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Dave Dave / Re: Dave Dave's friend on myspace.....
« on: August 13, 2010, 03:27:37 PM »
Quote from: "Serenitys_Dream"
Quote from: "chloead505"
Jackson square..sure. It's clearly some codes. They could be messing with us as they know we're looking for clues..

Jackson Square is a place in Hamilton , Ontario, Canada. It is located at: 2 KING ST W. It is near James, John, & Queen Streets...
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TIAI redirected to this picture:

This is the logo for a nightclub in Hamilton, Ontario, named Club 77.
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It is located at 77 King William Street and is close to Jackson Square.
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I doubt this is a coincidence.

Just what I thought!! It all means something  ;)  Thanks for the info! This is all really crazy actually, how the numbers 7 and 9 appear everywhere  :o

Quote from: "*Mo*"

I'm sorry, but I only posted this article to point out the line:

the artist formerly known as Michael Jackson

That is what I was pointing out to, nothing more and nothing less, and that is why I posted this article in the "Michael Joe Jackson ~ Michael Joseph Jackson" category.

I think that is very ODD. Why would anyone say that?? Hm...matter of fact, it crossed my mind a few times already. That maybe he let MJ "die" and will return as someone else. That's when he does return cause it may just as well be that he wants to live a normal life under a different name, who knows? But then all those clues wouldn't make sense, right. It's just another of those oddities that are more than oddities  ;)

Dave Dave / Re: Dave Dave's friend on myspace.....
« on: August 13, 2010, 02:18:54 PM »
I found this quite interesting too: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login
The reference to Dave's hands particularly. Dave's hands on LKL are quite different from those on Dave's pics. By the way I think he added new pics. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

As for the funny posts of Andy and Dave: they MUST mean something, definitely! C'mon, 2 and 5? that's like 7, right?  ;)  Jackson square..sure. It's clearly some codes. They could be messing with us as they know we're looking for clues...But then again, I don't think Dave would joke about MJ's death if he was really dead. ;)

Andy, whatever he knows, can't tell anyone Oh yeah, Mike's alive, sure he is and I know where he's at   :lol:  Certainly not...

I'm 99% sure that Dave on LKL is MJ. I have also seen a pic of the same "Dave" in the car of MJ's people, somewhere on the forum, can't find it...And my mum just went past my computer and saw the pic and said: Wow! That DOES look like MJ!! She's not a fan, by the way...not an expert on MJ and still it was so obvious to her  :)

Dave Dave / Re: The real Meaning behind the LKL Dave Dave interview
« on: August 13, 2010, 02:07:11 PM »
Quote from: "farhatmjj"
good point... it was in the beginning of the interview right? If so then it was like introducing himself in the disguise to us.

I totally agree! And you can tell that he really NEEDS to say that, he was interrupted but then he started the sentence again and put emphasis on every word. It's a clear message  ;)

Hoax Videos / Re: MJ's Billie Jean vs "MJ's" Billie Jean
« on: August 13, 2010, 01:33:15 PM »
Quote from: "*Mo*"
Quote from: "mrmikeworld"
I'd say that this is MJ. We all know he can dance. However, when was the last time he did Billie Jean? 01! Even then it wasn't as good as he usually done it. I think the last time MJ did Billie Jean and it was his best was 1999 MJ and friends. So since 01' until now he probably hasn't danced very much. He's rusty. Plus that looks like the forst time they did Billie Jean on the stage. To me it looks like they weren't even planning on doing it but thought "Hey while we are here, let's do a run through" same with MITM at the end, it's not complete. I believe the blue shirt he is wearing is what he wore on June 24th. So it was a quick run through, it wasn't a full rehearsal, plus I'd say it was the first run through since 01'.

So he's just rusty and a little off. I mean he probably forgot some of the lyrics. He doesn't listen to his music every day. You know? IJCSLY you messes up the lyrics there too...

Just my two cents!

I'm sorry, but I don't buy this.  To me it's perfectly clear that there are doubles in TII, and what you have just summed up looks, in my honest opinion, as weak excuses to deny the use of doubles.  

A dancer doesn't stop dancing, and routines one has repeated time after time will stick in your memory.  I quit top sports 23 years ago, and I still remember my routines, every single detail of them.  When I hear the music of my routines, my body automatically starts making the moves.  The lyrics of the many songs I memorized in the 80's I still remember, and I didn't write those songs myself, so leave alone the memory of the person who wrote them.  

You will have to come up with a lot more credible excuses than you previously posted.  Mike is 50, not some old dude of 85 years old, although a lot of young people think that life ends once you've passed 40.

Well, I don't really want to go into the "double-or-not" theory, I just have some observations I wanna share. I have to admit that I was quite disappointed when I saw the Billie Jean in TII. My impression was more like it IS MJ, but the edge wasn't there, like someone said, it wasn't just the choreography which I don't think should be changed: Billie Jean is his signature, it's legendary, why would he want to change the main choreography? Adding something is different, he did add something at the 2001 show after all, and no Billie Jean performance MJ did in the past was exactly the same. And still it seemed perfect, just the way you expect, no matter if there were some slight changes. The performance from 1981 is actually very different from the one in 2001. But in TII something's not right :?:  Even the way the dancers are cheering is weird, I mean: either they cheer because someone's doing great, trying to be like MJ, or MJ himself is really coming up with something new (very strange) or it could be more like a rehearsal of a rehearsal, if you know what I mean. He didn't seem to want to put everything into that one. It's like they were gonna do another 10 rehearsals of the same thing again right after that.But why cheer then? :?  I'm not saying it couldn't have been a double there, but that guy does LOOK like MJ. It looks like it's MJ but something's not right. I wish I knew what... :?
And the fact that Joe Jackson said there were plenty of doubles there anyway...Hmmm! Makes me thing. Why did he say that? True or not...could be part of the plan. Wanted everyone to go like let's see in which scenes. What if he just want to plant the idea in our heads? Cause actually, if it was true and Mike was dead, he wouldn't have said that. It's quite disrespectful I think. I think everything the family members say has some purpose. Apart from the fact that it's contradictory most of the times.  :idea:

I don't think we should try so hard to find out if there were doubles or not or which scenes they were in. We should look for other clues instead. Besides I think if they were knowingly including footage with body doubles, they should have picked them carefully so that nobody notices anything. I just think it's on purpose. So why argue about that?
L.O.V.E  :)

Other Odd Things / Re: An Article from 2007 but very important!!!
« on: August 13, 2010, 06:25:40 AM »
Quote from: "DREAMSandTRUTH"
Quote from: "PureLove"
Quote from: "DREAMSandTRUTH"
Quote from: "PureLove"
I found Michael relaxed and confident -- happy that the troubled past was getting put all behind him and happy that he's begun rebuilding his career again. "It's a whole new Michael here in Vegas," I was told. " He feels comfortable here. He loves being able to go out and basically not get hassled. He likes the restaurants here for the food but his favorites are the shows. I think he'll get to see everyone of them over the next few months. It's the first time in a long time Michael is feeling less pressured and much at ease. He is ready to go to work again and is in a great space and a wonderful sense of mind."

Ok from this article, does Michael sound like a guy who was threatening , does he sound like his life was in danger? To me, definitely NOT! If he was threatening by illu. or by someone else how could he go out that easily and with the kids without a disguise??? Would he be so relaxed, would he feel that comfortable? I’m just talking according to this interview and the thing I got from this article is, Michael was NOT in a big trouble.
It supports my opinion that Michael didn't fake his death because he was in serious danger. As I said, I believe it was Michael as DD on LKL. If he had dangerous enemies, he wouldn't have showed them that he is alive. He would have risked that one of his family members can be kidnapped by his enemies. So no, I don't think anyone's life was in danger.

If he was in a big danger, would he leave all these clues behind? That's the biggest question in my mind always. Wouldn't he include his kids to the Witness Protection Program with him and hide??? Would he show his kids' faces in public and ran away himself?? nahh that's not logical.
Exactly. And, by the way, nobody in Michael's family looks really upset/worried/threatened.

Great post. I was searching for Robin Leache's blog, I wanted to see the original article, like someone here said: we need to double-check everything, esp. articles. Unfortunately the archive there only contains articles dated back to April 2007: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

But then I searched more and I came across another interesting article: You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login (sorry if it's been already discussed) that I thought 1) kind of contributes to the credibility of the Leach's article but also 2) I found a few lines there quite interesting:
“I want Mrs. Jackson and the fans to be very proud of what we create. There will be no Michael Jackson impersonators. There is only one Michael Jackson!”  :P Well, are you thinking what I'm thinking?  ;) or:
"It truly is the one destination now for Michael’s fans from all around the globe. It will create an even bigger phenomenon.”
I have been told that technology that Michael Jackson himself had supervised for the This Is It run of concerts at London's 02 Arena will be used in the Las Vegas shows, with even more advanced innovative and cutting-edge technology to be specially developed, including 3D.

It might not mean anything, of course, and I know Cirque du Soleil has been discussed elsewhere but I'm just putting links together and see if we can make anything out of it. Btw, it will also be in LAS VEGAS...

Hoax Videos / Re: Michael Jackson Death Hoax/Slip Ups;Clues in Pictures
« on: August 12, 2010, 10:04:17 AM »
MAGNIFICENT!! Mike is proud of you and us all, I'm sure  ;)

Other Odd Things / Re: Michael said Goodbye to all before he died....
« on: August 12, 2010, 09:33:53 AM »
Quote from: "Sternschen87"
I found an german article in which Jason Pfeiffer said, that he thaught that it was strange that Michael said goodbye to all his dear friends the WEEK BEFORE HE DIED. All his friends were scared about it.

He says: the last two weeks he changed completly, become even more religious, looked back on his life and was only talking only about the mayian calendar and the year 2012

hmmm, strange right?  :lol:

I really wonder if this story is true. I mean the whole story about him going around saying good-byes or if it's another "hint/clue" which is being spread on purpose. Either means that he was going to "die". And I'm sure suicide was NOT on his mind. No, definitely not, Mike a fighter  ;)  So let's assume it's true...meaning that he was going to fake his death and knew he would be away for a long time. It couldn't have been because of him going to London, that's nonsense: why would you say good-bye to people you barely know because you'll be away for some months?? No, I don't think so. Another thing: if he was going to commit suicide, he certainly wouldn't have said goodbye to strange people but rather would have left a note to his family. Did any member of the family mention something like that? NO! Right so that's not an option at all, even for those who question if it was suicide. Next. If he was going to be killed, how could he have known when to say goodbye???  ;)  No, no, no. Makes no sense. I think this whole rumor about foul play/threats to be killed etc. were just part of the plan. So if we assume he is alive, he didn't kill himself nor was he murdered...unless he was abducted (something we haven't looked into yet??)..which doesn't fit in for various reasons, he must have faked his death: HOAX!!
Based on that, it's not important whether he really was saying goodbyes or not, in either case it proves that he knew what was gonna happen and WHEN, so that explains everything I guess  8-)

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Info for new members / Re: The Slipup-list.
« on: August 12, 2010, 09:17:21 AM »
All these slip-ups make you think...think as in get your head buzzing with possible explanations. They (the slip-ups) are too many to be coincidental. They all seem to be all sorts of hints and these hints even have a pattern to them. What I make out of is something like this: it's a hoax, he's alive, possibly recovering, or not? the family knows and they're playing along, but a whole bunch of other people must know, too. Actually that's what makes me wonder: how do you make sure that none of them won't screw up and tell the "truth"? That's worrying me a bit. Some of the slip-ups are so ridiculous that they actually can't be accidental, some of them seem on purpose: to convey a message. I just fu*king hope they're not playing with us...but then there are certain things in the TII that add up to the whole hoax thing and that's why I don't believe there's someone else behind all this (it must be Mike). In that case he's a genius in so many ways it's almost impossible to even imagine! I want to share this with you: the moment I learned about his "death" I went into hystery not knowing what's happening without being able to think clearly and all that, I'm sure you all know it...BUT point is, my Mum, who's not a real fan, she just likes his she was able to be kind of on top of things and the first thing she said when she saw the news was: THAT CAN'T BE REAL! Btw, she used to be a nurse working at the cardio unit and she said it's unthinkable that the whole emergency resuscitation CPR bs would go like that. She said either it's a set-up or I don't believe this is possible! I mean clearly we didn't think of the option him being alive. YET. So when I told her abt our theory here she went like: that makes much more sense, yeah. And I should also tell you that both me and my Mum are lawyers and we really apply logic to everything and so later we came to the conclusion that only the option that he's ALIVE and faked his death actually makes sense, according to all the very suspicous circumstances. And also, it's nonsense that Katherine wouldn't want to see her son for the last time!!! I didn't believe that for a second!
Well...just some thoughts I wanted to share...I still have some doubts about certain things but let's keep the faith and spread the word. L.O.V.E.

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