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Other Hoaxes / Re: The Final Curtain
« on: November 30, 2009, 03:17:52 PM »
Just a random thought of mine, but the part where it says he would
 "Leave hints and details that could be checked for accuracy"
Remember That thred I started on MJKIT about Dr.Murray being reported as 3 different ages on 3 different websites?  Thats not accurate.

Quote from: "bec"
Thanks to a consciencous mod on the other forum where my work was posted without my permission, the situation has been corrected. Thank you to username "klhayes".

Diana Jean, you can add this to your blog if you include the link to this thread and credit me. Thanks for asking.

Yes, I wrote the piece. It is original work from 8-11-09 posted on MJkit forum.
Of corse, and if there is a link too a blog of yours or maybe your twitter you would like me to include just send me the link.

This is really good, did you write it? Can I post it too my blog so people who arent members of this site can read it? I will give you FULL credit of corse. I would never take your work like the person who youre talking about in the above post did.

Other Hoaxes / Joey Skaggs "The Final Curtain"
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:32:26 PM »
Joey Skaggs "The Final Curtain"
Who Is Joey Skaggs?
"Joey Skaggs (born 1945) is an American prankster who has organized numerous successful media pranks, hoaxes, and other presentations. He is considered one of the originators of the phenomenon known as culture jamming. "

Joey Skaggs was a prankster. He enjoyed pulling pranks on the media. And only the media.
"refusing to really scam anyone except the media"

How Does This Relate To Michael Jackson?
Well, when I ask people "Why do you think Michael hoaxed his death?"
The answer I get most often is "I think he's trying to teach the media a lesson"
Which makes sense, think about all the Hell the media put him through. Its a logical explanation too me.

"This Is It, This Is The Final Curtain Call"
Sound familiar? That quote was spoken by Michael Jackson himself, at his O2 Press Conference. This quote seems to have been "Stressed". Like they wanted people to remember it. let me explain:

 "final curtain call" is a phrase used long before Michaels press conference. Meaning "last show" or "last act". But now all its being assosiated with is Michael Jackson. Look:

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(sorry the picture was too big)

All I did was type in "Final Curtain Call" into google, and all I got was Michael Jackson.

How does this relate to Joey Skaggs?

Good question. As you now know, our friend Joey here liked pulling pranks and Hoaxes on the media. Well one of his pranks was named The Final Curtain.

"The Final Curtain (2000): Skaggs' creation was a combined funeral company, virtual graveyard and theme park. It was meant to satirize showmanship in places like Forest Lawn cemeteries."

Basicly, he wanted to draw attention to the death-care industry which he described as "a giant corporate scam, exquisitely successful at commercializing death." He didnt like how big cemeteries, and insurance companies...etc. made so much money off of peoples deaths. (notice how Forest Lawn is used as an example, coincidence? I think not.)

Making money off of a persons death, now that sounds familiar.

"He hires actors to play his customers, refusing to really scam anyone except the media. Often the prank is nothing more than a press release with a phone number; in these press releases, Skaggs leaves hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy. Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

He hires people?
Press release?
 Now wasnt Michaels death announced in a press release made by his Brother?
Hints or details that easily could be checked for accuracy?

Such as his Death certificate stating the wrong middle name, or The search warrent stating the wrong adress. You know, things like that?

"Eventually, he reveals the hoax to make his point."

Kinda makes me wonder...

Other Odd Things / Re: Calm before the storm?
« on: November 27, 2009, 11:24:09 PM »
Quote from: "EternalMichael"
Quote from: "kpnuts"
I also feel that Michael HAS tried to communicate with his fans in the last couple of months, but, owing to the number of fakes about,  he hasn't been recognised.  It's really a very sad situation.

Unfortunately, I agree...

Michael, you can give your messages on this forum. you are welcome here !

Hey, do you remember what site you found your sig on? Ive seen that picture before and I was looking everywhere for it.

Other Albums / Re: this is it backwards
« on: November 27, 2009, 10:37:46 PM »
Quote from: "SearchingForTruths"
Backmasking makes me feel like I'm being watched, so I'll take your word for it...

hahaa Thats funny because I feel the same way. I get this weird creepy feeling. Kind of like the same feeling I get after hearing ghost stories.

strange, I was sitting on my bed with a 100$ bill and I was inspecting it. I was looking at it from all angles and studying the face and I still cant decide weather or not the one in the video is strange. Just a question though, why is there a pile of money sitting on the table, and why did the camera zoom in on it?

The Movie References / Gilda comes up again
« on: November 27, 2009, 04:47:31 PM »
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Due to pictures and videos (and possibly laziness on my part)  Please read it there.
Sorry for the inconvenience

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