4 hours a day and it was more likely that he (Dr. Tohme) would have a heart attack than MJ. (Dr. Tohme was mistakenly reported as MJ’s personal physician, turns out he was his business manager and this point about what he said or didn’t say and whether or not it’s accurate, cannot be confirmed.)

5 ore fa

Karly 12. Though there have been several people who have come forward suddenly talking about MJ having a drug problem and them trying to have an intervention for him, many other credible sources have come forward to say the opposite, among them: Mark Lester, and Tom Meserau. Many people at the last rehearsal claimed he was energetic and on top of his game and in no way seemed sickly or drugged. Supposedly family members wanted to have an intervention in 2007. But in 2007 MJ was in Ireland or Bahrain, how would his family know he had a drug problem if he’s halfway across the world? (A commenter here states is was in the US, but I’m really not sure about that.) Further, Jermaine has claimed on Larry King that he was not aware of any kind of drug problem on MJ’s part. If the family was “staging an intervention” wouldn’t Jermaine have been made aware of the situation?

13. Why are we just now hearing about MJ’s drug problem now? While it is true he had an RX drug dependency in 1993 (because he admitted it in an interview), and he may have had problems with RX drugs at various points and even at the end, why… with all the freaking out about hyperbaric chambers, chimpanzees, plastic surgery etc, did no Tabloid reporter ever think to jump all over the “Wacko Jacko on Drugs” bandwagon?

14. Why are there contradictory stories about MJ’s health? Some have said he seemed frail and weak. He was underweight. He couldn’t possibly do 50 concerts. Others said he was vibrant, energetic, healthy, on top of his game. And these were all people who had seen him recently.

15. Is it convenient that AEG just happens to do all this footage, the day before he drops dead?

16. How does a man with a supposed long-term RX drug problem pass a 4-5 hour physical a few months prior to his death in order to have his concerts insured by Lloyd’s of London? That is something that would show up on a 4-5 hour physical. Either some insurance fraud is going on, or someone isn’t reporting the whole truth regarding MJ and drugs. Or he wasn’t on drugs.

17. Why did so many of MJ’s longterm friends not show up at the memorial at all, but those who ended up speaking and performing either never met MJ or hadn’t spoken to him in years? (Queen Latifah had never met him, Brooke Shields hadn’t spoken to him in years. Liz Taylor, Mac Culkin, Diana Ross, all declined showing up to name a few.)

18. While I don’t want to disrespect Liz Taylor, why would she mourn on Twitter only? She couldn’t go to the memorial, but she could tweet about it?
5 ore fa

Karly 19. Dr. Conrad Murray fled the scene. He’s supposedly cooperating with investigators, but then he goes back to the bat cave and even tabloid reporters can’t seem to find him.

20. And just out of curiosity… why does it seem like only one picture of this doctor exists on the planet? Every article I see about him shows the same freaking picture. Now here is a test to try. Go to Google, click the link for “News” Then type: “Dr. Conrad Murray” in parenthesis. To the left there should be an archive. Archives generally go for YEARS, up to ten years or more. But there are only archives for 2009. Did he not exist before then? Whoops! now search his name in parenthesis under images… find me ONE image that isn’t the same exact one. In his entire life he only got his picture made that one time?

21. Dr. Murray has been described by some patients as a “holistic doctor” who didn’t like to prescribe medications, especially stronger medications like painkillers. If this is true, it’s unlikely MJ would have brought him on board if he was looking for an “enabling doctor.” And it’s unlikely Murray would have enabled him.

22. Up to a year ago all kinds of crazy tabloid stories were being leaked about MJ’s failing health and all kinds of crazy diseases he supposedly had.

23. He was visiting a medical center close by several times prior to his death.

24. A tabloid reporter predicted that MJ had six months to live, and six months later he died. (this is also the same time that the next thing in this list happened.)

25. Someone called a radio station and hoaxed MJ’s death several months ago. It was reported that the pop star had died, but later this report was retracted. (You can youtube search this. There is a video about it. The hoax even mentions a drug overdose.)

5 ore fa

Karly 26. Several long-term and diehard MJ fans have expressed doubt that the person giving the O2 announcement at the London theatre was actually Michael Jackson. Many (including myself on this point) believe that it was an impersonator based on the way he walked (totally unlike MJ), the weird mannerisms and gestures and almost bragging manner (MJ was always humble with his fans, and everybody else, ALWAYS), and his accent is just OFF. This isn’t a matter of voice tone or pitch which alternated with him depending on how shy he was feeling, or if he needed to project his voice, this was ACCENT, totally wrong. Here is the video if you want to judge for yourself. Fast forward to about 4:32 if you want to skip past the advertisement to the MJ announcement. That is totally not MJ. His smile is also wrong.

ETA: I now think it’s possible that MJ was at the O2 but that he was acting weird, talking in a funny accent, and walking like 50 cent on purpose to create controversy. (i.e. he was punking us.)

27. Dr. Murray’s excuse (delivered in an interview through his attorney, since he vanished into the bat cave), for why he didn’t call 911 sooner is that there was no landline hooked up for some security reason or another. When asked why he didn’t use his cell phone, the attorney said that the doctor didn’t have Michael’s address. Oh really? His attending physician who was at his house didn’t know the address? Well here is a wacky concept: CELL PHONES HAVE GPS. They didn’t NEED him to know the address. Further, he could have just said: “It’s Michael Jackson.” I’m sure someone would have figured it out. It wasn’t like MJ didn’t live practically down the street from UCLA.

28. How could investigators rule out foul play before they had an autopsy or a tox screen? Isn’t that a little weird and presumptuous? Then they later said they weren’t ruling out homicide. Then they came back and said probably no one will be charged with anything… all of these statements BEFORE the toxicology report came back, which is what they are supposed to be waiting on before making any judgments in these matters.

29. If Dr. Murray is a cardiologist, and MJ is too weak to move off the bed, why wouldn’t he have had with him and used a defibrillator?

30. Supposedly MJ insisted on hiring Dr. Murray, a doctor who had treated his sick daughter once in 2006 and apparently the two became friends. MJ claimed he was comfortable with him and wanted AEG to hire him on for the tour. We have no way of knowing if MJ insisted on this doctor or not, since most people hadn’t met him and the people claiming this are AEG and Dr. Murray’s attorney, people who have a vested interest in MJ having a prior friendship with Murray to keep suspicion off them.
5 ore fa

Karly 31. Cherilynn Lee went on CNN after MJ’s death to claim that MJ wanted an IV drip of Diprivan to sleep. She was a NUTRITIONIST. Why on EARTH would MJ go to a holistic nutritionist to ask for Diprivan? Or any other drug? She was let go previously. Why would he call someone he hadn’t talked to for 3 months to ask for this drug? If MJ had all these enabling doctors, WHY would he go to this woman he hadn’t spoken to in three months? Not only that, she claims in the interview that MJ didn’t want pills, he wanted an IV. However others have said MJ was afraid of needles. Why would he be chasing needle drugs? She claimed it was important to come out and set the record straight and she didn’t want her 15 minutes of fame. Um, okay. Which is what all former Jackson employees said right before their mouths started flapping bullshit. She also said he owed her money. So why would he call her if he owed her money? She claims in interviews that it’s “not the drugs they’re saying” (Demerol), but it’s Diprivan… on her say so. Well does she need to save the truth of MJ? I mean this is why we have the tox screen going on. It will reveal whatever drugs were going on. On the PLUS side, she portrays MJ as someone absolutely convinced it was safe and that his doctor said it was safe, which isn’t the behavior of a ‘drug addict’ but someone who trusted doctors who lied. (But I find even THAT kind of hard to believe considering MJ read and researched everything.)

32. Grace Rwaramba refuted claims that she’d said she “pumped MJ’s stomach” from the drugs. She never said this, but the stories circulated everywhere with her name on it soon after MJ’s death.

33. Dr. Conrad Murray after disappearing off the face of the planet where mysteriously even tabloid reporters can’t find him to snap a candid shot (despite supposedly him surfacing to cooperate with police), hires an attorney. Police repeatedly said Dr. Murray was NOT a suspect, just a witness. Why on earth does a man who is only a witness, hire an attorney? Why does he further have that attorney give interviews in his name and on his behalf, instead of doing interviews himself?

5 ore fa

Karly 34. Even though they weren’t giving up on MJ yet (since they worked on him for an hour at the hospital), the ambulance that left his house had no sirens or lights. An ambulance in an emergency medical situation, always has sirens and lights.

35. During the memorial Kenny Ortega said MJ had been there dancing less than a week ago. But at the memorial MJ had been dead for two weeks. Now clearly this could be him misspeaking, but no stone unturned.

36. Dr. Murray was slated to accompany MJ to London, but he’s not licensed to practice medicine there.

37. The LAFD fire chief in an interview with a BBC reporter kept referring to MJ as “the patient” from the 911 call. He refused to name him because of “HIPPA” violations. Well by this time the ENTIRE WORLD knew it was Michael Jackson. There is no harm in him stating “Michael Jackson” but he repeated “the patient” over and over and said he couldn’t even confirm his identity because of HIPPA violations. WTFever. The woman interviewing him also repeatedly said something about them picking up Jackson from the place he was practicing instead of his rented home (which is the official story) and he never corrected her. (Later he did mention Michael Jackson by name in an interview with CNN. HIPPA laws extend into death, so why exactly is he breaking HIPPA now when he was so paranoid about it before?)

38. In interviews the entire family continues to refer to MJ in present tense. One of the most striking examples is La Toya rolling down her car window and saying something about how they all appreciate the fan support, and Michael does too. Oh does he? What an odd statement to make. Even Paris’ speech at the memorial, moving as it was, is in present tense. “I just wanted to say that ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best daddy you could possibly imagine. And I just want to say that I love him so much.” That’s all present tense. Paris isn’t lying. She also is probably genuinely emotional considering how she worries about her daddy.

5 ore fa

Karly 39. AFTER many people, including a site getting a lot of media attention called Michael Jackson Hoax death, whines and complains for weeks about how there only seems to be one photograph of Dr. Murray and no video… only THEN does TMZ and a couple of other places conveniently start to show new photographs and even a video (which there is no way to tell is Dr. Murray at all.) Are they responding to our suspicions? Why are they just now all of a sudden producing a few extra photos and videos? Even so, why are papparazzi not camped out at this man’s house if they know the location? Why don’t get get more photographs and video of him? Does this seem very likely?

40. Diprivan is not a common drug for recreational drug use. It’s a rather bizarre drug to abuse. Nor is it a drug that makes you feel at all rested (as you dont’ get REM) It is a completely pointless drug for anyone with an “addiction” or “need for sleep” to take. Further, a story has been floating around about how MJ had an anasthesiologist on tour with him years ago. This makes NO sense given what is factually true about these drugs… namely that you CANNOT get rest. he wouldn’t have been able to perform. This sounds to me like another hyperbaric chamber or elephant man bones story. Also, people who take Diprivan long term develop amnesia and motor coordination problems. MJ researched everything,which is probably why he was so into organic foods. Why would he not research something more dangerous he was putting into his body? And why would he put it into his body if it could affect his ability to dance? How could MJ have done the tours where supposedly he was on Diprivan, if he didn’t get rest PLUS was going to have motor coordination problems? Has anyone SEEN MJ dance? It’s not like Ozzy jumping around on stage.

41. The LAPD didn’t mark the house off as a crime scene and the family was in and out of the house for FOUR days before the LAPD thought “hey maybe we’ve got a crime scene here.” It is said that the family took things out, but they just as easily could have planted things. (such as drugs and such that were later found.) If the family was taking a bunch of things out… why would they leave the drugs in? If they suspected foul play why would they compromise the crime scene?

5 ore fa

Karly 42. Dr. Murray’s office and home were only RECENTLY raided, after a MONTH from the death. Shouldn’t that have been done sooner? Won’t all evidence be gone?

43. Supposedly files were removed from Dr. Murray’s office on the day of MJ’s death 3 hours before the hospital was called, which calls into question how long Dr. Murray waited to call the paramedics… but…

44. The picture in the ambulance doesn’t look like a long-dead MJ. It doesn’t even look like a dead MJ (he’s got a popping vein in his forehead. You don’t get that on a dead body.) In fact… the MJ in the ambulance doesn’t even look like MJ circa 2009, but rather like MJ circa 1995 which is another time when he had a collapse and was rushed to the doctor. Could the photograph be photoshopped with earlier images not used by the same tabloid reporter?

45. The tabloid reporter from TMZ who got the “last photo” of Michael Jackson, just happens to be a licensed EMT and wants to quit the paps and go to medical school. That photo sure would pay the way for that.

46. After the death Joe Jackson in an interview pimped his new record label and said the kids were doing “great.” A little odd, no? How would these kids be doing great? He also claimed Omer Bhatti was MJ’s son and that he knew MJ had a secret son. Omer Bhatti has denied he is MJ’s kid. Even though admitting to such a thing would help his music career. (Omer’s)

47. TMZ seems to be the first on the scene for EVERY story. They scoop all other major news outlets. Who is feeding them?

48. There are MANY conflicting reports about MJ’s death. He died in the bedroom, he died in the doctor’s room. Prince witnessed it, not one witnessed it. MJ was already dead when the paramedics got there, MJ was revived and was in a coma, MJ was “worked on” for over an hour, MJ’s body was warm (incidentally a medical fact about cardiac arrest is his body would have been cold), MJ’s body was cold, MJ looked peaceful like he was sleeping, MJ’s face had been battered by CPR (huh?), The casket was closed at the memorial because the face had been battered by CPR… but the kids saw him in the private memorial, he’s been cremated, no he hasn’t, the body is missing, the body hasn’t been released to the family yet, the body has been released, the body is in a secret location, and on and on and on and on. There is not ONE fact about MJ’s “death” that anyone can agree on. (And yes, at this point I”m putting “death” in parenthesis until any two people on the face of the planet can get their story straight.)
5 ore fa

Karly 49. On July 6th, 2002 MJ gave a speech that was basically about bringing Sony and especially Tommy Mottolla down, who MJ described as an evil man, the devil, and a racist. (Mottolla reportedly did some scary shit to Mariah Carey his ex-wife.) The very NEXT DAY, July 7th, 2002 is the date of the will that has been brought up as MJ’s will. Clearly the man feared for his life then. Is there any reason to suspect that fear was unfounded or died away? He also believed Sony was in some way involved with the child molestation trial. After all, how could MJ defend his 50% stake in the Sony catalog if he was in prison? (People have claimed MJ was broke, but he made hundreds of millions of dollars a year from his holdings in the Sony catalog. How can he be broke or in debt?)

50. The custody case is being settled out of court after many delays. (This may or may not have anything to do with anything. But there is a lot of suspicion surrounding the many delays in many areas of this situation.) It’s been reported that the custody to Katherine Jackson is temporary. many believe custody will eventually be transferred over to Rowe. But why would it? If MJ is alive, the custody to Katherine is temporary for obvious reasons.

51. MJ rehired attorney John Branca three weeks before his “death.” He also rehired several others like Frank Dileo and Karen Faye.

52. The 911 operator HUNG UP on the caller saying to call back if they needed anymore help. That is 100% against 911 policy. They have to stay on the line until the paramedics get there.

53. Within a few hours of the cardiac arrest, all of Jackson’s staff was fired. (Why wouldn’t they keep them on for security detail for the house instead of ransacking it and screwing up a possible crime scene?) In fact, most of the staff doesn’t seem to have seen much of anything and firing them would be a good way to keep them FROM seeing anything. They were removed from the premises immediately and then fired very soon after that.
5 ore fa

Karly 54. La Toya has been interviewed by Tabloids (for money) where she’s said MJ was murdered and she will reveal by who if the police don’t. Joe and Katherine have also stated they believe there is foul play. Why wouldn’t La Toya just go to the police?

55. There were no drugs found in MJ’s home until the second search. (after family members have been there.)

56. Conrad Murray had been Jackson’s doctor for 11 days.

57. At the end of the memorial: “I’m here and I’m alive forever” flashed on the screen with a picture of MJ. As well as the end picture from Liberian Girl where MJ was directing a video unseen by the participants.

58. A mysterious source has released the pepsi footage of MJ’s burn accident from 1984. Pepsi is reportedly outraged by the leak. Michael Jackson had the only footage. Who released this footage and why? And oh hey… it supports the drug theory!

59. TMZ released the 911 call first. How did they get it? They also released the “place with no name” unreleased song clip.

60. In yet another “contradictory story” MJ’s chef, after a FULL MONTH comes out with her story of the day of MJ’s death. Supposedly Prince was called in to witness the CPR. Now one could say this is very suspicious and maybe Dr. Murray was trying to build a defense showing he tried to save MJ. But… if this kid really witnessed this, wouldn’t he have been traumatized? And is there any evidence he was traumatized at the memorial? And what about Joe Jackson a few days after the death saying the kids were doing “great.” Would Prince be “doing great” if he’d witnessed such a traumatizing scene? So then why is the chef lying about this? To the Associated Press of all places (If you’re going to lie, why not lie to the Tabloids and make money?) On top of all this, we have yet another witness (the chef), saying there was no evidence of MJ abusing RX drugs. hmmmm. So many conflicting stories.
5 ore fa

Karly 61. The Michael Jackson Memorial is listed on and not only the singers and speakers but the family and Michael Jackson himself is listed as “Cast” A bit of an odd way to classify it.

62. When Jermaine sang “Smile” at the memorial, he mixed some lyrics up… instead of “Hide any trace of sadness” he sang “Hide any trace of gladness.” and “light up your face with sadness.” If it’s just a slip of the tongue, then how did he slip on BOTH lyrics? And completely reverse them? This can clearly be heard in the Memorial footage.

63. This Is It is listed in IMDB for release date October 30th, but the page was created on July 6th, 2009, one day before the memorial. This was before they had supposedly spoken to a judge to get permission to do it, before they’d supposedly sold the rights. The reality is, they moved on this deal IMMEDIATELY when MJ “died.” They did not wait and mourn. The wheels are already set in motion and the deal is already done at least one day before the memorial.

64. Everyone is speaking of MJ in present tense that is being interviewed. Anyone who didn’t know MJ was dead certainly wouldn’t know it after most of these interviews either.

65. In the 911 call, the caller says that they are calling from 100 North Carolwood drive, Los Angeles California, 90077. Now if you go to googlemaps and check that out… there is a business at that address called RNA construction. The number listed with it is disconnected.

66. Remember how none of the friends of MJ, the real close friends, showed up at the memorial? All making excuses about how sad they were or whatever? Quincy Jones couldn’t go because it was so sad after James Brown. Well James Brown died three years ago. I mean come on. Then Macaulay Culkin has been pretty radio silent and didn’t even attend the memorial. He hasn’t even said anything about MJ. (Neither has Oprah.) Culkin’s sister recently died so we could cut him some slack. That’s gotta be tragic… but.. John Hughes… director of Home Alone recently passed, Culkin is paying tribute to him… yet he has pretty much ignored MJ’s death. WHY? That’s a little on the strange side. They were friends for over nearly 20 years.
5 ore fa

Karly 67. Kenny Ortega and several of the dancers from the This Is It tour have made bizarre and cryptic comments on their Twitter accounts, obliquely referencing this project after MJ’s death. They are a little too giddy. The dancers still have their contracts (2 year contracts, which indicate whatever was being planned was more than just 50 shows.) The dancers are also under special agreements where they can’t talk about certain things. One of the dancers named Timor, talked about MJ on a dutch television program after the death. He kept speaking about MJ in present tense saying things like: “He loves life” Even the host noticed all this present tense talk, got a puzzled look on his face and asked WHY he was speaking about him in present tense… he said something like MJ was in his heart or something. He also has a twitter account in which he mentions getting on a plane and going to LA and about it being a small step for him, but a big step for the world. Oh really? Don’t you have to be a meglomaniac to think anything you’re doing in LA is a big step for the world? Timor didn’t strike me as a meglomaniac.

68. During a Larry King Live interview (another one), Jermaine continues to talk about MJ in present tense, saying things like “he reads everything.” Oh really? Does he? It’s been 6 weeks, and Jermaine and everyone else talks about MJ as if he’s still alive. Anyone who didn’t know MJ had died, wouldn’t know it now either.

69. There was no insurance on MJ with AEG for death supposedly, it was only for non-performance.

70. MJ supposedly had a 3 million dollar life insurance policy. (Why for so little when Heath Ledgers was for 10 million and MJ is WAY bigger than Heath Ledger. Isn’t 3 million dollars about like a roll of quarters to MJ?) We’ve heard stories in legitimate newspapers that someone let the life insurance lapse… in which case it wouldn’t be paid out. But then we hear other reports that the life insurance has paid out… due to the apparently supernatural powers of Branca and McLain to make it happen. In a situation like this, an insurance company will do everything they can not to have to pay out. There is no way they paid out before things are all settled. Not buying it. Sorry. Not only this, but supposedly the reports where the life insurance was paid is in SEALED court documents that no one can read. IF Life insurance paid 3 million, isn’t it MORE likely the life insurance was just cashed out… the money that was paid into it? You can cash out your life insurance if you’re still alive. And NO insurance company is going to pay out with so many questions swirling around about the death. They have big time attorneys too. John Branca is brilliant, but he wouldn’t intimidate an insurance company.

71. Joe Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, and Frank Dileo have all stated on filmed interviews (where you can physically watch their mouths moving as opposed to the printed press where anyone can write anything), that they heard about MJ in the hospital from a fan. A fan? really? So do a lot of Michael Jackson fans have Joe, Jermaine, and Frank’s telephone numbers? Why on earth would you hear that sort of thing from a fan? In another interview at Neverland, Jermaine claims CNN called him and told him about MJ in the hospital. Really? Jermaine is that tight with CNN that they call him to tell him about matters in his own family?
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Karly 72. Mark Lester, the godfather of the children, has come out now and said he thinks he’s Paris’ daddy. (He is on video saying this so it’s not just tabloid gossip.) Arnold Klein claims he is the father of one or more of MJ’s children. Well I personally feel that MJ is the bio dad of all three of his children. They look bi-racial to me. MJ has both white and native american roots in his family tree. If he procreated in any manner with a white woman, it’s highly likely any children produced from her would look more white. But the kids look like their daddy when he was little. Paris looks a lot like her aunt Janet. So why suddenly are people that MJ trusted, like Klein and Lester, coming out and saying they’re the daddy? Could it be possible, that they are trying to get paternity tests, and those paternity tests would prove MJ was the bio dad of ALL three of his kids? Finally shutting up one set of rumors about him?

73. Both Brian Oxman (family attorney) and Uri Gellar (like how the hell does he know), claim that MJ has been already buried and was buried right after the memorial. Well, that’s strange, since Jermaine JUST told us on Larry King the friday before this that MJ hadn’t been buried yet and they don’t know where they’re putting him and that Katherine knows all that stuff. Mmmmhmmm. To make matters weirder, why would MJ be buried without his brain? The family didn’t have the brain on July 7th and as far as I’m aware they still don’t, or else have JUST recently gotten it. (Yes, I know that’s morbid to talk about but… the story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I really can’t believe more people aren’t standing up and crying foul here.)

74. Uri Gellar (who I severely dislike but this is a good point), stated originally that he didn’t believe MJ was dead, he thought it was a hoax at first. And he said that he wouldn’t believe it until he heard from the doctor that worked on MJ. Um, well, Uri, honey… we haven’t heard from the doctor. There has never been any statement from any doctor at UCLA, nor has there been a statement officially from Dr. Murray. Dr. Murray wouldn’t even sign the death certificate. So are we back to hoax then?

75. Karen Faye has started talking about weird stuff on her facebook. Things like having to feed MJ with a spoon he was so weak. Why would Karen Faye a long term trusted friend of MJ start facebooking about all this stuff (and many have confirmed this is her actual facebook.) She’s also made other bizarre statements like “Michael Jackson didn’t know how to use a computer.” Sure he didn’t. he knew all about cameras, loved technology, was really involved with his music and videos, and knew how to operate a soundboard (which is infinitely more difficult than your average home computer), but he can’t operate a computer. Mmmmhmmm. I guess he just had his laptop for decoration then. I’ve seen pictures from the nineties of him on a laptop.

5 ore fa

Karly 76. Reports have said that Murray and Klein will both be charged in two weeks. Oh really? Will they now? Cause supposedly the autopsy and tox results can’t be released to the public for fear of hampering the investigation. Yet an “unnamed source” can tell us that these two are about to be charged, giving them ample warning so they can flee the country. Yeah, sure. Why hasn’t this unnamed source leaked info from the autopsy or tox results? If they’re so chatty all of a sudden?

77. Dr. Murray released a video on Youtube, thanking his supporters for standing by him. It’s reminiscent of MJ’s 1993 and 2004 video statements regarding the molestation charges. Except the difference is… in MJ’s videos he stressed his innocence, Murray spends about 95% of his video message giving a shout out to his “peeps.” The message is pretty vague and cryptic, and doesn’t mention michael jackson by name at all, or the possible charges against him. Those who believe this is a hoax, believe that this isn’t actually a message from Dr. Murray, but is a message from Michael to his fans who believe he’s alive. Either way though the intended audience is most definitely NOT his “supporters.” It’s either a PR move to humanize him, or it’s a message from Michael Jackson himself.

78. It was announced that MJ would be buried on August 29th. (His birthday.) This is fairly weird since much of his family is JW and they do not acknowledge birthdays at all. it’s also fairly morbid. The burial has been announced and delayed many many times now. Joe Jackson has NOW stated that MJ won’t be buried on his birthday but is likely to be buried on August 31st, or even later.

79. While several members of the Jackson family have claimed that MJ is at Forest Lawn, telephone calls to forest lawn indicated that MJ wasn’t at any of their locations, period. (A more normal statement would have been that they aren’t authorized to discuss Mr. Jackson.) Man, I bet the people at forest lawn HATE Michael Jackson fans with all of them that have called.

80. Dr. Murray’s attorney stated that when Murray found Jackson, he had a “weak pulse” and was warm but had stopped breathing. That is not cardiac arrest. Murray’s attorney said Murray stated he gave CPR, but you do not give CPR with a pulse, you give artificial respiration, which is a different thing. A cardiologist would know this. A doctor would know this. Hell, anyone who has passed the eighth grade would know this

5 ore fa

Karly 81. The Siren and Lights Pickle (figured out by Anna K. of MJHD): When the ambulance left MJ’s house there was no siren and lights. It’s illegal to use siren and lights in a non-emergency situation, but in an emergency situation it’s policy. Some say MJ was dead when they got there which is why there are no sirens and lights but… the ambulance photo shows them trying to save him, and if they were doing that, there would be sirens and lights… plus he hadn’t been pronounced dead either… so… sirens and lights. ALSO (and this part is my addition to this): the 911 call: the dispatcher said: “Call us back if you need anything else” and disconnected the call. This is 100% against policy. They have to stay on the line in an emergency situation until the paramedics arrive, even if there is a doctor on the scene. BUT… if it’s not an emergency situation… I guess they’d want to keep the line free, huh?

82. Dr. Murray’s attorney has posted a list of “friends and patients” to support Dr. Murray on their website along with telephone numbers. File this in the “bizarre Legal Defense strategy of the century” drawer.

83. Mark Lester talks some more about how he’s Paris’ daddy except this time he talks to a more legit news source and says Michael was too shy and uncomfortable having sex with women so… he asked for Mark’s sperm instead. (Raise your hand if you think Michael would really find it more comfortable to ask Mark Lester for some of his sperm than use his own in a clinical setting or sleep with a woman… yeah me either.)

84. (This one was shared to me by Mo from MJHD): The photographer who got the “last photo of MJ” kind of failed to mention that it wasn’t really the only photo. There were THREE. I’ve seen all three, and it is clear from the movement of the paramedics in relation to MJ that they are three completely unique photographs. What is the likelihood that the one photographer who got “the last shot of MJ” got 3 PERFECT clear and non-blurry photographs in the span of a couple of seconds with the hubbub, a moving ambulance (however slowly), paramedics moving inside the ambulance, and tinted black windows with bright sunshine out? Close to zero maybe? Also… WHY is one of the members of the TMZ team standing back across the street to get a clear wide angle shot of the guy who is taking the “last photo of MJ” it’s almost like a “proof shot” Like “Hey look, the photo you saw of MJ dying is totally real, we promise.” This looks like a pretty organized effort. If MJ is really dying in this ambulance, why isn’t the papparazzi guy across the street trying to move in and get the money shot too? Is he really that magnanimous? Or does he feel he’s documenting history by getting a shot of the other guy taking the picture?

85. The LAPD chief of police has resigned, in the middle of the Michael Jackson case (a case that could make his career), 2 years before his tenure is up. His resignation is effective October 31st, which coincidentally is only a few days after the release of the This Is It movie. He is reportedly going into private security and re-locating. The LAPD chief of police is one of the few non-corrupt people in the LAPD, could he be uncomfortable enough with a situation involving MJ that he’s chosen to step down and remove himself from the area?
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Karly 86. Caught by Salvatora on MJHD The chef claims on LKL that Murray came running down the stairs at 12:05 screaming for help. But the screen in the firetruck that shows the transcript of the 911 call says the 911 call came in at 12:21. Where is the missing 15 minutes? What happened for 15 minutes. It’s also been reported they arrived at the house around 12:27 or 12:30 but they didn’t leave the house until 1 pm to go to the hospital. Some reports indicated they may have been trying to revive michael at the house for up to 45 minutes. Why? the hospital is five minutes away? And that Ambulance pic is NOT someone who has been dead for 45 minutes. And if he’d been dead for 45 minutes why would Jermaine say his body at the hospital was warm? Some paramedics have supposedly stated MJ was stabilized before arriving at the hospital. If that’s so, how could he be dead? Wouldn’t the CNN and headline news reported Coma story make more sense?

87. There is something DEFINITELY weird about the murray video. When I first saw it I thought his lips looked weird and he looked kind of CGI’d. Also the video is obviously and poorly spliced at :38 seconds in the vid. Several have said maybe Murray is MJ in a costume, but I think maybe the truth is even better than that. If MJ is alive, the Murray vid is most likely a message from him. What if he delivered the message himself and then they CGI’d murray over him (ala a couple of characters in Pirates of the Carribbean) and MJ used a fake accent and they altered the voice too. Watch the murray vid and the 1993 MJ vid back to back and see what I mean. This is WAy too michael jackson like. Souza81 from MJHD suggested that MJ did the audio maybe and Murray lip sync’d. That idea didn’t make total sense to me because why would they do that? But maybe MJ did the audio AND video and then they altered the audio and CGI’d Murray over the video. Hey, it wouldn’t be weirder than anything else going on here.

88. Mark Torbiner was the man that gave Jordie Chandler the Sodium Amytal which brought about his false confession. He was also brought in to testify in the 2005 criminal trial, AND he is listed by some as possibly one of MJ’s enabling doctors. WHY WHY WHY would MJ go to Mark Torbiner of ALL people for drugs?

89. All mainstream news outlets are reporting that court documents have been unsealed and that they reveal Murray gave MJ a cocktail of drugs before giving propofol. If Murray had actually confessed this to police he would have already been arrested, because he wasn’t authorized or certified to prescribe OR administer anything more serious than cough syrup in the state of california. Propofol is a legal loophole because it’s not a controlled substance. But if he admitted to administering the other drugs he would have been arrested.

90. Michael Jackson is wrongly listed in the Social Security death index. (the SSA admits that errors occur and sometimes people are mistakenly listed who aren’t dead. So anyone using the SSDI as a proof that MJ is dead, is really grasping at straws.) Michael Jackson’s legal name is: Michael Joe Jackson (we know this because the trial against him in 2005 was: The State of California vs. Michael Joe Jackson… they have to use your real and full legal name.) But the Death Certificate says: Michael Joseph Jackson. ERROR. AND… in the social security database he’s listed as: Joseph Michael Jackson, which is TWO errors in listing.

5 ore fa

Karly 91. A lot has been said about Sony and a possible murder conspiracy, but Tommy Motolla was fired a long time ago and power in Sony has shifted. MJ received an award a few years ago where he was greeted by the new person in charge at Sony/Epic and it was an artist like him. And he said “My how things have changed.” Could the Sony Threat be a red herring?

92. La Toya and other family members have screamed murder conspiracy, the AEG concerts don’t seem like they were ever planned to actually go forward because of a lack of rider in the contract… and yet… Kenny Ortega was invited to the burial. Why? If AEG was suspected as a part of a murder conspiracy, Ortega would not have been invited. Further, Ortega is too happy and giddy for a man who just lost a friend.

93. For that matter, Liz Taylor and Mac Culkin, also at the burial, were happy and giddy themselves. The atmosphere of all the people present was more like a wedding than a funeral. Why is that?

94. The Jackson family PURPOSEFULLY cultivated a media circus for the burial. Why would they do that if MJ was dead and they were truly grieving? We can say maybe more opportunistic members of the family did it, but we’ve been told from day one that Katherine was in charge and control of all of it. They announced to the media the date, time and location of the burial, as well as having it outdoors. If they didn’t want the media attention they would have done things very differently. If they did want the media attention, either they are soulless people who don’t truly love Michael, or Michael isn’t dead and they are taking direction from him.

95. Since MJ’s death, Frank Dileo has been on camera on two different occasions saying completely contradictory things on MJ. On an LKL interview he claimed MJ was in control of his life, no one told MJ what to do, if he wanted to see you he did, if he didn’t see you it was because he didn’t want to see you. No one was controlling or isolating MJ etc. etc. Then in a video about Tohme Tohme and his shady history… Dileo tells a completely opposite story about how Tohme Tohme was controlling and isolating MJ. So which is it? Perhaps Tohme Tohme is a red herring as well.

96. There has been no more talk about arresting Murray (well aside from arresting him over something having absolutely nothing to do with Michael Jackson). If Murray were to be arrested and tried it would be in the state of California, and therefore he would be required to have attorneys who could represent him in California. But his attorneys are only licensed in Texas. WHY doesn’t he have an attorney who could defend him in CA? The state he would be arrested and tried in?
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Karly 97. Michael Jackson was rolled out of the helicopter covered in a white sheet (that didn’t really look like it had a body underneath it IMO.), They normally have a blue thicker material they cover the body with. Or sometimes a black bag, depending on location and circumstances I suppose. But never a white sheet. Generally whatever is covering the body has text on it like LA County Coroner or something of that nature. This was just a white sheet with no identifying markers on it of any kind.

98. The This-Is-It dancers were the ushers for the funeral. (Kind of weird since this is usually a job handled by funeral home employees.)

99. At the end of the This Is It film, after the very very end of the credits, there is a tiny little scene where MJ says the following: LET ME BREATH IN MY OWN TIME






Now it could mean nothing, but it’s an odd thing to put at the end of the film considering the context.

100. Also in the film: There was NO mention of MJ having died at all, no RIP, no in memory of, no dates. Nothing. If I had been living in a cave the past few months and went in to see the movie and didn’t know beforehand that MJ had died, I wouldn’t have known after, either.

101. In complete contrast to the media stories and portrayal, MJ was not in any way frail or sickly or out of it. Nor was he a “puppet” that was being controlled. Nor did he seem in any way scared or unenthusiastic like he was being forced into things. (i.e. many people including people close to MJ and his family have LIED.) MJ was large and in charge. He was on top of every aspect of the production, directing people. He knew exactly what he wanted. He was happy, and playful, and energetic, and he still had the moves and the voice. He was incredible! And this was just rehearsals! (Remember how Karen Faye said on her facebook that she had to cut up his chicken because he was so weak? Um no!) There is NO way this man was on taking Propofol, period. Now could he have been on painkillers, possibly, I don’t know. but he sure as holy fuck wasn’t on Propofol.

102. Also in the movie: MJ had created a new video for Smooth Criminal. It was an old film from 1946 called “Gilda” in which MJ was put into the film in place of one of the other characters. The character MJ replaces in the film… in the story of the original movie, that character fakes his death. MJ edited part of the storyline. In the original storyline the man who faked his death gets killed, in the new MJ storyline, he escapes by jumping out a window.
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Karly 103. Some fans are reporting that there is more than one version of the TII movie. In the credits some have sworn they saw: “Michael WANTED to thank…” and others have seen “Michael WANTS to thank…” There are also a few other discrepencies which lead many fans to believe there is more than one version of this film floating around.

104. Timor, one of the TII dancers is rehearsing like crazy for a project he won’t divulge. (Timor is the dancer that was interviewed and said “Michael LOVES LIFE” after MJ had supposedly died. Present tense and that sentence is just more than just the normal “talking about a dead guy in present tense.” The show host got a weird look on his face, noticed it and commented on it, Timor seemed uncomfortable and then quickly said something like MJ was in his heart or something.) Timor is also the one who soon after Mj’s death was on his Twitter talking about going to LA and something about a big step for mankind. I mean come on, he’s not landing on the moon, what could Timor be doing that is that important and earth shattering that the entire world is going to stand up and take notice of?

105. The dancers were contracted for 2 years even though the concerts were all supposed to happen within a 1 year time frame. Also, even after MJ died, the dancers and other cast and crew from the show still maintains their silence about much of what went on.

106. Despite continued claims that the movie wasn’t planned before MJ died, in the movie we see documentary style interviews filmed in the same high def the rehearsals are filmed in. Many of these documentary interviews are clearly happening AT THE TIME, before MJ passed. These aren’t people they got together to film this after he died. Why did they have that kind of footage if there was no movie planned?

107. There were also parts of the show that weren’t even done yet. Costumes not ready, sets not created, certain things that were supposed to be created (like films) for certain songs that weren’t done. When were they intending on doing all this? In London? A few days before opening night?

108. At the memorial, at the end, not only does it say: “I’m alive and I’m here forever” on the screen, but there is an image of MJ behind the camera in the Liberian Girl video. This is a video where the plot of the video is basically that michael jackson is directing this video unknown to everyone else until we see him at the end. Also, at the burial, the image of MJ on the program is from the Liberian Girl video.
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Karly 109: Oddness about the LA Coroner: Craig Harvey. He is listed in as having worked on some film projects in the past. He also has a rather bizarre twitter page. Now he doesn’t have a “verified” twitter account, so he could be anyone. But what is interesting is… his first tweet came through on June 20th. So 5 days before MJ died, the coroner of LA decided just for the hell of it to start a Twitter account. Then his other posts are cryptic about MJ. How would a “fake craig harvey” know to start a twitter account five days before MJ died? And what would be the point anyway if he’s STILL only got 34 followers?

110. More about the dancers: In Timor’s Tweets, he mentions things about working with Nick and Misha (currently after MJ is dead.) What are the odds that Timor, Misha, and Nick all TII dancers are all going to be involved in a big project just a few weeks after the death of Michael Jackson together in LA? Also… remember they were under 2 year contracts with AEG. Because of the nature of the project it is very likely the contracts prohibited them from taking other projects during the terms of their contract so they would be open and free should the concerts extend past one year. So did AEG quickly revise the contracts after MJ died to free them up to do other work? (seems weird and unlikely.) How exactly did in just a few weeks, these people have time to mourn/deal with the loss of MJ and the tour they were so excited about, AND secure other contracts with other companies, for “something big” no less, while somehow skirting around the legalese of the contracts they were still under?

111. Despite reports to the contrary, on TII MJ is shown as being Lucid, on top of his game, energetic, excited, happy, etc. While it’s possible MJ could have had some bad days, he’s STILL in better shape than most Americans who even on their BEST days in their twenties can’t do much of what MJ was doing at 50 and supposedly frail and sick and drugged and on death’s door. (Yes, this is similar to an earlier comment on this list, but… some have tried to say “Well they had over a hundred hours of footage. They took the best footage and the rest is him sickly and frail and drugged and stuff. And MY point is… someone who is THAT sick and frail and drugged up, CANNOT do for even five minutes the stuff MJ was doing. I wonder if some people have even met frail, sickly and drugged up people before.)
5 ore fa

Karly 112. Though I’ve wanted to avoid mentioning the family… one thing I want to say about the family and friend’s reactions and behaviors since the death. Fans have been out weeping in the streets and the family and friends show little emotion. If MJ had died a totally natural death then MAYBE I could accept these reactions, but with it being fairly obvious that if MJ died it was senseless and could have been prevented and people involved in the TII production helped kill him (through neglect and being greedy if for no other reason), it seems a little odd the behavior that has been displayed. Not only that but… if you were MJ’s family and you knew that his involvement in these concerts put so much stress and pressure on him, it led to his death, would you have the TII dancers at the Burial as ushers? Would you invite Kenny Ortega? Would you really? No offense to Kenny but the man, and the dancers are WAY too happy. We’re talking about possible murder or death by severe neglect. We’re talking about KO possibly having a hand in it by not getting MJ help and ignoring the signs. None of these reactions make sense in light of the “official story” we’ve been given. Also… why has Murray STILL not been arrested?

113. Ben Evanstead, the guy who took the “Last photo of MJ” (ambulance photo), in an interview available on Youtube he says some strange things talking about MJ and the photo that was taken. For one thing, he talks about how Michael was always going to the hospital and that maybe he was trying to get out of the concerts, that it’s always drama with Michael. And there WERE an awful lot of “sickly” photos of MJ leading up to the concert comeback announcement, which makes the TII movie defy logic. Also Ben is a fan of MJ’s, and there are many pictures floating around the internet of him and MJ getting their picture made together. Also, at the end of the clip (around 4:13) there is a slip up (thank you to: CantgetenoughMJ for bringing this to my attention) EXACT QUOTE: “Yes Chris, and the other people that were there that day and the other da… uh and uh are part of that agreement, are going to make a lot of money, absolutely.” And he looked somewhat uncomfortable. It seems that he’s implying there was more than one day when they were taking the “last photo of MJ” which can only be possible if MJ isn’t dead. (Unless MJ died on two different days.)

114. Arnie Klein in an interview on LKL (I skimmed the list to see if I already had this one, I guess it seemed too small at the time to mention but it’s becoming more important as more and more people seem to be lying and having weird slip-ups in interviews. This just makes me think anyone can hoax their death and get away with it since people will just IGNORE shit once they’ve made up their mind about the truth of an issue), said that MJ was the world’s greatest ACTOR. Um, sorry, that’s not what MJ is known for. Then he corrects his slip-up. But if MJ has been going to the hospital and acting sick and frail and then kicking ass in the TII movie… I’d say that’s some pretty fine acting.

5 ore fa

Karly 115. This one comes from a commenter named Monroe: ‘This Is It’ actually contains another film from the Smooth Criminal portion. Bogart’s line “What do want me to do count to three like they do in the movies?” comes from a 1946 film ‘The Big Sleep’ where a detective played by Bogart is pulled into a whirlwind of blackmail, lies, double-crossing, and murder while trying to answer the question “What happened to Sean Regan?” And despite the man’s disappearance being the kick off for the events of the film the question is never fully answered. Sound familiar? Now of course the similarities to Michael Jackson’s disappearance/death on June 25th kicking off a twlightzone like scenario of lies, ever changing reports (in coma/DOA at UCLA, drugged/not drugged, healthy weight/anorexic) and just plain bizarre behavior could be a coincidence after all that is a cool quote, but no stone unturned right?

116. This one also comes from Monroe: Also the HollywoodTv footage of the ambulance leaving Carolwood drive and Starline tours video of supposedly the same event don’t match. In the Hollywood footage the guy records the ambulance backing out of the gates, tries to film the back windows, and then runs around to the side where the guy in the red shirt is taking pictures before running back to his car. In the Starline video we see a guy in black shorts run up to the back windows as the security guard tries to cover them and then he keeps standing there until the ambulance drives off and he runs back to his car. No one is seen running around to the side of the ambulance where the guy in the red shirt is.

Finally at the end of the Hollywood video the tour bus is shown driving up and stopping just in front of the fire engine. When the tourist in the bus is filming the bus is now slightly behind the fire engine. Presumably the bus backs up to let the ambulance out (and for some reason no one gets footage of this) but in the Hollywood film the bus is not only behind the fire engine, but looks like it’s parked behind a red car and a black car. Is it possible to maneuver a bus backwards that quickly in such a tight space and not hit anything?[/b]
5 ore fa

AEG ~ Sony / Michael speech about Sony in London
« on: March 13, 2010, 03:14:11 PM »
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I know that this video was long time ago... but there is some "actual" in that speech...
look into his eyes..they look exhausted.
He is very upset...never heard him speak so strong words.
I am not saying Sony is involved in a possible murder...Tony Mottola is not there anymore,I know....but whatever has happened,Michael had suffered a lot in the past cause of Sony. So,it is just for sharing a piece of Michael "tribulations" with you...
And love him always more and more....

This Is It / TII dancing machine
« on: March 13, 2010, 12:58:39 PM »
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Had you seen this???
It is not in the dvd extras,isn' t it?

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