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Other Odd Things / Re: Exactly The Reverse of Plastic Surgery
« on: June 07, 2010, 08:33:44 AM »

I dont know if its an aging pic or if someone photoshopped it. But without the vitiligo and "work", then this is probably what he would look like.... Still a hottie!! LOL

Other Odd Things / Re: Exactly The Reverse of Plastic Surgery
« on: June 07, 2010, 08:23:54 AM »
Maybe he would look like this?

I know a few dog is one.


Do we have a link to this article?

EDIT: Nevermind I found the link above! duh.

Quote from: "Hazzely"
This is from the Search Warrant, I'm afraid it wasn't Michael who wrote the report guys...check out the numbers..

The Search Warrants are probably real though....

Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: A YANA Experience....
« on: June 04, 2010, 09:55:58 AM »
Quote from: "jill"
Jacksonologist, thanks for posting this.  What a great story.  I love reading personal experiences about Michael.  How fortuante this young woman was!  This one experience will be etched in her mind forever!

the baby powder smell........can you imagine?

At the end when she said she sleeps with her shirt under her pillow cus it smelled like him....made me well up!

First I want to credit Bisquit and Verylittlesusie over at MJHD for the pics.
Second........... :o  :o  :o

Could it be? What do you think? Also notice the birth date is wrong!!!

Other Odd Things / Re: Only 4 years to fix it, News Giant Sinkhole
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:23:36 PM »
Quote from: "SEHF"
I know I really do.. I've always been naturally skeptical of wild things and my sarcasm plays on that even worse.

I'll try to be more open minded. Mo and Souza both have warned me I guess I need to try a bit harder.

Please do.

Quote from: "MJonmind"
Sorry, I don't mean to get into old troubles for Michael, but you know the uneasy feeling you have when you read tabloid trash. Sigh...

I had purchased Randy Taraborrelli's book, the magic and the madness, but only read half before I got into the hoax online and stopped the book.  Just now I found an article written by him on MJ's marriage to Lisa. I didn't realize that Randy basically tries to confirm Michael being guilty by his wording and these 2 things:
 I'm wondering if anybody heard or read of an explanation as to their validity or truth. One was that several photos were found of Jordan and others in just their underwear, and the other was that Jordan's father asked his son when he was groggy from anasthetics, if Michael had touched his privates and Jordan had said he had.  Was that proven to be lies? Thanks.

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As far as the pics of the boys in their underwear..I have no idea, but I do know that Jordans father GAVE HIM that truth serum stuff and asked him wether MJ touched him inappropriatley and Jordan said YES. ONLY because he was under the influence of this drug. MJ never touched Jordan. The cops asked Jordan to describe MJ's penis and it wasnt even close. Evan Chandler was a scumbag who had some serious jealously issues and used his son to extort money from MJ.

There was a huge article about in one of Mo and Souza's blogs about that trial.

Evan chanlder was caught on tape during a phone call pretty much saying he would extort money from MJ and he was going to "take him down"...Evan wanted to work with MJ on a movie and MJ said No and that pissed him off too.
You should read the blog.. it will tell you what REALLY happened.

Michael's features, habits & disguises / A YANA Experience....
« on: June 03, 2010, 03:06:41 PM »
If this has been posted...let me know and I will delete....
I LOVE this story...

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Nov 1996. Australia. The History Tour. I went to 4 History shows, 2 in my own city, and I travelled to 2 other Aussie cities for the others...same with Bad, but that was 3 shows in all. Michael cancelled the Australian leg of Dangerous because of what we now know to be a stint in the time we were told he had a minor stomach by the time History came along I was determind to get to as many shows as possible, despite being a few weeks pregnant with my third child.

At the concert where I got onstage, I was lucky enough to get down the front...kinda leaning towards the right hand side, but right out in front. During the costume change after Smooth Criminal a guard approached me and asked me if I wanted a dance with Michael..he didn't have to ask me twice! He helped me over the barrier, and thinking back, I can't have looked very lady-like at was early summer and a warm night, I was wearing very short shorts and a MJ pregnancy wasn't yet showing. I clambered over that barrier and didn't care how I looked, in case the dude changed his mind. He asked me if I was wearing anything sharp, I said no, but he asked me to turn my engagement ring round my finger, so "it doesn't get stuck in his hair" led me to the little row of stairs and let me go...Mike was doing YANA by then...I just fell into his arms, but was quite calm, because of the baby. He was beautiful, and he smelt of baby powder. His skin was soft, but his arms were strong. He had a tight grip around my waist, and stroked my long hair. I could feel the shiny gold pants on my bare legs. He held my arm up and twirled himself under my arm. When I sensed my time was nearly up, I cupped his face in my hands and kissed him on the lips, he kissed me back, and just grinned that lovely grin at me. I noticed a red mark on his neck and my first thought was "ok...WHO put THAT there..?" realised later it was probably an insect bite, Aussie summers are notorious for bugs, and one obviously took a shine to his neck. Lucky bug.
Wayne Nagin (chief of security), came to get me, and as he lead me away, I screamed "I love you" to Mike about 3 times, and when I looked up at him, he mouthed it back to me..I was too far away by then to hear him, but he seemed to mouth "I love you more".....that was it, I just collapsed in tears in Wayne's arms. He took me just inside the back stage area, asked me if I was ok, and offered me some water. He let me watch the next song (J5 medley), then told me he'd take me back to the audience. I asked him for some help down the stairs "cos I'm pregnant" should've seen the look on his face...he said "What! why didn't you tell us?", I said "are you kidding, they wouldn't have let me up there!" I assured him I was ok but after the show, I stayed back and spoke to some of the crew and apparantly Michael was told I was pregnant, and he freaked out. He was worried he'd hugged me too tight! Isn't that cute....always thinking of others..
Anyway, that's basically it...I've remembered alot over the years, and probably forgotten some too..the baby that I was carrying is now nearly a teenager, and she tells everyone that SHE danced with MJ! I guess she did in a way..
The shirt I was wearing, I never washed..the baby powder smell stayed in it for ages, and these days, since Mike passed away, I keep the shirt under my pillow and hug it while I fall asleep. The baby powder smell has long gone, but I swear some nights, when I wake up and lie there in the moonlight, (I keep my blinds up for my cat), I can smell him on my shirt.
BTW, I asked security about the baby powder smell, and they said he wore baby powder to absorb the sweat.

Hope you enjoyed reading this..

Quote from: "DancingTheDream"
Quote from: "Tina K."
Hmmmm, isen't LMP married to another man ? and have children with him ? I don't think she's with Michael. And about the gay thing ; I was actually stucked to a gay man for almost 2 years, before I realized it was uselesss...... :(  Love make you blind. :(

That is my whole point..   that is the official line...  but where is she really??  Im telling you she aint in the UK - there has been NOTHING here about her..  unless she is holed up in a house and never leaves.  No pap photos of her AT ALL.  It doesnt sit right with me at all.  She is lying about where she is living i am sure.

Also...   that link states LMP and Michael were together for years after their divorce..  they lied and covered it up then so who knows if its a cover up now.

apparently LMP showed up in Australia to see MJ RIGHT AFTER the wedding to Debbie!! Like the same friggin day!! Debbie went to stay with someone at their house and MJ and LMP snuck off together!! WHAT THE HELL!!!
MJ!!!! You naughty, NAUGHTY boy!! LOL

there was a thread on MJJC about personal encounters with MJ and what he was REALLY like with the ladies.....and some of these stories would make your eyes pop. I think that thread is gone now but let me tell you...he is NOT what think he is.
The guy had females literally throwing themselves at him ALL HIS LIFE...and being a straight guy, dont you think he gave in to his desires at least a few times? I would think so.
Lets not get so upset about this...yes it bothers me too somewhat to read his personal life on the internet, BUT, being that he is such a mystery makes us all the more curious to find out what he was really like. I think its an excellent way to market yourself. I dont mean that to sound bad, but just think about it.
Do you think if he allowed us in to who he was just a little bit, do you think he would have the fanbase he has? NO.
Its the MYSTERY that shrouded him that attracted everyone. They wanted to unlock the Mystery that is Michael Jackson. They wanted to know something everyone else if he slept with his socks on, or if he drank milk with his dinner.
Not knowing or not being able to have something/someone just makes you want it SO much more....MJ know damn well what he was doing when he got so private. Im sure he really didnt want people knowing his personal life, but at the same time he did it for other reasons.

I actually commend the man on his way of thinking.

guys, dont forget Randy's tweets about the tribute.

Someone on MJHD said he couldve been tweeting about the tribute under the guise of "disgust" on purpose.....

Here are his tweets: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I think we might have something here....

Karen Faye / Re: Karen Faye - Read This! Wth???
« on: June 01, 2010, 10:18:08 AM »
did you guys ever stop to think that maybe all of these wishy-washy stories are being thrown out there on purpose?

I personally feel KF is just a spiteful be-otch who ended up getting what she deserved.

Michael's features, habits & disguises / Check out my new sig!!!
« on: May 28, 2010, 11:43:46 AM »
Make sure your drool doesnt drip on your keyboards ok?

Michael Jackson News / Re: American Idol
« on: May 27, 2010, 08:59:57 AM »
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