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TIAI ~ 2010 / Re: TIAI 12/30
« on: December 30, 2010, 12:51:49 PM »
This website suprised me very much this morning and I agree that it is multilayered. Please read my other post from this morning on what I came up with using his death date:

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Criss Angel / Re: Criss Angel?
« on: December 30, 2010, 11:35:19 AM »
Both Michael and Kenny Ortega went to see his BeLIEve show by Cirque de Soleil during the TII rehearsals. I do find it odd that the poster Criss uses is a man hiding behind a falling curtain with the shadow being that of MJ's signature pose.  At the O2 conference the person being MJ (I don't think it is him) says "This is the final curtain call". And now Cirque de Soleil is doing an IMMORTAL tour for MJ.

Is everything an illusion or do you believe?

The Numbers Theory / A truth in numbers
« on: December 30, 2010, 10:50:59 AM »
The only truth we know for sure right now are the dates given to us. Not what happened on those dates, but the numbers. I find this very important. We were told that on June 25, 2009 MJ "died".  We also know he makes a reference to the end of the world "We only have four years left" referring to the "end".  So something must be in the planning between those two dates.  Using numerology I started off by writing the two crucial dates and went from there. I'm only going to use the formula in the first set of dates to reserve space so I hope it does not get confusing.
This is how I put it on paper:
6-25-09        6+[2+5]+[0+9] =    6-7-9
12-21-12    [1+2]+[2+1]+[1+2] = 3-3-3
After adding these I looked for the "clues". It is now set to a multiplication formula of  3 sixes, 3 sevens and 3 nines.  (Which concurs with the numerology in TS's post. You have 666, 777, 999)
So my next formula would be 6x3=18, 7x3=21, 9x3=27.
Now I have 18-21-27 so I'm adding the individual numbers once again- [1+8]=9, [2+1]=3, [2+7]=9.  I'm going to use these new numbers again with the outcome of 12-21-2012 which was 3-3-3.
(If you will also take notice that this is also the date 9-3-09 the date of his burial)
9-3-9  Multiply again: 3 nines= 27, 3 threes= 9 and 3 nines= 27
Add them up again: [2+7]=9, [9+0]= 9, [2+7]= 9
(Now we get the numbers 9-9-9. Also the date of his "resurrection".)
I tried to keep going but I kept coming back in full circle stuck on the number 27. So I tried a different method.I multiplied 666x333= 221778.  Add those up 2+2+1+7+7+8= 27. , 777x333= 258741, 2+5+8+7+4+1= 27. AND last but not least 999x333= 332667 and 3+3+2+6+6+7= 27.
At this time I thought it was time to find the symbolism in the number 27. (Also mentioned by TS on MJ's signatures he signed with 1998, 1+9+9+8=27 or the 2 nines in the center and 1+8= 999)
The number twenty seven being the cube of three.
Three, therefore, stands for that which is solid, real, substantial, complete, and entire.
All things that are specially complete are stamped with this number three.
God's attributes are three: omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.
There are three great divisions completing time--past, present, and future. (HIStory....)
Three is the number associated with the Godhead, for there are "three persons in one God." Three times the Seraphim cry, "Holy, Holy, Holy"--one for each of the three persons in the Trinity (Isaiah 6:3). The living creatures also in Revelation 4:8.

Three times is the blessing given in Numbers 6:23, 24:--
"The LORD bless thee and keep thee (the Father);
The LORD make His face shine upon thee; and be gracious unto thee (the Son);
The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace" (the Holy Spirit).
(This may have something to do with the arrow and three circles but I won't get into that now)

English Gematria:
The one whom has the Blood of Christ=1998
He whom has Eternal Life=1998 (reverse)
He who lives the Words of Jesus=1998
Lord Jesus will crack the Matrix=1998
The Key of David: Revelations 3
The one key that opens the heavens = 1998
The key that opens all doors = 1998

 I don't want to get too far ahead of myself here so for now I'm going to leave it just at the numbers. Since I got stuck on the date of 9-9-9 I figured the date I am looking for must be 27 months after this date. Which is 12-9-11. If I do my mathematical equation I got 3-9-2 with the end date numbers 3-3-3. After multiplying the sum you get 9-9-6 and that with 3-3-3 it comes out to yet again 9-9-9. I still didn't feel right about that conclusion because that's not when we were lead to believe he "died". So I added 27 months to 6-25-09. Here we get 9-25-11. If you do all the math it too ends in 9-9-9. So I wrote my final conclusion.

Predicted return date is 9-25-2011. Which I also found out is 7 days before the first IMMORTAL tour show by Cirque de Soleil on 10-2-2011. When I looked at the dates I thought I've already gone this far I might as well see what this comes out to. 9+2+5+2+0+1+1= 20 and 1+0+2+2+0+1+1=7. So these dates combined come out to 27.

Introduce yourself / I beLIEve....
« on: December 30, 2010, 08:18:18 AM »
I am not new to this investigation I am just newly registered.  :D I have spent countless hours, as have many of you, trying to dig, research, dissect and decipher all of these "coincedences".  I have read nearly all the posts and have come up with a lot of the same outcomes. One thing that I did not see until yesterday was the numerology from TS.  I am so thankful someone else has spoken about this.  I have also found something very interesting in numbers.  I have always been nearly obsessed with finding symbolism in everything and if the numbers add can not be ignored.

I am going to get all of my notes together and explain the best I can on what I think is in plan based on the numbers and the signs/symbolism from the numbers. I was so shocked to see what I had FINALLY found and I hope some of you will be excited as well.

Thank you to all for making me feel like I belong just by your inspirational words on Michael Jackson. He will always and forever bring people together for the good, the great and the better.

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