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Other Odd Things / Arno Bani LIED about MJ photoshoot!
« on: July 21, 2010, 04:51:26 PM »
By now everyone must be familiar with the newly released pictures of MJ supposedly taken in 1999 by Arno Bani, but many of us speculate that it was taken more recently.  Well, I found a hole in Arno's timeline regarding the date of the photoshoot that might prove the photoshoot did not take place in 1999.

I checked out Arno Bani's bio in the link mack5K provided, (thanks mack5K). According to the bio, dated April 2006, Arno Bani was 25 at the time the bio was written. In the bio, it says Arno was 23 when he met Michael Jackson. Now for the math. If Arno was 25 in 2006, then he must be 28 or 29 in 2010. But if the photoshoot with MJ was in 1999 (11 years ago), then Arno Bani would have been only 18 years old when he took those photos. Yet the bio says that Arno produced his first fashion and beauty pictures when he was just 20 years old. At age 18 he was still in school and a floor assistant at some photography studios.

Now if it's true that Arno was 23 when he photographed Michael, then that would have been in 2004 which was the year of the trial, which might explain why the pictures look more recent than 1999 and more importantly, why MJ looks so sad. But why lie about the date of the photoshoot? How can you confuse 1999 with 2004, they're not even in the same decade!

Here's the bio:

Arno Bani's career began while he was still at school. A self-taught and determined individual, he took the decision at the age of eighteen
to become involved in visual art by producing his first pictures.
His desire to learn the trade on-the-job and in a more professional way led him to finish his school studies. He spent several months as a
floor assistant at some of Paris' most famous studios. His wish, however, was to be able to put forward his vision of things from behind
the camera lens; he made good use of the facilities provided to him by his various studios and made a push for the big time.
At the age of just twenty, he produced his first fashion and beauty pictures in Sweden and began to make a name for himself outside of
Paris. He caught the eye of Isabella Blow, talent scout from the Sunday Times, who spotted his first offerings. They struck up a
relationship and worked together on successive occasions. The young Frenchman began to turn his camera to an ever greater range of
subjects and his confidence grew and grew.
His creations are the result of a blend of thought and instinct. The concepts of luxury and chic are reworked and displayed for all to see.
With artistic flair and taste akin to those of Ora Ito and Topolino, Arno Bani took a course off the beaten track of fashion towards his
own personal visual world, in which he expresses his specific vision of the feminine form.
His work was then noticed by Michael Jackson in the fashion pages of the Sunday Times. Jackson entrusted his image to Arno Bani by
commissioning a series of portraits. At the age of twenty-three, Arno Bani found himself face to face with a living legend with the task of
capturing him on film.
This project sealed Arno Bani's reputation as one of the most talented photographers of his generation. He was subsequently taken on by
such fashion and luxury-item names as Lacroix, Givenchy and Cartier and by David Guetta, Bob Sinclair and the stars of Air.
Now aged twenty-five, Arno Bani is a famous photographer beyond the world of fashion. Based on oppositions - a mix of classicism and
modernity - his monochrome approach has now become omnipresent and can be seen in the pages of Citizen K, Spoon, Visionaire and

You can read the rest of the bio here:
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Here's Arno Bani's contact info in case anyone is ballsy enough to clear up the discrepancy by going straight to the horse's mouth.  I'm not  :oops:.
20 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais 75003 PARIS / FRANCE t. +33 6 88 23 67 53 You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

One last thing, the following picture has the year 2010 printed on it.  Would it not make more sense to stamp the picture with the year the picture was taken, instead of the year the picture was published?  Maybe someone with a background in fashion or photography can shed light on this.

I received this in my YouTube inbox from an MJ fan and I thought I should share it here.  It's from a journalist who was at the 2005 trial and denounces the media, the evil lawyers, corrupt judges who accept bribes in L.A., and believes Michael was murdered.  He wants justice for Michael.  I personally believe more in the possibility that Michael is alive, but this is worth a read because it contains interesting information not limited to the upcoming Murray trial.  

Hello everyone, I just received this message from William J. W A G E N E R,
asked me to run it, please read, thanks!!!.... God bless you all

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I am a JACKSON 5 fan from 40 years ago, but not really a Michael Jackson fan,

but... I concentrate on doing ALTERNATIVE Media because, the MSMedia has failed us

because they are OWNED by the New World Order elitist creeps,

that needed MJJ dead, to stop his and Princess Di

opposition to their "endless wars" for their personal Profit.

I personallly witnessed the 2005 TRIAL sitting within 8 feet of Mrs. Katherine JACKSON most days. No National reporter was there as often as I was. I only missed about 3 days of 105 days of trial that media or public was allowed in.

I, William Wagener, can say with certainty, that the Prosecutors should be in PRISON for

1. presenting fake and false Evidence,
2. Creating Fake and false Evidence,
3. illicitly coaching the Arvizo Family to present Fake and FALSE Evidence

and - - - I saw Sneddon getting CAUGHT by Def. Atty. Tom Mesereau;


the National Main Stream Media, MSM, should also be in Prison for being accessory to the media lynching of Michael Jackson. I had seriously questioned National TV Media because
of the Nat. TV Media cover up of the truth about the 3rd skyscraper [ 7WTC ] which no plane
hit, which came straight down 6 hours after the twin towers 1 block from them, but ...

the MJJ 2005 which I was a eye witness in 3rd row to, left no doubt in my mind that MSM
is "owned and controlled" by the international Bank-gangsters of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and not real Media anymore.

Michael Jackson was murdered in the technical sense of "Premeditated, willful design to kill"
but Dr. Murray was just a tool of the real Murderers. I KNOW THIS to BE TRUE. But, proving
it, will be next to impossible, getting Video Tape of the real operatives in the MURDER of Michael JACKSON admitting their part, will almost surely NOT happen, because ALL the Los Angeles Judges have been proved out by Atty. Richard Fine, to have Taken OPEN bribes, and then... the crooked 400 judges
got the California Legislature in FEB. 2009 to pass bill SB X-211 to RETRO-Actively make legal
the 400 Judges taking OPEN BRIBES, so they would NOT have to pay the bribes back and NOT have to go to JAIL.

The Checks and Balances of the three branches of Government is GONE,
ladies and gentlemen.

To get a REAL Trial by a un-bribed , un-bribeable Judge, you will need to prove the Murray
Case Judge and ALL Los Angeles Judges are Corrupt. Only bringing attention to the Richard Fine case will do that. Richard FINE has sat in Los Angeles downtown jail for over 15 months
for "contempt" of proving to the California Appeals court that all Los Angeles Judges took the OPEN monthly BRIBES. The L.A. Times has been complicit in silence about this Crime by
crooked Judges. This is a GiGANTIC story, that is ignored.

I suggest two things to do.

1. Subscribe your friends to my CH, which is dedicated to TRUTH & Justice for all, equally.
2. After Each day of the MURRAY Case at the Court House march down to the L.A. Jail,
with signs and songs, PROTESTING the incarceration of atty. Richard FINE. and stand there for 2 hours demanding release of Richard FINE by the Sheriff, who should release him
in keeping with the Sheriff OATH of OFFICE.

If you can't be there for the trial, at least ask those who you know are going to SUBSCRIBE and watch as many Video as they can, especially the new ones. As my View count increases
so will the likelihood that the "SYSTEM" will recognize the INJUSTICE they are doing.

If MJJ had known about Richard Fine, he would have done something about it. Question is
do the Jackson fans see the connection, ... now, and are they willing to do "something" to free
Richard Fine. "FREE FINE" video should have 100,000 views if there are that many MJJ fans
still around who give a care about Justice.

Watching all the Jackson videos on your channel pages [ truely an enriching experience to me ] ... it is clear to me, William Wagener, host of "ON SECOND THOUGHT" TV show, that
Michael Jackson did care about Justice, especially for starving children and children deprived of a healthy childhood.

If Richard FINE can NOT be even NOTICED by suffering JACKSON fans, and Freed from
the stir and Protest the Jackson Family and Fans could create... then there is NO possibility of
ever getting Justice for Michael J. JACKSON, in this world.

- - - Until the GOD of Heavens makes his final Judgement.

Barbara, You can make a difference, just as I have by standing up for TRUTH while surrounded by lying , conniving big dollar value National TV personalities. I stood alone
in the Media pool one day, asking why and if Tom Sneddon should not be indicted for the
false fingerprint evidence he was caught presenting. I was treated like a unwanted step child
with leprosy from that day until now by the Media Mogols, who were convinced and trying to
convince every TV watch... Michael is "going to prison". They hated me with cold calculated
passion, especially Diane Dimon the [in my opinion was] demented and delusional who turned her head so hard and blathered at me, she in effect spit on me, without even realizing it, for suggesting Sneddon had created false evidence and been caught.

My Father once told me, that a Majority is sometime 1 single person with the courage to stand and speak truth, against injustice. I stood alone asking that question that day in 2005,
but now... we could all stand and demand Sneddon be Prosecuted under the law, and

get justice for Michael, by getting attention, and justice for Atty. Richard Fine. ONLY we can
do it.

Thanks for listening to an old man starved to see justice for Michael Jackson, Richard Fine
and many other victims of a corrupted to the core - - system.

God willing I will be there June 14th, and be digging behind the scene. I hope to see a mass
of determined JACKSON fans march each day after the MURRAY trial from the Courthouse to
the Jailhouse demanding release of Richard FINE. I know Michael would be proud of those who do.

I came across this video of a supposed CIA interview with Elvis Presley who is very much alive and well.  

The interesting thing is that this supposed Elvis talks about his feelings regarding LMP's relationship and marriage to Michael Jackson.
I wasn't even born when Elvis died, so I am not a huge Elvis follower but this guy sounds like Elvis from the footage I've seen of him.  I suspect some of you may have been fans enough of his to tell the difference between the real Elvis and a fake.  Watch this video and judge for yourselves, especially at 4:44-4:46 where he laughs.  

I'll probably get blasted by many of you for even thinking this might be true, but I don't care.  I'm sharing this with people who are open-minded and curious enough to just take a look and then form an opinion.


Other Hoaxes / Docu. Suggests Jesus Christ May Have Faked His Death
« on: March 17, 2010, 02:06:57 PM »
I'm posting this information in the spirit of research, and because it's obviously relevant to our investigation of Michael's death hoax.  If you are very religious or easily offended by this kind of topic, then please do not watch, and kindly leave this thread as I don't feel like fighting.

The exact location where you will find the suggestion that Jesus Christ may have faked his death is on part 12 starting at  5:18, but I included part 11 if you want the background on what this researcher found.

I am only posting 2 parts because that's where you will find the information on this topic.  However, I think it is well worth watching the entire series which is 30 parts on YouTuber "Gamerofall" channel.  The documentary is called "The Empire City; Ring of Power".

Part 12

Part 11

In my search for truth, I found a fascinating website called Project Camelot (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)  This website features interviews with all kinds of highly intelligent, highly accomplished people from ex-astronauts to physicists, who basically spill the beans on every kind of government secret you can think of from the UFO/ET coverup, NWO, mind control, time travel, stargates, free energy technology, 2012, and all kinds of incredible but real things that our government does not want us to know about.  

These people are NOT bums off the street, they are people with solid backgrounds and solid credentials risking their lives to bring the truth to light.  Many of these people have mysteriously died or have been killed after talking openly about this stuff.  

Many of us open-minded people who have been searching for the truth after Michael Jackson's supposed death are well aware of the New World Order agenda, Illuminati, and mind control that clandestinely operates under the cloak of our government.  But one thing is to speculate, another thing is to have real, respectable witnesses attesting that these theories are facts.

I will now take you to an iterview of Jim Marrs by the people of Project Camelot.  Jim Marrs is a veteran researcher, author, and speaker on all of these things that interest us as "investigators" of truth.  This interview is one of many fascinating ones on this website, but I like this interview in particular because it covers a little bit of everything, and he even echoes some of Michael Jackson's beliefs, and some of Michael's dreams for our world, too.

You can either read the transcript of the interview here:
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Or watch the interview on YouTube here:

Sorry if this was already discussed.  I was reading this TMZ article and the last phrase caught my eye; "....but then again, its the nothing is ever as it seems."

We hoax believers have always known that nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to the Jacksons, the media, and everything surrounding the circumstances of Michael Jackson's "death".  Is it me or does it seem like TMZ is confirming this for us by admitting that nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to the Jacksons.  If it is not a confirmation of what we suspect, then what reasons would TMZ have for saying something like this about the Jacksons?

Here is the link and article.

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A&E to Jackson Bros -- The Offer's on the Table
Posted Jan 17th 2010 11:20AM by TMZ Staff

Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, and Tito may be as tired of their A&E show as everybody else in America -- we're told the network has already offered them a second season ... but so far, the bros. haven't bitten.

TMZ spoke with a rep for A&E, who confirmed the offer and told us the network would gladly have MJ's male siblings back for another round of "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" -- which airs its last episode this Sunday.

But there's one problem: we're told the brothers haven't responded to the offer yet.

It's unclear why the brothers wouldn't jump at the chance for a paycheck ... but then again, it's the Jacksons ... so nothing is ever as it seems.

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