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Quote from: "Liberian Girl Heehee"
I haven't watched their reality show yet and probably won't, unless of course Michael is the "mind blowing secret finale" guest.  Unfortunately, I think Jermaine's idea of a "mind blowing secret finale" is a new redition of "Let's Get Serious" or maybe "State of Shock".  I'm sorry but after Michael left the group, the others just didn't have it.  They were cute kids, but my god, they have grown into some ugly ass adults....both mentally and physically.  Of course, Jermaine thinks he still has it and can use Michael's good name to make his own comeback.  Uh....I don't think so! the "mind blowing secret finale guest".......pllllleeeeeeezzze!

Aww don't be mean :P I love the Jacksons! Marlon is a cutie, I love him!! And Randy is! Jermaine, Tito and Jackie - Well let's face it, they look good for their age. Especially Jackie (almost 60). I'm not attracted to them (MJ does it for me ;) ), but I wouldnt say they were ugly. I think theyre very handsome! :roll: :P
I don't think they're as good at singing as Mike, but they all have talent. Marlon's great at dancing and they've all got a unique voice. I love them all loads but I have to admit, they will never be the same without Mike. He sang most of their songs and your eye was always drawn to him. It just wouldn't work without him :( But I guess if you grew up with the Jacksons (I'm wayy too young), then you'll probably see it differently.
I love them all and would watch their performances but wouldn't go to a concert or buy a record from them without Michael. I'm not bashing them.. But it just wouldn't seem right without him :(


Sorry for the caps, I'm not shouting, I just wanted to make sure every saw ;)
But yeah.. I'm not saying that just because the account is real, that we should get our hopes up or anything. I think it's odd and I reckon they'll be loads of clues leading to a possible comeback. But like many of you have said.. It'd be stupid to show something that not all the world can see. The show isn't really really popular so it'd be pointless. It's on at 3am in England so that'd be a bit silly seeing as the concerts were all in London, I assume MJ wants England to be involved!

Other Odd Things / Re: The comeback question
« on: January 09, 2010, 07:17:23 PM »
Quote from: "iMJacksonfaN"
Oh God.. Stop it..

Why do you think he never will come back? You should just get out of this forum, and say.. He will never come back.. It's the same that he is dead. Except he would be living with his family only

Would be waste of MJ to never come back, and make all this clues.. GOD..

He will comeback, or he is dead.

Hey.. Calm down. It's his choice if he never comes back. We don't know the reason he actually did this, it could be something extremely serious. Debbie Rowe has said before that he always got threatened and some people even threatened to take his children. Just because he doesn't comeback and give us a show doesn't mean he's dead. He may have to stay away forever.
And to say it would be a 'waste of MJ to never come back' seems kinda harsh.. Saying that all he was good for was performing. Michael was just human ya know! ;) If he gave clues then it could just be for the people who really look for them and believe.

And don't tell people to leave the forum. If they choose to believe he isn't returning, that's their opinion. Not everyone on here is expecting a comeback, they just want the truth.

Sorry, but you gotta realise faking your death isn't a game and returning isn't as easy as 1 2 3 ;)

That said, yes ofcourse I want him to return and I have a good feeling he will.. But I'm pretty worried. It's gonna be a field day for the media and the haters. I would hate to be in his position right now. He's got all of our support and he should no we love him and we'll always be there for him! I'd love for him to return, but whatever he does is what is for the best..

Quote from: "iMJacksonfaN"
If they're showing some funeral or memorial video/picture, anything releated to MJ's 'death'.. And say
it gonna BLOW.YOUR.MIND they are totally disgusting and have some big problems. :lol:

That's what I thought.
When someone says 'This will blow your mind', I expect something fun or interesting or just spectacular! Not a funeral.. How depressing! :lol:

Michael Jackson News / Re: Police searching for missing tapes
« on: January 09, 2010, 06:06:49 PM »
Quote from: "susie_23"
I wonder what's on those tapes. I think there's only two reasons why they're missing:
1. He was truly murdered  (:( )
2. they show that he's alive and well

So which is it? I hope it's reason number 2.

Totally agree. There can only be 2 reasons as to why there is no CCTV footage for THAT particular day. Murder or he's alive. I really hope he's alive.. But we'll have to wait and see. I've always thought 90% alive, 9% murder 1% stupid accident.
I guess I'm gonna just trust my instincts up until we have total proof that he's not alive!

I love you Michael! You're a genius ;)

Michael Jackson News / Re: Police searching for missing tapes
« on: January 09, 2010, 06:01:05 PM »
The CCTV that went 'missing' has always been my little reminder that this has to be a hoax whenever I'm in doubt! It's just too coincidental!
And if this can pretty much sum up most of the mystery surrounding MJ's death .. Why start looking for it 7 months after!? It could have been destroyed or whatever by now. Kinda crazy..

Other Odd Things / Re: The comeback question
« on: January 09, 2010, 05:26:59 PM »
I hope that he comes back. Well, maybe not.. I just want solid proof to know he's ok and happy without endangering himself.
I know there are loads of people who will protect MJ and always be there for him if he were to return. But there are also messed up people out there who would do anything to make his life hell and threaten him and his family.. So in a way I guess I'd like him to stay hidden forever :/ Atleast he can't get death threats now :lol: And he's probably just chillaxing 8-)  
But like someone said above.. He's obviously got it all planned so I trust his judgement on whatever he decides.

Quote from: "iMJacksonfaN"
Quote from: "DancingTheDream"
What date is the series finale?

24th January.

Sunday in two weeks. "since they can't send it on 25th, Monday, they will do it on Sunday :lol: "
-7Months since MJ's death.

Thought it was the 18th?

Ignore the retweets, Marlon's going crazy.. haha - Gotta love him! :D
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I'm just gonna take it easy now. There's not a lot we can do and I don't wanna get all stressed out waiting for those days. Cos if nothing happens, I'll be gutted if I get too hopeful. Until Murray gets put in prison for a really long time, then I won't give up ;) But if he does, I won't be expecting a comeback and I'll probably just try and accept that he's gone.
I guess all we can do is wait, enjoy the ride and see what happens. ;) I'm kinda thinking if nothing happens this month, I'll look out for Valentine's day lol :) But I reckon we're gonna get loads of clues this month atleast! :D

Jermaine, you better not be messing with us -_- :lol:

Quote from: "thecheetoman2004"
Quote from: "kingofmystery"
Quote from: "thecheetoman2004"
This has GOT to be a clue. So many things are pointing to January 18th being "Bamsday."

1. "A secret series finale that will BLOW YOUR MIND."
2. "A surprise ending" to to the series
3. the 18th is MLK Day (the MLK quote from TDCAU in TII)
4. Someone on this thread said that his will is being revoked that day (?) *i was under the impression that that was on the 28th, but meh*
5. January 18th is an important day in the investigation (according to TMZ)
6. The investigation is now complete and Murray will be brought to court in a matter of weeks (maybe 2 weeks ;))

AND, most importantly, the relevance and significance of Martin Luther King, Jrs. dream and vision in contrast to all that Michael has had to go through over the years in regards to racism, ignorance, and prejudice.  If something happens that day, it would be the best remembrance and tribute of MLK's dream and legacy the world has ever seen.  

Just a reminder, MLK's two adult children were present and spoke at MJ's Memorial Service.

In the US, MLK Day is encouraged to be a "day of volunteer service".  Is anyone doing anything special that day?

I'm gonna be volunteering at a local soup kitchen

That's great! :D I hope to do something too but it's my friend's birthday that day so I assume we'll be doing something. I want to volunteer somewhere though!

Others / Re: "The Way He Made Me Feel" Book by Tatiana Thumbzen
« on: January 08, 2010, 04:30:46 PM »
Why were there lawsuits filed? ;o

MLK - Reminds me of MidnightMLK
Does anyone remember if he/she had anything relevant to say about a comeback or a certain important date? ;o

Michael Jackson News / Re: Just annouced today INDICTMENT COMING MURRAY
« on: January 08, 2010, 03:27:41 PM »
Quote from: "billy06"

Q: what is going to happen to Dr. Murray within the next month? Will he be charged? and i mean the next month, as if you are correct, then it proves that you must, must be real!!

A: Hi bilal

Robert Conrad Murray will not be charged
Thank for your support.

seems quite confident?

Very confident. I don't think I could say this with 100% certainty! If Murray is not charged and January is a clue filled month, then I think we should have a little more trust in this person! Things are heating up again ;)

Quote from: "Loveneverfeltsogood"
Quote from: "MJ-Fan"
The 17th
I'm sure I've read somewhere the 17th and 18th are important dates?  :shock:
BOW talked about 17th! she said that this day will be very important, but what sunday is JJ talking about? next sunday is 10th.

The Sunday coming up (10th) is the live questions one.
The one after that (17th) is the 'finale' ;)

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