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So 5 years later Michael just happens to be wearing the same coloured shirt.Coincidence, or is that what we are suppose to have noticed,seen as how this was unseen footage which has just come to light .Perhaps this was not what it seemed in 2002.Just maybe a paid imposter,as wishingstar wrote.Does anyone know if he discussed this on camera  what actually happened in 2002,or was it just a press release for the media to swallow up?
Cheers xxxooo

Michael / Re: Album "Michael" & computer
« on: December 22, 2010, 12:51:33 AM »
Same here,added to my library of music and it came up Unknown title,and know listing of tracks.Very strange indeed.I have Blue Gangsta in my music library and it says artist Michael Jackson.

The rap parts to the songs ''Unbreakable" and ''Invincible''are not in the booklet either

@babyshine...I am not sure what happened in 2005,as I personally was going through the loss of my father in 2004,so for my mum and I to have a trip of a life time to America was truely amazing ,as I said before I do not know why the tour guide never mentionned that Michael was staying in this house,but this whole discussion certainly opens another door to this mystery/illusion.I was ownly sharing what I know,and I believe that is what has lead me on Michaels journey of discovery.Discover The Man We Never Knew.I was simply in the right place at the right time.
Ironically for my mum and I, we were sharing her dream of visiting Graceland.Los Angeles was our 3 day stop over,then off for our week in Graceland,rounding off our trip in Las Vegas,ironically staying at Treasure Island,where Kenny Ortega had created the Siren Cove .None of this was at all significant in relation to Michael for me till after 25th June 2009, when I tried to figure out why I never felt that he had really 'Died'.I am here discovering and learning new things about Michael,and thanks to everybody here it has been a real rollercoaster ride,with many sleepless night.I barely went near a computer,and know very little about them ,but some how I am learning how to weave my way around here.So in relation to were Michael was in June 2009 I can only go by what I saw in April 2009 through the eyes of a tour guide.Sorry for the long post.
It's all for LOVE.
On another note I put up a video regarding a TMZ reference to Sean Connery.I noticed that his favourite movie was..To Russia With Love.So maybe there is something in our discussion on Sean Connery.My other post is about 3 above this one.Maybe Tmz were giving us a cryptic message.
Cheers.Merry Christmas to all.xxxooo :

@ Sinderella,Thank-you for your post on where Michael was in 2005.I just thought it was very odd what our tour guide said,after I learnt  that Michael was there after June 25th 2009.My mum and I were on a holiday of a lifetime,and I will never forget it in more ways than one .It is a wonderful country,and we can't wait to get back.
I was also thinking about a article that TMZ posted in June about" To Russia With Love''.This made me wonder about the whole Sean Connery thing,or maybe I am retching
I'll never forget seeing the Xmas wreaths,and had know clue that Michael Jackson was there.Wonder why this tour guide didn't know either.
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Cheers xxxooo

Michael Jackson News / Re: Teddy Riley's New Official Blog
« on: December 20, 2010, 05:19:18 AM »
@MichaelFan...My post to Teddy has been awaiting moderation since the 12th December 2010.I just sent another one.I can't see yours.Mine is under Breakodawn.Not sure what is going on, so we'll see what happens with my latest one.
Cheers xxxooo.Merry Christmas

@Truthprevails...That is exactly what I thought.When I realised that this was the same house that Michael was living in, it got me wondering why on earth did he not say,
This is where Michael Jackson is staying in preparation for his up and coming concerts".Imagine the questions we would have all asked him.If only I had known what was unfolding right in front of my eyes I would have paid more attention.To this day I still find this the oddest thing,because as you were discussing wouldn't you think that there would have been fans,photographers around the house waiting to catch a glimpse of the most famous person on the planet.My conclusion is that this house was a perfect decoy,Michaels illusion.Cheers xxxooo

@amber...In response to what you heard on Sky News,I would like to confirm this.When my mum and I were on holidays in America from April19th until May 1st 2009 we stayed in West Hollywood.On the 20th April 2009 we went on a Hollywood house tour.We got picked up at The Beverley Hills Hilton and taken all through Bel Air ,being shown all the many famous homes.We drove slowly as the roads were quite narrow and surrounded with big hedges.I remember passing the house with the Xmas wreaths and someone on the bus commented as to why they were there,and the guide said because Sean Connery spends so much time away from the house that no-one has taken them down.Obviously at the time being prior to 25th June 2009,I never really thought anything of this.Of course after everything started to unfold after 25th June 2009,I believe this is why I am so drawn to this.I asked my mother if she remembered the wreaths,and she said yes.She also remembered the guide telling every-one that it was where Sean Connery lives.I guess this perhaps one of the reason why I suspect something very strange happened at North Carolwood Drive that day.This I believe was part of Michaels Big plan.An illusion being played out for the world to see.
The Greatest Show On Earth!
I have mentionned this a while ago.CheersXXXOOO

Yes...2good2btrue...Go Australia,and all the other countries.Michael you are Unbreakable,Invincible and Whatever Happens I will never let go of your hand.No 1 all the way.Cheers xxxooo.

« on: December 06, 2010, 02:46:03 PM »
2good2btrue..Thanks for your post and information.I'm a bit confused about one part.Wasn't it John Branca that Michael fired and he wouldn't return all of Michael's documents including the 2002 Will.I think the John's have been mixed up here.Can you help me with this.This will magically appeared by John Branca back in July 2009.Thanks cheers xxxooo

Hoax Videos / Re: Breaking news: Michael Jackson's Vendetta
« on: November 29, 2010, 02:04:55 PM »
Hi Shyna...That is exactly what I was thinking.I couldn't believe this when I stumbled across this.This house has been discussed before.Also interesting that a doctor and lawyer from California bought the house, might be nothing though.This is just too coincidental especially with Paris's favourite moment with her dad.Michaels children are as genius as him.Cheers xxxooo.

Hoax Videos / Re: Breaking news: Michael Jackson's Vendetta
« on: November 27, 2010, 08:26:06 PM »
Just came across this article with reference to Monte Cristo.I hope the link works and I
apologise if this has been discussed before.There is so much info to take in.

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I'm sorry if the link dosen't open.I am still learning each day about the internet as well as Michael.Cheers xxxooo

MJ Tributes / Re: The MJ DOT portrait..One million fans needed..please hel
« on: November 27, 2010, 07:57:13 PM »
Hi 2good2btrue...I have joined in Sept dot no 263199.Lets connect the reveal Michael.Cheers xxxooo

TMZ Articles / Re: Katherine Jackson Sues AEG Over Michael's Death
« on: September 21, 2010, 06:44:56 AM »
Im_convincedmjalive...Great break down of document.I noticed on page 6 the address as 100 Carolwood Way.Shouldn't it be 100 Nth Carolwood Drive.I would think something like the address would have to be 100% correct,and definitely proof read after its completion as it is meant to be a legal document. Also the word tour is emphasised with a capital T everywhere,which looks quite odd.Its as if it was done on purpose to draw attention to it.Cheers xxxooo.

Hoax Videos / Re: The greatest comeback in the history of Entertainment!
« on: September 02, 2010, 04:01:38 AM »
MJonmind...Wonderfully put.I have always thought this was the best way for all this to come together.Especially the way CDS worded the introduction for Michael.Only his Army Of Love can see this in such detail.Just like everything else that we have been following over the past 14 months.It certainly is going to be worth the wait.Interesting also that CDS will be permanent from 2012..4 years after the 25th June 2009,where our lives changed forever.I'll be saving hard to get there!Cheers xxxooo.

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