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TIAI ~ 2012 / TIAI February 10
« on: February 10, 2012, 01:42:40 AM »
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Perhaps now is a good time to revisit 2 of Michael's "whispers" from the memorial…..

One Love...

Truth (Truth will prevail = time)…

Some of the most spiritual and passionate people that walk(ed) the Earth do/did not consider themselves to be "religious". Does spiritual = religious? Not necessarily. Front has stated many times --- if you're not a religious person, it matters not…have faith in Michael and continue to believe in what you already KNOW. Do not let the religious beliefs/interpretations of others "derail your hoax train", so to speak. There are many constituents (beliefs) of the same train---each car (individual) is connected and rides along the same track---together as ONE.

The confusion and heartache from the non-religious people's POV is highly understandable…but what should be realized is: it's simply not necessary---so too is the feeling of being "left out". Au contraire---you are very MUCH included!---if you SEE the "bigger PIcturE". Imagine that we are all in a forest. Some people will notice the trees first…others will see the animals first…others will first observe the rays of light shattering through the green canopy of the branches. We all have different perspectives, although our eyes are witnessing the very same scenario! For people that are partial to the trees…does that mean that the animals and the light do not exist? Absolutely not! Likewise, does it make you less of a beLIEver or less of "passenger" on this journey just because you don't see/don't relate/don't believe in a specific religion? Not necessarily. The journey is what you make it. You can choose to embrace only a few aspects of the "scenery"…..or you can choose to embrace ALL aspects. The journey will continue regardless of religious beliefs. <---- again, this goes back to "having faith in Michael"

Keep an open mind, listen, observe, share your thoughts…'s okay to disagree. Isn't it wonderful when people who have opposing beliefs share and learn from each other? It's one of the most powerful things in the world!--- AND, one that ultimately converges on the same path…even if we don't realize it's happening at that tIME. HIndsight truly IS 20/20.

The dark clouds will part…..horizons shall <<---e-x-p-a-n-d--->> and the glory of L.O.V.E. will rain down upon them quenching their souls.

In case you missed it before, perhaps it's relevant to re-post this now…..

Front wrote:
‪Parallel lives, parallel paths‬
And for so long a one-way looking glass
In the mysterious depths of time and space
Footsteps converge to reveal a face
The mirror, no more a one-way reflection
Wiped free of smudges and deception
How I long for that day of transformation…
A Godly utopia without degradation
A collective heart
One love, one race
No matter the color of your face
Contradicting opinions with peaceful notions
Humility + respect = a powerful potion
Many residents, one home
We come and go
Despite it all, I want you to know
We'll see this through 'til the end
And we shall see the light again

and I shall add with appropriateness to the moment: 
A collective heart
One love, one race
No matter the color of your face
Beliefs may differ along the way
Through this journey from night into day
Soldiers of L.O.V.E., hand in hand
As we trek through the desolate land
Light will emanate from below and above
Warming our souls with a religion of Love   

In times of silence, try not to get discouraged. It only means there is something BIG in the works…..and the "feather" will DEFINITELY be heard when it flutters to the "stage".

I've been away awhile..just jumping in and out..but I had to say this post was amazing.  The forest analogy is FANTASTIC!  Make me feel quite differently about a lot of things.  The poem was really a thinker too.  Very beautiful and informative.  Thank you!!

TIAI ~ 2012 / TIAI January 11
« on: January 11, 2012, 02:11:50 AM »
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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI November 30
« on: November 30, 2010, 12:23:49 AM »
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TIAI ~ 2010 / TIAI November 25
« on: November 25, 2010, 01:45:07 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :D

TIAI Redirect:
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