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Other Odd Things / The real reason of MJ`s breakdown in late 1993
« on: January 27, 2010, 10:36:27 AM »
... did you actually know that this was not because of an increasing dependency of presciption medication but in fact a nervous breakdown - additionally triggered by stress-related exhaustion / dehydration?

The real and final cause was the death of his grandfather (Samuel Jackson, Joe`s father) who died from a heart attack - supposedly because of the negative media coverage of the Chandler allegations ... MJ broke down when he finally realized this - and the severeness of the case - to full extend (since he was touring abroad his entourage had managed to keep it away from him).

It was actually Liz Taylor`s idea to excuse the - undoubtly necessary - break/rehab with medication dependency (that`s what she was familiar with). Her way of helping him out ...

Other Odd Things / Comic by MJ and G. Chopra will be released 2010
« on: December 29, 2009, 06:31:39 AM »
Just to refresh our memeories:

Does anybody think the comic-plot of "Fated" - written by MJ and Gotham Chopra - about the Pop Icon "Gabriel Star" (another arch angel, hehe...) could be somehow related to the hoax? Some similarities can`t be denied ...

A small hardcover is supposed to released in June 2010 by Randomhouse (Bertelsmann) and this was kind of pre-announced during the Frankfurt Book Fair last October ...

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Your thoughts?

The Movie Theory / A revised movie theory - all for the children!!
« on: December 21, 2009, 03:48:47 PM »
I`d posted this at II and before - well, I don´t want to keep it back from you ....    

However, I was thinking ... and would like to share the results with you:

Assuming that MJ

- did finally manage what he actually always wanted to do (pioneering movies - remember his Interview with Geraldo back in 2005)
- was not really that deep in depth (which sounds more reasonable than the opposite to me)
- had to make a change anyway in order to provide a "real life perspective" for his children
- wrote all his lyrics and stories mainly for children to understand

then why not producing a movie like this:

Spacewalker = Moonwalker II (a modern fairytale)

A Movie plot (simple version):

This is a movie about a world famous child prodigy and mega-popstar who has been haunted by the media, the public, the entertainment business and greedy managers/advisers throughout his whole life. If there were no interviews or legit information the tabloids were making up stories, including some ridiculuos allegations he had to face in front of a camera and even in court.

Even as he grows older and has to deal with somehow severe health condition he is not allowed to rest. Although he becomes weak and frail, depending on certain medication, the pressure just increases. Depending more and more on his advisors he is told that he has to go back to working hard in order to pay back his depths to the companies he workes with. Since he is a responsible and caring father for his beloved three young children there is no other option for him in order to save their future. Just to be able to perform he needs to take more and more painkillers and eventually becomes addicted to prescription drugs.

He signes a contract to do 10 concerts in a foreign country and announces the event at a public press-conference where he does his best to appear happy, healthy and confident. As the ticket-demand reaches stunning degrees the company and his management gradually extend the number of shows up to 50. The popstar is not aware that he has signed a contract allowing them to do so. Being annoyed and upset he fires his manager and tells some of his die-hard fans that he is angry about what they did.

He rehires a former manager in order to revise the tight timeline of concerts and goes on reheasring hard for the tour. Soon he finds out that this new and former manager had also abused his trust by having signed an other contract with another company in his name some time earlier. According to this contract he is supposed to do a row of shows together with his brothers as a reunion of the former famous band in the next year. Moreover, he will not be allowed to do any other shows until this reunion takes place. With these two contradicting contracts he faces a dead end. Since both companies threaten to sue him there is no way to perform either way without having to pay damages for breach of contract to the other company.

He is also worrying about the safety of his children. In order to protect them from being recognized and kidnapped they are allowed to accompany him only by wearing masks. But of course, this cannot not be working forever. They deserve a normal life.

Feeling used and abused he spents sleepless nights but there is just no way out. His personal doctor helps him get some rest and sleep by using a rather uncommon medication.

He keeps thinking: What if .... eventually the dose would be too much for his weak condition - and he wouldn`t wake up anymore? Before this is actually going to happen it might be more save to pretend that this indeed already had been the case. Therefore the superstar decides to fake his own death and escape somewhere to be free and save to recover.

With the help of his family and some close friends they stage a scenario where he is supposed to have suffered from cardiac arrest (as a result of drug overdose), being rushed to a nearby hospital and there be pronounced dead. And so they do, using their own ambulance truck for the ride and leaking out one picture of the inside of the ambulance as proof that it has been really him on his way to the emergency room.

Paparazzi and tabloids are very fast. A celebrity-news-magazine announces the dead of the superstar via internet even before one of the brothers has been able to confirm the sad news to the crowd of people in front of the hospital.

The news spreads quickly. The world is in shock. Internet is close to break down. Mourning people everywhere.

His record-sellings go up as high as never seen before, the same with biographies and books, magazines and all kinds of memorabilia. Against the background of the fan`s enormous purchasing power tabloids and main-stream-media now look back at his life as a whole and potray him in a much more flattering light than before. Family and friends are interviewed and invited to TV talk shows over and over again to tell the story. All kind of tributes take place. Flash mobs occur in the streets performing his famous dance moves by thousands of people all over the world. The available rehearsal-footage is now newly arranged and sells out as a documentary, "the making of" a concert that never took place. It becomes a major success.

The superstar is deeply impressed. He has not been aware of how much he was still loved by so many people.

Amongst all the mourning fans there is a small group who does not want to let him just go like this. They want to know exectly what happened to their star and start investigating. Step by step they discover more and more inconsistencies of the whole story. Realising that he just cannot mislead his true fans and that he probably will not be hiding forever he watches them communicating via internet, creating chatrooms and forums, using twitter, myspace, facebook and youtube. Now he desperately wants to let his true fans know that he actually is alive and save. Since they dig into everything and are able to find clues everywhere he begins to distribute and control some references himself. Finally they are convinced that their star is alive. They just beLIEve.

Since there has been a huge demand for a memorial-service to celebrate the superstar`s life - aired by TV all over the world, the friends and family of course have to do it. After that the final burial is discussed all over. Therefore they have to provide something like this as well. Burying the KOP.

But since a real movie has to have a happy ending, he eventually has to come back. Not as the superstar he used to be - the superstar indeed is buried. But the person will suddenly reappear - just as in Moonwalker - and saying: “ …”

- End of Movie plot -

Learning concept: The entertainment business is dominated by reckless greed, apply enormous pressure on the artists and performers, risking their health and lives in order to exploit them. It needs a superstar to outthink them, to escape the system alive instead of being victimized as a drug addict like most of the others. The message for the world (and the children): Do not use drugs. Don`t believe tabloids. Listen to the person himself. Understand his messages. Think and decide yourself. And - most important: If you love your stars, give them some rest and respect their privacy. Otherwise they can`t survive (i. e. with the ongoing pressure they will die to soon).


Reality (my humble opinion):

This movie-project could have been planned, carefully prepared and developed a long time ago. FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDRENS FUTURE - and a little freedom for their dad.

The movie might not be finished yet. Filming must have started quite a while ago and the final skript may not be written yet. It probably was supposed to be a work in progress from the very beginning (augmented reality!).

And of course it would be great if a MAKING-OF were to follow.

Lots of actors had to be hired, including look-alikes for public appearances of a frail superstar (which might have lead to rumours about his poor health - including terminated illnesses), also starring different managers, doctors, coroners, police staff, journalists and so on.

Useless to point out that screenwriter, director and leading part are identical (btw the same person who wrote the cartoon ...).

Also starring: family-members, friends (and fans?) as themselves, as well as a lot of other actors and actresses for minor parts.

Technical equipment used: helicopters, ambulances, all kind of stages, video-footage ...

It would be nice to hear some more about a project like this in the "Familiy`s Reality Show" in December.

Isn`t this “full of surprises - and definitely the next level of movie-entertainment”?

Of course one has to look at this theory "with a child`s heart" )

If there really has been a movie in production all what we saw (including 02 press conference, Jermaines pronouncement at UCLA, the police and coroner`s statements, the memorial, the funeral, all interviews, court dates etc.) and what we might see later, are film sets, and there is no fraud (fake of a fake or hoax of a hoax = legit).

Cassandra Gretchen-Sims (greek mythology meets german "Märchen" meets animated game characters; isn`t that a sweet idea?

And all the informers, JCC (really nice anagram), the different MJs and scarecrows on LKLBlog, the many youtube-videos, the myterious twitter-, facebook- and myspace- accounts and some more anonymous people giving clues ...

Almost everything we know and see and hear comes in doubles, i.e. twice: two ambulances, two helicopters at UCLA, two autopsies, even names (Dave Dave, Thome Thome), managers (Rowe and Dileo), doctors (Murray and Klein), magicians (Blaine and Criss) weak MJ and healthy MJ, Michael Joe and Michael Joseph, several BC and DCs, memorial and funeral and many more (think of it!). And why this? To give a little razzle-dazzle to differ fake from truth (in the movie and in reality - another two - which makes actually four sides of the story).

By the way: Of course security tapes must not be found (that could have made a serious case).

And we learnt of more than 10 different stories about what might have happened inside the house at the time.

Actually there seems to be not one "official" statement in the whole case. Even the few we heard are either non specific or could be part of the movie (unknowable police investigations on a homicide case, and the lacoroner tweeting …)

That might be the reason why - the rather fictious character - Dr. Murray is not really a suspect (a nice plot in the story: to show how a person can be condemned by public opinion without even being prosecuted, he cannot work or leave the house or has to use disguises, doesn`t it sound familiar …?). The only legal sanctions he faces are because he allegedly is not able to fulfil his child support obligations (is he even going to get arrested for that?).

By the way, I am not sure if a will is being executed since all we know there was only one whose legitimation seems still in question (Joe objected against it and John Branca - ordered by Michael before – may legally act in the name of the trust instead of the estate).

John Branca and Frank Dileo were the old team (remember the bad character in the moonwalker-film was even named after Dileo); they knew Michael since decades and they definitely know how to deal with the media.

And last but not least: Most people who seem to avoid speaking in the past tense might be precautious in order to avoid confusing the issue (acting vs. reality) …

Thanks for reading …. (and keeping up to this point)!

Introduce yourself / Hello everybody - Aintnosunshine arrived here as well
« on: December 18, 2009, 01:13:01 PM »
Hi, this is just a quick HELLO to all dear hoaxers ...

I finally made it to join you here as well!

You might know me from II and

It`s always fun to be around ...

Looking forward to seeing and hearing from all of you ...!

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