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Count me in ! come on, we can do this, for love  ;)

General Hoax Talk / Re: Is Michael on twitter..?
« on: July 16, 2010, 02:13:51 AM »
Quote from: "MJalive999"
Quote from: "superflysister81"
Quote from: "Puff"
Wow... now we have another kind of 'Michael Jackson'  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


@Puff omg, how many types of Michael Jackson do we have ?  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

Guys, now that we have the transcription, can't you see what kind of things this Michael wrote?  :lol:

I mean , I am fine, I love you all, thank you for your support ...  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

And, let me ask this...does someone of you know if you could login to the chatroom with any name? Michael, Jesus Christ, Buddha or I don't know... :lol:

btw, I Talk to GOD ... Michael..   every day!
Today he told me about the great flood ...

lmao !

i know it's not Michael, i just wanted you to know what's going on on twitter ! ;)

General Hoax Talk / Re: Is Michael on twitter..?
« on: July 15, 2010, 11:48:09 AM »
@amanda07, i think it's a male... well i don't really know ! lol
 please tell me what do you think about that ...

is michael on twitter ..? part 2  ;)

You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login this chatroom is now closed, but i found this one : You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login  

i went there yestersay, we wondered why the other chatroom is now closed, some seemed to have the answer but i didn't saw it.
Then we talked about someone called "michael" who came 2 days before yesterday in the other chatroom.
some noticed that there was at the same time someone called "lisa". this "michael" seemed to really know her, which was for her the proof that he was the real michael.
thank to "holly snow" for sending me the conversation. here it is (only the interesting messages, because it's too long) :

[18:25] guest-21473 changed nickname to michael
[18:27] bunny: Michael I would even go and pick up KFC for you
[18:27] bunny: Michael loves kentucky fried chicken
[18:29] bunny: great we are trying to get Michael to talk I would just love even a couple of words
[18:29] michael: I am fine and I love you all
[18:29] mjthrillsme4evr: I love you too
[18:30] michael: I am and I hope you're fine too
[18:31] guest-21720 changed nickname to lisa
[18:32] lisa: Hi Michael :)
[18:32] bunny: Michael if you are reading this, I hope we bring a smile to that beautiful face
[18:32] michael: Hi lisa
[18:33] michael: I am smiling, thank you :)
[18:33] elenajdb: you have facebook?
[18:33] lisa: how are you? I'm glad we can talk a bit :)
[18:33] michael: I had once, but it has been deleted
[18:35] michael: I am fine Lisa, thank you :)
[18:35] singgorlie: Could It be that i'm in touch with the king of pop?
[18:36] michael: it's me
[18:36] bjean_: are you sure?
[18:36] michael: just feel it
[18:37] lisa: Michael do you remember what is my favourite colour?
[18:37] dyrtiidianna: I LOVE you Michael! <3
[18:37] michael: thank you, all your support makes me happy, it's very appreciated, I love you all
[18:37] bunny: Michael what is your favorite colour?
[18:38] iall4love: God bless you Michael
[18:38] michael: God bless you all
[18:38] _lauramj_: that' s really you Michael?
[18:38] sweetheart77: @Iall4Love  Is this the real you know??
[18:38] michael: it's me, yes
[18:39] iall4love: I believe so, I'm on my knees
[18:39] michael: no, he's not... he's a friend of mine
[18:39] lisa: Michael do you remember what is my favourite colour
[18:39] bunny: what is your favorite colour?
[18:39] michael: yes, lisa...if it's you that girl, your favourite colour is blue
[18:40] lisa: yeah you're right :)it's blue
[18:40] liberiangirl88: Love is as welcome as a sunny sunny day...and Michael IS LOVE
[18:40] michael: mine is red
[18:40] michael: and black
[18:41] michael: thank you liberiangirl88
[18:41] mjthrillsme4evr: whats your favorite flower?
[18:41] lisa: Im glad you still remember that:)
[18:41] michael: red roses and sunflowers
[18:42] bjean_: Michael, are you the guy to writte on twitter under Iall4LOVE name???
[18:42] michael: no, iall4love is a friend of mine
[18:42] michael: I am safe
[18:43] michael: I share that twitter account with him
[18:43] sweetheart77: How are your children Michael?
[18:44] michael: the children are ok
[18:45] michael: yes, they are...and I love them dearly
[18:45] lisa: believe me , he's always got inspiration:)
[18:46] michael: you are my strenght, I love you all
[18:47] _lauramj_: u feel how much we need you?
[18:48] michael: I can feel it, but you have to be patient, just keep smiling, I am here with you all
[18:48] lisa: pull yourself together, girl
[18:49] michael: you are all in my prayers
[18:50] michael: thank you so much
[18:50] lisa: have you still got that thing I gave to you :)
[18:50] michael: I can feel your love
[18:50] michael: yes, lisa
[18:51] michael: I will come back again, no worries
[18:51] mjjbfan1987: soon?
[18:51] michael: if possible, yes...soon
[18:51] iall4love: thank you for everything you've done in your life
[18:52] michael: you are so sweet, thank you for your support
[18:52] liberiangirl88: maybe you can't even imagine how much we all love you
[18:52] lisa: he can :)
[18:52] michael: i love you too, from the bottom of my heart
[18:53] sweetheart77: Can you say if you are in USA or foreign country?
[18:53] lisa: he can not say
[18:53] lisa: where he is
[18:54] michael: I just can't, I'm sorry
[18:54] lisa: he's already risking being here
[18:54] lisa: he's done that for you all
[18:54] michael: sorry, I can't
[18:55] michael: But you have to know I am fine
[18:56] mjthrillsme4evr: anything we can do for you?
[18:56] michael: I just want you to keep the faith and love each other
[18:56] lisa: the only thing you can do is supporting him
[18:56] lisa: that's that
[18:57] lisa: there's nothing more than that :)
[18:57] michael: I feel blessed for all the love you're giving me
[18:58] angel20602: I LOVE YOU  MICHAEL!
[18:58] angel20602: WITH ALL MY HEART & SOUL
[18:58] michael: I love you too, just know it
[18:59] cyberrobot_mj: whatever you need we will do
[18:59] michael: love each other
[18:59] bunny: Michael why did you use your real name?
[19:00] michael: because I can for a while
[19:01] sweetheart77: Yes, Michael do you have a microphone can we hear you?
[19:02] michael: of course I can't use a microphone
[19:02] dyrtiidianna: oh goodness, lets not start this... this is like the begining of WWIII
[19:02] michael: I don't want you to fight each other, just this
[19:02] sweetheart77: why not? If your computer has one you can.
[19:03] michael: you are free to believe me or not
[19:03] lisa: of course he can't use a microphone
[19:03] lisa: he already risked enough being here
[19:05] michael: I am here for you, I love you and I can't live without you
[19:05] michael: but now I have to go
[19:05] michael: thank you for all your support, I am blesses
[19:05] michael: spread the love, it's important
[19:06] michael: God bless you all

nobody knows who is this lisa.
ok, now i would like to know what you think about all this !?
thanks a lot !

Quote from: "MJalive999"
july 16th is coming!  please TS...tell us something  


that would be so great ! i'm a bit lost  :|

thank you for the answer !  ;)

General Hoax Talk / Re: Is Michael on twitter..?
« on: July 14, 2010, 07:35:21 AM »
Is Michael on twitter ..? great question, let's talk about it again..

I follow You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login(lots of people think it's michael) and, something weird happened yesterday.

Here is the last tweet : Though I cannot speak with you all, I will have a friend to answer all of your questions .. You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

I'm curious, so i went there yesterday. just a few minutes after i logged in, someone with the username "michael" came saying he was THE Michael Jackson. Ok, of course we were about 30 in here, some believed him, and some not. I didn't believe that. So we were saying to him "you're not him" "stop playing with our feelings" etc ... he said "why not?"
so someone said "hello michael joseph jackson" he said, "michael joe"
"iall4love" said "ok let's try and be polite"
so we started asking him questions
"when will you be back?"--> "i'm still planning and hoping for this year"
"how are your children" --> "fine, very fine"
"have you got a twitter account?" --> "no, but i share one"
"which one?" --> "there are clues on it, see and you will know"
"where are you ? usa ? europe ?" --> "i can't say"
then i asked "what do you think about T.S. ?"
iall4love said "great question!"
but he said L.O.V.E. and then left...

i don't remember exactly what he said, but it's the same.
during this conversation, someone called "omer" came and said, beware, it's not him, don't trust him, it's not him. we asked him for proof but he didn't have any. and we asked him who he is but he didn't answer too. then he said, "he has no twitter account, he only sends some messages on the twitter of his brothers, or akon etc..."

then he left.

so i asked iall4love what he/she thinks about all this
he/she said that michael was there the day before this one, everybody could feel a special vibration,
but he/she felt nothing this time.
i asked "what did he say?"
but i didn't get any answer ...
during the conversation, iall4love said he/she is not the one who runs the twitter account but he/she believes 100% that it is Michael with someone else.

so the shared one ?
look at the background of this account, michelangelo's art : You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login

i would like to know now what do you all think about that ?

Quote from: "TheRunningGirl"
To spread the message that Michael hoaxed his death, just as Elvis did is an interesting challenge as most people just cannot see much further than their current reality; so what do we need to do?

1. Target different audience in different ways
Believers in either Elvis or MJ faked death through messages/links on existing members websites
MJ Fans through friendly messages left on forums/websites/you tube...etc
Broader audience through news articles (targetted publications) - TMZ does come to mind as a prime target as this site is already on the Blogroll.


2.Use different communication media to best suit the audience
The ones discussed in 1) above + facebook + twitter + personal contacts + Local pamphlets + Tee Shirts ( 2 Kings for a BAM ... read more at You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login) ....etc

3.Adapt the message to suit the audience
For Example, non believers need to be educated and gradually brought in - You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login would be too much initially and achieve very little I believe.
in the ideal world, spreading the message would be much easier if we had a "breaking news" to share! Something preferably MJ related that nobody could refute. (Mike, a bit of help?  ;)  TS, a bit of help?  ;) )

Those are my thoughts on this late evening.... and for sure the Army of Love would need to be mobilised to do all of this.

With L.O.V.E

seems like T.S. has found the solution he prefers.

Can someone explain me the video of Harvey Levin ? i haven't understood everything... thanks

TMZ Articles / Re: TMZ Home page link to this site
« on: July 13, 2010, 05:06:47 AM »
Quote from: "dejavu"
Quote from: "NeVrOzAy"
i'm wondering why this is the redirection of today, except the fact that it seems that Harvey Levin knows about this forum, which is awesome. And, if you look at the way the links are written, "MJ Death Hoax" is first, instead of "MJ collegehumor" because there is an "i" between "mj" and "collegehumor". Wow, an "i" ? again ? does this mean something ?

It's not an i, its a seperating line thing which I dont know how to make with my keyboard  :oops:

It's a seperating line only for "MJ facebook", you can make it with "Alt GR + 6" --> "|"
For the others, i'm pretty sure it's an "i" ... ?

TMZ Articles / Re: TMZ Home page link to this site
« on: July 13, 2010, 03:44:28 AM »
i'm wondering why this is the redirection of today, except the fact that it seems that Harvey Levin knows about this forum, which is awesome. And, if you look at the way the links are written, "MJ Death Hoax" is first, instead of "MJ collegehumor" because there is an "i" between "mj" and "collegehumor". Wow, an "i" ? again ? does this mean something ?

Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley Similarities / Re: my brother ..
« on: July 12, 2010, 05:26:53 AM »
thanks a lot Eliza !  ;)

i'm so happy to see all those answers, i hope it will help all the beLIEvers to be together as one, like before the Elvis thing  ;)

I'm in ! let's go ! i'll be there (on facebook, twitter, and skyblog )  ;)

Oh my God ! I've missed it ! I didn't know there was a twitter rally this morning ! I'm so sorry  :cry:
what can i do ?

Michael Jackson & Elvis Presley Similarities / Re: my brother ..
« on: July 09, 2010, 03:08:55 AM »
Hi Elizaapresley ! I'm so happy to see you there ! Welcome ! Thanks a lot for your post ! Really interesting !
I hope this post won't be the only one there but, you decide  ;)
love from France

TIAI ~ 2010 / Re: TIAI 07/08
« on: July 08, 2010, 02:24:55 AM »
I don't know if someone have seen it too but, a few minutes ago, the redirection was the RT on the Eliza Presley 's account .
Now it's the tweet on Jenni Gordon 's account ...
Why has it changed  :?:

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