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General Hoax Talk / Re: Heismypeterpan update
« on: May 07, 2010, 06:00:36 PM »
Quote from: "Jermajesty"
Oh my god!
lady is heismypeterpan? Have you lost it guys?
I saw her (lady) last week and hmm let me think nope no connection to mj nor is she a blond heismypeterpan.
Who gives you the right to know everything? You complaining about what the media has done to Michael but you are doing the exact same thing-to complete strangers!
if lady was given the trust of heismypeterpan who proved her real and not fake,isn't it very honourful that she's not bashing her out all over the net but still want to let you all know that you can trust that heismypeterpan is real.
And also,what heismypeterpan has written in her tweets doesn't have to be the magical answer that there is no hoax. Maybe she does not know,maybe she's only there to revial that there were bad guys around mj in a period of long time.
Why can't we behave friendly and mature anymore....
jeez,she's a normal girl and now her own-private twitter account is hacked? what for...

 just felt I had to step in here... sorry if my emotions got out of hand a bit,I'm sure you understand.

I just wrote a whole long post and it didn't post...BUT you have summed up alot of what I feel and was going to say...She was a nice person period! She wasn't trying to "act" a certain way. I don't know who she was ..BUT..Michael had many females around him for years!! That doesn't mean that they were his GF's, they were his friends! He said it himself that he had many females in his home all the time. But what happened to heismypeterpan is sad and appauling TBH..people threatening her and stalking her...WHO do they think THEY are?? I mean seriously!!  Obviously these people have deep issues and are not Michael's fans who really GOT his messages of Love and respect for all people. I am deeply saddened that people are focusing on these types of things instead of either investigating or making a difference in this world. WHO cares if some of us had the honor of knowing him. Does that mean that there should be a target on the backs of those who knew him? Better yet why would people come out and share after seeing what others have gone through since the beginning...I would NEVER share ...why??... to get abused and bashed...I am sorry to hear this going on and I am deeply disappointed as I am sure Michael is too if he has heard about how some have been attacked...


Other Odd Things / Re: Geraldo??
« on: May 03, 2010, 08:13:28 PM »
Quote from: "michaelsupporter"
I sent Geraldo an email asking him these questions very nicely months ago and he and FOX have chosen to disregard it.  Seems to me that Geraldo was silenced for good reason because Geraldo is one man who doesn't back down without a fight.

ME TOO Months AGO and I nevr heard a word??

SOUNDS to me like he was preparing the score for a film or films!!!!  Hmmm...

Other Odd Things / Re: Longtime friends
« on: May 02, 2010, 01:07:44 PM »
Great Find!!!

TMZ Articles / Re: Arnie Klein: I Did Not Betray Michael Jackson
« on: May 02, 2010, 01:05:29 PM »
heismypeterpan said in her tweets on 30th of april?

For ex she wrote:
he knew if he even suggested to Michael that he was looking "old" Michael would freak out and agree to have whatever work done he suggested.
10:45 AM Apr 30th via web
Reply Michael was extremely self-conscious and Arnold knew this but for him, it was all about the $.
10:44 AM Apr 30th via web
Reply (contd.) on TV and he would then proceed to tell Michael what type of work he thought he needed to have done to look younger.
10:44 AM Apr 30th via web
Reply Arnold would call Michael up out of the blue and tell him he'd seen a recent picture of him...

YES it seems that she is the one claiming to have gone with Debbie according to what I have been reading ...What I find interesting is that KF is the one that said Debbie went to the Estate and now supposidly there was Debbie and the GF???... Well at least the true friends are standing up for him!!!

General Hoax Talk / Re: Heismypeterpan update
« on: May 02, 2010, 01:35:42 AM »
Quote from: "heal_the_world"
In her latest tweets she says that the reason the second part of Jason's interview wasn't aired is because She and someone else who used to be close to Michael Got in touch with both Extra and the estate and informed them that they have proof that Jason and Arnold's story was fabricated and that they are fully prepared to go to the media if the second part of the interview was aired, and the estate is now considering suing Extra and Arnold and Jason.

She is also now considering going to the media about her relationship with Michael.

If she is telling the truth and does go to the media with proof about her relationship with MJ, should we believe her that Michael is dead :?:


Just an FYI...It was supposidly Debbie Rowe that got in touch with the attorneys and put a stop to all that madness. Thats what I have heard.  I peronally don't believe Michael was in a serious relationship, but of course that is just my opinion. Sure he had female "friends" but I have to say any serious girlfriend should not be posting pictures of his children. I wouldn't want my childrens pictures being posted on twitter! Again MY opinion! She may be "a fan" as the bodyguard put it heheheheh...and she might know things , WHO am I to say if she is lying....I only believe words from Michaels lips and just listen to the rest, and just take it all in!

OK so I watched it and I love Tom M.!! ONE thing I caught that I need to bring the end..they say that When Michael passed that he was 5.9 and weighed 136 and had Bedsores, and that they developed after the trial of 2005???? WHAT?? bedsores happen with extended time in same position in bed?? I never heard this and am confused about this??

TMZ Articles / Re: TMZ Live 28/04, Omer Bhatti
« on: April 29, 2010, 02:17:26 AM »
The way Harvey says Omer is never coming back leads me to believe something happened??   LOTS of stuff going down at Havenhurst!! Some serious changes and lots of people no longer staying there!! Makes you think!! :?:

Michael Jackson News / Re: Apr 28?
« on: April 28, 2010, 10:34:54 PM »
11:35 in NY and nothing...but I wasn't expecting anything! I gave up on dates a while ago. :D

Teddy Riley / Re: Weird Teddy Riley interview!
« on: April 27, 2010, 11:53:39 PM »
WOW  all that present tense talking!!! He sooo knows he is ALIVE!! This helped today..I was having a low day and after hearing Teddy he just showed how Michael is still here!! Thanks Teddy!! 8-)

The Double Theory / Re: Travis Payne, black MJ?
« on: April 19, 2010, 11:59:59 AM »
I can tell you that Travis is not MJ...I have been very close to Travis, talked to him and there is no way he is Michael. My facebook has some pics of me with Travsis and my youtube has video...sorry not Michael...!  :D

Quote from: "DarkYetLovely"
Quote from: "hesouttamylife"
Contrary to popular belief, some statements , etc. did not make it to  Youtube.  However, once said not easily forgotten.  Q did bash Michael.  Case closed.

However though, and NO he is not bashing him here, but please tell me, why is he rubbing Michael like this :?:


Erm, I'm pretty sure he's rubbing the snake... (rofl... that sounds bad too).. umm, what I mean is... the boa's tail is down there by Michael's leg.  You can see it at the beginning but then it moves a little so you can't see it anymore.

ahahahahahahahahah...YES he is petting the snakes tail...LMAO...Oh my have to wipe away the tears of laughter.."rubbing the snake"

Other Odd Things / Re: NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT, AGAIN???
« on: April 05, 2010, 06:47:52 PM »
JUNE 14,2005 all the reports of Michael being aquitted/exonerated...This was the turning point the day everything changed!!

Hoax Videos / Re: Mr.MJay777 new video :)
« on: February 14, 2010, 12:01:43 AM »
This account belongs to comeback777 on myspace and twitter..

and TBH Seeing Clues brough up ISIS/Ankh a while ago on their blog..just an FYI..

4:19 I think it is one of the Jonas brothers but one line at 4:38, to me, sounds like Michael!!

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