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Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: A letter from Paris
« on: July 01, 2010, 03:35:56 PM »
the handwriting is hers but i dont think is recent...thats why it seems a lil "retared" for her age (11-12)
actualy do we know when kai worked for mj?
i think 2009 wasnt the first year..

June 25, 2010 / Re: "Gone Too Soon"
« on: July 01, 2010, 03:17:55 PM »
That place under Prince's arm could be a birthmark or something else. It could be vitiligo. The people I know with vitiligo it started on their hands.

Edited to say I hate seeing pictures of the kids because we know that Michael would not have wanted that, and God forbid, if that is really vitiligo Michael would be mortified that people keep posting this picture of Prince.

those pics are all over the internet and if i post it here is not gonna be a murder.
i believe that if michael is alive he knows about the pics...

there are pics of his hand

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im sorry to say this but some ppl really believe trush then mj himself...

so a birthmark...right?
im not gonna say what i already said in my previous post
wake up and see what in front of your eyes...if this is one of the reason we arguing about how are we going to change the world?
IF michael would see this he would be dissapointed.and because we are posting pictures that are all over the intervet with his kids,but because we still doubt about him being the real father...

Other Odd Things / Re: Ian Halparin: Mj is gay
« on: June 30, 2010, 03:49:44 AM »
i knew why i didnt like this man

now i understand why in the documentary he said that the kids are klein's and omer's...not because they dont look like him but because he is convinced that mj is gay.
f**ck you !
this man is evil,i dont like his tone i dont like him at all!
just listen his voice
he is mean

just the way he stays when he talks tells you the kind of man he a liar and he thinks he's write in everything!

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: MORE PICS FROM HAWAII
« on: June 29, 2010, 06:48:57 AM »
kid are really in hawaii
this is the hotel they are staying at and you can see that has the same views from the pics

The Fairmont Kea Lani hotel in Maui

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June 25, 2010 / Re: WORLD CRY 2010 ROMANIA
« on: June 28, 2010, 05:18:22 PM »
this is so beautiful...i cried

10x for the videos
i wasn't there ...

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: KIDS IN HAWAII
« on: June 28, 2010, 02:24:03 PM »
Quote from: "mjfansince4"
Quote from: "mykidsmum"
I think we can finally...finally put to rest the rumor that Prince is not MJ's biological is his vitiligo...circled...sorry Prince, you are beautiful with or without vitiligo and may you handle it with all the grace your father did.  I'm sorry if I offend you or hurt you, it's not my intention.

i hope this time around people can be a little bit more respectful. michael handled the scrutiny with strength and grace. i pray to God that prince won't have be put through that. if he does, we'll be here for him like we are for michael. children should NOT have to put up with that kind of crap.

that being said, prince is going to break a lot of hearts like his dad does. good genes.

i can tell you that he's already doing it  :lol:

oh god...i cried so much :(
i just saw the tribute and i think he did a great job ...
i started to cry at "I'm starting with the man in the mirror"....... god I MISS HIM SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH :((((
i mean ...i think that mj was like the angel that could've made something for us and for this planet and now that he's not here (not in the daying way) i feel like we are lost.... do you even feel this way ?

June 25, 2010 / Re: "Gone Too Soon"
« on: June 27, 2010, 05:44:53 PM »
ok,i didnt say that i dont like all off it
it pissed me off especially the fact that he said that the kids are not his!

PLEAAASEEE tell me that MJ was so stupid and ignorant and heartless to chose a sperm donor from a guy who has VITILIGO!!!
this pissed me off!that ppl still think that if mj was(is) different and exatravagant on some things he would pick someone else to father his kids!
is this i dont like!
when ppl will understand that ALL of his kids ARE really HIS?!

blanket is the clon of him!
paris LOOKS like latoya when she was youg.she looks like her debbie's clon
and PRINE!well here is everyone's problem.prince is not his huh?
well with prince is so simple
when you look at prince you must say he is mj's kid

because of this:

and this

and freaking THIS

prince has jaafar's smile


im already offtopic...

on: i read ian's book about mj and i likeed it at first but the last half was  like " i dont really think he is innocent" or " why he loves so much kids?there must be another reason for his interest for them"

about this documentary i didnt like hes accent and the way he talked in some parts of it.i dont know i felt like he was amuzed ..i dunno how to explain.i didnt like.
i didnt like all of it,i told you.
i dont like ian as a person or the person he shows in this documentary.
he took advantaje off the fact that he knew those things about mike but this doesnt mean that he really believes in what he says in the documentary.maybe he did it,maybe he realised it just because is michael jackson and because michael jackson is dead.

hope i didnt upset anyone and i hope u'll look carrefully at those pics and think about it
i really wish ppl stop saying "i doesnt matter who the father of those kids is.MJ raised them so he is the fathe,even he is not the biological father" thing...

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: KIDS IN HAWAII
« on: June 26, 2010, 09:00:07 AM »
Quote from: "Truth_or_Dare"
Not hoax related - but is it just me or did Prince and Paris put on a little weight?  :?: I'm not sure if that would mean anything...  :roll:
they dont have a thin mom so yea they put on a lil weight
they are growing up

June 25, 2010 / Re: "Gone Too Soon"
« on: June 26, 2010, 08:42:31 AM »
i am the only one here that didnt really enjoyed it?
i really think that the fact that Ian told ppl that MJ was not a pedofile helped...
i was pissed about the lady in red (the journalist)
seemed a bit strange that he said that he disguised himself and pretend to be a gay (or wathever) to obtain some interviews.
it pissed me off that he kept asking the trainer guy (sorry i forgot his name)thing about MJ  + why using a camera for that...

and most of ... he said that he thinks that prince and paris are klein's kids and blanket is omer's!
WTF?????  :x  :x  :x

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: KIDS IN HAWAII
« on: June 26, 2010, 08:19:54 AM »
The lady in black suit is Taj's GF and the others are her sister.They are triplets.They are born in Brazil

here you have more pics

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(several pages)

i watched it live! and there were so many things .... odd...things...
the fact that ppl wrote "MJ IS ALIVE MJ IS ALIVE" all the time and he did say anything.
he could've told ppl stop but he didnt.
interesting song to play...WBSIS

the neckless was MJ's.crazy and interesting.
i'm like 60% he's mike's son,but this doesnt matter.he REALLY CAN MOVE! like waw!he's very telanted.
and the mask was weird

here's a printscreen

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Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: Blanket and Paris (WEBCAM VIDEOS)
« on: May 10, 2010, 11:00:59 AM »
she imitates omer so good :))

they are not leaked videos

photobucket had a problem in march or something like that and all the private accounts were able to everyone .a girl found them and now they are leaked.they were not leaked from the beggining.
the account is donte's.

Prince, Paris & Blanket / Re: Blanket and Paris (WEBCAM VIDEOS)
« on: May 07, 2010, 05:17:13 AM »
Quote from: "Hopeless"
That's never Blanket ! Please watch Pictures of him ! On Youtube are other videos with the fake Blanket...Blankets parting of his hair is allways in the other side....the profile wasn't seems like this child is younger.
I don't know who make it and used his child.....but THIS IS NOT Blanket.
God bless him !

off course he is!

you can hear prince in the background laughing/he has mike's laught  8-)

and no one leaked this
there was a problem in february pr march on photobucket where the private accounts were able to everyone
a girl found them and since then we had only we ahve the videos.
and about the pics...this...i dont know...

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