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Hello everybody!

I haven't read all your post but I can ASSURE you that Michael LIVED at Carlwood. At least in 2005. We were very few fans to know that he was staying there and my friend MET him as he was driving back home from the trial. Right before the gates opened, he opened his windows and my friend and him talked.
The idea of renting the house for the purpose of the hoax...why not. All I know is that there was a time when he was there to live in there, and during this time he was very weak and even sick, I think ( during the trials). Because of that purpose and by the time, he didnt want anybody to know he was renting this house because he really needed to rest and did not want to be haunted by the paparazzis. I have never met him personnaly there, but I drove by many times and could see upstairs some bodyguards walking around the house at night to make sure he was safe.
My theory is that he had the hoax in mind since few years, but the trials in 2005 have almost KILLED him and I'm sure it has motivate his will to take his revenge over the media (even if of course, revenge might not be the number one motivation for him). So he might have started working really hard on this hoax right after he was "freed", could be that he has been organizing everything in this house and did not want poeple to come in, but well, as to answer your question...he lived there for sure.

Other Odd Things / Re: When Janet Jackson buys Neverland...
« on: November 19, 2010, 05:59:33 AM »
This is astonishing news. But can we trust this information? Is there only one article about it or is the press spreading the news as something official?? If Janet really buys Neverland, it seems pretty obvious to me that it was all planned and that Michael will be hiding there  ;)

Michael Jackson News / Re: MURDER!! MAKES NO SINCE!!
« on: September 17, 2010, 08:05:20 AM »
I am sure it could make Katherine or Paris very emotional just to THINK of how would it be if Michael would be really dead...I mean even thoug this is a hoax, it must be very weird and make one's emotional to be put in the situation where you have to imagine your son/father really died...
Katherine is old and the death of MJ should have almost killed her. I mean she 's over 80!!! How can she walk around like that, at the funeral, memorial, out of court, on MJ death aniversary with this very normal and unsensitive face??? About the other members of the family, I first thought that they ve been used to the show business and acting in front of cameras so in case MJ was dead, it would maybe be easier for them all to keep a kind of strong and happy face in front of the medias!! but not Katherine!!the kids do not seem to be affected at all!!! On all the pictures we see, they seem to feel good and have fun!! And I agree too that Michael would have never left his kids to his 80 old mom in case of death, esp when you have so many siblings! thats so crazy!!
But if this is a hoax, I am sure a lot of poeple will realize how the media can trick us just by the way so many poeple judged the jacksons. Of course i know how its like in LA, its all about money and stuff, but even if some members of the family might have been jalous of Michael, I am convinced in my heart that they all deeply loved me and that never ever they would have plannned smth against him...And they could never act so cold.

Dr. Conrad Murray / Re: "50 mn inside" on Dr Murray (french TV show)
« on: September 17, 2010, 07:47:04 AM »
How could it be an accident? Michael feared so much for his life, and he hires a doctor out of nowhere who kills him three weeks later by accident??? Thats honestly too big. Especially if Murray really administrated Propofol and left Michael alone in the room for awhile. Either murder or hoax, that's still what I believe...

Dr. Conrad Murray / Re: "50 mn inside" on Dr Murray (french TV show)
« on: September 15, 2010, 07:03:04 AM »
Yes, everything is possible...I just felt like the 2 old poeple talking about how a good doctor Murray is were very...true and sincere. Of course, if Murray is such a godd human/doctor it could make even more sense that Michael picked him for the hoax and that he accepted...Maybe not juts because of the moovie but also because of the "human project" probably behind the hoax.
But I am so scared now to be wrong in believing all this....To that point of the "adventure", I feel like the non-believers are closing their eyes on all the stuff that we take for evidences and they cant stop repeating "Michael would never be that cruel blablabla"...but on the other hand, us believers, we're not better, we're also keeping our eyes closed on all the things that could also say he is dead ( like this report on Murray...everybody thinks right away they're all actors as if it was like that and couldnt be another way).
What made me aware of this is last time I was watching the last interview of Jermain wth LK...i beLIEve and she doesnt....I kept my attention focused on the moment when Larry asks Jermaine with a kind of smile if he had any ideas where Michael could be (playing on the double meaning: either hidden or where his soul might be right now) and where Jermaine goes like "Oh yeah" and starts to laugh, really as if he knew for sure where Michael was....I didnt even wathed the all interview, my friend did and said of course, this short moment could mean something but the rest of the all interview meant clearly to her that this wsnt a game at all.
I dont know if you see what I mean...It doesnt matter on which side we are, it's always a matter of perception and of what we decided to see or believe. That's why im so confused right now. :?

Français / Re: 50 minutes inside le 11/09 sur Murray
« on: September 15, 2010, 06:51:35 AM »
Non, dans mes souvenirs ils n ont pas parlé de Michael, c'était vraiment uniquement sur Murray...Moi je l ai pas vu en live mais sur le site de TF1...l'émission y est encore si ca vous intéresse.

Français / 50 minutes inside le 11/09 sur Murray
« on: September 14, 2010, 06:43:32 AM »
Vous en avez pensé quoi?? Moi, ca ne m'a pas rassuré.... :?

Français / Re: Jermaine à Paris,au George V hotel jusqu'au 9 septembre
« on: September 14, 2010, 06:41:04 AM »
Je suis degoutée, si j avais su ça à temps jy serais aller et je suis sure que j aurais pu rencontrer Jermaine sans avoir peur de lui poser les bonnes questions...D'autant plus qu'on s'est déja parlé/rencontré plusieurs fois aux suis VERTE.
En ce qui concerne l'hôtel, je ne vois pas en quoi celui qu'il choisit pourrait ou on être une preuve du hoax, j'ai déja vu sortir Janet du Ritz, Mj allait plutot au Georges V c'est vrai mais bon, peu importe où Jermaine va...Quand j ai su j ai plutôt été surprise parcontre de voir que JERMAINE pouvait se payer de rester dans ce type d'hôtel à Paris...On voit que les finances vont beaucoup mieux depuis quelques temps, car il y a deux ou trois ans, je ne pense pas quil se serait permis ca a moins d etre sponsorisé par un truc!!!
bref, il est parti, trop tard grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :oops:

Dr. Conrad Murray / "50 mn inside" on Dr Murray (french TV show)
« on: September 14, 2010, 06:34:59 AM »
Just to let you know...Last saturday came up this show on TV where some french journalists tried to find clues about who Conrad Murray really was...they went to LA...They didnt get the chance to meet him of course, he didnt even wanted to talk on the phone, but they showed the clinic where he used to work, a secretary there just said that he moved somewhere else and doesnt work there anymore in order to be safer...Then they found out about some of his patient...old old ones...They all talked about Murray and Im sorry to say that they sounded really sincere and true...They said they had been knowing him for ages and that he was a good man, who first started his career as a doctor that was helping very poor poeple...
I almost lost faith and I must say that what I saw did ot make me feel bette...The french journalists are not in the hoax, Murray's patient didnt look like being part of that too and im sure the french medias went there spontaneously so how could Michael have organized smth wth fake patients...
so now what?? Is Murray a real doctor who has accepted to play the bad role in MJ's hoax? Most of our clues were leading to "Murray-being-an actor", and it would make more sense to me to have a real actor doing that part than a real doctor who sees his career beig least as long as MJ dont show up.
Im so lost, nothing seems to make sense aymore....

Random MJ Talk / Re: Loosing faith...but for real!!
« on: September 09, 2010, 12:36:36 PM »
Totally agree wth you on the fact that you just need someone on the top to tell others to do so...and others dont necesseralry need to know why and being aware of the hoax. What I highly doubt though, is that someone on top with a huge inflouence over the city of LA and the police was on it to help Michael...I cant help but remembering how bad they all were to him, how the police destoyed him by doing their shit in Neverland...If he was close enough to someone so powerful "on top" of the police, then why didnt this person help all those bad things from happeing back then? I really miss something.
And yes, about the fun you know what I mean, i was talking about the excitment and the game it was for us to find out about clues, but of course, Michael is a genius and I know he would have never ever hurt so many fans and poeple just for something personnal (a huge advertisment for a ew album comin out or smth like that) or a reason that isnt worth it.

Random MJ Talk / Re: Loosing faith...but for real!!
« on: September 08, 2010, 02:39:18 AM »
@chloead505: the friend I have who worked for the LAPD at the funeral was paid by his normal employer, the city of LA, so this is not about the media lying to us. I was just surprised when he said so because I was maybe being naive, but until now I thought all the poeple we saw at court etc. and "involved" in the hoax were somehow actors, not real cops. I was also wondering back then how could so many poeple be playing in this, but I ended up thinking maybe Michael has an amount of poeple involved there who disguised themselves as well and can play different roles. Anyway.
Now the real question is: how do you guys know that the MJ Estate paid back the city of LA? Is it something official that we know? Because  this friend told me he felt like all the cops of LA were called to work there (just to say how much they were), so millions must have been involved...And what I don't get...They hated Michael in america, think of Tom Sneddon and all those bastards, why would the ones who were part of his destruction would have now accepted to be part of this hoax???? Esp. if one of Mj's goal was to take his revenge, which i strongly believe! It doesnt make sense to me at all that they would now be on his side and help him faking all this just for money...a bit too big to swallow for me. They just hated him, and to me it was clear that "This is it", his big project, was to show us how the real world is working against us (government, medias etc.) and how we should wake up and stay focused on anything we could do to save the world.
I agree that watching DD is the only thing that can make me smile and be like "no way, no matter what he is alive because thats so much him".  :lol:  Still, the hoax is getting real boring , thats a fact, and im about to give more clues, no more fun, no more "maybe its Michael in disguise" anywhere.

Random MJ Talk / Re: Loosing faith...but for real!!
« on: September 07, 2010, 07:11:27 AM »
Well thanx to all who feel the same, its nice not to feel alone:)
I dont think the trial is the key, the trial is bullshit, either Michael hoaxed his death and Murray will never come to jail, or Michael has been murdered and Murray is protected and will never be charge as well. There is nothing to wait for with this damn trial. But one thing is for sure, I will never believe i the "accident" theory.
Have we been manipulating from the Jackson Family right from the start? This is so depressing those ups and downs...
Yesterday I talkd to a friend of mine working for the LAPD, he was there for the funeral and told me that the city of LA paid millions just to cover the event because they hired so many security ad policemen. Thats why he, for example, cant believe in a hoax, Michael would be sued for sure if he would ever come back!! I thought from the start everrything was fake and staged, an donly beteween MJ and the medias, like I thought the trial we saw live were also fake and pre recoreded...But now I hear that the city and government are paying so much to cover those kind of stuff so guys, its not a joke anymore, it really looks serious!!!!and again, this is so depressing!!!
BTW, my friend saw the family arrivig (except for the brothers sisters and parents) and told me that they looked damn serious and sad. He also told me that many journalists from many countries were allowed inside. So I now cant help but questioning the fact that it was somth private and staged just wth the few poeple who knew.

What do you think?

Random MJ Talk / Re: Loosing faith...but for real!!
« on: September 04, 2010, 02:51:31 PM »
Thank you Michelle for your words, you're probably right, Im not stopping my life though but what should I say? It's very important for me to know wether he s dead or alive just because ive been spendig months and hours ivestigating ad now im just fed up, I wana know the truth...
Like some of you, Michael was always very special to me but I really uderstood what he really was about since June 2009. I always knew he was more than an entertainer but now since this hoax it took everythig in my head to a higher, spiritual level. i am not a fanatic or aythig of this kind, but I really believe God sent him on earth to spread a message of love and peace, and this makes me realize how a great loss it would be for us...If he s really dead, omg, it would just be terrible. It would mean a world without hope, for me. I dont need to meet him or see him or talk to him (even tyhoguh id love to!), but I need to know he s somehwrere there wth us, I need to know there is at least oe person like him on earth.

Random MJ Talk / Re: Loosing faith...but for real!!
« on: September 04, 2010, 06:33:38 AM »
Quote from: "superflysister81"
Hi BabyShine,
I understand your feelings, but maybe you should keep in mind that all the videos around the net are just hoaxers' theories....You should trust the real facts, i.e. the death certificate, the autopsy report and so on...
I believe that the time is not right yet. If Michael is still hidden is for a serious reason...He told it himself : "Let me breath in my own time before I come back in"  :)
Please, don't lose faith cos we have prooves enough to know he's alive...Just don't focus on an imminent comeback, it's not woth it  ;)
Since the beginning I only looked at the real facts, with the hoaxers videos I just meant that in the beginning they were all so interestig because there was so many evidences, and now when you take a look at them over the Interet they just reflect that we have nothing at all anymore to keep the faith.
I know about the death certificate and the middle name thing...but what if the family manipulates us to keep the legacy alive?? Thats what is i my head right now. Because all the main were coming from them. The one and only thing that will make me hope maybe one more year is Dave Dave at Larry King, this is really the only thing where I cannot think one second that this wasnt Michael in disguise. The eyes, the voice, the ways of moving and also, this person looked like someone having fun, very at ease in front of the cameras and not like someoe talking about a painful loss...But if Michael lives, why the hell did we have so may evidences ad suddenly nothing at all for several months?? It's ot even funny anymore.

Random MJ Talk / Loosing faith...but for real!!
« on: September 03, 2010, 06:11:01 AM »
I didnt know where to post this but I just felt like sharing my feelings...I was one of the strongger believers from the start, and now i slowly come to the fact that we might have just been manipulated....There are very strong evidences that something not normal was going on the months after Michael passed, but now, now what? When I read the forums or watch the hoaxers videos which i used to find good, all the recent one are just turing round in circles and trying to keep up our theories out of NOTHING. Its been few months now that we've had NOTHING REAL to keep us believing, nothing. Ive been trying to understand the propheties of TS but so many things dont make sense to me, and many times he was talking like BAM was near (last january and June I think...dont remember), he was almost writing like he knew and it was for sure and...nothing.
Maybe Miche died before June 25th and the family staged all this to keep the legacy alive. I dont know. I dont understand. To me, the hoax made sense as long as we kept having real signs from MJ supposly appearing here or there, or some other more cosistat clues than what we had today. Now it feels like we re left alone, nothing s on, we cant even say anymore that some stuff are weird, it almost seems like his death is already an old story, that nobody really cares about it, and whatever Michael s pla would have been-a moovie or a way to get attention for his message- I dont see how it can work that way, with absolutely NOTHING to entertai at least the believers hope. Where should he be? What should he be doing? A moovie? Out of what now? Filming the words of poeple going crazy on this forum? I feel so so disapointed. I still dont understand what this all meant, but something is defently not right.

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