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References & Similarities / Channeled Message from Cherokee Billie
« on: January 15, 2011, 02:47:34 PM »
“To My Beautiful Loved Ones,

I want you to know how much I appreciate the love you keep sending to me. The sweet perfume of your love is so strong that it fills the spiritual kingdom. Whenever there’s a rush of this perfume, someone delivers a message to me, “See they haven’t forgotten you.” We’re all exhilarated by this love from you. You are all precious and I want you to know this.

I know that many of you pray to me, but please don’t, at this time I am not powerful in The Spirit world and I certainly am not a saint. I am able to communicate with you through little signs such as my music, brief glimpses of me, and even coming into your dreams. As I am trained I’m going to be able to help the world in a way that even I never imagined. My work has begun already because so many of you are starting to believe in life after death, a Supreme Power, and miracles. I always knew that I was meant to help the world, but it hasn’t been until I came into Spirit that I have been shown that I am going to make a tremendous change in the world. My soul is humbled by what I am being told. I never thought that I could make such a difference in the world.

I know that many people have changed their opinion about me from a negative to a positive since I died. I was judged so harshly when I was living and only my family, true friends and my dedicated fans never judged me. I went through so many humiliating experiences the last sixteen years of my life and I pray that no one ever has to go through what I did. All I ever tried to do is help children. I wanted to make them happy and not have to be miserable and feel neglected. Many of you have expressed a desire for Neverland to be a memorial for me. I want you to know that I never want Neverland to be any type of memorial for me. It represents the worst time of my life. That’s why I left, never went back, or gave it a second thought when I was alive.

Someday my family will make a memorial that the fans can go and visit. But you really don’t need a physical memorial to remember me by or to pay homage to, every time you think of me I come alive and I live in your hearts and that is a true memorial!

The greatest happiness I had in my life was my precious children. They really helped me recover from the emotional abuse I took in my life. I’m always going to be around them and I will be their guide throughout their lives. You’re going to see them become well adjusted and compassionate to others as they grow. I am proud of them.

Please remember that I am praying for you and always will. I am continually blessed by each one of you who loves me.

I love you,

Medical Discussion / Re: Murray has been telling us too!!
« on: January 14, 2011, 02:54:32 PM »
I was thinking the same exact thing this morning and that is what lead to me to think of this!! A miracle unheard of. He was brought back to life! Wooo.

Medical Discussion / Murray has been telling us too!!
« on: January 14, 2011, 11:27:13 AM »
I’m no medical expert, but I was looking up the medicines that were found in his home and asked my sister what they were. Then I started thinking about all the contradictions in what everyone was saying about Michael when they saw him. Murray said he wasn’t breathing, but he had a faint pulse, The paramedics thought he was dead, (suspicous but still possible in the ambulance photo that is supposedly fake we can clearly see a vein bulging from his forehead), the family said he was in a coma, some say he was cold and some say he was warm and the doctors at UCLA said he was alive.  Propofol is a sedative that can be injected once and depending on the dosage can make you drowsy. Most of the time it is given in a singular dosage for insomniacs and the effects only last 10 minutes. But if put in a dripping IV it sends you into a euphoric sleep state for 2-24 hours. He would have had to given him a shit ton of it to cause an overdose as the cause of death was only “acute propofol intoxication”.  It could be very possible that MJ liked propofol and used it as a sleeping aid.
But the timeline of events leading to MJ’s death just don’t make sense to me. Murray started giving Michael the benzodiazepines lorazepam  and midazolam which are pretty hardcore sedatives, but MJ still couldn’t sleep. Michael obviously knew a lot about prescription drugs and with Murray being a doctor he should have know these medicines combined with propofol can cause a state of deep unconsciousness (which is a coma) and make a person stop breathing. But Murray is saying that he thinks Michael injected himself with propofol while he was in the bathroom because when he got back he wasn’t breathing. So Murray calls all these people,  he hides the medicine he was giving him in a duffel bag. BUT why would he not hide the drugs that were found in the closet? These included midazolam and flumazenil. Oral midazolam is administered as a pre-anesthetic agent for pediatric patients. The usual dose is 0.5-0.75mg/kg.1 The dose is drawn up from the ampoule and mixed with juice prior to administration due to its bitter taste. The bioavailability of oral midazolam is 15-27%, onset of action 10-20 minutes, and duration of sedation 20 minutes to 3 hours.  You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login. Also in the toxicology report it was not mentioned that flumazenil was in his system. Flumazenil is used to counteract the benzodiazepines and literally pushes them out of your system.
What if what really happened was, they started with the benzos in light doses and Murray was the one who was taking on the role of  “killing him”. So Murray hooked up the IV of propofol,  Michael drank the midazolam that was in the orange juice bottle by his bed (which would explain the defense saying that MJ drank propofol) to put himself into the deep sleep.  Then MJ knowing the results of what could happen injected himself with the flumazenil to counteract the benzos. (the reason why the defense would say he injected it himself.)  Then Murray had to wait until Michael was in that state of deep consciousness, or the coma in which his family described before having 911 called. This would also explain the children’s reaction if Michael didn’t want them to know what was going on just yet.  The paramedics arrive right when the effects of the propofol and benzos are taking place and he stops breathing, but by the time he reaches the hospital the flumazenil kicks in and he is alive again, but still sleeping. The family has to be in on it because they arrived at the hospital before he did, and that’s when Murray explains to the children what happened. And the doctor’s at UCLA did contribute to this “miracle unheard of” and MJ tells them that he wants to get out of the spotlight. They don’t confirm he is dead, but instead evacuate the building with the fire alarm and moved him into a private room to let him recover. Then when it is time for him to be taken to the coroner’s he is flown by helicopter. They don’t use the normal body bag to put him in the helicopter and it is speculated that the body moves, but for sake of investigation we can leave that up to just coincidence right now. I think it there was some kind of documenting going on there at the coroners and the reason why the family had to have a second autopsy done was so they could have a friend help out and say that Jackson was healthy and no rigormortis was found to give us a clue he is not dead.  I also find it strange that Discovery wanted to show a documentated re-inactment of  Jackson’s auptopsy. Also in an article on June 26 “The autopsy is complete, but the Los Angeles Coroner's Office isn't expected to rule on Michael Jackson's cause of death for several weeks — until toxicology and other additional testing is completed. Chief Coroner Craig Harvey said at a Friday afternoon news conference that more tests have been ordered and will take approximately four to six weeks, but authorities have found no evidence of external trauma or foul play. Police stressed on Thursday that the doctor was not a criminal suspect. There has been speculation that drugs may have played a role in the death of the icon, with TMZ citing sources who claim he was given a "heavy dose of morphine" before his death. Other reports claim that Jackson received a shot of Demerol — a similar narcotic— shortly before his death.”
Isn’t it strange that these media sources are basing their stories on what TMZ has to say?  What sources told TMZ about morphine and demerol. Those were never ordered by Murray and neither was found in the home. It could have been Michael telling them to say that because his song Morphine is talking about the media making him sick, and being liars. He also says “heart attack”, “Is truth a game..To win the fame…It's all the same.” You can also here him speaking in this song “Listen to what the doctor says”  before he sings “Demerol, Oh God he’s taking Demerol”.  Maybe this is why Murray is saying he did nothing wrong and that the truth will prevail.
 It probably wasn’t supposed to happen that he was filmed getting out of the coroner’s van when he was taken to the morgue so he contacted his friends at TMZ to make the cover up video. (I am also assuming that because June 26 is an 8 date and the day the proving of the hoax video was released is also an 8 date. See more on my numerology connections on this post You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login)

Michael / Re: Shocking Discovery in "MICHAEL" Booklet
« on: January 14, 2011, 08:21:51 AM »
He may not have wanted to take credit for it. He did that with the Sonic the Hedgehog video game.  :lol:

"According to STI director Roger Hector, Michael Jackson was brought in initially during development to compose music for the game, but no mention of his involvement was included. This was supposedly due to the scandals that arose around Jackson at the time, his involvement was removed from the title, and much reworking had to be done.[12] These claims are dubious, however, and various interviews have made it clear that any involvement Jackson may have had was done without the knowledge of Sega's executives or marketing staff, and no contracts or formal agreements had ever been made.[13] James Hansen, of Sonic Stuff Research Group, retorts that Cirocco (credited as "Scirocco" in Sonic 3) still has possession of presumably a demo version of fabled soundtrack. "I actually have "ALL" of the tracks...," he writes, "from the original humming of Michael calling in the middle of the night leaving messages, to his ideas at Record One with Matt and Bruce. - BUT, I don't think I can let any of that out to the public without permission." [13] In December 2009, Michael Jackson's composer, Brad Buxer, told French magazine Black & White that Jackson was actually involved with some of Sonic 3's compositions, supposedly not being credited because he wasn't happy with how they sounded, due to the lack of optimal sound reproduction on the Genesis. Buxer also claimed that the ending music of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 later became the basis for Jackson's single Stranger in Moscow.[1]

The Numbers Theory / Re: Predicting future dates
« on: January 13, 2011, 10:16:29 PM »
When you have a date you add up all the numbers to get one number. For example June 25, 2009 would be:

 6+2+5+2+0+0+9= 24 and 2+4=6

So June 25 or 6/25 would be put in the 6 category.

 If you feel more comfortable, you can give me a date that you feel is important and I can do the numerology for you and keep a good chart of the date numbers.  Doing this, we can see if certain events take place on certain dates for a reason or if a specific person is linked to a specific number. Then we can go even further and look at the amount of days in between two dates and look even further at the specific times that certain things occur and we can piece it all together.

For example:  MJ died on June 25, 2009 and that is a 6 date. On that date Jermaine announced that MJ had died at 2:26pm. To start we can follow Jermaine and see if there is a pattern. The next date that adds up to 6 is August 14, 2009. On August 14 it was reported that they found Dr. Murray's propofol bottles in the closet.

His next interview after that is July 2, 2009 which is a 2.  7+2+2+0+0+9=20 2+0=2.  That is 7 days after his last interview. If we add 7 days to that date it's July 7, 2009 and that is a 7 date which also happened to be Michael's memorial. We can say that we already have 777, but it's fun to go further.)  

After July 2 the next date to add up to a 2 is August 1, 2009.  On this date Latoya Jackson wrote a heartfelt blog to Michael where she says “I love you deeply and I can’t wait to see you perform again!” Hmmm

His next interview was just a day later July 3, 2009 which gives us a 3 date. The next date after July 3 that adds up to 3 is July 12, 2009. It's Latoya again. In an interview with UK journalist Caroline Graham from The Mail she tells her  “my brother was murdered”.

His next interview is July 18, 2009 which is a 9 date. The next 9 date after that is July 27, 2009. On this day paramedics said that MJ was dead when they arrived.

We could keep going on and on but I'll stop right there for sake of example.  Since we are already almost 19 months into it we can look at the number dates just based on Jermaine's interviews and go back to see what else happened on those number dates to see if anything is relevant in pattern or if there are clues on this number date.  We have 6, 2, 3, and 9.  I'm not even close to having everything so I'm going to go just on what I have so far.

The 6 date-Michael's death-a bunch of propofol bottles were found, (when I was writing this down I was abbreviating and thought it funny that propofol was "prop"), Janet Jackson did a tribute to Michael using a hologram to make him appear "alive", Randy Jackson stated that MJ could not sign his will in 02 because he was miles away, FBI files were released that supported MJ's innocence, a book "Michael Jackson, Master of Illusions" surfaced, Gotham Chapra tweets about Michael's "mythical death".

The 2 date-Latoya blogs that she can't wait to see MJ perform again, TII producer claims no doubles were used, Michael Bearden gave an interview. and said 'I hope I don't get in trouble for this, then said, he asked MJ,  'Where will you be?' MJ replied, 'Where do you think I will be? I will be in bed.' Bearden then asked him, 'What about Orianthi? MJ replied, 'She will be in the bed with me.' MJ then assured Bearden, 'I can handle it.' (This interview was done 5 months after MJ's passing. I wonder why he thought he would get in trouble.)

The 3 date-Latoya says MJ was murdered, Murray's criminal investigation is complete, the death certificate is amended and Murray visits MJ's grave. The coroner delays the release of the autopsy report.

The 9 date-paramedics said MJ was dead when they arrived, Murray's office called his two sisters to go and pick up boxes from a storage facility. The time was reported to be at 9:22am, and Murray asked for the hearing to be delayed. Jermaine gave an interview where he talked about Ireland being Michael's place to escape, Bearden gave another interview stating that MJ was in good shape, MJ's tomb was on 24/7 watch, Evan Chandler committed suicide, Jermaine had another interview where he said "Michael would have wanted to do a reality show",  TMZ reported that MJ was alive at UCLA and they announced the Immortal tour.

Ok. So it is kind of strange that Jermaine's interview dates lead to something else that happens. It's kind of strange that these things happened that are some what related on the same number date, but it's not enough to prove a non believer to believe in the numerology. So let's take it at a different angle.  MJ says that we only have four years left so we are assuming he is talking about 12/21/2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and even says in his lyrics "the planets are linin up so we are bringing a message".  The start of the Mayan calendar is August 11. However, the start of the hoax could not happen until he died. So we can assume the start date was June 25, 2009.  The start date of the mayan calendar is Aug. 11. There are 47 days between those two dates. 4+7=11. The start of Murray's preliminary trial was January 4. There are 146 days between Aug. 11 and January 4. 1+4+6=11. His trial will start January 25th which is 21 days later. 21 is 7x3 so these dates together look like 11:11:777.  

Now we can look at some of the TIMES that we were given. If it is a little ironic that the 911 call was placed at 12:21 and you usually call 911 for help and the end of the mayan calendar is 12/21/2012 when the world will need help...we have to look at ALL the numbers AND all the dates. Murray said he didn't have time to call because he didn't want to neglect his patient yet he was texting like 13 year old school girl. The phone records indicate he sent a text at 12:03, 12:04, 12:15, 12:18, 12:53 and 1:08.  Let's take a look at the dates they would be.

12:03= December 3, 2009 is an 8. So far on this date I have-the coroner van video was released, KO admits that he was a little hesitant to take on TII, the Jackson family states that the kids are happy, Alvarez the bodygaurd is fired, and the 3D version of We Are The World is released (with the suspicious guy in the green suit)

12:04= December 4, 2009 is a 9. Based on what we have above I'm guessing He's in good shape, in Ireland and prepping for the Immortal tour while his grave is on watch so nobody finds out.

12:15= December 15, 2009 is a 2. Based on the information above I'll say that he knows that some people are in anticipation of seeing him perform again, it will be him, not a double, and he can handle it.

12:18= December 18, 2009 is a 5. Jermaine gave an interview where he slipped up and said "airport" instead of hospital", german guys from TMZ went out of their way to prove that the coroner's video was a hoax by sharing their "making of" video (a hoax within a hoax ooooh inception), Latoya speaks again in an interview and said she "receives messages from Michael", the drug stash was found in MJ's home (I asked my sister because she is a pharmacy tech and the midazolam and flumazenil are drugs used to counteract the other drugs found), and Murray saves the life of a person on an airplane.

12:53 we have to do a little maneuvering here. There are 31 days in December and 53-31=22. Go to the next month and we have January 22, 2010. At this time lawyer for John Branca and John McClain asked the court to green light compensation to the tune of 10% of all profits, excluding profits from “This Is It” and profits from the Sony/ATV and Mijac catalog and Michael Jackson’s estate did not want to pay Joe Jackson an allowance, because MJ did not want his dad to be a beneficiary. However; I think since it was placed at 12:53 instead of 1:53 we still have to use the year 2009. So we have January 22, 2009. But MJ wasn't dead at that time so why would we do that?  1+2+2+2+0+0+9=7.  And in time clock it is only the first two sets of numbers we see.

January 22,  is a 7. So far on this date a bloody shirt was found in MJ's closet, TMZ reported that he had not been buried yet, it was announced that MJ was going to have a new album out, it was reported his will had a mistake on it, TIAI appeared on the internet, it is reported that Murray's case will go into 2010, the song "Another Day" is leaked, TMZ reported that Murray will be surrendering and Janet Jackson said in an interview that she "drew inspiration for my upcoming movie from the death of Michael".

1:08= January 8, 2010 is a 3. Based on the information above I would say everything is coming to a conclusion in this part of the drama since Latoya said MJ was murdered, the death certificate was amended, the investigation was complete and Murray said his goodbyes. Even though the coroner delayed the release date of the autopsy report, Katherine released a statement she wanted autopsy images to be kept private and then Joe told TMZ that the burial had been rescheduled. New information on TII song was released, Murray was set to sue AEG for his $300,000 but Joe gets the wrongful death suit rolling, and it is released that Murray's judge will be "Michael Pastor".

So now we are left with the 911 call at 12:21 which is December 21, 2010 and that is another 9. Just for reassurance purposes he's in good health in Ireland.

And last but not least 2:26 the time his death was announced. February 26, 2010 is a 4. Sony announced TII, Murray tried to say that MJ tried to kill himself, Dieter Wiesner was interviewed and gave a list of MJ's enemies, the autopsy was revealed, the coroner stated that they got MJ's remains at 2:00am and was stunned to see there was no decomposition or post mortem effects of any kind. She said it was probably because of his "plastic" surgery, brian oxman said the ambulance picture was photoshopped, the DA still hadn't turned over their documentation and the Murray's defense said they were being "suspiciously slow",  the Jackson brothers went on CNN and announced they were going to start a reality show, the reality show also ended on a 4 date.

So what I see just in the last time and date number is TII was MJ saying...hey, here we go. Then MJ "killed" himself, because of the enemies listend in DW's interview, but it was only a plastic MJ that died, everything else is made up and the DA is involved with this "reality" show or documentation. This is not even scraping off the first layer!  If you have anything to add please, please let me know.

I think it was Dr. Murray with the "props"  "In The Closet"!

The Numbers Theory / Predicting future dates
« on: January 13, 2011, 03:02:56 PM »
I read this and I think it is such a great idea it deserves it's own thread. I hope it hasn't been done already. If so I'm sorry. Please delete.  :D

Quote from: "Andalusa"
* People are good at recognizing patterns. While this helps people learn to read, count and recognize faces, it can also encourage people to interpret random events as patterns.

I really do think that if we come together to notice a pattern and keep the numerology organized.

What I have done today is I added the dates of a few events. Here is what I have so far. Please add more so we can see if the numbers are pointed directly to certain events and or persons.I think it will help us to predict future dates!

*TII producer claims there were no doubles used
*Janet admits she thinks Murray killed MJ
*Toxicology reports confirm the medications in MJ’s system

*Coroner delays the release of the autopsy report
*The death certificate is amended
*Investigation is complete
*Murray visits MJ’s grave

*The coroner says they got MJ’s remains at 2am and she was stunned to see there was no sign of decomposition or other post mortem. “Plastic” surgery could be the reason.
*Kenny talks about MJ’s kids and MJ the “filmmaker”
*Sony announces TTI is to open on 10/28 not 10/30
*Autopsy is revealed
*Jackson brothers go on CNN to announce their reality show

*Jermaine’s slip up interview where he says airport instead of hospital
*Coroner van video is proven a hoax
*Latoya claims she gets messages from Michael
*MJ’s memorial wins a NAACP award
*Drug stash is found in Michael’s house

*A new MJ song was released on the internet
*Announced that holographic technology will be used to bring MJ “back to life”
*A book “Michael Jackson, The Master of Illusions” surfaced
*Gotham Chapra tweets about Michael’s “mythical death”

*Bloody shirt is found
*TMZ reports MJ has not been buried yet, Murray was not living at the residence
*MJ’s new album announced
*A mistake on the will is found
*TIAI appears on the internet
*Janet Jackson says the inspiration for her new movie comes from the death of MJ

*Coroner van video is leaked
*Ortega admits he was hesitant to take on TII
*Jackson family states the kids are happy
*The bodyguard Alvarez is fired
*3D version of We Are The World is released

*Jermaine interviews and says Ireland was MJ’s getaway and that he would have wanted to do a reality show
*Bearden says MJ was in good shape
*MJ’s grave on 24/7 security watch
*TMZ announces the IMMORTAL tour
*Murray asks to delay the hearing

*Murray releases his youtube video
*Arraignment is rescheduled due to the feud between the LAPD and the DA. Murray’s defense claims the DA is acting “suspiciously slow”
*Travis Payne releases the prison version of “They Don’t Really Care About Us”

*The first information on TII and the poster is revealed
*A clip of “We Are The World” surfaces with a suspicious man in a green suit
*Joe says he doesn’t want MJ fans to attack Murray supporters
*Defense starts claiming MJ killed himself

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: TIAI 1/13
« on: January 13, 2011, 09:18:00 AM »
Quote from: "curls"
And there was me thinking my post had gone unnoticed! I love having doubters and questioners around - they provide a good and healthy opportunity for me to re-assess my thoughts and beliefs.

I said the same general thing in a post a few minues ago.  :D

The Murder Theory / Re: Murray - savior or killer?
« on: January 13, 2011, 08:57:48 AM »
Quote from: "puremind"
ladymjc, thank you for your insightful post. i enjoyed reading it.
i would like to make a correction, i might have been missunderstood.
Murray didn't kill Michael on purpose , he killed him because he chose to feed him drugs to be able to be on stage and do the 50 shows instead of taking care of him. And Murray asking AEG for money is logical in this situation, yes , Murray worked for AEG instead of Michael (sarcasm a little). He didn't care about his patient, he only did what he was ordered to do, to drug Michael in whatever way just to male him able to be there on stage and produce money for the eagles. Murray pushed the limit and Michael's heart couldn't resist. Why do you think Ortega wanted to stress the fact that Murray was DISTURBED by the fact that MJ was sent home by Ortega instead of reherse? Any doctor would have thanked Ortega for not pushing his patient and taking care of his well being.
And Tarot, just like numerology, like crystal, like channeling and everything else may help but before that we have facts that happened for real which we can't dismiss no longer. Why wouldnt you believe a person who stood by his side and told the danger he was in and the way he was cheated by those evils? Why do you see Michael as God and can't accept the POSSIBILITY that he mgiht have been trapped by those monsters who would do anything for the money? It's not hard to be trapped when your heart has faith in someone very close to you and you can't say that Michael is God. Even Jesus was trapped, right? So why should we dismiss this possibility everytime saying Michael wasa genius, Michael was much smarter than that. Yes, he was , but so was Jesus.

@For All Time, I'm with you and this is why i am afraid, too. And this is something i have denied for a long time but now i 've decided to paint the veil with Michael's truth. Not mine.

I really do appreciate your objective opinions. Reading the thoughts of an opposing argument actually fuels my beliefs even more because I am confident in what I believe in and don’t waiver. Please don’t leave. I enjoy talking with you.
You did confuse me a little bit though. You said Murray DIDN”T kill him on purpose, but he CHOSE to feed him drugs to perform because he didn’t care about his patient so he could produce money for the “eagles”, but he pushed the limit and was disturbed that he was sent home even though a good doctor would have thanked Ortega for his concern.  So even in the fact that you think Michael is dead you are still contradicting yourself.  IMO any doctor would know that intoxicating an already sick man with a cocktail of meds each night is not going to enable his performance but hinder his abilities.   Especially if Murray knew that his heart couldn’t resist it, being a HEART doctor and all he should have known his patient’s condition if he was wanting him to be healthy enough to perform 50 concerts so he could make that dough right?  You must really understand the fact where I am coming from when I say that Murray must be found guilty for Michael to be able to show the world how corrupt it is. It would only make sense that the person who stands by his side (I think is co-director or producer of this documentary he is making), would be the first one to state an unhealthy Michael to give us the impression that Murray is at fault.  I never said that I see Michael as God. (That tells me you read my posts! Thank you it means a lot)  I don’t want to get into my spiritual beliefs here, but for the sake of answering your question, no Jesus was not trapped. He was beaten and abused and betrayed by people who did not want to believe what he was saying, but he did not give up. NOT ONCE in the gospels does it say that he had any doubts of who he was or what his mission was. He “died” for a purpose, he knew it was to happen and was blessed by God.  The reason I brought up the tarot is because in your post you said that a lot of your doubts were coming from this, but you didn’t believe the numerology that is “solid evidence” (read that from another person and I completely agree)  I honestly don’t think you are using any facts within the crime to prove how you think it is not a hoax. You are only providing your fears and doubts brought to you from the exact people that Michael is trying to expose. It is a perfect example of everything he was telling us.  
I can accept any possibility that is thrown in my direction, but I guarantee you I keep the faith.  My faith. I will not let these people manipulate me into thinking otherwise.

The Murder Theory / Re: Murray - savior or killer?
« on: January 13, 2011, 12:42:48 AM »
I absolutely don't think it is impossible for this to be real. Just as I don't think it is impossible for it to be fake. I think that you are very correct when you say that the media was Michael's enemy.  But you also have to remember that the media and his enemies also believe him to be dead.  I really don't think they would waste their time on trying to make people believe he is alive when they won't get any money off it. In fact, they are making more money off the fact that he is "dead". All that speculation of him being alive is purely done by beLIEvers on the internet. Michael Jackson and Dr. Murray first met in 2006. There is still a big controversy over whether or not it was AEG or Michael that hired him.  Murray filed a lawsuit against AEG wanting $300,000 for the months he took care of MJ. If he was indeed hired by AEG to kill Michael I don't think he would put out a public statement saying how much he cared for him or Katherine. Or maybe he agreed to kill him for that money then decided not to, MJ told him about his plan and promised him bigger money to help him pull it off. Another reason I don't think this is real is because they are only charging him with involuntary manslaughter with a MAX sentence of 4 years. If you piece everything together that right there should make you speculate.  He is a CARDIOLOGIST, a heart doctor. He was ordering large amounts of an anesthetic used for surgery and administering it in a private home (of Michael Jackson) without the proper equipment. He had no medical charts or records of anything he had given him. He gave him CPR on the bed with one hand and waited almost 30 minutes before having someone else call the police.  If anyone else in the world did that, it would be first degree murder. When MJ was accused of child molestation they sent 70 officers to raid his home!  That was more than any serial killer or any wanted person in the history of our judicial system!  Even Michael himself said that people would do anything for money.  Murray was and is a very desperate man and if he was asked to go through a trial and sit in jail for 4 years for 3 million bucks I wouldn't blink an ash in doubt that he would do it. Hell, I might even consider it. Michael is estimated to have earned over 500 million dollars in his career. I don't think he was as broke as the media portrayed him to be. I do not believe whatsoever that Michael was as sick as they were saying he was either. If you watch This Is It and watch him jumping around, getting on his back and shaking his legs in the air, dancing like he always dances, and putting one leg on the ground, and back up again you can tell he is very athletic and in shape. I workout everyday and I don't think I could do some of the moves he did.  And those were the last days of a sick man's life?  I think he was very strong, he's known that the entertainment industry is corrupt for a very long time and he has sang about it almost his whole life.  He wouldn't let them lie to him, he's much smarter than that. In the United States, if you believe that your life is in danger than hoaxing your death is NOT illegal. If he told Katherine and everyone in his family that he thought someone was going to kill him, I'm pretty sure they are more than happy to help him out in a hoax rather then let him die. He's not dragging them around with it. He hasn't just fled and left everyone to believe he is really dead. If you think about the Jackson family while the kids were growing up, Joe used to beat them if they didn't get the dance moves right, he pressured them to rehearse every night. Katherine stood by the whole time and watched. They wanted the fame, they wanted the money. What makes it any different now except they are adults and not children to be used?  And yes, I will say it is a stage. It isn't unethical to have activities that interfere with your profession if you are apart of or directing a movie and yes, they are in Hollywood. If Michael's intentions of hoaxing his death are to bring down the evil force behind everything that is going wrong with the world and expose it to the masses, I don't think a coroner losing his job or some doctors at the hospital being tried for perjury is going to make the headlines. The chief of LA police already resigned after his part. The doctor's at the hospital didn't even sign anything so they really have nothing to worry about. Just like in every movie we see it can be seen as real. If they are in the court room and they are acting out their parts and realize the purpose in which they are doing it, and re-inacting a situation that could have been a possibility the impact can be very emotional. Crying is contagious. Plus, just to think that they are having to resort to those means because the real situation is much more serious then we could ever dream of is in itself a nightmare. No body said that a hoax is just fun and games. It is real life. I'm sure it is very hard on everyone, but it's all for love. Michael loves his family and his fans, his family and his fans love him. So all in all I think that Michael is in good standing with his family, I think he has people involved who truly care about his well being and what he is going to do. I think that it is way beyond our knowledge of what has been going on in entertainment industry for 50 plus years and that is why it's so hard to understand. For so many years he endured the abuse of these people and their allegations and their insulting his integrity through the media that he is going to use that against them. I think that he has been documenting this for a long time. He is now at the stage where he is showing the world that in the American justice system, nobody pays attention to the details, they are just money hungry to cover the details without looking into them. They are willing to let a man obviously guilty of premeditated murder get off in 4 years or less no matter who the person is that was killed. He's going to expose the fact that the entire world is ran by a royal family that is in control. They are racist and that is why more than half of the poverty stricken nations on this planet are minority and over half of those minorities are black. They have control over what we watch on television, they can track where we spend our money with credit cards, where we are located with GPS, any and all conversations we have with our telephones, what we listen to on the radio and what CD's we buy.  They have control over our weapons, the people in our governments, and they are brainwashing everyone to believe that what you read and what you see is real. Michael Jackson is the most highly recognizable person on the planet that stood up against them.  I can't say that I know how or when but I can see why he is doing it. When he comes back, people will listen and the fact that he is doing this now won't even be a factor.  I see an army of people ready for battle at his return.  He will have a very well documented case and I truly believe it is then, when people are in most panic of the world ending, that he will finally make the change he tried so hard to do.

Side Note: I've been reading tarot cards for 15 years. Many of the meanings attributed to the Tarot cards derive from numerology. In the West, numerology goes back to the philosophy of the Greek thinker Pythagoras who believed that reality can ultimately be expressed in numerical terms. We have already seen the importance of the number four in the four suits of the Tarot which are derived from the four elements of classic Greek philosophy. The fact that there are 10 pip cards is related to the fact that humans have 10 fingers and therefore use the decimal number system. Odd numbers are usually regarded as forceful, yang, or "masculine" and even numbers as stabilizing, yin, or "feminine".  The very number of cards in a Tarot deck reflects this numerological scheme. The 10 pip cards represent a series of everyday feelings, events, and situations associated with each of the 4 suits. The four court cards represent the four members of the prototypical family: father/king, mother/queen, son/knight, daughter/page. Hence each suit consists of 14 cards (10 pips plus 4 court cards).
Mundane and family matters are thus represented by the 10 pips and 4 court cards of the four suits. This makes a total of 4 x 14 = 56 Minor Arcana cards.
The remaining 22 cards of the deck are the Major Arcana (major secrets) cards. These have a different numerological basis. Representing timeless spiritual truths, these cards are based on the numbers 3 and 7. The Fool, numbered 0, stands at the center of a triangle (3 sides), and each side of the triangle consists of 7 cards (connected with 7 days of the week that are named for the 7 visible planets). The Fool (numbered 0) plus the 21 lessons the Fool must learn (the other 21 Trumps) make up the total of 22 Trump cards. In numerology, 22 can be broken down into 2 + 2 = 4, the number of manifestation in the "real" world. Furthermore, 21 (the number of spiritual lessons awaiting the Fool) is the sum of the first 6 digits, that is, 21 = 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6, a fact that was not lost on the original creators of the Tarot deck. By playing with these numerical relationships and their connections to the cards of the Tarot deck, one can come to a deeper understanding of the origin, structure, and meaning of the cards.

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: Redirect 1/12/11
« on: January 12, 2011, 11:04:24 PM »
If Michael is going by the Mayan calendar (assuming because of the 12/21/2012 statement) then another date to look at is August 11. It is the first recorded date by the Mayans and the first day on the calendar.

August 11, 2009 The Coroner's office completes its autopsy in the case, but puts the results on security hold in order to allow the LAPD to complete its criminal probe.  
7 days later...
Aug. 18- Murray posted his youtube video.
Aug. 25- A video showing Michael Jackson jumping out of the coroner’s van surfaces on the internet. And it is announced Murray's prelim would start in January.  
Sept 1- Michael Jackson’s death certificate has been amended
Sept 8- Randy Jackson Slams Coverage of Private Funeral- "Many media organizations decided to ignore our wishes. They employed helicopters that not only surreptitiously recorded our private family ceremony, but also severely disrupted it."
Sept 15-In wake of Michael Jackson case, officials to unveil upgraded state prescription drug database
Sept 22- Prosecutors investigating Michael Jackson’s death have called Nicole Alvarez, 27, the girlfriend of the singer’s personal doctor to testify before a grand jury

And it goes on and on. He really like the number 7 didn't he?

Michael / Re: Lyrics Combined
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I think everything that Michael said, sang and did has a meaning. If simply writing his lyrics out is over analyzing, then I can't imagine what you think of the other theories out there. But it's the difference in opinion that makes humans the intelligent species. I thank you for your constructive criticism.

God bless.

Quote from: "nefari"
There is one little thing though that puzzles me and that is "Monster". When he is saying just look in the mirror. In one way I feel like he is talking to or about the bad people and then on another note I feel like there is something in this whole case that we need to look at in a mirror....something written, so that when we put it up to the mirror we see some huge stand out clue. Maybe that's just me trying to see something that is not there but this IS Michael we are talking about.

That immediately made me think of the CNN coverage where they caught Michael's "ghost" walking down the corridor.  He did say there was a sign in the window  :lol:  And a mirror image is a reflected duplication that appears identical but in reverse.  I keep bringing myself back to the story of Snow White also. The person who wanted her dead always talked to the mirror and the mirror told her what she wanted to hear.  Then when Snow White comes along, the mirror tells her that she is no longer the best. So in her jealousy, she sends someone to kill Snow White. But the guy lets her runaway. She ends up with 7 dwarfs that take care of. But the Queen still knew she was alive from the truth of the mirror so she goes and poisons Snow White. The 7 dwarves return home to see that she is not breathing. She is dead. But they can not bury her so they put her in an open coffin. Once the prince comes along after a few years, the 7 dwarves move her coffin to give to him, stumble and the poisoned apple is dislodged from her throat and she lives happily ever after.

Now whoever wanted to kill Michael Jackson, used the media as a mirror to get them to say whatever they wanted. Then when MJ came along, the media and the entire population were madly in love with him and his messages were against whoever was trying to kill him.  Since the media was shortly on Michael's side and spreading his knowledge of who and what they are, in their jealousy, they sent someone to kill him. When we were told he was going to rehab for a drug problem, he was actually poisoned and left the country for help. He got the help from 7 doctors that fortunately were not charged. This is where I think the plot turns around. These people wanted Michael dead, so they hired Dr. Murray and told him they would give him $300,000 to kill him. What they didn't know is that Michael has known him for 6 years and promised him 3 times that amount if he went along with his plan. So Murray made it look like that when he was found he was not breathing. He was dead. So now after a few years....we are still waiting on someone to stumble, for MJ to come back to life and we all live happily ever after lol.

For so long, these people used "their mirror" or the media to bring him down, destroy his life and his being.  But now that the story has turned, it only makes since for Michael to go to the media to give clues of his hoax.  He's telling them...hey mother truckers...look in the mirror. What's it tellin you now???

TIAI ~ 2011 / Re: Redirect 1/12/11
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1+2+5+2+0+1+1= 12.  It's the beginning of the end. Maybe we need to start adding up later dates that equal 21.

Michael / Re: Lyrics Combined
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Actually I did this from "Off The Wall" all the way through "Invincible".  Here is the post: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

How can it not mean anything when these are the words from Michael Jackson and we are here trying to figure out how, when, and why he may have hoaxed his death. Listening and interpreting the very words from this man may be the most important thing we can do.
I understand you can do that with anyone's music, but when you have a certain message to unlock you can find it. Look at the REAL meaning behind the words.

When I was doing this, my heart was beating so fast because I looked at the next song and just watched it piece together. He says so many times that he knows someone is after him. Then for us to believe he knows he is someone and he’s gonna be startin something so we must believe too. We are everything he lives for, but he wants us to know that he’s not going to let us down. He goes into describing the terror he is going through, but says that he is the ghost that can thrill better. He’s gonna get them back!  By this time he is being threatened with beatings and they can get away with it. Which came true didn’t it?  I think they were also threatening something with a woman and children and that’s why Billie Jean was written. Then it came true. He thought of the ultimate fantasy comeback while in New York. “But my friend you have seen nothing Just wait til I get through”. This is when he starts vocalizing he has a plan in store for them and he’s going to let them watch it!  “You came and changed my world just like in the movies.”   He’s getting more and more people involved in his plan now. “We’re takin over, we have the truth. This is the mission to see it through”  He has looked within himself (at the mirror) and knows he must do this. Then gave us an idea of what was going to happen. Whether he be charged as a “smooth” criminal or not it is something he must do.
“Mouth to mouth resus-citation, sounding heartbeats, intimidations. Then you ran into the bedroom, you were struck down, it was your doom. Will you tell us that you’re ok? I don’t know! There’s a sign in the window. Left bloodstains on the carpet”  I wonder if there is going to be blood on the carpet to go with the blood on the shirt??  “You can’t hurt me I found peace within myself. Michael Jackson, smooth criminal, that’s the man. Bum rushed the door, 3 and 4’s in a bundle execute the plan”  If he says that he think it may be some of his friends it could be possible that he is also getting back at the people who were in his room.  You can tell he is pissed by now that the media is paying more attention to him then what is going on in the world. He wants to prove to them that they are ignorant.  “You got strange diseases ah but there’s no cure. You got many doctors that aren’t so sure. So tell me why you wanna trip on me?”   Is this where Dr. Murray’s role comes in? To prove this point?  “…in my violence and my turbulence through my fear and my confessions” We stood by him in during his trials and tribulations, but when are we going to see this violence and hear his confessions? Confessions of what MJ?

“Look at yourself and what you’re doin right now. Stand back a minute just to check yourself out. Because it’s just a matter of time but till that day I said you’ve got to keep the faith.”  I kind of freaked out when I read this line. It gave me more motivation to keep on doing what I was doing and eliminated all my doubts. Then he goes on to explain how he had fallen so deep, he’s confused and it’s all the fault of the media and the people who “controlled him”, but he won’t and can’t give up. Even though they want him dead. They are destroying his reputation and the media is making the world believe that he’s doing it to himself.  So why not throw that back at them to in the plan  “To blame him if you will if he dies, sympathize. Such false witnesses”  

“He got flat, kick in the back. A heart attack…. before I put it in close your eyes and count to ten. Don’t cry. I won’t convert you there’s no need to dismay close your eyes and drift away…. You are a liar. You just sit around just talking nothing.”  He “died of a heart attack with something that was putting him to sleep. I don’t think that was coincidental.  I think he wants to prove them to be liars. They are always talking about the way he looks, calling him a monster and scary. “Am I the beast you visualized and you wanna see eccentrialities I’ll be grotesque before your eyes” I don’t think he necessarily got surgeries to look scary, but I wouldn’t doubt that he is so passionate about turning this around on them, he projected that image.  “So let the performance start.”
“And when you bury me underneath all your pain I’m steady laughin while surfacing. You can try to stop me, but it won’t do a thing no matter what you do.” OH! It’s getting good now. Time to play. Maybe unbutton your jacket, snap your fingers, play around with em a bit??  “…let’s both go outside and play.”  The same people that are after him killed one of his friends. Another reason to turn all this around on the bastards. ”Now there’s a lesson to learn. Stories are twisted and turned.”

And even though we don’t know if it’s right, question if this is a lie,  or thinking he is being deceitful “Everything will be alright, he assures her but she doesn’t hear a word he says preoccupied because she’s afraid that what they’re doing is not right.”  We must not stop believing it’s for the better good of the world and no matter what… “Whatever happens don’t let go of my hand.”

Why not end the story in a little suspense?  This “monster” that these people have created, that he is letting them project him to be is the one that is going to come and bite them in the ass!  He was supposed to be gone…disappeared…but, “A monster that you can see disappear. A monster, the worst thing to fear. What you have witnessed could be the end of a particularly terrifying nightmare. It isn’t. It’s just the beginning.”

How ironic that the new album “Michael” that was released after his death has a song called “Monster”.  I also did the combined the lyrics to that album which is the true story of his life.

I love you MJ. You are a genius.

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