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Hoax Videos / Elvis & Michael.... Did Elvis help him??
« on: February 04, 2010, 11:05:06 AM »
First of all, I'll start with Elvis, I without a doubt believe Elvis "faked" his death, but he didn't do intentionally, from all the investigative articles I read on how this is so much mystery around his death, I did find one article that did seal the deal for me on that he's alive. It was that Elvis was found in a coma-state when arriving at the hospital, and some orderlies at the hospital seen a body being wheeled down the hall with a white sheet, and asked if it was Elvis, not sure on who shook their head "yes", but then that spread like wild fire that Elvis was dead, when he did come out of the coma, his dad has told him, "son, the world thinks your dead", "but if you continue this lifestyle of drugs, you will be dead". I  believe the Elvis "death" is going to come out this year more. When on u-tube go to Jimmythejam and look at the AUDIO videos of a man claiming to be Jon Cotner, Jon Burrows, Sivle Aora, (which is Evlis Aron spelt backwards). Which in question has always been the spelling of Elvis middle name of Aaron, which he legally changed to Aron, (with 1 A) on his contracts, birth certificate, etc... now look at his head stone at Graceland, it has Aaron. HHmmm, seems like he have the same issues with Joe, or Joseph too. I have loved Elvis all my youth, and I listen to that guy under Jimmythejam, I'm convinced without a doubt that is Elvis. He even goes on to say in the audio, he doesn't claim to be Elvis, he won't tell you what his real name is, he is Elvis in spirit, that just want to make people happy with the Elvis songs he sings. He talks about Elvis is dead, and died on August 16, 1977, and I believe he is leaving soooo many hints, that is he Elvis, but "the Elvis" that all his fans loved, that was on drugs, he no longer is that Elvis. I was blown away by the audio from Jimmythejam. Also anoymous singer dropped a record off at record label familar with Elvis, never left his name, but told the secretary he would know who it is. The name of the song is SPELLING ON THE STONE. Check those u-tube videos out. Now what does this have to do with Michael????  
1.  Spelling of middle name, Joe vs Joseph, Aaron vs Aron
2   Michael was quoted to Lisa Marie, that he didn't want to go out like Elvis. I truly believe Michael did have a prescription drug issue( now that's my opinion) and with Elvis he was given another chance to clean up or die, could Michael feel that he was also faced with the same issues.
3.  Elvis was very, very into the goverment, he actually got his US Marshalls badge from President Nixon, and was very close to Nixon, and then Carter. He also had 663 death threats on his life, (quoted from a invesitigation on his mystery "death", and had a member of the US Marshalls posing as a member of his band. Michael also had strong relations with Clinton.
4.  When an inventory of stuff was done on Elvis's belongings, A PLANE WAS MISSING, YES A PLANE, over 90% of his jewerly was gone, 1 million dollar checking account just vanished among other too long to mention.
5.  This Jon Cotner, Jon Burrows (which is an alias Elvis used for checking into hotels), did start to surface late 2008 on u-tube, but all of 2009, not one audio/video was posted by Jimmythejam, with many many requests as to where the Mystery Man went too.
6.  Is is possible that Elvis used his plane that just seemed to have vanished to help Michael fly out? For his would be private plane, no one would know who's on board.
7. Jon Cotner, (many alias's of Elvis) has stated in audio that the "real Elvis wouldn't make a comeback, for one- his fans, and two- it was a lifestyle with no privacy, to lead a normal life, it was a lifestyle he tried so hard to escape from. I know Michael felt the same way, couldn't go shoppinig, had to wear disguises, he so also desired to lead a "normal life".
8. I found it "weird" my word I'll use, that in 2009, this Jon Cotner was NOT heard from, and now Jan 16-2010, he has re-surfaced again on u-tube. Is it possible that he was helping Michael "plan his escape" because he has so far eluded us for 35 plus years. Elvis & Michael might have been different style singers, but both had the desire to lead normal lives, free of drugs, both very active in the goverment, (not really sure on what extent, but maybe close enough to have new identities, especially since Elvis had numerous death threats, and it was rumored that he also had either family members, that were active in illegal drugs, and could have possibly ruined his career for what he knew, (that was why the US Marshall posed a member of his band-for protection also) , like the molestation charges on Michael.
9.  Now that I see this Jon Cotner has come out in 2010 with more audio, describing his life of "Elvis", but not claiming to be Elvis, (for that is the lifestlyle he no longer is associated with) but is singing all Elvis's music, is it possible Michael could stay in hiding, and come out singing, but "sounding alot like Michael Jackson".
10. Both wanted to make a difference in the world, with many of the same desires.
11.  Elvis's autopsy report was TWO pages long, with the middle name Aaron, spelled wrong, and handwriting analysis proved that Elvis actually wrote his own death certificate.
12. a life insurance policy for Elvis is still not cashed in..... also Michael has one outstanding not cashed in....for that would open his family up for charges of fraud.
13. In some of Elvis's interviews he uses the phrase "final curtain call"

There is a couple pics of this Jon Cotner, Jon Burrows, etc.... on Jimmythejam u-tube channel, you be the judge is it Elvis? And how do you get away with being noticed? DENY, DENY, DENY!!! alot of people "look like & sound like" other people, what do you hear them say? "Yea, I hear that alot that I look like him/her"  
I'll be on lookout (or audio) for any new singer, sounding alot like MIKE!!
If any other members have any other "similarities" of Elvis & Michael please share them!
I know Elvis has been rumored since his "death" not to have died, and its because of the MYSTERY THAT SURROUNDS IT.

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