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The Murder Theory / Murray - savior or killer?
« on: January 12, 2011, 09:34:37 PM »
Ok...after i took a break, here are my thoughts and i will say it, i know i might upset you, but i will speak my mind:

What if Michael was killed and we are trapped in this game by other people? What if we are by mistake Michael's enemies now? TMZ twisted things when reporting  (like does anyone know CPR) and after all it's just another tabloid junkie which we now consider our best friend and main source. We debate every single word from TMZ, every picture, every story,but this is the same tabloid that told us Michael was dead, why disregard that? After i read Esther's blog, my tarot readings were a confirmation, all this mess, all the contradictions may have other interpretation that the one we accept. Maybe he was killed and the doctor was "hired" for that. THis is why his reaction to Kenny Ortega from that evening ( don't play doctor's role and you had to let him reherse" somthing like that). I mean, since when does a doctor say this? It was like he got annoyed by the fact that Ortgea ruined their plans. We all see how this doctor behaved from testimonies, if everything was planned do you think that there was no "back up" for him at all? Do you think they wouldn't take care of the doctor? Why all this mess when things could have been easier and more safe for the doctor if doctor =Michael's friend who helps him escape? We can' t ignore this question and let's not forget that Joe told this should go to federal. Would they ruin Michael's plan pushing everything with no sense? Don't forget about La Toya who said that Michael was killed. I know La Toya lied before but we also know that her relationship with her brother got fixed and now she is more mature, she learnt from her mistakes and let's not forget she was by her side at his arm in 2005 just like she is now. Why do we disregard everything that the Jacksons tell us and choose to look other way around? I am not sure , no one from us can be, that Michael was killed , but WHAT IF? You got to admit, it's not impossible. And this would explain all this mess with propofol and everything , why would the dr give propofol for sleep? We always answer, because he didn't it's all a big lie and Michael is alive. But why do we say this? Because of some clues that we dont even know where they come from. Maybe from those who killed him. And their purpose has been accomplished. Look, we take Murray's side now. What if we hired ourselves as  the devil's advocate now and we don't eeven know that? Time will pass, Murray will be convicted only to 4 years, we will wait for Michael to return in glory and tell us everything was a movie , this will not happen probably and we will say ok..yes, of course, after these 4 years so we will have to wait and 4 years will pass and then we will wait for him more and then probably we will say ok..maybe the plan didn't work or maybe he just wants to live peacefully well..that's it...This trial is for me very real ( i know you believe in numerology, i believe in tarot though, you may laugh but so could i with numerology so we're even) and my cards also tell me what i've read in Esther blog about that person's confession (who lived around Michael in the last period if his life, go read please and see how he was cheated and how they played with Michael). His condition was NOT ok at all, he was not strong enough to do the concerts, he was trapped and lied by evil entertainment system and  i'm so afraid we are helping them...
I know there was no body seen, that made me a believer in the first place but then what do we know, maybe he used to tell the family when it happens..pls don't let fans see me like that. Or if it was someone else in his place, a dead body, why not using make up and things done.
Michael was trapped with these last contract and wasn't able to make it. And by doctor's reaction ( and i don't think Kenny lied, i even think he knew more but took the easy way) i see that they behaved like animals and drugged him till dead just to make him be on stage and collect all the money. Everything...everything for the money.
Ths is why Murray's concern was...go and take all the evidence...they must not find everything.
If it was planned, why didn't they do this before ( if this was planed for so long as you say)? Why not creating first a clean house with all evidence removed and why after it happens send people to cover and remove evidence?
See..there are a lot of things that you might not want to see because you believe and so do i, i want more than anything to be a hoax. But there are a lot of details that match perfectly in a crime too. Not only in a hoax. And why would Michael make it look like a murder and drag with him a lot of people and instituitions anyway. This would be against his plan to return after all. And why would Michael fake his death and return? Who assured us that he was dead in the first place? And then who assured us that he would come back if he is alive? Before clues and signs who may come from the mainpulative evil itself (some people + Inc.) we have a funeral, a family attending to that funeral, legal papers and a death certificate with Michael's name on it, an official trial, people's testimonies under oath and a possible doctor convicted soon. Sure you will say everything is a stage, but i doubt the court is because it's unethical to have activities that interfere with your profession so this is not Hollywood for sure. And if the trial is real and Michael is alive (God help) then Justice will be done only by revealing that all the documents have been faked so that means Michael would be proven to corrupt everything from the hospital all Coroner and LAPD and everything. I read that faking your death is a crime if it leads to other crimes, so Michael can not abuse by the use of justice while in hiding and his family and friends are involved, he wouldn't do this , he wouldn't drag everyone. Or if so, how could he return after all this? Why not keeping Katherine out of it? Michael is not heartless. You say no one can say if Michael wouldnt do this or that and i agree. But then how do you know him so well that he would return to save the world or that he faked his death. How come you are so sure about that? And it makes more sense that Michael wouldn't do this to Katherine, if we are allowed to say what would Michael do or wouldn't do.
So, maybe my ideas were so mixed here , sorry, i took a break and tried to see everything as realistic as i could.
And for the moment my opinon is that Michael was killed with the help of the doctor who administrated every drug possible so he could perform and not miss the shows that were going to bring them money. This doctor may have been hired in papers by Michael but he was working for someone else. This is why we keep asking and we're happy and excited that nothing add us in this trial and that is all nonsense. Yes it is, because it doesn't fit in our believe. If we take the possibility that Murray wasn't at his best interest for Michael you will see how clear it gets and how everything makes sense. And i'm afraid that we look at Michael's murderer as Michael's savior just because we were manipulated and taken advantage. Our love for Michael is so strong that we might be vulnerable. It's enough for a bird to have a facebook page that we start debating. We see connections is every movie and we start debating. Every little clue who might ot not be a sent clue is debated and thrills us just because it's our drug of hope. Don't forget they might be sent by the same people from entertainemtn industry who certainly know how to entertain us in a direction or another, This is whta they do, this is how they got rich. I mean really rich.
And when we face the cruel reality and a lot of facts that really don't support the hoax in any way (quite contrary) we disregard them and keep hoping.
What do you honeslty think? Beside, this was all Michael's plan or well..he is trying to make this hoax so realistic, do we have another answer?
I'm afraid not.

Random MJ Talk / Re: The official "goodbye" thread
« on: January 10, 2011, 12:21:39 PM »
Don't know if anyone cares, but goodbye. I'm happy i joined your forum because now i don't believe in Michael's return anymore. This can't happen in a legal way, i am sure about it and for me this is a very strong argument.
And bringing into light legal issues about Michael makes me uncomfortable and  selfish. If someone can delete my messages, please do so. I am sorry, Michael. Be safe and take care. I will not burden you anymore.
I love you

Contradictions and all stuff that doesn't add up / Re: Timeline for Sleep
« on: January 10, 2011, 11:53:59 AM »
I agree with all it's been said. What i don't understand is why such a bad script , i mean didn't they know that these were questions for anyone at some point? you pull a hoax like this but you ignore some obvious things like this...i find it hard to believe. i think there has to be something in between this hoax and what really happened.

yes it is possible, but not with a real judge and not with a real file ( you can check LA Superior Court, the file is registered for real on their official website and i am sure you can check the number at opis if you go there for yourself, in person. This can not be set for a movie, no matter how hard we want)

and i repeat having 2 identities, like one identity for the stage, and another for off-stage use is ok and doesn't mean two legal identities , or as ToD well pointed in well established commercial purposes there are FORMS of representing yourself as a person , but having two legal identities for sending a man to jail and perjury fro commiting crimes  is different and NOT legal . Unless the other legal identity doesn't return and nobody knows what was all about.
At this point i am not even sure if it's ok to talk about it.

ToD, could be that Michael found a legal way to separate the two but i don't think he could use this for illegal actions like replacing a body and giving the body a false name ( i mean his second name identity) and a doctor convicted for killing a person who was in fact not that person. Oh my God, what an explanation...but i know you understand what i mean:))

If anyone cares, FBI calls Michael JOSEPH too.
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And my opinion is Joe it's the name he got at his birth.
And Joseph obtained by himself later.
We also know Joseph is used for his child's birth certif:
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Appearantly, Joseph is used legal papers (although 2005 trial is based on his real name - Joe) and Joe was his birth name.

fordtocarr, it's ok to have to identities for ex. actor star etc, but here we are talking about legal papers.
Madonna sure cannot have Madonna on her driving licence or marriage certificate.
So we must separate these 2 issues for the sake of truth.

TMZ Discussion / Re: TMZ HIDDEN CLUES!
« on: January 10, 2011, 08:13:12 AM »
..Harvey sure knows how to manipulate i see.
That was no mistake:)

Michael's Impersonators / Re: Michael Kiss was at the court hearing
« on: January 10, 2011, 08:10:54 AM »
see how easy we jump on conclusions?
but not everyone comes to tell us when we are wrong....

Oh Michael Michael

And i forgot to add the punishment of having 2 identities depends on the crime related to the use of different identities.

Hoax Videos / Re: Jason Malachi VIDEO PROOF*
« on: January 10, 2011, 07:45:56 AM »
But why would Michael choose Jason Malachi to sing a song in his place?
So maybe it's indeed Michael or if he's not maybe this is a clue against hoax.
When was this song recorded? Maybe after 25 June and Michael could not be present so chose Malachi to sing this song just to let us know his message: that he is in love.

I'm tired of clues and interpretations which may or may not be valid, i'll focus on FACTS:

2005 Trial - Michael Jackson called by court JOE we have evidence  from judge;s mouth.

BUT THE ESTATE BELONGS to JOSEPH AS WE can see from the official document "Probate of Will and for Letters Testamentary"
Case Number: BP117321
Case Title: Estate of Michael Joseph Jackson
Filing Date: 2009-07-01 09:58:51

(Here is the document: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login )

IN Murray's TRIAL he is also JOSEPH as we can see here:
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so we have 2 identities:

I would also like to say that The trial is  real, a judge profession is incompatible with any other profession/job or activity that might interfere with their work. Playing with/&in Superior Court is nonsense and nobody would allow this just for entertainment. Not even for Michael Jackson. We should stick to the facts.

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TMZ Discussion / Re: TMZ HIDDEN CLUES!
« on: January 10, 2011, 05:27:16 AM »
TS mentions TMZ. ->
So do i.

TMZ lists our hoax forum only on theirs.->
Because they owe it  , so much advertising a trash tabloid for free.

There have been posts showing the possible part TMZ ownership connections to MJ himself. ->
He would never call himself Jacko.

Michael's Impersonators / Re: DIMITRI DRAGHICESCU
« on: January 10, 2011, 05:10:36 AM »
How can you say Michael was not in History?
I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable around, i don't like what we're doing.

Charities / Re: My little niece and MJ
« on: January 10, 2011, 05:00:23 AM »
guess that's a post for unfaithful fans:)))

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