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Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: MEGA FUNNY PICS
« on: July 18, 2010, 08:55:33 AM »

if he had shown 7 fingers, i would've wrote 7, but i gotta go by what the pic delivers...


Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: MEGA FUNNY PICS
« on: July 17, 2010, 05:48:29 PM »


Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: MEGA FUNNY PICS
« on: July 17, 2010, 05:33:29 PM »
how dare he?  :mrgreen:


Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: MEGA FUNNY PICS
« on: July 17, 2010, 05:08:17 PM »
'k, here we go:



General Hoax Talk / Re: Thisisalmostit
« on: July 17, 2010, 04:51:33 PM »
re: "You will be a part of the world of make believe"

SONY again!


it's their current slogan...


germany is still paying reparations to israel, more than 60 yrs after world war II. not peanuts, but millions! this is what they do with the money they're getting from german tax payers (like me), the present generation, that has nothing to do with what nazi germany did. we are a completely different ppl now. what you saw in the world cup, the german team, is a 1:1 representative of today's germans: mixed and matched! and we're happy with that, except for the few stupid ones that still show up on the international news, yelling nazi paroles. those are not representative of the german ppl.
but if you dare say anything, like: could we maybe stop paying the israel government and just pay the ppl individually, those who were actually affected by the holocaust and their families? you dare say that, you're being called a nazi and 'ugly german' all over again. and the german jewish association will take that on the political level. guess they gotta make sure that money flow won't stop. and germany is so embarrassed by its nazi past that they won't argue and keep paying.
germany takes ca. 1/3 of your salary as taxes, this is one recipient of the collected money and now they do what they get reparations for - killing people for no reason.

now i'm mad... :evil:

Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: MEGA FUNNY PICS
« on: July 16, 2010, 12:14:44 PM »
:shock:  you're back!? you're really back captioning, debbie!?! *blows vuvuzela like crazy*

oooh, i'm almost mad cuz now i'm so busy and have little time for making caps. but i really like the idea of keeping the thread going. i used to to post like crazy but i'm preeetty sure i can make some time for that again. all this kinda got hold of my captioning spirit, too. as it always is when something is really a lot of fun and you totally get off on it (i think i posted 200+ caps just myself), someone comes around and reminds you of the rules...but we're 'guests' here, so we gotta act accordingly.
(@dancingthedream: who told you 'off'? were you told not to post caps anymore?  :cry: )

i see what new i can come up with, caps-wise. it's weekend and the weather report sez it's gonna be cooler...perfect conditions!


i tried to see what's written on there as well. i'm usually good at 'deciphering' ppls handwritings, this one doesn't come out sharp enough to read it. it's prob just a line to let the designer know which one he picks. i can make out this: 'Yo Randy. I love this design. Jermaine Jackson'. i'm guessing the designer's name could be randy, not an uncommon name. i guess they will be sent back to the workshop by messenger or someone picks them up.

about the costumes: i pretty much feel like most here - that mike-imitation jermaine has been pulling off is actually counterproductive, if he wants to show ppl that he can be 'his own jackson'. it's pretty obvious to me that he can't (or doesn't want to) and this is his chance to finally be in the limelight. i think he does have some serious issues he should take care of before entering a stage. the jackets are so 'mike', it's almost painful to watch those sketches with jermaine's name on there. on their jackson 5 site, there is a pic of him wearing all-black ray bans and the signature under the pic said: 'jermaine and his signature eyewear'...since when are black aviator ray bans jermaine's signature eyewear??? hellooo??? and he totally killed 'you are not alone' in his gambia-concert, wearing a mike-style white t-shirt and black pants with a stripe on the side...
i have no idea what jermaine thinks this is gonna be good for. it's not. especially picking songs outside his own vocal range.  

there are a lot of comments on twitter on the clothes, saying the same thing: this is strictly mike-style, not 'jackson-style'! it's really beyond weird...he should be at home with his pregnant wife and prepare for his twin daughters to arrive. just cool down for a minute. this 'i'm mike's backbone'-thing just don't sit right with me.


Other Odd Things / Re: Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 01:11:13 PM »

not only 'don't remember', most ppl over here don't even know this song, let go that it's by mj. i don't remember ever hearing 'butterflies' on the radio back in 2001 or anywhere public, not even now. except for last nite. it was really a goosebumps moment for me.


Other Odd Things / Re: Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 01:07:28 PM »
Quote from: "Solid121"
It's not so much "play it because everyone knows it and it's a big hit", more "play it as a personal favourite".

good one! that's one thought that creeped in my mind, too. or it is one of stevie's favorites from mike? still, there is the different versions...only way stevie could have that is from mike himself, right?  ;)


Other Odd Things / Re: Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 11:50:40 AM »
Quote from: "looking4truth"
According to Michael, Butterflies was his second single. He said it on a radio interview. And I think the artist is the one who picks the songs for the pre-show. Unfortunately, I didn't see Stevie so I can't help you. :( I don't know if this helps at all or mean anything but I know Chris Brown had all MJ songs for his pre-show and I hear that Lady Gaga has all his songs during her pre-show.

i also remember that from somewhere, but i think it was planned to be the next after you rock my world and i don't ever recall that it was actually released. here in germany, the single wasn't available, at least not promoted in any way.

ok, so i guess considering a certain level of the artist, they pick the soundreel. although i've seen ppl like eric clapton in different venues and with other artists at the same venue, the soundreel stayed the same. i would consider ec and stevie on the same level, though, legendwise...


Other Odd Things / Re: Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:47:59 AM »
Quote from: "RK"
Did Stevie do "I Wish"? I LLOOOVVVEE that song so much.

he played them all: i wish, cherie amour, isn't she lovely, superstition, whammer jammer, higher ground, sir duke...even happy birthday cuz it was his daughter sophia's b-day and she was there with him, too (what a stunning beauty she is!). you name it, he played it, including a 'little stevie wonder'-medley with the motown stuff. it was the greatest concert of all i've ever seen. and i've seen a lot of legends perform. other than michael jackson himself (unfortunately not on my list...), this was probably the closest you could get to that. stevie's voice is as strong as ever, one great performer! 61 yrs old and jams on stage with a 'hang around the neck' keyboard, goes down on his knees and off into it like a youngster. 2 hr straight funk show without a break! i'm still bowing...


Other Odd Things / Re: Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:39:40 AM »
Quote from: "Solid121"
It's my understanding that Pre-concert songs are usually comprised of songs selected by the Artist themselves and not by a soundman.
I saw Stevie in 2008 and although I can't remember "butterflies" a lot of the other songs you mentioned were deffinately included the pre-show songs

that was exactly what i was asking myself, if in this case, the soundreel came from stevie or from the venue. i worked in a club and i've been to tons of concerts in my life, and in most of the cases the venue decides on the pre-concert reel. when i was working at a club, the soundguys had their soundfiles to play and it was their decision or the club manager's which music would be played. they just pick something that fits the main act musically.

other reel music: sultans of swing/ dire straits, toto/ rosanna, at least two police songs (don't remember the titles, but it was def police, not sting solo), steve miller, jimi hendrix/ all along the watchtower...i can't recall the whole 1 1/2 hrs we heard while waiting for stevie to come out...too hot...but except for 'butterflies', most of it was straight 80s rock music. stuff you would hear back then when you turned the radio on.

so the question remains: how come stevie wonder has a version of 'butterflies' that is different from the official one? i swear it was different, i was a musician in my 20s and i have very good ears. maybe something to investigate?


Other Odd Things / Stevie Wonder concert in Berlin/ Germany
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:22:44 AM »
i just wanna share this with you all:

i was at stevie wonder's only german concert last nite, together with my 17-year old daughter, who will remember and cherish this great concert for the rest of her life! i am so happy that i could make it  possible for her to see this legend live. not even her dad, who is also a black musician, has seen stevie wonder live concert, so this is really something special...anyway...naturally, they play music over the p.a. while you wait on the main act. so we hear some music while walking towards the stage, couldn't really hear what it was for still being too far away. as we get closer to the stage, practically the second we enter the standing area in front of the stage, they start playing mj's 'butterflies'!!! my daughter and me looked at each other like  :shock: ...of course she knows every michael jackson song by now, thanx to her mom  ;) , but this particular one is extremely rare to be played before a concert! we were in a group and when i said this was a michael jackson song, everybody went like 'what? naaw..'. (i told everybody to buy 'invincible' and look for it! ;) )  nobody around us knew that song and usually pre-concert reels play hits only, so the ppl can practice the 'sing along'-part.

and now this:
i swear by my red hair it was NOT the same version we all know from the invincible cd! this one had some phrasings in there that are definitely not on the studio version! it could just be another take from that session, but why is it in a pre-concert reel and why 'butterflies', of all mj-songs? this song wasn't even a single, we all know that only 'you rock my world' came off this album as a single, so to most ppl, this one wouldn't even be known as a michael jackson song, unless they have the cd or know it. so the question to me is: where does this version come from, why is it being played before stevie wonder's gig? and does stevie wonder always have this same reel before his gigs?  
does anyone here know of another 'butterflies' version than the one from 'invincible'? i don't, and i've been listening to pretty much all versions of all of mike's songs i could get my hands on.
one other song in the reel was 'i want you back' and stevie played an instrumental of 'human nature' on his chromatic harp (i almost cried, so beautiful!). the rest of the songs in the reel was all eighties, from toto to dire straits, steve miller, stuff like that. the security was too tight, so there was no way to find out whether this was a reel stevie always plays before the gi or if it was a random thing. still, it struck me the most to hear this rare song over the p.a..  

has any of you been to a stevie wonder concert lately and heard the same reel or did i catch a soundman with an extraordinary good taste in creating pre-concert song reels?

other than that: perfect gig on a perfect day, stevie played all his hits, the band was supertight and we had the time of our lives! if you ever have the chance to go see stevie wonder, do it! if you have to sell your house, car, whatever. just go!  :mrgreen:

most definitely and all up to my neck in!

(haterz - to the left!)


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