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« on: April 07, 2010, 01:24:02 PM »
Quote from: "50thstatebeliever"
I can sense a frustration coming from everyone who wishes for 'something' - 'anything' to's as though we are reaching the one year mark soon - since MJ has 'disappeared'. I say 'disappeared' because I myself still have hope he is alive, although I cannot come to a 100% certainty - believe me it has nothing to do with my faith in the hoax theory. I am just trying to maintain a sanity.
Now, I think this approaching the one year mark, is making alot of people edgy - needing, wanting more yet finding it harder to hang on, yet again wanting to hang on.
I'm wondering how fans can "approach" the Jacksons and unite for the cry against injustice - when we don't even really know where the Jacksons themselves really stand on whether MJ is alive or not? We still have not heard them ask us to stop "this nonsense" if it is what they might think? How can you approach someone or a group of people when you know that the biggest issue HERE, in this website, is FOR the people who believe in the hoax theory?  Meaning - how can we approach the Jacksons, when we don't really know if they are hiding something or not? It would be odd to go up and say "Hey Jackson family - you know, we really are with you - we support you - we want to help change the world - get justice going in the name of MJ and those like MJ who have suffered mass media's twisted games and strong hold ---but----um...are we on the same level here, regarding our belief in the hoax? OR not??"
I mean it is an issue that CANNOT be separated or dismissed or even set aside for awhile. I mean, either you believe MJ is dead or not. In order to go forth and support the family, you need to be on common grounds with THAT SINGLE fact, either he's dead or alive. It's like going to a funeral and giving your condolences to the deceased person's survivors, but there's that unspoken unfamiliar ground - of whether or not the deceased really is deceased or not. What's that? That is so weird. There HAS TO BE clarity on that one area. I mean after all, we're not discussing with MJ's family what his biggest hits were in the past. That's something that can be pulled out from the books of facts. No one can argue which of his songs were the hit makers and which weren't. It's in the charts, in the files...but we're dealing with a PERSON who HAD or STILL HAS a life...We don't even KNOW that for sure, either way.
Unless we're willing to just drop that whole subject of the hoax. Unless we're just willing to say that whether or not he is alive or not - is not as important as changing the world. Now, who is willing to really say they don't care anymore if he's alive or not? Call me selfish, call me ignorant, call me whatever...but I am on this website because it is a deal breaker for me. A deal breaker. To find out or try to at least, figure out whether the hoax will turn out to be true - or not. If I wasn't a fan that cared about the issue - if my sole purpose was to carry through with the MJ legacy of world change, perhaps I'd be out there physically, doing something to push that change. But that's not my sole purpose here. Sorry if it sounds bad, but that's the truth.
Yeah, MJ wanted/wants change - but I'm not letting go of the hunt and wait to see what happens from now. Look - I can't even decide whether I want to speak in present or past tense when it comes to MJ's desire for change in our universe. I'm still NOT THERE - not ready to just toss this issue out. If anything, to say the least, if anything I'd like to see - is at least have the Jackson family say straight to the camera, "Please stop this hoax theory nonsense...let Michael's dream prosper - please help us stop the injustice with your first small step...unite...don't divide." But they haven't come up with anything close to that - they KNOW about the theory...but where are their opinions? Their voices to us? Maybe that might be the first step here - to try and get the Jacksons to say SOMETHING. ANYTHING...about all of us who are trying to find some closure to MJ's disappearance?  True they can't MAKE US believe something we don't want to - but they can at least dish out their card, the one that they hold in their hand...the one that they believe is to be true...dead or alive? Which one is it, Jackson family? We need to know where YOU stand. Tell us Jackson family, are we being disrespectful to you and Michael, for continuing this saga? Or are we getting warmer and warmer by the month, the week, the day, the hour? I need to that then, I can find a PLACE to stand and start thinking what my next move might be - towards a better world...what MJ wanted...or see what I mean? Our leader in the army - is missing. His own family has not cleared up inconsistencies, slip ups, missing pieces to the puzzle...those that were closer to Michael  physically than we fans ever got...And if THEY can't make a can we conclude anything???
I agree with most you've said. Especially the part with the Jackson family. Plus we dont have the least notion of what really happened on June 25th and afterwards. Most informations we got from it are tabloid stuff. I still believe this is a hoax. They try to make us believe that MJ was murdered and Murray is meant to be the scapegoat. Nevertheless we can do something for Michael: We can defend him whenever its necessary. For example when we see a disrespectful article online or in a magazine we can send an email or write back to comlplain against it. Also those who think this could be murder can write to the court or even to Obama or what all else. As long as we raise our voice for him and are proud of being his fans (and show it) it would be alright. I think theres no need for everybody to march, especially when its not very easy for everybody to do it (distance).
By the way Iam german so my english is not perfect ;)

Michael Jackson News / Re: TMZ Live from court house now
« on: April 06, 2010, 04:39:10 AM »
Has this been a comedy show or something?
Iam still a believer.

Hello! I like this thread. My questions:
How come CM is still working at a Medical clinic in Houston?
Hasnt anybody stormed the building and attacked him yet?
Has anybody seen him actually working there? Has anybody in here visited the clinic just out of curiousity yet?
Has anybody in here called the clinic and asked for Dr. Murray yet?
Why did CM give MJ propofol at almost 11.00  in the morning when he couldnt sleep at night? Wouldnt MJ have overslept his rehearsals then?

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