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the trials of michael jackson on channel DOC267...
documentary 2010 the media covers the 2005 trial of pop superstar michael jackson!!
i have direct tv...
huggs to all
keep the faith!!

if its a double post plz delete

i was just sitting here thinking about the dave dave thing and i was watching the video of lkl with dave dave and miko (sp)where they were supposed to be at forest lawn cemetery, glendale, ca.. did anyone notice at the opening of the high steel gates was the family crest that michael jackson had at his neverland ranch and often wore it on his shirts??!!..didnt know if anyone had mention it before..if so feel free to delete..thanks
huggs to all

Michael Jackson News / american idol..mj theme?!
« on: April 22, 2010, 12:43:55 AM »
American idol..idol gives back..4/21/2010 7:00pm..
some of the special guest were..Alicia keys, Elton john, blacked eyed peas, Mary j blige and orianthi..
fergie's boots looked like those of.. Michael Jackson "golden ones"
while Mary j blige was dressed all in black except her silver shoulder pads and sunglasses..singing stairway to heaven..when it was the guitar solo Mary j blige went over to orianthi just like Michael Jackson did in this is it "the scene in they don't care about us" they even had the hair in the fan going lol...Mary j blige looking back and forth like Michael did during the same scene..Mary j took off her sun glasses at the end of the song.. :shock:
it just caught my eye..maybe there is something..maybe not??!!
also if you go to there site under..videos..the 6Th one down highlighted reads...curtain call interviews presented by coca cola!!....
yes i know coca cola is there sponsor lol
sorry no pictures or video yet..i checked on youtube and there main site and nothing yet..if you can find it please add :)
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Dr. Conrad Murray / conrad father,like son?
« on: April 13, 2010, 07:13:36 PM »
if this is a double post plz just delete it..ty..

    Like Father, Like Son? Conrad Murray's Dad Once Cited for Medical Misconduct
    Revelation Comes After Raids That Sought to Tie Murray to Crime of Manslaughter
    July 23, 2009
    As investigators sifted through the evidence from the raids on the office and storage unit of Michael Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, learned that Murray's father once ran afoul of the Texas Board of Medical Examiners for over-prescribing pain medications.

    Dr. Conrad Murray is officially named a suspect in the manslaughter probe.Murray's father, Dr. Rawle Andrews, a well-respected Houston physician, now deceased, had his medical license restricted by the board in 1994 for prescribing "controlled substances and substances with addictive potential" to two patients for "extended periods of time without adequate indication," according to documents obtained by

    MJ's Doc a Focus of Manslaughter ProbePossible 'Manslaughter' Charges for MJ's Doc?Did Michael Jackson Have 4th Child?In its report, the board singled out four "dangerous" drugs that it would be monitoring for a five-year period: stadol, a painkiller often used during labor; nubain, a painkiller similar to stadol; phenergan, a drug used to treat severe allergic reactions; and talwin, a potent painkiller often used as a supplement to anesthesia.

    Click here to read the documents.

    Investigators looking into Jackson's death believe that someone was intravenously administering propofol, a powerful sedative, to Jackson at his home.

    Medical experts have soundly agreed that a drug like propofol, which is typically used in the hospital to sedate patients for surgery or other medical procedures, should not be used in the home.

    Murray's lawyers have maintained for weeks that the doctor was simply a witness in Jackson's death and had nothing to do with it.

i hope i did this post rite :oops: this is my first one..just came across it while looking around..i know its old but thought i would try to put it out anyway..
huggs to all
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Hoax Videos / Aphrodite Jones mj conspiracy 3/15/10
« on: March 20, 2010, 01:28:49 AM »

Aphrodite Jones new show..Speaks out about what you didn't hear!!..
AT 1:28...
she said after the trial mj was riddled with bedsores from staying in bed since he was so upset..and in fact at his autopsy he had!! only get bedsores when you are laying in bed in one position where the pressure of your body, bones press against the skin onto the bed where you are not able to move yourself and have to have someone to move you.... the avg person you would move every 30 minutes or so..

does this make sense to anyone??..or am i just really tired??!!..
let me know if i was not understanding what she said..but if i did hear what i thought i heard then Michael Jackson the one we seen dancing  , singing in TII..... another person, deceased person (if there is really a body!!....full of bedsores not able to move his/her own body..
dancing able to bedridden, not add up to me anyway!!..

Introduce yourself / new here!..plz read b4 you judge me
« on: March 05, 2010, 06:03:42 PM »
Hey all believers!!! :D
My name is Suzette as i wrote in my profile i am disabled i have a hard time with spelling and punctuation i have a head and back injury that effects me everyday i don't usually tell others this but I'm always honest but i wanted to share my information here so when others are reading my post or replies they don't jump on me for my errors in grammar I'm real sorry and i do try my best  :oops: I'm not telling you all this for sympathy or anything like that i just have a lot to say at times but have been afraid to post anything for the fear of others laughing at my mistakes or making a rude comment to me about my lack of spelling, grammar.  on that note i do like to make others laugh and smile (i can take a joke lol) :D  if you have any question please let me know i am an open book..OK now that is out of the way...I'm thankful and happy i found this amazing site!!. i believe Michael Jackson is alive i believe he planned this a long time ago after all we are dealing with Michael Jackson a very smart man!!. for me since day one things just didn't add up at all!!..even if we don't agree on everything or the clues that we all find at least we are talking about Michael Jackson and the more we do the more we will learn. OK i will shut up for now lol.. I'm also here to make friends..huggs to all..always with love!!

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