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The Coroner and Autopsy Report / Re: The Autopsy Part 2
« on: February 10, 2010, 05:52:19 PM »
Quote from: "MJsForever"
I loved Michael, but I think its time to face it...  He is gone.
The DL is a formallity, they knew who Michael Jackson was, who wouldn't.
He didn't need DNA, His family was all there and id'ed him as well.... I would love to find a big hole in this autopsey report, but there isn't one.

yes, there is: i believe that it reads 'normal' next to 'scalp' on the external examination report. and there should have been mentioned that he had a large burn scar on his scalp, or not? to my knowledge, scars stay with you for life, even when treated. and he had transplants on his scalp to cover the burnt parts, so there should have been visible scars somewhere on the scalp. you cannot get rid of one scar and not create another one. at least i wouldn't think so.

Quote from: "Hopeless"
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The untitled Conrad Murray Dokumentary.... :lol:

i can't believe he's going to play himself in the movie, too? does he even expect to get off the red carpet alive at the premiere of this? :roll:  if there's even anyone willing to see his flick unless mj also plays himself...

Quote from: "dmovie27"
Hold on! How about the most obvious thing that is missing that nobody is questioning...the damn booking photo!!! Not Michael Jackson could escape that fate, so how does this guy get out of there without having to take one??? That is the LAW!

Folks, all together now...WE HAVE OURSELVES A HOAX!!!

could it be that the mugshot is not done when you turn yourself in? murray was not arrested but 'surrendered', so maybe that's why?

Quote from: "voiceforthesilent"
Quote from: "salvatora"
Quote from: "dmovie27"
who was the "male companion"?
im sooo sure is latoya's assistant...the chubby guy thats always with her...i mean i think they thought it was insignificant to put his name on there

What's interesting is that LaToya has claimed that she was so weak from hearing the news that she had to pull over and she begged strangers to drive her to the hospital. Why would she do this if she had her assistant there to drive? Yesterday I saw the video of them in the car arriving at the hospital and wondered the same thing. Maybe I don't have my timeline correct?

latoya was indeed photgraphed arriving at the hospital behind her wheel with a guy sitting next to her, some say it might have been randy, otherwise it was probably the 'chubby guy'. so she wasn't even by herself as she said and obviously was able to drive herself, too.
i guess the autopsy took place the next day (first dated 07-26-09), so that's not really odd to me.
what's really odd: the report states that 'dr.' murray had pulled 'the patient' from the bed on to the floor to perform cpr, although in the 911-call the caller said that he was on the bed and was instructed to get him on the floor. so, did murray move him back on the bed before he called someone to call 911?

still confused...

Michael's features, habits & disguises / Re: I see fur!!!!
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:32:20 PM »
Quote from: "DancingTheDream"
More fur... now i know what it means.   :lol:

that's a baddass jacket, too. love the rock style! ultra-cool!!!

Random MJ Talk / Re: For those who think he is dead now...
« on: February 09, 2010, 08:08:43 PM »
i just came across something regarding the trash bins:
the garbage cans could also point out to mj's role in a skit of the jackson's variety show from the 70s. michael played 'agent x-21' who was hiding in a trash can waiting for some other agent to tell him the parole of the day, so he could lift the lid and do his thing... 8-)

look for it on youtube, one show was with betty white as his skit partner in one of those scenes (it's in part 1). she said the parole wrong and he answered: don't you ever knock on my can again.  :lol:

Random MJ Talk / Re: For those who think he is dead now...
« on: February 09, 2010, 06:06:55 PM »
hi everyone, this is my first post ever anywhere. for introduction: i wasn't a particular fan of michael jackson but always admired the artist and his work for the geniality everything had and the perfectionism. and i was right there when 'thriller' happened on mtv, i was 17 then (yes, i am that 'old'); it was breathtaking, no matter what your favorite musical style was, mj was cool. i was truly shocked when i heard the news on june 25th last year. i even caught it 'live' on cnn. ever since then, i can't get 'another part of me' and 'you rock my world' out of my head anymore, which is weird, because i still don't consider myself a fan compared to others.
anyway, then came the ambulance picture and i thought 'that is not the same person we saw last', i explored some things on youtube (by now, i can't watch half the stuff on there for containing sony material and thus it is not available in my country - i can buy all sony products here in germany but not see stuff on youtube with sony content in this same country???) and i ended up here, just to learn that what i felt all along does make sense.

another thing that got me right in the beginning of all this: why is it that noone official, like doctors or lapd have made any statement regarding a death that day? i thought that someone like that, like the doctor who treated the patient last, has to make such announcements and not the brother and some business associate, who was also already fired at that point in time, so what was he doing there in the first place? and where is he now, since he claimed he was 'still in charge of mr. jackson's business'?
now, my 2 cents on the latest: i started reading the autopsy report (ruff stuff, very graphic, even thinking it could be fake, didn't make it to the end...) and it was stated, that 'the body was positively identified as michael joseph jackson according to his california driver's licence'. now, isn't a relative or someone in any way related to the deceased supposed to identify a body? i mean, i can drop my license on a dead body remotely resembling me and that would be identification? why hasn't latoya also identified the body when she was the one to sign the death certificate (which she wasn't supposed to in the first place, not being a doctor)? and why is it 'michael joseph' again, although his passports say 'michael joe'. do we have to ask now who this 'michael joseph' is? does this mean that anything saying 'michael joseph' on it is fake?

i get the garbage hint but i'm still confused...

p.s.: does anyone have a clue what this 'dr.' murray was doing at forest lawn? why would he go there, of all places? he must have known this wouldn't look good on him. is he trying to make things worse or is he just plain stupid to be going out there?

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