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Jacilovesmichael...This is why a Doctor didn't announce the "death".There is no way they could say Michael Jackson "The King Of Pop" as "died",wouldn't that sound strange.We certainly have to dig very deep to find the truth in this amazing web of illusion.I am certainly discovering the man I never new.I do hope that he has outsmarted all of those who have used him for their own gain.Cheers xxxoooo

TMZ Articles / Re: Joe Jackson --Dr. Murray Held MJ Drug Intervention
« on: August 26, 2010, 04:18:49 AM »
Nefari...I have to agree with you about Danny Glover.As soon as I saw the second photo I thought that it looked like Danny Glover.Also he featured in Michael's Liberian Girl video.There is definitely more to this story.Also I was checking Michael's timeline from January 2009 up until June 2009 and it mentions his meeting with John Branca on the 17th June 2009,and there is no mention of him meeting Conrad Murray in 2009.If Michael was in such bad shape how could he be in talks with John Branca.Also wasn't there something TMZ had up  about 'playing with fire"?Was it the Casino story?The are so many dots to connect in this story.Cheers xxxooo

Jackilovesmichael...This is absolutely brillantly well thought out and so to the point.It certainly  seems to make so much sense when written out so clearly,and lets not forget what Jermaine said at the UCLA on the 25th June 2009..My brother Michael Jackson ''The Legendary King Of Pop"passed away.This is such an amazing journey.A great adventure Michael and I will be here all the way.Cheers xxxooo

Hoax Videos / Re: MJ's Billie Jean vs "MJ's" Billie Jean
« on: August 06, 2010, 08:17:44 AM »
Rasyte... Sorry to take so long to reply,I had to find the video series.It was made earlier in the year by Alonso Helena and the particular video is Michael Jackson Alive part 7 Is This It?It is a very good break down of Billie Jean.I hope this helps.I am not very computer savvy.Cheers xxxooo.

Hoax Videos / Re: MJ's Billie Jean vs "MJ's" Billie Jean
« on: August 06, 2010, 05:46:08 AM »
Mo...I agree,but I just think he was trying to give out some clues in the TII performance.Firstly he deliberately misses important lyrics ,"When The Lie Becomes The Truth".As for his dancing,I think from the moment when he takes of his glasses, this part is very different to past performances.If you look from that part onwards just watch him carefully and see what he does with his hands.Someone did a great video on this not long after TII came out.I'm sorry but I don't no how to post videos yet.Cheers.

TMZ Articles / Re: MJ Death Mansion for Sale -- Fans Already Calling
« on: August 05, 2010, 03:59:51 AM »
The 17,171 square foot home.Lets not forget the ambulance was 71 and the tour bus was 17.A real play with numbers here.Cheers xxx000

Mo... yes that's the page.Am I thinking right about the age?What is your thoughts on this?Cheers xxxooo

I do not post that often here,but I have found his age very interesting.I was reading Moonwalk again in great detail this time and noticed something about his age that perhaps you could all help me with.On page 80 there is a picture of Michael on the cover of the Rolling Stone.It says"Why does this eleven year old stay up past his bedtime?"Now I noticed the issue date is 29th April 1971 No 81.Now wouldn't that make his birth-date 1960?I am not able to scan the page in question,as I am not very computer savvy.What do you all think.Am I seeing this wrong.Cheers xxxxoooo

« on: June 30, 2010, 06:15:47 AM »
cc...I was thinking the same about the Invicible  album and the significance in the choice of songs.Remember how he sang Speechless into the camera,directly at us.Why do that if its only a rehearsal.My 14 year old son,who only listens to my updates,noticed  Threatened at the end of the Thriller song the name of Gilda's club Break of Dawn  when we went to the cinema.Later I thought these song titles were significant.We both decided that Michael was being Threatened and at the Break of Dawn something was going to happen which  would leave us all be Speechless.Perhaps through the songs in the rehearsals this was going to be his way  of getting his message to us without being to obvious to the rest of the rest of the production team as he would know that we would look at every detail.He has carefully selected songs from Invincible which have meaning.What a genius!Pulling the strings like the Puppet Master.Cheers xxxxooo

A note,when news filtered through in Australia on the 25th June 2009 it was the break of dawn here on the 26th June 2009 and I haven't been the same since.

This Is It / Re: clue after J5 medley in TII?
« on: June 30, 2010, 05:14:54 AM »
mmz...I have to agree with you.That part of the movie has always intrigued me as well.We have to remember that this was supposed to be rehearsal footage only.So why bother thanking your brothers and mum and dad in the middle of a rehearsal.The amount of times they would have to rehearse, I don't think you would be saying that every time.You would think he would save that for the concerts that were obviously never to be,and it's something he would never have to rehearse as he always said it many times in  previous concerts.Cheers xxxooo.

2good2btrue....Yes thats it .Watch it carefully he is at the door and walks all the wy down to the helicopter.What do you think?Thanks for that.Cheers xxxooo

2good2btrue....Just responding to your helicopter footage.There is another version of this called Michael Jacksons dead body and it shows them carrying him to the helicopter.I am not very computer savvy,and I not sure how to place videos up,but this version shows Dr Tohme Tohme following the body down to the helicopter.Now here is where the mystery unfolds.Does he get in the helicopter,and why was he there to start with.We all know that he was with Jermaine earlier.Perhaps this is where the diversion took place,and as we know when the body arrived to be taken away by the coroner it certainly looked very different.This has been bugging me for nearly a year,and was one of the things that got me thinking about this whole "death"of Michael.Now if any one was to be present at the hospital wouldn't you think it should have been Michaels father,not a hired and fired Manager.Perhaps this was all part of Michaels plan.The Master of Illusion.Cheers xxxooo.

June 25, 2010 / Re: A Believers’ Confessional
« on: June 25, 2010, 08:26:57 AM »
2good2btrue....I have to agree with you about everything that you posted.I ask myself every day,why do I think about Michael all the time.I think part of it is because my mum and I visited the USA from the 19th April 2009 until the 1st May 2009.After the 25th June 2009 I felt deep inside that something wasn't right  about this,and thats when I started investigating .While in LA there was no talk in the news about Michael being in town,even on our Hollywood Hills tour the guide took us past the house where Michael was staying and only mentionned the wreaths were still up because Sean Connery doesn't stay there much and hadn't had a chance to take them down.He never even mentionned Michael at all .I personally thought that he was rehearsing in London.I have shyed away from posting much,but I think after  nearly a year I feel more confident in posting.This has certainly been an adventure and only my young son listens to my updates on our Michael.After looking back over all the strange happenings in the last year,my thoughts on Holmby Hills residence is that I don't think he was really staying there.Perhaps this was all part of the illusion.I feel so much better now talking to you all here as this has been a long emotional  and painful year and I miss Michaels visual presence so bad.What a wonderful gift Katherine and Joe have given us.I have to catch up on so much about Michael discovering the man I never knew.It's certainly a great adventure.Love xxxxooo.

Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ shows(AUS tv)
« on: June 23, 2010, 04:49:29 AM »
No worries .I think also after the Dynasty there is the What happened to Michael Jackson doco.The  one after the 2005 trial.They are so demoralising.Not worth wasting time on that rubbish.They need to be showing Michael in a positive light,as he is the best entertainer ever.Miss his presence so bad.Cheers.

Michael Jackson News / Re: MJ shows(AUS tv)
« on: June 23, 2010, 04:20:29 AM »
They are repeating the Jackson Family Dynasty every night on the Bio Channel at 9.30pm Brisbane time .Love from another Aussie xxxoo.
I think all the other shows that are on Max on Friday 25th our time in Australia should really be on  Saturday which is really the 25th USA time.It will be a very emotional time for all of us anyway.Thanks for this info.

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