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TMZ Articles / Re: Oprah Airs Jackson, Molestation Shows Back-to-Back
« on: November 05, 2010, 09:39:58 AM »
Quote from: "Gema"
I have a weird feeling. Sometimes I think that MJ was molested as well.
Sounds crazy but would be mind blowing if MJ would show himself tomorrow to talk about him being molested. Is in the back of my head

Quote from: "hesouttamylife"
Gema, you just struck a nerve girl.

My question about Oprah and all her molestation shows, does she not realize that little girls were also molested?. She thrives on molestation of males. That I find strange. :?

Funny....and I thought I was the only one who thought like this.  :?  It's not that far fetched...he was a very young boy in some very adult situations when the Jackson 5 first started out.  I've wondered for years if Michael himself had been molested (although I personally don't believe he was molested by a man, but more so by an older woman---it would explain alot about his mistrust issues of women throughout his life---as he explained it to Rabbi Schmuley)(THIS IS JUST MY OPINION- please don't bash me!) :|  

....and another thing that has always stuck in my head was during the Bashir interview when Michael stated he never physically abused his children like Joe did to him...he made the remark "People always think the abused become "abusers"----and it's not true."  To me that statement can apply to any type of abuse he was subjected to...even molestation.  So I could totally see this scenario being played out from Michael on Oprah (though he may be in disguise if he did so) ;)

I find this odd too...I know Oprah was a victim herself...but to focus on the "male aspect" of it is strange.  :?  The only thing I can figure is with the latest reports coming out it's mostly a male on male crime and she's going at it from that perspective cause it's what's most prevelant right now? I dunno. But to have 200 men step forward is alot....there is something big to this.

...I wonder how many of those 200 men who were molested abuse people themselves?.....hmmmm...there might be a method to the madness after all ;)

General Hoax Talk / Re: Glenda Tapes: Real or Fake?
« on: November 04, 2010, 02:03:27 PM »
I've often wondered if there had been something romantic between June Chandler and Michael (even if it was very, very brief).  The "Glenda Tapes" have been perplexing to me and why they were played at the 2005 trial (in terms of relevance). Personally, I don't think the written transcripts are real at all and the tapes are questionable.   I also wonder if the "Glenda Tapes" were used to illustrate the types of relationships Michael had with "ordinary familys".   I think Michael wanted to know what it would have been like to be a "family man" a regular sense. It would explain why he often "stepped in" when the children were in a "broken home" type situation---either the mother was a single mom or the family was on the verge of breaking up (divorce) and also in situations where the husband was still in the picture, Michael merely assumed the father's role ANYWAY (what michael wanted, Michael got--no one told him no). If you look at Michael's track record for dating "ordinary women" he was attracted to; Tatiana, Shana, etc...June would slide right into that profile of that certain type of physical "look".  I think initially he may have been attracted to June Chandler, but found out what her personality was like and was turned off by it---but by then he had formed a bond with Jordan and kept befriending him.  I think Michael did this situation OFTEN. He liked the idea of a "ready made" ordinary family life. It was a total departure from what his normal life was like. Unfortunately, he ran into opportunist along the way and ultimately got burned.

What makes me question the authenticity of the tapes is that he never calls this woman by name. He always calls her "girl" which seems sort of generic. I do think the content is authentic (as in things Michael would have said), but the rest of it seems "scripted" and planned.

TMZ Articles / Re: Oprah Airs Jackson, Molestation Shows Back-to-Back
« on: November 04, 2010, 12:30:26 PM »
As usual, Oprah is playing both sides of the fence...and it's all for ratings!  She knows all to well people are curious about the Jackson Family now that Michael  has "passed" and are chomping at the bit to hear what his children have to say. But at the same time, I don't believe her position about Michael being guilty of child molestation has changed.  She's doing the Jacksons interview for ratings (pure and simple), yet she doesn't want to p*ss off her viewers who think like she does and think her views on Michael have changed (hence, the surrounding molestation shows---coincidence MY FOOT! :evil: ).

...she's not in on the hoax, nor do I feel she's apologetic for things she's said about Michael in the past.  She's duped the Jackson Family into thinking they are going to "clear" Michael's name, solely to secure this interview.

As far as Jordan coming out and speaking the truth...? yes that would be amazing (but I'm doubtful).  It would seem that now that Evan is gone, Jordan would be free to set the record straight- but thinking about the legal and personal ramifications he'd face, makes me think he's not man enough to step up and confess (he will take this lie and the money he's still collecting to his grave).

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens...but sorry, I don't think any "noble acts" from Oprah or Jordan are going to spring forth out of this at all...I hope I get to eat my words! .....I really do! :|

Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ's New Album-Pitting Family against Friends?
« on: November 02, 2010, 03:25:32 AM »
I don't know what to make of this, but someone clearly wants this album released under a "cloud of controversy".   :shock:

With the talk of doubles and imposters and hoaxes it makes you wonder if this is yet another piece of the hoax?  First the O2 announcement, then the movie TII content was questionable, now the new album is too?  Even pictures of Michael are being considered questionable ,"photoshopped" or fake.  The fact the kids are being brought in to "verify" the voice is suspect (kind of like when they said Prince had to be present when Dr. Murray  performed CPR on Michael to validate it.)  

Someone is trying to tell us something and they are driving the point home with a hammer! The question is what? ...if it doesn't look like him (O2 announcement), doesn't move like him (TII), doesn't sound like him (new album)....then it's not him? ...and the kids can validate it? :shock:

I think the relationship was genuine (even though I can't stand LMP) :roll:

I think the thing that Michael loved about her was also the thing that broke them up.  LMP could hold her own. She had her own money, fame, identity etc....she didn't need Michael nor did she worship him like most of the women in his life did (which I think is what he found attractive about her---she didn't chase him).  She'd tell him to "go take a hike", roll her eyes and keep stepping....and it was the same for him. They both came at each other with the same power. Both of them had strong personalities and both of them were used to "getting their own way".  THAT WAS THE PROBLEM! Neither wanted to compromise.

I do think she promised him they'd have children (but she went into the marriage with the mindset to wait a while)...not because she didn't want any kids with him, but that she was still on the rebound from her marriage to Danny (I mean really...they were still taking vacations together?! yikes!) she was rebelling against her mother who didn't approve of either marriage...Danny or Michael.

I think Michael knew LMP wanted to wait to have kids, but figured he could change her mind (again, he's used to getting what he wants!....he is Michael Jackson after all, women faint in his arms,lol :lol: )

It seems like their relationship was "intense" from the very beginning.  Neither was afraid to argue or throw a fit (like little children). It's clear they knew how to hurt each other. Michael would taunt her with Debbie's offer and LMP would go on vacations with her ex-husband to retaliate.

I think this relationship was very much "Love-Hate"....and like any intense relationship it was in the extremes with everything! But I do think it was genuine affection.

As for the Scientology, Elvis Estate, etc...Michael was no fool...he knew how to barter and I'm sure they each negotiated to get "their way" with each other. Michael probably promised to "join" Scientology, but only after LMP had his baby and LMP would only have the baby if he joined first (and thus the battle insues!)

I think now that LMP is older and more mature, she realizes what mistakes they made. I truly believe they couldn't work it out because they were just too much alike.

Michael Jackson News / Re: Dr. Sandeep Kapoor acquitted on all charges...
« on: November 01, 2010, 06:36:07 PM »
Over and over there is mention of some "handlers" for Michael over the years.  "The people around Michael" that he was sometimes afraid of and the mention by Michael himself of "someone wanting him dead".  If you parallel the two cases, it would seem that Murray would surely be acquitted and these "handlers" would be prosecuted.  Now who those handlers are can vary greatly depending on the investigation. Perhaps the media is implicating AEG, Phillip Ashultz, John Branca, etc  in order the detract from who the "real handlers" are that are under investigation. Or maybe they don't know or are being fed false information.  Maybe Michael had to play "possum"(dead) in order to get free of these people and for them to be prosecuted. I could see where a doctor would not be found guilty- if he is writing a prescription for a patient based on his condition, he is just supplying the initial medication.  If "handlers" go behind the doctor and take that prescription information and get MORE meds under assumed names to give to the patient and keep him drugged up, then that would not be the fault of the original physician. If Michael and Murray were working together, Murray could easily induce a "sleep" (which is what propofol does) to make it appear that Michael had died, and make the "handlers" believe he has died also.  They could have been supplying Michael with drugs (which he was pretending to take) in order to give the illusion of being drugged up.

I think the verdicts in this case are VERY relevant to what's going on with the Murray case.  It's sad Anna couldn't have been saved, but I think this is going to set an example as to what's really going on with these abuses of prescription medication.

So Oprah had a teen crush on Jackie?  :?

This is too coincidental to not mean something....first the interview with Joe and Katherine and now the date segment with Jackie too?  What's next? she does psychic phenomenon with La Toya?  Guitar lessons with Tito?  :?

I'm not trying to be funny really....but this is just getting weird. There has to be a meaning to all this.

.....look out Stedman, Oprah has the hots for Jackie Jackson 8-)

Introduce yourself / Greetings from Cali-land
« on: October 11, 2010, 11:25:29 AM »
Hello Everyone,

I felt weird browsing through the forum day after day without a proper introduction.  My name is Bree from California. I'm actually a hoax forum transplant (out of respect for both, I won't name the forum)...they were more focused on the "Army of Love " perspective (which is wonderful, but it just didn't suit my particular needs) so I came here because there is such a wealth of information on all subjects.

I am not a "fan" of Michael Jackson's though I do appreciate his brother was the big fanatic---in truth, I had stopped following Michaels career sometime in the mid 90's....not because of the allegations, but more so because I was following Janet's music at the time.  

What led me to the hoax sites were the much debated pictures of Michael at the O2 concert announcement.  I admit, I hadn't paid any attention to any pictures of Michael in many years, but something about those pictures didn't "feel right" to me and I got curious and started digging....the rest is investigative history.

I don't post much, but I will chirp in on things that interest me.  I hope my opinion can be of some value here and thanks in advance for sharing your ideas....I look forward to reading them. :)

TMZ Articles / Re: Katherine Jackson May Be 'Oprah' Bound
« on: October 11, 2010, 10:48:57 AM »
I wish my opinion of this "interview" was more optimistic...but in truth Oprah is a "ratings shark".   :?  She will go after the story with the biggest bang.  I have no doubt that LMP's "mysteriously cancelled" interview was junked to make way for this interview with Katherine.  Let's be honest, the grieving mother and children is a far bigger media draw than the estranged ex-wife LMP sharing her feelings and memories about Michael for yet the FIFTH time! (Sorry Lisa, no one really cares about how you feel about MJ any more - been there, done that).  It was over 15 years ago, get on with your life with your new husband and kids!

As for Katherine, she benefits too from this interview with Oprah (yes folks, it's 1993 all over again).  People will be glued to the T.V. wondering if they are going to see the "Wizard" as Oprah put it back then.  This is definitely a "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" scenario.  The Oprah show reaches viewers worldwide ---No matter how Katherine feels about Oprah's stance on the molestation allegations, she can't ignore the numbers.

Katherine wants the exposure for Michael's music legacy, Oprah wants the ratings. 8-)

Bottom line, this is a business...the music industry, tabloid industry, television industry, film industry----it's all a business and designed to get the most marketing and money it can.  I suspect this "interview" will air around the time Michael's new DVD's will be released (coincidence? Not likely.)

TMZ too knows this all too well....keep an eye on the stories that lead up to this show airing....they are going to be very entertaining ;)

Other Odd Things / Re: Tatiana Yvonne still love Michael
« on: October 02, 2010, 11:58:37 PM »
I think what makes Tatiana "significant" is her presence at the funeral.( I'll explain my theory on this in a minute)

...sorry, I couldn't resist chirping in on this one...I usually only browse the posts here... :geek:

Michael did say on the rabbi tapes that he "hand picks" his leading ladies (he said has to be attracted to them)~ although I think Ola Ray was the only one selected for him (not by him) because of her popularity in Playboy at the time.(you watch the making of Thriller, clearly he's more interesting in slip-sliding and playing across the rehearsal room floor than he is in her.)

I think because Tatiana was the first leading lady He chose, he allowed himself to have feelings for her. I do believe Michael really did care for her at one point. You can see it in the body language and expressions.But, I think MJ eventually came to a point where he couldn't trust her motives.  And I'm sure Dileo and others around Michael were in his ear warning him and it might have put doubts about her in his head.


To me the concert "kiss" was planned like she claims - personally, I think Michael was "testing the waters"  a bit to see if fans, and media were ready for his being married etc... and to a "nobody" at that(not to be mean to say that about Tatiana, but until then MJ had primarily been "seen" dating celebrity women)... He was already 2/3 of the way through the first leg of the Bad tour when the kiss happened at a 'private" concert in New York (not a coincidence in my book- it was timed that way).   I do think her being fired afterwards was in part a result of negative feedback and partly his lingering doubts of Tatiana's true motives.

As for Tatiana, I think initially she saw all this as an opportunity to make a name for herself  8-) , but then she fell in love with MJ :P , was fired and became obsessed :evil:, then became vindictive :twisted: and then finally just sad  :cry:  I think she knew she had a real shot at being with him, but he changed his mind.

I don't think she "got" with Jermaine (come on now, you've just kissed Mike, would you really put your lips on Jermaine after?! :? But I do think she kept in touch with members of the family (even let Joseph manage her)to stay in contact with Michael for a while.

She did throw him "under the bus" during the second trial. In an interview to endorse her book she back pedaled on a question of whether or not she thought Michael was guilty stating she was "confused" and "unsure what was going on with him" and said their relationship was "mostly professional"( so now she says she loves him, but in reality she didn't think he was innocent?)...wth?...  :|

 BTW...Her book was released on Valentine's Day the same year of the 2005 trial -some 17 years later (but it was coincidence) ;)

Now, her signifcance at the funeral....most of the recognizable "celebrity" guests there were people MJ used in his video's....Mac (Black or White), LMP (You are not alone), Chris Tucker (Rock My World),
Liz Taylor (Leave me alone - even though it is film snippets from her early days),
and Tatiana (Way you make me feel)

Tatiana's presence (or lack of presence) aat the funeral would seem "odd" since she was so
prominently featured in the video, the tour and the promotion.  MJ clearly wanted recognizable
"celebrity" faces from his career at this burial. Much like the filming of Liberian girl and I think
she was brought in to serve that purpose of the hoax.

Also, you'll notice no children (other than his own) were in attendance at the burial. As
many kids as this man's life touched and all his humanitarian efforts for children's causes
and not a single child is present to say "goodbye"?! not even a choir of children singing farewell,
but Glady's Knight instead? *chuckles* why?..because kids figure things out too quickly. And
Michael did say "if there were no children, I'd rather be dead"

So I think her re-emergence is part of the hoax (though I doubt she knows anything about it)..her
making money off MJ is just like the rest of them selling books and interviews etc...casing
in on his name. He made the right she will have to live with it.

For the record:

Tatiana was the leading lady in "The way you make me feel", she had a cameo in "Leave me Alone", and
her body silhouette was used in "Dirty Diana" (which I personally believe was written in part about her
and others like her).

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