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Michael Jackson News / New Theory
« on: February 01, 2010, 10:46:23 AM »
Could it be possible that the thoughts and emotions exhibited by the family members and such are due to the fact that Michael was genuinely sick but not ultimately dead? After thinking about that possibility, your posts, and other thoughts that have circulated inside my mind, I felt the need to question whether or not this could have happened in the event that Michael was unable to perform at a high level in wake of the 50 concerts he was set out to perform in London. I now feel, that, if Michael Is still alive, (as I said in my introductory post as a newcomer that I don't believe he is alive but I want you guys to prove me wrong) that possibly the reason why they are talking in present tense is because he will pass away? I'd hate for the fans to see this come to that, but maybe michael was diagnosed with a sickness that is incurable and the reason why he hoaxed his death (if he indeed did) was to promote enough money and gain more support of the public so that they can fight in his efforts to cure this disease of his. Not to offend everyone, but michael had been living a very unconventional lifestyle, having gone through vitligio and lupus for much of his adult life. You'd think that something was physically going on with him, and lets face it, this lifestyle of his wasn't going to let him live any longer. So to summarize it, I think it's very plausible that the Jackson family are legitimately sad, but not for the reasons that most people think, his death. It could because if he doesn't get cures, he could die later. So, It's REAL emotions (which also explains why they talk in present tense because he's obviously with them, just very ill) a profound sadness, but they don't believe he's dead.

What do you think of this?

Michael Jackson News / do you guys watch this?
« on: January 30, 2010, 05:03:45 AM »
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Interesting tidbits from this guy whos proposing some sort of theory that explains to him in his own opinion why he believes michael is alive. There are 23 videos. Not sure if anybody has seen them already, and I don't know if this is the right section to put this post in, but what do you think?

Michael Jackson News / I remember reading something a while ago..
« on: January 26, 2010, 01:11:55 PM »
That stated that a close friend Of Michael Jackson knew about his whereabouts and that he was planning to return in June of 2010? I'm not that quite sure, so I apologize if I can't find a direct source..but I believe it was brought up by a lady who claimed to had been conversing with Michael and that she regularly Keeps in touch with him as he is hiding out somewhere?

On a seperate note. I was casually surfing the web when I encountered this article written about MJ:

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It could very well be a coincidence, but I specifically saw a closed casket during the memorial service, yet it says "sort of lying-in-state period where friends, family and fans can pay their respects until funeral plans are finalized, media reports said Tuesday."

fans could visit his body and view it? I don't ever recall that ever being a possibility. As a matter of fact, to lie in state means a coffin is placed on view to allow the public at large to pay their respects to the deceased. I thought the family wanted to examine the body and mourn in private as opposed to allowing others outside of there family to visit the body.

Introduce yourself / I'm totally not an MJ fan but..
« on: January 22, 2010, 05:47:30 AM »
I have been reading many of your posts and I found them to be extremely insightful and investigative, as a hoax board should be. You guys manage to write so beautifully and I truly encourage everybody to keep up with this persistence as we are moving towards the future. Love is a very important aspect of life that we should always treasure and never take for granted. So, please, I urge you, whatever the outcome of this scenario might come to, remember to stay true to your heart and you will be blessed. I solely believe that Michael Jackson could very much be alive, but there is a very great possibility that he may be gone, and please remember, if he is gone, he will live on forever in our hearts. he is a great man and I guarantee good things in the future for him. dead or alive. While I believe that he is gone, don't let the thought of it diminish your thoughts. Prove me wrong. I want to see him live.

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