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I also remember reading that Scientitogology was also a "cult for curing gayness". Like Tom Cruise & John Travola have been linked to gays. Not sure how close this is to the truth, but seems like that cult religion had high hopes for turning gays around. But then got sucked into it, because they we're gay, & couldnt come out & admit being gay.

Fake News (MJ Edition) / Re: Diane Dimond strikes again
« on: July 03, 2012, 12:05:16 PM »
Maybe if she's so bent finding pedofiles. She should be looking HERE! TSA!!

Whistleblower: TSA Deliberately Hiring Psychopathic Criminals

TSA supervisor reveals how bosses told him to hire people with violent tendencies

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A TSA supervisor turned whistleblower has revealed to the Alex Jones Show how the federal agency is deliberately directing its staff to hire people with criminal records who exhibit violent tendencies and psychopathic behavior.

Last month it emerged that a Catholic priest who had been defrocked over allegations of child sex abuse was subsequetly hired by the TSA to work at Philadelphia International Airport.

Congresswoman: TSA Hiring Pedophiles To Conduct Pat Downs

Federal agency staffed with criminals due to inadequate background checks

Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn has released a report documenting how the TSA is hiring “pedophiles and child pornographers” to conduct pat downs.

The report (PDF) contains 50 examples of “the TSA’s most dangerous officers,” listing innumerable examples of TSA agents caught engaged in criminal behavior, from assault, to theft, to child pornography, to molesting children, in cases documented from 2005 onwards.

As we have previously highlighted, the TSA displays little regard for the character of those who employ to work in airport security. Indeed, in one example a spoof caller phoned the federal agency and pretended to be interested in a TSA job so he could act out his sexual perversions. The caller was treated seriously by a TSA staffer on the other end of the line.

When the spoof caller asked the TSA staffer if he could fondle breasts, the staffer responded, “If that is what is required by your job position – yes.”

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What time was Farrah Fawcet pronounced dead?  Just curious.
   Farrah Fawcett died at approximately 9:28 am

my daughter was born at 9:28 am also. Weird, just looking at that time, automatic goes to a birth of mine, but death for someone else.

That's still alot of money going for flowers. Even if they are going to other places afterwards, still alot of money.

Wow I wonder where are all these sites that over 30k worth of roses could be gathered? Does anyone know these sites, & who was the biggest contributor of the $$$$? Just seems odd to me to find that many people to have that much $$$$. Something seems odd to me about this big dollar amount on the 3rd anniversary. What's so special about the 3rd anniversary that fans would contribute this much? So next year, maybe 40k, & 40,000 roses, & it goes up every year?

Introduce yourself / Re: Love From Indiana
« on: June 19, 2012, 05:42:00 PM »
Hey Heather, if not to personal & nosey, how far are you from Gary? MJ's birthplace? or have you ever visited the home where he grew up? Just wondering if any hoaxers leave any clues or just signs to say we don't believe the "official death".

Introduce yourself / Re: Love From Indiana
« on: June 19, 2012, 04:26:54 PM »
Hey Heather, we're almost neighbors...I'm in Wisconsin. Welcome to the beloved family.

Introduce yourself / Re: Hi, I'm new to the site.
« on: June 19, 2012, 04:23:04 PM »
How we're you able to read for the last 3 years & not be able to refrain from jumping in? 
Welcome & you should have 3 years worth of clues for us?? Just kidding! Welcome!

Michael Jackson News / Re: Janet Jackson to produce transgender film
« on: June 19, 2012, 03:50:32 PM »
My friend & I flip houses, & our electrician was "James" & now he's "Jamie", & has had the operation & is around the same age as myself. You would hardley even know it was a guy except for the slight deep voice. She has curves, in all the right places, & look better than most women I know.

He knows his stuff on history. He's firm on his answers. He knows & is keeping the fellow hip hop world alive with the truth. He's a breath of air for humanity, that's for sure. He speaks with such confidence. I like that.

I think when people look for comparisons of CR to Michael, they looking at obvious things, hands, ears, height, eyes, etc. Putting that picture of the sexy woman in the bikini (eddie in fat suit) & picture of Eddie next to it, what could anyone ever point out that would be similiar to each other?

And to be able to say it's a "man" in a fat suit?

IF, & I use the word "if" loosely is CR is Michael, looking for clues on him to match up to what Michael's old photos, is not going to be there.

Look at Tyler Perry, as Madea, & other roles he plays, if you didn't know it was actually Tyler Perry playing all those different roles, do you think you would've guessed?

Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor.  He had multiple roles. All dressed different, fat, slimmer, darker, lighter, etc...

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Another good video about positive black men-----MICHAEL JACKSON!

The Murder Theory / Re: My theory on the murder/killing of MJ
« on: June 01, 2012, 07:15:20 PM »
As many years as we've been discussing "why, when, how," he faked his death, only Michael knows the true reason. We've been blessed & still blessed with his presense of music, & if he's truly at peace with this hoax, it's time he takes care of himself. Lord knows he's been carrying the weight of th world, in trying to "fix" the world as we know it today, & he did the best he could. The only person you can yourself!

Michael did have a heart of gold.
He is human.

I wonder how many people called that facility to see if he's actually there? or better yet, How about one of us call and ask to put money, $1 in Conrad Murrays canteen account.?

Does anyone on this forum live near that facility?

Property and Money Release

Persons desiring to deposit money on an inmate's account may do so at the cashier's office at the Inmate Reception Center. No money will be accepted at Men's Central Jail. Inmates may sign an Order for Release of Prisoners Property form and/or a Money Draw Slip during regular visiting hours.

The cashiers office can be reached at (213) 473-6049. Further information on the cashier's office can be seen by clicking here.

Parking available at the visitor parking structure for $8 .00

Members of the general public may visit inmates at any Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department jail facility. Visiting hours vary and are subject to change without prior notice. Inmates are provided with at least two visits totaling at least one hour per week. At Men’s Central Jail, general population inmates may receive three twenty (20) minute visits per week totaling one hour and special handle inmates may receive two thirty (30) minute visits per week totaling one hour. A total of three (3) visitors are allowed per inmate

SHIT.....$8.00 to park, & only get 20 minute visit x3, if I do my math correct that's $24 a week.

Wonder what "special handle inmates" is?...same amount of time---1 hr, but only 2x per week.
I never heard of paying to park to visit a jail or prison. Really? wow what xtra revenue they generating.

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